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Style File: Black Mirage

Drama is a word I often associate with Sissy Pessoa of BAIASTICE. Black Mirage definitely adds to her legacy of outside the box designs. The shiny belt is extra wide, defying you to ignore it. Buckles and sculpty pieces abound. I especially like the gloves and the scallop texture on the peplum. While the very brave could wear this as a dress, I'm not quite there. So I riffled through my inventory to see some of the various looks this lovely piece would inspire.

For a casual look I peeled off my gloves and added some Where the Boys Are cropped pants from Sn@tch. My new clogs from DUH! are definitely coming in handy and they were perfect for this unconcerned look. Adding some giant black hoops from Ticky Tacky , I'm set for a fun and stylish day. Hair by Tiny Bird, Pose by Mela's.

Switching to the alternate set of shoulder prim pieces gives this a more feminine look should that be your style. Skirts are a bit tricky as so many attachment points are filled, but clever folks can make a copy of existing skirts and attach to a spot not taken. I found the skirt from Lemania worked without adjustments and looked cute to boot. I added some Juicy slingbacks, some bangles from Harlot and I was set for a ladylike adventure. You may have noticed that the belt changed colors. It is mod, so tintable and that gives you LOTS more options. And we love options, don't we?

Pose by LAP.

Dark and dangerous, a creature of the night Black Mirage moves into RP land. Changing skins and changing character, I added SYD - Vampiress Skin - 9/11 Makeup (now Tea Lane), leggings from the Roxy outfit by MALT and Manhattan boots from ORA TREI DESIGNS. My Medusa hair with snakes (natch) is from The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine.

Pose by Lazy Places.


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