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Late May Night Hunting

For those of you are are "not" bloggers (wink) -- it's Blogger Appreciation Week. Yeah! The first one, conceived by Callie and embraced by lots of wonderful folks. This all has very little to do with the photo above, except that for many of us it is a VERY busy time. Lots of late nights marveling over all the lovely gifts we have been given, picking out personal presents, blogging, blogging, blogging. And then of course there is the whole rest of the fashion world that is going on beyond "our" week - LOL.

So ----- the gorgeous dress above is from Twisted and Spoiled. There is a hunt going on, but this lovely number is in a gift box near the entrance. No hunting required. This looks a bit familiar and if I have blogged it sometime in the past, so be it. It's late and the dress is lovely. So do we REALLY care? I don't - LOL.

You are looking for diamonds. They are not too small but the shop is large so flying and camming and flying and camming works. Two lucky chairs are on the premises so don't over look those. And of course, should you see something you can't resist -- well don't. Buy it!

The hair is one of several blogger gifts from Philotic Energy. It goes perfectly with this dress. And I bet you can get it in the shop. It's name is Portia.

There are three colors of this tank and shorts set in the hunt as well as some nice jewelry. Some of the bangles are shown here as well as another hair from Philotic Energy. It'a a guy style which I love called Jake in a lovely Ash color. I so like this this style.

So go for a quick mini hunt and pick up a few items -- the sirens are calling. Hunt .... Hunt ... Hunt ...

Poses by ELISA.


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