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Doing the Blogger Bounce

I don't plan on posting tons and tons of "look what I got for a present" photos this week, but I had to mention this very sweet gift of a skybox from Anarya Elderslie who while not a new avatar, is apparently a new clothes designer :D I went to her blog and read up a bit.

The skybox is very cute and the fact that the door swings in the middle rather than opens on a hinged side makes it even more charming. Like, who in the world knows you have to cut a box in half so it will work right? I know the idea, but I'm not sure I could do it without help. The thought behind the gift is wonderful too, thanking us for helping her find most of the things she uses and wears. The textures are lovely and it will make a great photo shoot box from time to time.

Thanks are coming from everywhere -- some personal, some general. All welcome. I am wearing a lovely lingerie set from INSOLENCE and hair from Philotic Energy. So obviously oldtimes are in the mix as well.

I am adding photos to my Flickr stream, something I don't do that often and there is a slideshow on my home blog in the sidebar should you be interested in the blogger week activities. You can also see the photo HERE.

I'm doin' a little dance that Callie sent along called the Blogger Bounce - LOL.

And now I am back to work :D


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