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DSN: Growing Fast!

I've been a member of DSN for a few days now since it opened. There are more than ten times the number of members in just that time. I watched and commented on the website when it was in inception phase and I have great hopes for its success.

I blogged a few items from my morning gifts already, but they were from the housewares channel and not fashion. So here we go -- from the delivery of the morning comes a really cute dress with sculpty skirt and great print from Ora Trei Designs. It comes with pants too, perfect for boot wearing.

The purpose of DSN is to get shoppers (not gatherers) into the shops. To do this, the network sends out samples daily on different channels of your choice. Not all channels have designers yet as the network is new.

Did this dress get me to the shop for a look see? Yes, it did. It also got the dress and shop blogged which I hope the owner considers a plus :D . Since I had never heard of this shop, or visited, or blogged --- I think this is a point for the "working" side of the equation.

As members of the network you will indubitably receive things you are not interested in. That is part of the process too. You might be interested in skins but not shapes and they are in the same channel. It is simple enough to delete the items you know you won't use.

This is a great way to find your own personal shopping places. Here's to another ten fold increase in the next few days. Look for the sign shown above to join. Just touch and follow the instructions to choose the channels you want. Many other vendors have sign up kiosks at their shops.

It turns out -- from my clever sleuthing -- that this is a freebie dress of the week. So if you love it, you can pick it up in the front of the store in a gift bag.

Pose by LAP from the blogger set. Hair by Tiny Bird.


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