Outfit Thumbnails in Second Life

Thumbnails for outfits have been around for a very long time -- I just have never used them. Partly I am a "cheap" gal. I always test with local textures, use the beta grid and try VERY hard not to upload things more than once. It isn't really the quarter of a cent cost; it is the principle.

But 2020 brings a new type of game in my world.  Money comes in and never goes out. So, with a ton of extra lindens at hand I decide that 2020 would be the year to make my virtual closet a more pleasingly pretty place. For those of you that need a help  with the process, here are the steps and some tips.

There are a few methods you can use to add your thumbnails.  If you are a blogger you likely already have a great looking photo of your outfit. Typically that is what I have been using for my newer "favs".

Your blog photo will need to be cropped  and definitely resized. 256 x 256 is the ONLY size you can use in your thumbnail slots.    Once you have your thumbnail made from the larger photo it is a simple process of uploading and using that in place of the default folder with hanger icon.  You cannot use local textures to test the look unfortunately, but some practice will let understand what you want in your thumbnail.

Here are some step by steps:

The simplest way it to just take a photo  THROUGH the outfit pane.  

Right click on the outfit icon (with hanger still ) that you are wearing. Choose Take a Photo.  One click and you are mostly done, you simply have to OK your shot and the image appears magically to describe your outfit --- but

Remember how tiny this photo will be? You don't really want background in the shot; you want enough of the outfit UP CLOSE so that you can be sure you are selecting your outfit of choice. 

The screenshot above would be the typical default photo of your avatar and outfit.  Too much barn, not enough outfit.

Happily the "take a photo" option isn't automatic and you DO have the ability to try again.  You need to close the snapshot pane however before using the "take a snapshot" option for a retake.

In this example the shot (which of course looks much larger than the 256 version) was too dark when used.

So I brightened the photo in my graphics software and uploaded -- this time using the upload in the BUILD menu. Then I used the SELECT PHOTO option to replace the dark photo with the brighter one.

It really IS nice to be able to see the visual representations rather than just the descriptive phrases! 

It is also a fun project as long as you take your time and enjoy the process. 

Poses by: Vista Animations AO

Thumbs Up Caddie Golf

My thumbs up pick from Cosmopolitan (opening at midnight) is this DARLING retro golf cart.   What a cutie.  Adding to the imaginative design are long distance LODs (most often missing in cars) plus three sizes for a perfect family outing.  Perfect for those in traditional or camper Belli homes, it has operational controls that let others ride with you. There are four seats, but I didn't have enough volunteers to test out possibilities.

The poses are realistic and it drives without a hud using simple keyboard controls.  While I am one of the worst drivers in SL (I am sure of it) it handles well except for turns. Backing up worked nicely and you could go a a snails pace if that is your choice.  It isn't the most robust of autos; after all it IS  a golf cart.  But for looks and style it can't be beat.

Look for The Black Forest display near the entrance.

The dashboard let's you change the color as well as designate who can drive and ride. With really lovely detailing this 18 land impact cutie is perfect for adding some nostalgic style to your humble abode.

From the notecard:


The following controls apply to the TBF Caddie Golf Cart:

• Steering - Left and Right Arrow keys
• Throttle up - Up Arrow key
• Throttle down/brake - Down Arrow key
• Reverse - Down Arrow key

• Turn signal left on - Shift + Left Arrow key
• Turn signal left off = Shift + Right Arrow key
• Turn signal right on - Shift + Right Arrow key
• Turn signal right off = Shift + Left Arrow key
• Toggle headlights on and off - Page Up key (FN + Arrow Up key on a Mac)

• Car horn - Page Down key (FN + Arrow Down key on a Mac)

• Car color - Color buttons on the dashboard
• Car access - Keyhole button on the dashboard
• Upend and rotate car 90 degrees - Click on the steering wheel
• Toggle avatar position console - Click on the seat that is in use

The Car Access key can only be used by the owner of the car. Upend & Rotate and the color change button can only be operated by the owner (even when not seated) or by the driver. The avatar position console can only be operated by the driver and the relevant person on the seat.

The camera target and position can be adjusted by changing the coordinate values in the Object Description field of the vehicle in Edit. Any change in value will take effect after resetting the script.

~ 2. TERRAIN ~

The Caddie Golf Cart can overcome rough terrain and sim crossings to a certain extent. Objects that stick out of the ground vertically can only be overrun when they are no more than approximately 10 cm tall. Taller obstacles may be overrun at significant speed. The Caddie Carts for Kids, Toddlers and Babies require a smoother terrain.

Upon crossing a sim, the driver may become misaligned with the driver's seat. This can be prevented by turning off your Animation Overrider (AO) prior to seating, or remedied by unsitting and resitting. Some sim crossings involve transition from one Second Life Simulator or type (e.g. Main Channel) to another (LeTigre or Magnum). Such transitions may sometimes result in unseating, severe avatar displacement and even loss of the vehicle. This is a general problem with vehicles in Second Life and the only solution to date is to rez a new car.

City Lights

Opening day at Uber.
Always exciting.

What will you find?

From Baiastice -- the Trish dress and Lorna thigh high boots. Two fabric choices plus bonus colors in the fatpack. On-off panties. (On-off panties? Oh my.)

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Abigail>

Paparazzi Urban View backdrop

Pose by: LAP [nla]