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Yesterday a friend tipped me about some fast filling Midnight boards at a place called Thalia. I zipped over to find a lot of gals shopping and clicking and whatnot. I joined in the Midnight boards and was pretty sure they would all be filled to their 150 clicks before long. Sure enough a pack of four outfits arrived on my doorstep this morning. The one above is my favorite, perfect for dancing the night away. It has a multi-tiered skirt and rich textured top. I added one of the GRAVES collars from yesterday's Lost Angel bash and my Juicy slingbacks.

This little shorts outfit could go to the beach or get dressed up with boots for a disco.

Thalia seems to be a popular place. There is a Picks Item new each week if you have a slot empty as well as a giant wall of group gifts right inside the main entrance. Menswear is upstairs.

As I post this the Midnight boards are about half full. So if you like either of these outfits, stop by, take a look around and click. It's so fun to get presents when you log in :D

Poses by Vain. Hair by Tiny Bird.


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