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Muse at Dare

I heard that Dare Designs has been Spring cleaning the chairs at Dark Eternity and adding some new items, so I went over this morning to see if they would be any kinder to me. Divine seems to win ALL the time, but me? Not so much. The chairs were definitely rolling and the chair gods were smiling on me. This new Muse dress came up on two different chairs at the same time -- both with "C"s so the other C and I both got this great dress.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I did notice an issue with the back collar meeting the front. Did I care? Again, not so much - LOL. If you have long hair it is no issue at all, and I simply added one of last week's great chokers from GRAVES. The fabric textures are so lush and the flexis so flowing, it would take a lot to push my unenthused button.

There are lots of ways you can wear this set. It comes with a cropped top and leggings as well as panties are included. I donned the leggings and the shirt ruffle and the long skirt went bye-bye. My new Infusion hair from The Stringer Mausoleum went great with this and I have on Diamante Heels Lush Melot from WISH.

Poses by Tuli and Torridwear.

There is also a short term silks set in the chairs. Right now the chair with the hot pink silks is looking for an "N". If you are an N -- wish you were here.



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