A Place in Time

A dusky early eve in a fantasy world. Is it? It could just as well be current times. Whatever your pleasure there are some new releases that work well in many times and places.

A fun new rigged mesh wrapped pony was released from Vanity Hair. Look for Guns and Pearls. The hair base is not included, but I am guessing you already have a favorite pony hair base. I am wearing one from EMO-tions.  Many color huds are available of course.

My Luna top from Ducknipple can be any of twelve colors with a simple hud click.

I am standing inside the recently released  Great Harvest Market from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Find it at The Secret Affair.

While this is a very traditional build with really gorgeous textures, it could easy work in a rural setting as a barn like structure.  The 22769 guys have been VERY busy lately with lots of impressive releases. I will be showing you my favorites but you will likely run into others at a variety of popular venues.   

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Sweater Sets

Many decades ago there was a popular mode of dress called "the sweater set". The ArisAris ~Sinuous Outfit reminded me of those days. This is NOT your 1950s sweater set however  *wink*.

Roomy slouchy sweater, beautifully textured bandeau and saucy little skirt that moves VERY well  -- all combine to make this the "new" sweater set style.


Even better news?  There are nine different garments via hud. As I was trying this on I was thinking how nice it would be to choose between sweaters and skirts and such and not just by color. You know what? You can. Very cool!

Now when I was looking up the correct decade for the original sweater set popularity (I had it right by the way), I found a fun website where you can test your style. Not sure how accurate it is but mine came out appropriately. Those computers are smart!

Give it a try here.

The Bliensen + MaiTai - The Wastelands - Bottle Cap necklace comes in two styles and is sized for both men and women. Find it at Genre this month.  Lots of fun!

Hair by Vanity Hair

Poses by: Diesel Works

Secretaries and Numbers

Out today for The Neighborhood a great secretary from Second Spaces. It comes with and without "stuff" and there are SIX places for personal photos. THREE color choices let you find the perfect model for your style.

Hard to believe but this is only FOUR land impact. What a value.