Bedroom Antics

Blonde For a Day

Lost and Found is now open. Avatar enhancements and body parts are in evidence as well as Valentine deco, but mixed between the skins and eyes and makeup are a few of the original "flea market" finds.

From THEBOX, the sleepbed in three choices of woods as well as texture change by touch for bed, throw and pillows. The beds boast plenty of animations as well as the naughty variety.  Be sure and try the demo for size as this is a no mod item and it really means it *wink*.

Not too far from THEBOX booth, you will find the ChiC buildings area with a furniture gacha. Privacy screen, commode and stools are featured in four different woods (this being the white version that I tinted light gray to match the bed) as well as the rare lamp. Other woods are oak, walnut and driftwood.

My strikingly shiny dress is from Stories&Co. at No21 .  The Mina Dress comes in plenty of knock your socks off brilliant neons as well as pretty pastels. Fatpack huds are also available.

Isn't this great hair?   Feminine and looooooong!   Find MARGARITA at eXxEsS.

You can find the CODEX NECKLACE BETLAM SILVER at Cosmopolitan this week. Black and gold versions are also available.

My very pretty gradient heels are were designed by Italiano also at Cosmopolitan. Look for the Italiano Pump Two Tone. Bellaza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP fits.

Poses by: Helamiyo

Snow Country

Snow Country

MY not so virtual snow has melted finally, but in other parts of the world they are looking forward to skiing weather. And in SL of course we always have the ability to ski -- or at least look like we are in photos.

At Draftsman from WetCat and Lemon, find the "Sky-Line" Ski Lift Prop with texture change seat and a choice of single, couple and naughty animations.

I don't know?   Some people must be more adventurous than I. Naughty animations sound COLD!

Happily I had some new warmer attire and the bright sun helps warm the skin (maybe that's the answer to the naughty times -- noon).

From Sys at Tres Chic GUZZI jacket in many pretty colors and neutrals. Great detailing and impressively real textures will have you wearing this often.  Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits. With and without materials (this photo is without).

My cute new hair with had can be found at the no.match booth at Cosmopolitan. Look for NO HOME. The hat has a choice of four tones on the hud or you can tint manually to match your outfit. Lots of hair colors are available of course.

{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans

Apple Fall Hugg Boots (ancient and likely not available)

Poses by: WetCat

Vintage Office

Second Spaces - Vintage Office

It has been a fantastic month of releases so far and this vintage office set fits right in. Both clever and well made, these items are  filled with character.

*EXCLUSIVE* Second Spaces - Vintage Office - stamp carousel

Second Spaces - Vintage Office - rolodex and multi-line phone
Find them all at The Epiphany -- the Second Spaces booth of course!