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Designer Showcase Network

Taking a break in both RL and SL busy days as I really needed to remember to say this :D

I love the Designer Showcase Network. I look forward to new goodies in my in box every morn. It has made searching for new designers to love easier and reacquainted me with some old favorites I'd been remiss with. That being said --

Designers, please send out something that reflects your vision, your designs, your shop. Most of the real shoppers have the basic wardrobe needs covered. We don't need (and likely won't be impressed by) yet another (insert any plain product from jeans to earrings etc. here).

I can honestly say I would be happier seeing something with your STYLE and a logo than something that gives me no idea who you are or what your line is about.

I, personally, don't need the clothes. We can all figure that out. What I (and your potential clients) need is something different enough to encourage us to TP on over.

This is all said with kindness, encouragement and hopes that the system reaps you great rewards.

~~ Love Chic


Heidi Halberstadt said…
Thank you, Chic, that was a great review!

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