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Wild Thing!

Is it always about the hair? Well for many of us -- even in RL, it pretty much is. A good hair day equates to a Good Day! While most of the time I am a pretty middle of the road gal style wise, I do like to walk on that wild side now and then. Mention "wild" and "hair" in the same sentence and you have ---

Now it's easy enough to pair wild hair with wild outfits -- and I'm sure I'll do that (wink), but who's to say that wild hair can't go with some more everyday garb? Not me. This is Medusa; the snakes come separately and in various colors. I'll stick with the original pewter TYVM :D OK, I'm not THAT wild, but you might love the blue, green, purple or red choices.

I paired my new hair with a top from Indyra Originals called Urban Agenda: Leo. I couldn't get the skirt to work for me, but I somehow (OK - it was an accident) got the pants layer for the skirt and some shiny leggings from MALT on at the same time and the fashion gods were smiling and I had a perfect pair of leggings. I simply love the sleeves on this top. They seem SO real - with thin bow strings that somehow look like you could really untie them. Lovely!

Futuristic? Oriental? Fusion? This style called Infusion comes with a variety of hairstick colors. And each set of hair sticks has THREE attachment points. Be still my beating heart. No more lost eyelashes. I don't look the same without my eyelashes! Yeah!

Shown here with a not yet released jumpsuit from [LeLutka].

If you are one of the linden lacking bunch, don't despair. There are lots of ways you can still enjoy The Stringer Mausoleum. This styles is called BELLAZANE and comes in a variety of wild and not so wild colors.

Shown with *tal* Chalise top from Analise.

There are color demos for both men and women that include full hairs with no demo signs. Yeah! I really love this one called ORI'ANI. And even many of the demos can be used as real hair. So no excuses. Get out there and show your WILD SIDE!

Poses by LAP.


Helena Stringer said…
thanks so much hun, I do that on my own blog, show how to be girly but have crazy hair!

You did a great job, and thatks for giving it a go!


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