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Gal Friend's Friday

I've been having database issues yet again. That pesky thing can't seem to find anything for me -- even bald hair :D Oh well. The good news is that my buddies have been out and about and so between us all, we have goodies to report.

From the left, Divine is wearing a cropped tank and Goddess armlette from the Dark Eden lucky chairs. Her pants are from Kosh (blogged last week) and boots are from the CS Fandango lucky chair (awhile ago).

I am wearing the free outfit of the day from hO wEAr. If you love poofy skirts, this is definitely for you. This, I'm guessing will be out until 8 pm again. And, I took a wrong turn there this morning to find that all the MENWEAR is half off starting today. Menswear is in the other big building. Shoes by Juicy.

Xia has on a really cute dress from Babydoll. She just looks adorable in this. She says it is in a couple of places in the store but the landmark should take you to one of them. There are other colors and prints available at $200. Shoes from Pixelfashion.

Poses by LAP, LAP and Glitterati.

PS. And as I was checking some of these links, I just won the cute boots at Dark Eden so you'll be seeing those later. Yeah!


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