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Lucky Lucky

Some new items have been added to the Firefall- Phoenix lucky chairs. They include two great new outfits (Creed and Jaden) as well as this new color of Antiope. There is also a fantastic looking equestrian belt that I am definitely lusting after. A watch has been in progress this afternoon with quite a few folks in attendance. The outfits are illusive, but I have seen them all appear -- so if you are lucky, lucky they are yours! And a couple of them are mine :D

This is Jaden, a seventeen piece set with obviously many many ways to wear. It is also scripted for color change, so that opens even more possibilities. Worn with Boho Sandals from Shiny Things and Shop Seu hair. Pose by LAP.

OK, guys -- this one's for you. I found this gift and lucky board for the fellows when I was on a condom hunt last night at Men's Underwear House by VITAMEN. Yes, I know -- hmmm. Maybe you shouldn't ask.

This wasn't a hunt for prizes, it was an actual hunt for condoms (wink). I saw a post on the feed that the store was giving away "mouth" condoms that opened when touched as a grand opening gift. I spent about 20 minutes there looking for them. No condoms presented themselves - LOL.

BUT, the store is really, really nice and the underwear looks primo from the vendors, so if you are of the male persuasion you might want to zip over and give a look see. There is also a beefcake calendar for free in a storeroom / office area.

And if anyone actually finds those condoms, you might let me know where they are. I thought they would be a great accessory for a photo shoot sometimes. You never know when you'll need to be safe :D. TYVM.

You don't even have to be lucky for this lovely dress. Ivalde has it as a gift to celebrate Norway's Independence Day. Find it on the catwalk. And be sure and check the lucky chairs upstairs while you are there. Lovely items renew every ten minutes or less. I took this picture at the photo studio there. A perfect color for the background. Since it was set at brown and someone jumped on right after me with this same dress, I'm betting you will see plethora of gals with all the same look. I did use my own pose here (wink). It is from Vain. Shoes by Adam and Eve, hair by Magika.


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