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Cool Blues for Spring

Topaz Square (a large upscale store - not a mall) has a mini hunt in progress. You are looking for good sized black boxes with goodies. The goodies change every few hours according to the announcement. Currently there are at least four colors of this outfit as well as some shape packs. The Cyber Trekker sets are nicely done with hand drawn clean lines. They are no mod so boots (at least MY boots) didn't work with them. But hey, its getting to be warm weather anyway!

The store is also having a sale with many items marked down to $50 including furniture, hair and skins. So, some good shopping opportunities abound.

And in case you didn't notice, I have a NEW kitty. It was a group gift from *M* of the dark forest hunt last week or so. I love my white kitty, but I love my calico even more. His tail wags; he is a happy (and FAT) kitty.

The chair I am sitting in is new and from Green Concepts and was a morning gift from the Designer Showcase Network. It is a very nice multi-purpose chair with pose and appears to be only seven prims!

Ranena Olivier Couture has a lovely feminine dress out for Mothers Day. Find it in a gift bag on a table to the left. There are some beautiful things in The Secret Gardens, so wander a bit.

Shoes by :)(: PIXELFASHION.

2nd Pose by LAP.


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