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Personal Style

We all have our personal style -- or at least we are looking for it. Sometimes finding it is fairly simple. We know what we like. Sometimes though the "me" in the style formula might be illusive. In this case we might think about looking in new directions.

I've been wanting to use the Glitterati poseball set for some time now and this morning was the time. Yeah! No adjustments were needed. We must be NORMAL -- oh a scary thought!

On the left Xia is wearing an outfit from yesterday's MM board at WHATZ. Thanks to all the folks that helped her get it. The board seems to be one that delivers when it is full rather than midnight as she got her outfit in the early eve and a later visit showed the same set but with only 100 instead of 300. So you know the drill; if you want it go over and click.

On the right Benicia is in the brand new Marquise Dress -- free for two hours yesterday from Phoenix Design&*Firefall* . Those three great new outfits will be exiting the lucky chairs around noon, so there is a chair watch going on. It sounds like my elusive boots and belt will remain for awhile. I hope so. You might want to journey over if you are a fan as the chairs were rolling when I was there early.

Divine is wearing one of the many choices in the great outfit from CS Fandago. I tipped you off about that a few days ago. It's always good to check on the boards at your favorite places. You never know what will appear. That set has so many options, you can mix and match forever.

I have on a "dress" from the MM board at *juelles*. The board changes from time to time, but I suspect this is in the store for purchase. And that sort of leads me into the theme of this post -- looking for fashion in new places.

*juelles* is a Gorean themed store. This is not my comfort zone. Still, this is a lovely little top. I think it was meant as a handmaiden dress (again, not my RP so forgive me if I have this wrong), but it is very well made and works perfectly at a blouse. The skirt prims are tiny -- maybe the smallest I have seen and that gives a wonderful softness to the peplum. The belt is sculpty and very delicate -- again, one of the nicest I have seen and fits me perfectly. Am I glad I have this in my wardrobe? You betcha. Looking a bit further afield is sometimes a good thing :D

Style notes: pants from KOSH, shoes from Dark Eden. Poseballs by Pffiou (DSN)

Sometimes we win or purchase items that turn out to be not so much us :D. They are often way to nice to toss, but we are simply not comfortable in them. So, then -- for me at least -- it's time for some creativity. I won the Timeless outfit for gals at Rfyre not too long ago. (The version for guys is currently in the chair.) I especially liked the pants, but the collar and cuff didn't look good on me at all. It was lovely -- just not my style. Yesterday the gals and I all got the new Firefall outfit. It too was lovely but a bit to brief for me in the legs department. So, putting the two outfits together worked for me. I added some Dark Eden boots and my new belt from *juelles* and I was set. Hair from Exile (DSN).

Pose by DARE - Robert Longo.

Photos taken in my new teahouse from Beloved Custom Designs. I love this DSN sample gift. Again, you can find it at their shop for $100. A bargain.


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