Red White and Blue

Both Canada Day and the 4th of July are on the NEAR horizon. And with that lots of designers are giving away themed freebies (THANK YOU!). Here are two of my favorites which you can wear long after the holidays.

Frozen Turquoise Valentine -- Spathi 52/242/22 is having an on the wall hunt for a VERY nice outfit. This is available until midnight. Find it on the wall in the shop. It comes with both capri and long slacks (both with prims). You can wear it with or without the white tube top. You can also wear the tube top without the undies (tucked in) layer. This is a versatile mix and match outfit that can be dressed up or down.

EarthStones Jewelry -- EarthBound 161/126/23 is giving away a cute bangle bracelet for the 4th of July. There is also a similar necklace for guys (too big for girls). Find them on a 4th of July specials display near the giant MORE sign on the way to the adjoining room.

Shoes by Juicy, Hair by Calla.

Weekend Finds: June 29

Here are my favorite Freebie finds for the weekend (actually only Sunday LOL).

Free Spirit -- Quest III/176/148/23 has a really cute tee and shorts set that includes two WINNER poses. You don't need to be from SPAIN to like this outfit!

AMMIES -- Aragon 186/216/504 has some very cute sandals set out by the door. There is also a multi piece July outfit and some slippers.

..::Rasetsukoku::.. -- Meerkat Valley 13/172/39 has some great Scorpion jeans (logo on the back belt area) for free. It is in a jug on the table -- once you get DOWN the long staircase LOL. (Shoes by Juicy - Halter by Love Chic)

Sweeter & ::69:: - A Cute Coupling

Sweeter Than Candy -- Champs Elysees 119/94/32 opened a new main shop today. I missed the event but the opening gift is still available as well as LOTS of other free outfits. You can even get some of the free items from Pixeldolls if you missed them (or are new).

This outfit comes with two top styles as well as a babydoll skirt. I preferred the sparkle jeans. Nice and bright and GREEN to go with my HOH red hair - LOL.

Also, ::69:: sent out a group gift of color change beach sandals. There are three styles but I think this one is indeed the cutest. They are click color change so I simply made them green to go with the outfit.

Hair by House of Heart

House of Heart Hair Hunt!!!!!


I haven't been yet, but my friend Benicia braved the first wave and the lag and got these wonderful photos of great hair. I believe this is the first HOH hunt. Bewitched Hair Hunts are of course legendary but this looks EVEN BETTER!! Yeah!

There are 14 boxes set around the main shop and the mall area, each box includes one of our most popular styles in one color! Benicia's only slightly negative comment was that her head was WAY too big for most of the styles so some major adjustments were necessary. Still, they look fantastic. Just remember to save a copy of the original before you stretch and reposition.

The boxes are smallish and black with HOH photos on the sides. They are relatively easy to find. Shouting out locations (no notecard passing) is part of the fun. The hunt runs until Thursday afternoon.

Here they are in all there glory.

ASHIA DESIGNS: Destiny-Shambi

ASHIA DESIGNS -- Morels 168, 108, 66 -- [sorry map and tp not working for me at the moment :( ] has given out a very lovely group only skin. The skin is part of the "Destiny" range that will be featured in an upcoming fashion show, along with Beauty Avatar. This particular version will not be sold. It is exclusively for the group.

It features rich skin tones and red makeup (including toe polish - :D).

Shown with House of Heart hair and Sn@tch bikini.

On the Wall at Sn@tch

This week's on the wall free item at Sn@tch includes some great knee length baggie pants with prim cuffs, three choices of ties and FIVE shirts (great additions to your basic wardrobe). There are also boy socks and boy socks with fishnets (as undies layer). So do the math and you can see you have simply TONS of mix and match options here.

Best with funky boots or tennies (neither of which I have) I am showing these sans shoes.

Photo taken in the back room of Sn@tch.

Fashion credits: Hair by Philotic Energy, nails by Shop Seu

There are actually TWO freebies this week so once you find this, keep on lookin'.

Fun Summer Freebies!

OK. I admit that I have a LOT of "stuff" from blogging four months - almosteveryminuteuntiloflate :D. So it is getting harder for me to find things that I think are REALLY good to show you. And then again, if there have already been three or four posts on something there is NO point expending energy that could be put to better use (wink).

Today's fashion post IS in part about the often mentioned lately Juicy Slingbacks (Cherry in this case) but it also features a very cute bracelet I picked up the other evening. The bracelet comes in a variety of colors and is FREE at Juicy -- Juicy 115/138/23. Add to that a brand new very cute pants set from Damiani -- Plush Micron 193/95/39. Find this new outfit at the main entrance by a SLEW of other 0 and 1 Linden items.

Viola! We have a great outfit for SUMMER! The pant set features detailed prim cuffs with texture and a prim belt with logo buckle. I didn't try resizing the belt as I am a big girl. So it might be a bit tricky if you are petite.

Click the pics to enlarge.

Fashion credits: Hair by WRONG