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Let's Go Shopping!

Shopping isn't always about clothes. Sometimes we need other things! So today I put on a new free outfit from Sun Made Fashions and hit the streets -- well, use your imagination there; I teleported - LOL. Find the cute shorts outfit with tank and coverup on separate layers in the heart shaped vase near the Midnight board. The matching wedgie shoes come with. There are some other cute wedgies in the Midnight board and there were plenty of clicks left when I was there, just in case you need MORE shoes.

The great shopping bag I'm carrying is this months SOM gift from Dark Mouse. Just join the group and you get the bag automatically. The hair in case you didn't recognize it is one of the freebies for men at Uncleweb Studio. I absolutely love it and I don't care if the whole of the virtual world HAS it. It comes in a blond version also. There are gals styles for free too, but I didn't like them near as much as this.

Pose by Tuli.

So my first stop was to Tekuteku, a store I'd heard so much about but hadn't visited. It is very cute in the little gal Oriental mode that is so popular. Lots of hair and accessories. This bathroom set is currently a linden. Very appropriate if you have a bathroom or hot tub.

Next I traveled on to **.:MUNSPAIN:.** where the furniture dollarbies change every week. This is a great place to get things for your home. Often they are $1. This time there are a few at $10. Still a great deal and lots of choices. No pose balls and multiple poses make these a very classy investment. There's a lucky chair on the premises and I just won a purple boudoir. Not sure what that will be like, but I have a purple couch from here so color coordination is in play.

The lounge chairs are my favorites this week.


Emerald Wynn said…
Thank you! I love this blog. <3 <3
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks so much. I love doing it :D

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