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Hues and Shades

We are a brightly hued bunch this morning. Benicia and Xia are both in free outfits from PasDeDeux. Benicia's Bonbon dress in green was a 10 minute camp at the main PasDeDeux shop. Xia's dress is from the PasDeDeux SLD hunt which is actually at this location. We are all wearing the ballerina leggings gift from the main shop. So this gets a bit complex but there is also a black version of the Bonbon dress at both shops for $1. There is a very cute peach dress dollarbie at the satellite shop. Both stores have lots of other cute clothes to peruse.

I am in New York Couture's Technicolor Dream Coat which arrived in a DSN box this morning. The coat comes with both jeans and plain black slacks but I wanted to match my gal friends so donned a pair of shorts from CS Fandango. The beauty of the coat is that it goes with most anything :D. The jacket comes with a system skirt overlay in two sizes, but neither fit me. Luckily it looks great without it. New York Couture has an eclectic mix of designs. Some very far out and some very traditional. The jacket is in the unisex area of the store and yes, the shirt does come with the jacket; it's an all in one layer.

As a side note, CS Fandango of the green shorts above, has a lot of great things to check out and the summer give away board outside seems to be changing daily. That's pretty exciting. There is also a very cute swim set on the wall by the lucky chair as a dollarbie and the one I blogged the other day is now $10. The great Tropical outfit is still in the MM board. At least that was how it was early this morning :D

Same room, same poses, same gals -- but what a change. Benicia on the left is wearing the feather dress from Never 30. Remember the gift a day for Memorial Day? Well this was one and it is still available at the shop. Xia has on today's free outfit from hO wEAr. It's a sexy black cat suit with very little back involved *wink*. Get it before 8pm as usual. Click the vote box before you head out as a TY and of course shopping is GOOD.

If you've been around Tuli's sim looking at the new skins and such you might have wandered into the Ivalde shop. This Vinca dress is a dollarblie. Find it on the wall in a large vendor. Lots of pretty colors and fun for photos. The big skirt doesn't "walk" very well as you might expect :D. By the way, L`Abel -- the sister label to Ivalde -- has a whole new summer line on the horizon. Lots of great looking things.

Poses by Juicy and Cyanide.


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