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Birthday Showgirl

Hudson Clothing Company has a new version of the showgirl outfit for Spring -- and like it's predecessor it's free. The mask is gorgeous and the outfit is flirty and fun. Maybe it's time to spice up your love life a bit or simply celebrate the coming of a new season! Find it in the back of the clothing store with a red bow on the vendor. There are at least three other gifts with red bows from other times, so if you haven't visited this store before, you might want to check those out. I have blogged at least one that I remember :D .

And celebrate you can with a plethora of great free poses from Glitterati. It is a birthday celebration and we, the lucky customers, are the recipients. This is just one of the pose gifts -- the grand finally so to speak. There is an eclectic mix of goodies that is bound to please including a couples pose and some group sets. I especially like the one called peace. You'll be seeing some of those soon for sure.

Look for the giant colorful poster vendors near the TP point. The birthday box above is nearby. Enjoy!

Pose by Glitterati.


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