Music Tonight

Music Tonight

MEVA has been making guy garb for awhile now. I showed you two great Advent gifts for guys; remember?

These new pants are a bit futuristic, great for the Cacoon roleplay sim I showed you yesterday. Made for Signature bodies but they could fit others (guys seem SO much easier to fit :D ).  Find them over at the Man Cave

Some rear end detailing is obviously meant for that walking away viewing -- well, that's my guess anyway.

Guitar sign by {what next}.

Pose with guitar by: EMOZIONE @ Cosmopolitan



Cacoon is a role play sim that photographs impressively. Dark and neon form the theme. Lights move as the photographer chases the perfect combination.

From MEVA at Cosmopolitan, the Pearls dress -- this in white and gold. Aptly named the fine detailing is quite gorgeous.

From Kunglers also at Cosmopolitan, Stephany which includes both earrings and necklace. Quite lovely.

From Opale at Tres Chic,  Brec Hair which includes optional add-on for tendrils on the left side (not worn here).

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Freebie Saturday Four

freebie saturday 4

The gals are looking splendid this week in their WHITE (I bet you noticed that) attire from the Womenstuff Hunt.

Here's the rundown.

Left to right:

FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Samy Dress
CLOCKHAUS - Candy Heels  (they have recently moved so if you find yourself falling through the air, search PLACES. Gift is still there.

Gaall Karen Dress (Bee says it is #4 in the list - you will need undies :D)

Sweet Temptations Emma Camisole (IMPORTANT: there appear to be four gifts and all here. The next person to go over found yet another one and Lani (that's me really) has no idea WHICH this is. There are heels included in this dollarbie. One which we believe is this rounds gift is similar but off the shoulder strap. So grab them all for a buck if you are in the need for slips or slip dresses.)

For the guys, a fancy suit over at the new SENSE event. This is a SLO&F group gift (free if you are not already a member). There are black heels for the ladies and a green formal and another jacket and tie for the guys - all various group gifts.

NOTE: this is a very nice suit in that crumpled "I don't really DO suits" style but it is weighted oddly so adjustment to shape will likely be needed.  Just save the new shape in an outfit with the suit to be used ONLY for that :D.

And last -- and least if we count the material in the garment -- Xi has on a barely there number which is beautifully made from Razor.

All the SLURLS for the gal's gifts can be found here.

Poses by: WetCat (two different pose ball sets)