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School Days

There have been LOTS of technical issues in my virtual life of late (sigh) but they have definitely been balanced by some interpersonal pluses. I appreciate the comments from store owners and creators I have blogged -- I suspect all bloggers do. So thank you all for the kind words. AND, this morning when I logged on I found the Super Sneaks from MK Fashion in my in box. Woot! That was a surprise.

So of course I wanted to put together a new outfit and this is it. The outfit, called School Daze is from Ema's. "Look for the SLD Hunt magnifying glass to get this cute set."

Now, while that would be my normal advice, I can't guarantee it is good advice (wink). I went over to Ema's this weekend to look for a cute dress I saw on the SLD Hunt Flickr group. I couldn't find the magnifying glass, but expected to unpack that dress today when I did find the prize. Amazingly it was a different outfit, and amazingly again it is not the outfit now pictured in the Flickr group. My best guess is that the prize is changing? Perhaps someone in the know will comment on my chicatphilsplace blog and let us know. The good news is that they have all been nice prizes; that's probably all you care about anyway :D .

The hair is new from Tiny Bird (not free but there are free styles for both guys and gals right inside the tent doorway). It's sculpty and very cute and called Olivia.

Poses by LAP.

And if you can't find the magnifying glass at Ema's, don't despair. The new monthly gift is out. Find it in the back corner by the giant cupcake -- just like last month. It's cute. It's short. It's girlie pink. And, it too has a tie!

Have fun!



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