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Grasping Stardom

Stardom is closer than you might think. Well maybe not REAL fame and notoriety, but the fun kind --fantasy stardom. HeidiHo has changed out the freebies on the shop walls at hO wEAr. There are once again two new ones. As I was checking the vendors to see which might be the current gifts, I saw this number and thought, "man wouldn't it be great if it was that one". And two seconds later I found out it was. No lie. Fingers not crossed. Really.

And what better place to be burlesque babe than Retrology. OK, my timelines might be a bit skewed, but it is SOMETIMES a burlesque theater -- search assures me of that (wink). So, I zipped over to the famed Pin Ups night club to do a little strutting.

This outfit comes with tattoos and a top hat, neither shown here. You can find it on the wall for free amidst lots of other great stuff for sale. Enjoy perusing. hO wEAr is a fun place.

And, if stardom lure is less about spotlights and more about "I want to be alone", you can don this classic hat from Couture Chapeau. Be a lady of mystery. That works too.

Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP.


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