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Melt the Guns, Ivey!

This is simply and easily my favorite outfit from A-Bomb. I am in love! Melt the Guns is the outfit. The matching shoes are called Ivey. Put them together and you could easily start a riot! So cute.

The capris have cuffs with straps and a prim belt is included. One note here. If you are a tiny avatar you may need to edit the waistband a prim at a time as shrinking isn't an option. The belt is copy and mod so that is certainly possible. If prim manipulation isn't your strong point? Just add a black belt. Not a biggie.

The shoes are platform stunners. There are six colors of sets to choose from. As a bonus, the pink outfit AND the pink shoes are on sale at 25L until Wednesday! I'd call them a dark magenta actually. Not a little girl pink for sure. Other colors are $150.

I added giant black hoops from Ticky Tacky and a double bangle onyx bracelet (NLA).

Poses by LAP.


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