Good Stuff

There is plenty of good stuff out there these days, some free, some reasonably priced. All in all summer shopping is underway.

On the left: :: powdermoon :: Floral Romper, an August group gift. Fits eBody and eBody FREE and is feminine without getting into girlie territory.

On the right: my favorite hunt prize (I only sampled) from the WOH going on. This from Petite Mort. The Madison dress features a great fit and lots of detailing. Very nice.

I absolutely LOVE these Lucie Decorative Pins from Trompe Loeil. Can I tell you why? Nope, but I am not changing my story. Find them at FaMESHed.

Di's sandals: Mosquito's Way - Malika *Group Gift* (not current)

Hair by Wasabi Pills and Mina

Poses by ChiC buildings

Tropical Nights

tropical nights

Ocean spray. Warm breezes. The essence of summer in the tropics.  New and older releases come together with tender memories in the theme of magical nights.

From Baiastice for  Collabor88, the all in one Ashley outfit with carefree skirt and casual top. The waist wrap is optional and as always there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from.

Perfect decor to continue the theme, the Trompe Loeil  Eloa Flower Chair with texture change pillow is available in both light and dark, PG or Adult.  Also at COLLABOR88.

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA

Pose by: aDORKable

Crystal Balls

crystal ball

We seldom know what the future has in store for us. Maybe that's a good thing. But if you are a wondering, there is a spiffy crystal ball out this week at the 15B gift grab.  Milli Mole has made a lovely gift. It is pretty big and not modify, but super pretty!

I have been over at Sansar for about a week and a half now. Having lots of fun with some frustrations along the way -- but hey, that happens. For the intrepid creators out there that like to experience new worlds, it an enjoyable experience.

Will it replace SL?  Not right away certainly, but I can see the possibilities. The same items that I make here in SL, with the same baked textures look SO much more impressive there -- much like a render inside of Blender. For you non-techie folks, let's just say it is REALLY pretty.

The avatars are OK but not stunning and we all pretty much look alike unless one opt for some outrageously creative avatar ^^ which isn't really me. The library clothes are quite nice though and there are some well made and very pretty items for free in the Store. For guys too -- which is good to see.

Is it ready for prime time? Not really.  I'd say a couple more years, but there are certainly some impressive technical achievements going on.  That's my crystal ball info for this post.

I am wearing a very pretty new release necklace from MEVA which is available at the Dubai Event.  The necklace is lovely and you can change each row of stones in the necklace for a personal look.  The event?  Well, ho-hum is all I can think of. I was expecting some exotic locale or decorations. Not happening.

I am actually getting kind of down on events. There are so many now it isn't really anything special to be in one. With so many even the top events are getting "watered down".  I have to smile as I sell "ready-made event venues" on the Marketplace -- and they sell well. That is a mixed blessing from my point of view.

Personally I am hoping for (oh can I see the future great crystal ball?) a switch in the sales climate. Something a bit more exciting so that events were like events USED to be. Enjoying the venue was just as much a part as the shopping.  I would like to say that my new crystal ball showed me that -- but it's a pretty cloudy crystal ball.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. It gives messages LOL. Fun.

So grab your ball and your necklace an go forth into the future. It will be surprising -- or not. We know that for sure.

Casadel"Brooke" Top(Maitreya) Cream
Hair: *TKW* Barret
Makeup: alaskametro  Wytch
Backdrop decor: The Looking Glass (a gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable