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RP to Mainstream

hO wEAr which I have come to love has a great free outfit out today until 8 pm. In all its glory, it is a pirate wench dress and comes with sword, beige blouse with flowing sleeves and pirate hat. I went without a bit of the RP accessories to make it more mainstream. I did keep the snake armband *wink*. The red skirt, open at the side is very fetching -- as a pirate wench might desire; the nylons are super cool. All in all there are lots of possibilities in this set, so if you have even a bit of wenchiness in ya, you might want to journey over to HeidiHo's place.

Hair by Magika, shoes by Juicy and poses from Torridwear. The poses are part of a sample set from DSN and they are fantastic. Very different with lots of character. And what is RP without a bit of character thrown in?

The MM board changed yesterday at RBZ Design. There are two leather biker jackets up for clicking. This is the guy version which I actually like better, but who says you can't click on both? The male version has a eagle on the back, the gals a rose. This style comes with an opened look option so you could wear all sorts of shirts and undershirts underneath. Ah the possibilities.

Worn here with leather pants from the same store. Find them upstairs or wait patiently for a DSN box to arrive. The boots are from Ora Trei Designs. Poses by Torridwear (DSN).

Also of interest:

SD Wears has a cute new summery outfit on the MM board. Not enough folks clicked last night (or failed delivery which happens) so I don't have a sample to show you. It is locked down now, but keep your eye out in the next few days as it supposed to remain there.

Belle Belle's MM board has changed to the other couch if you are collecting the set.

IBIZARRE has a cute sweatshirt set out as part of an upcoming hunt. The hunt doesn't start until the first and you might be busy then with the OTHER umpteen hunts premiering. So getting this now could be a plan.

If you are part of the TULI update group and didn't receive the new Hope skin gift pack, check the archives :D With so many people in that group, SL often fails to deliver. There is also a Picks prize of a special makeup for Hope.


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