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Finding Lost Angel

Lost Angel opened a new sim today. Lots of fanfare and media blitzing definitely had me in the mood to take a look. Mostly I wanted to see the new sim; I'm a sucker for photo opportunities.

The build is outstanding with luscious textures, hidden areas and much to explore. There is of course a grand opening underway. There's a lot of partying going on and you can still get there before six to join in. Prizes abound I hear and there are gifts for those of us that just want to explore and not party (wink).

There are pose props to try out including a put yourself inside (or beside or on top) TV. That is lots of fun. There is also a gift of a retro TV set and two poses -- or use it simply as a TV prop. Note that not everything is up for sale yet. "Tomorrow" was the word I heard on that. After all it is a celebration day.

There is a very nice set of unisex logowear as a gift. Hoodie, Tee (with tuck in undies layer) and a girls tank come in one pack.

The hoodie comes with two sizes of hoods for both regular and he man sized avatars :D

There are three extremely nice collars from GRAVES to pick up right at the entry point. Red, pink and black are the colors to choose from.

My hair is from Tiny Bird and is part of an assortment of $1 sets available now. These are markdowns on the wall so search a bit to find them. This pack came with black, blond and brown.

See posts from yesterday for the rest of the credits.


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