Dystopic Diva

It's pretty rustic over at Uber this month -- in that last days, world is over, we must carry on -- kinda way. Of course carrying on means being stylish along the way. There are lots of great wearables for both gals and guys as well as some pretty tremendous niche items.

This is the scrapyard skirt from CARGO.  Three neutral color choices and optional belt let you style as you prefer.

And as you can see, this skirt moves well!
So grab a demo and see if it looks as good on you as it does on me - LOL.

My windy Lena hair is out from MINA for My Attic.
The 22769  Serpentia Necklace comes in three color choices; find it at The Jewelry Fair.

My perfectly coordinating top is unfortunately very antique; earth wind fire -stone-top from EMO-tions.

Poses by: EveryGlow, Helamiyo

Steamy Stuff

It's been a frenzy of late, so many great venues to explore, so many specialty items to discover.  As we reach the mid term of two prominent shopping scenes, it is a perfect time to visit. Crowds have dissipated some; all the good stuff is still there.  My favorite time to shop.

In the photo above a rustic fountain that could fit into many themes, the Ravenshire Village Fountain from Roawenwood @ the Home and Garden Expo. It comes with separate grass area. You can use the fountain on its own or with a very pleasing grass and rock base.

This photo also shows off the new Greasemonkey Pant from ~ Refined Wild ~ @ a Clockwork Spiral.  These are fitted mesh and happily seemed to do a very good job at that fitting part. Yeah! The pants come with color hud for both fabric and metal parts. There are three fabric choices - leather, cloth and denim. They have a very high waist which I love.

Delicate or bold, ladylike or bad girl -- many sides of Victorian and Steampunk mix and mingle at A Clockwork Spiral.

Here a finally detailed Wayfinder choker from lassitude & ennui pairs with one of a large collection of gacha monocles from Souzou Eien.

These SpatSmasher Boots are also a new release from ~ Refined Wild ~ @ a Clockwork Spiral. They too come with a hud. It has MANY choices; (see how good I am I took a photo for you!)

HGE - Dutchie

Along with a very impressive mansion (see in and earlier post ), Dutchie offers plenty of smaller items for your Home and Garden Expo buying pleasure.

Furniture comes with feature full menus to change colors, poses and security. One of my favorite thing about Dutchie's homewares is their scale. They are actually average size (oh my!). And for you that really must be eight feet tall? They are modify :D.

Items are classic is style with modern touches. This writing desk has a long list of computer animations for example. Props appear via a pop-up and disappear when you change the pose. I thought this one particularly clever with crumpled paper on the ground. There is another getting ready to throw said paper wad. So appropriate for a writer.

So stop by the Dutchie display at Expo. It is difficult to miss. Just look for all the grapevines in Sim 2.

And now that we have embarked on a very brief tour, I would like to invite you to read more about Dutchie, the mansion and -- well, SL life at Prim Perfect Magazine. Scroll on over to page 13 and enjoy.