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Check it Out: Fire and Ice

A great set of jewelry arrived in my Designer Showcase Network samples this morning. CIHUAE was a new store to me which is much the point of the network (wink). I don't wear jewelry all that often. I seem to go for cats and collars and such - LOL. But I do appreciate the work that goes into making us look even prettier. Sparkles are good.

I particularly liked this set because of the realism. The beads were varied and the shine seemed both possible and familiar. The set comes with a great fitting - for me anyway - multilooped necklace, a bracelet and long dangling earrings.

I ventured over to the main shop to find the prices very reasonable. Most of the designs were large enough to be seen from a distance, but not so large as to take over your whole avatar. That is my personal preference, so I liked many things in the shop. Some necklaces are long and some would look great with sweaters in the Fall. So, stop on over when you have time and check it out.

The hair above is the newest release from Magika, a favorite store of mine. It comes in a wide variety of colors, this being one of the darker reds. It's style name is "Curl".

The skirt I am wearing is both cute and versatile. The belt is separate for easy fitting and actually might be used with other outfits. It is from "NINIKO" and it is FREE! Thought you'd like that. There are other colors available at low prices. Find the skirts in the back of the shop. You will most likely need to walk around to the entrance. There are very few items in the shop so walk along the looooong hall and find the goods in the back. There are some free gestures in an opening gift box there also.

The top is from Total Betty and part of a free dress (possibly still available) that I use often as a tank. It is unbelievably versatile and I like versatile :D

Poses by Luth.


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