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The Engine Room - Big Builds

A superb round awaits you at The Engine Room this September.  Creativity abounds. While there are plenty of impressive clothing releases for both girls and guys my personal favorites can be seen up on the demo platform.   The details and textures on the  K&S - // Last Hope Harbor backdrop. w. lights are simply breathtaking.  It weighs in at 255 land impact and it IS indeed a backdrop as the LODs are not long range. But impressive? You betcha. It is a big build with plenty of interesting photo op spots.   The ** Spires Society ~ Aetherial Paradius Skybox** offers gorgeous views inside its bubble.  312 land impact of details.  The  Quills & Curiosities - The Raven's Rest skybox offers an industrial clockwork theme with two transparent windows as clock faces.  D-LAB SNP Driftes Living area offers lots of nooks and crannies, stairs and doorways in the sky pirates vein. This 140 land impact build is large and LOD4 so far as long distance viewing goes.    Note that the demo doe

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