Lazy Weekend

lazy weekend

The weekend is upon us. Summer suns for many of us. Lazy days in the shade watching the corn grow (honestly my neighbor planted corn between our houses :D). 

Whatever is on your agenda this weekend you can do it in style with some new and recent releases.

From {what next} for Fifty Linden Friday the Camber Coffee Table with Deco. Some texture change options for the cabinet and yummy cookies are just what you need close at hand this weekend.

I am wearing a recent MEVA release, the Trudi blouse. A fun and comfy Boho summer top, it comes with so many color choices it is difficult to decide. Me? I picked out my jeans (MYNX) and found a great color combo to coordinate. Now THAT'S easy!

EarthStones Quetzalli Necklace

Hair: MINA - Hannah

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Quiet Moments


Sometimes it is good to take a breath and enjoy the simplicity of the landscape.

My favorite release of The Epiphany is the GIZ SEORN Arwen set. Blouses in tons of hues and neutrals, pattern versions as rares, Boho-esce jewelry (very pretty) and panties are in the big gacha set.

My only caveat is that long hairs might be tricky as the blouse has some padding (a nice touch of realism as most of our RL clothes aren't "stretch to fit").

Happily this gave me a chance to wander through my hair updo folders where I found this Sahara style from the beginning of the year. Very pretty; I'll remember that name in the future.  Find it at eXxEsS.

The November Mansa necklace is available in either silver or gold. A coordinating choker comes in each set. Cosmopolitan.

If soft Summertime palettes are part of your makeup theme these days, be sure and try the new Whimsy release at alaskametro.

Poses by: SE Motion



Sometimes it's good to break away from normal; and this new Chinatown backdrop will do just that. Two versions are available, the second with a mirrored image of the street built below so that are echoes of reflections on the "wet" cobblestones.  There is plenty of color and vibrancy in this build, enough to spark some creative shots. 18 x 9 meter footprint, it is mod for customization.

Look for ChinaTown at the [ZakkaYa] booth - Cosmopolitan.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the -:zk:- Cynthia Dress  in many colors or choose the fatpack.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MEI *

Pose by: aDORKable