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On The Street 5-17

Bloggers Appreciation Week is ending and while it has been SUPER and WONDERFUL, I think many of us are ready for a rest. I have enough boxes to open to last a long while. You should be seeing some great stuff in the near future once I recoup a tad. Give me overnight anyway (wink).

Meanwhile, here is some news you might want to know. I haven't been to any of these; just passing along the info.

  • A new hunt is in the works for GUYS. Its plan is to remain smallish (hope that happens) and classy (that's good too). So if you are a content creator for guys, here's the link.
  • Also for gals and guys, there is a new hunt at Dare Designs. On until May first. Wings, cool gal boots, chokers, eyes, weapons, silks, suits.
There are twelve balefire prizes to find, roughly half hidden in the store(s), the other half spread throughout the sim. Since Walpurgisnacht is Halloween in spring, there’s a trick to finding these treats – you’ll need to look high and low, watch for secret doors and passages, and check all the spooky corners. The prizes are numbered, though – so you’ll know when you’ve found all 12.
  • Aside from the flower hunt at Lemania's, there is also a RFL Gorean hunt. There is a pretty, demure freewoman's dress in violet at the castle. There is a hot pink, short and disco dancing style dress at the French Farm. Look for boxed sized pink ribbons. I'm guessing there will be a poster explaining the hunt there :D


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