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In the Gardens

Aren't we gorgeous? Well of course we are! Divine won this lovely purple dress complete with mask from the lucky 5 minute chair at Moxie Polano's. It is the only item in the chair so sticking around will get it for you eventually. So pretty!

And I suspect you may have heard that Dilly Dolls is having a $50 sale on everything. I ventured over to check on things and found two new(ish?) dresses for free. There are other items I had seen before, but those may be new to you. This darker version dress is called Gyrl B Naughty. Tons of layers and choices and gloves and long sleeved undershirts let you make this as modern or as Gothic as you would like. I'm wearing some Dilly Dolls color change boots that I bought awhile back.

This is Gyrl B Nice using another set of layers in the pack. Find each of these in boxes near my landing point. They are not in the same spot but near each other. Shown with shoes from Ztique as well as Hair from Hair Solutions (freebie wall).

Poses by LAP.


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