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Moods in Black

Heidi Ho is on vacation for a couple of weeks. We all deserve one. Good for her. In the meantime there are two outfits on the wall at hO wEAr marked down to $0. These will CHANGE from time to time so check back again. One of the current mark down gifts is a lingerie set in pink. Vixen mixes with girlie girl to make a sweet treat. Shown with Magika's new Curl hair.

The other on the wall item today is a neko outfit. It comes with tail and ears and eyes and spots. I went with the not so neko look and like it. I am wearing the Scorpio hair from Exxess (group gift) and I really love it. It doesn't work with everything of course, but what fun.

My new shoes are the Zbooty from M K Fashions. You get three sizes in the pack for a perfect fit. These have several tones of leather to give them a realistic look. And I am happy to say the invisiprims conform to the shoe shape for the most part -- yeah! These will look great with pants too. I'm sure you'll be seeing them a lot. Love that "versatile" thing (wink).

Poses by LAP and ELIZA.


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