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I thought I'd feature a few items and posts from other blogs here. Some give you new views of things I blogged, some give you new things I don't have time to check out but look good. You may already know about these if you are a blog connoisseur, but if not ....

  • Suri took some great pictures of the Tantric Loving lucky board prize from Belle Belle should you need more convincing to check for your letter during the month. Further down the post there is the CS Fandango tropical bikini in all its glory.

  • FabFarah posted about the leyda styleEliezel dress. It's a linden and looks good from her picks!

  • There is a new kind of "hunt" going on for three days - KINKY. We are in day two. Items will be out at stores during certain times but you don't know which day. I went a few places but didn't find anything so can't report any more than that. If you are an avid hunter though you might be interested. The prizes look very nice. Scroll down to the bottom for pictures of all the stores and SLURLs.

  • The SXY2ND magazine with the free bikini is now available.

  • ICING has a very pretty new dress in the lucky chair.



Farah Palmer said…
thank you Chic for mentioning!


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