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RP Wardrobes

Need a little excitement in your virtual life? Want to walk on a wilder side? Dare to be different? Yesterday when I was making some Midnight board rounds, I found this place called Vendom. The board is on the upper floor. I immediately went "wow" for a lot of reasons. This was some outfit and the number to reach was 400. I think I was number 43 or so - LOL, but I clicked anyway. Low and behold the outfit arrived this morning.

It is intricate and well done. There is a caveat though. There are lots of prims and if you don't want to move and edit, there is a shape included for a perfect fit. Oddly enough the face looked a lot like mine, but that is SOME body. Almost two of me and I'm no shrimp.

Since I felt uncomfortable in that shape and didn't want to edit prims all day to show you, I went for another option. I lost most of the prims and it is still a great outfit. I added my Dark Eden Heartache boots and one of those great GRAVES collars from yesterday.

Now I went back to Vendom and the board is only active on the weekends. So take note if this is your style. Who knows what might be on the board next week.

What do you wear to the end of the world? Trying to save said world? After said world collapsed? Well this outfit from Miamai might just be it. I was at the store yesterday looking for Mom's gifts and was intrigued by the items I saw. Then I spyed a SL Discovery poster. I'm not hunting those 573 or so stops, but if I am AT a place that I like with a poster, I do a bit of searching. Ya never know. So happily I found the magnifying glass. It is actually very easy to find (duh says she). This is a mixture of the gifts for gals and guys. I liked the men's pants and top better and then deleted one boot garter -- well you'll see if you pick them up.

I love the details. I am a sucker for accessories; you know that by now. AND it has a great monocle for better eyesight, spying -- who knows? It's P-R-E-T-T-Y!

Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by Vain and LAP.


Emerald Wynn said…
YAY! I clicked that Vendom outfit too . . . and blogged it! I gave your blog some love in my blog, BTW. Killed me that someone else found that MM board.

Love you, love your blog!

<3 Em

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