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+grasp+ and *Sweetaholic

+grasp+ and *Sweetaholic have a new home and it is an impressive one! Modern, spacious and peaceful with gentle feng shui touches, the new surroundings make shopping almost a meditation.

For those of you that don't know, +grasp+ is the modern sister of the sibling shops. It is dark, industrial and sleek. The new store is easier to shop in with many styles of items in their own lit platform. Details? I'll give you details. Look at this boot! There are jackets to die for from not so basic black to hot pink. This is an upscale store and the prices reflect that, but even if you only come to window shop, it is worth it.

*Sweetaholic is the more traditional of the shops. It features breathtaking kimonos. Honestly? These could easily move into Western mainstream with different accessories. There are models in the store so you can see these up close and personal. They are simply scrumptious.

I personally like the *Seetaholic side the best. There is a sunken garden in the middle of the store, covered with glass. Quiet reins. I feel like I'm in an ancient library or religious area. The energy is wonderful and I am sure that was planned :D

And as an opening gift there are group vendors in each of the stores. The hat in the top photo comes WITH hair and is resize and unisex. Guys, this works for you for sure. There are some lovely oriental gifts on the *Sweetaholic side too, and I'll be showing those to you sometime soon.

It's a very busy day for me, but this was a wonderful way to start it. I'll probably be back just to sit and ponder and gaze at the lovely clothes.

Poses by Torridwear and AnnaH.


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