Short Time Gifts

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A quick post to highlight some special gifts that will be exiting soon. If you haven't visited Redeux before, now is a perfect time to venture over. The crowds have dissipated and all the goodness should rez faster.

While many products are aimed at the fantasy and roleplay crowds, there are crossover items to be found too. Most booths have a group gift each round but you need to be speedy in order to both gather and shop as this is a one week venue.

All sorts of products are available. Here are two very special gifts of interest.

{le fil casse} careless summer nights dress - two pretty colors (the other being "ocean", a soft teal) in Maitreya fit. As shown, this is a super short dress but can be worn over tights or applier pants of course.

These darling sandals from NOIR come with a hud for style matching. Definitely a not to miss.

Over at the Good Vibes Fair (a really fun shopping location) you can pick up this pretty necklace gift. The Vanilla Bae Coco Necklace. It comes rigged and unrigged, silver or gold, materials or no and is unisex. Wow!  The text says "High Tides - Good Vibes".

This event is open until the 29th.

Sami really has her new look together! Sometimes it takes awhile :D. 

Hair by MINA

Poses by: Torridwear [nla]

SL15B Shopping Event Preview

SL15B Inworld Shopping

Happy Birthday Second Life!

Celebrations abound including the official birthday celebration. Crystal is the theme and there are plenty of events planned so check the official website as well as the destination guide.

I am taking part in both the community celebration and the hop and shop. Gifts abound of course and I have been gathering as I watch the events come to life. So much to see!

While I certainly can't show you all the lovely presents offered, I can highlight some of my personal favorites.

Top photo:

[ keke ] celebrate . SLB15 special . free gift

Apple Fall Balloons - Pink & Gold, Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold), SL15B Cake

ChiC buildings gift table, gift stool, metal flowers gift and gift boxes

MINA Hair - Hannah  (various colors via hud)

neve gift - altierre pjs (four print hud)

*YS&YS* Rodi Flats

Cae :: Mantra - Bloom :: Necklace

Tights were a past gift from Izzie's.

The guys won't be left out with a big selection of Home and Garden items as well as wearables.

taikou / international pay phone (with table) gift
::ZED:: MESH Camo Tan Polo Shirt (many colors and sizes)

A D R I A T I C line Sunglasses Black.

Male jewelry pieces include:

[CerberusXing] Ring Bracelet

not so bad . mesh . EYOTA watch

A&D Clothing - Pants ~Justin~

Fashionistas will be happy with all the shopping -- and shopping it WILL be if you pick up the $250 gift card from {ViSion}. Since it will no doubt be very laggy at the shop you might want to grab demos from the Marketplace. This is the Selana sweater dress.

{ViSion} is a lingerie, swim and "dare to bare" store mainly but for those not wanting to show too much skin, there are pants and other garments in the medium bravery range :D.

The super cute summer hat can be found at the ExXeSs shop. A big texture change hud will let you coordinate for many summer outfits.

**UTOPIA@Design** - "LORY" platform boots in blue.


A few latecomers to the party include TRUTH who has some cute young girl piggies with many color huds.

Other gifts weren't out as I go to press so to speak so do your own sleuthing. Lots to see and gather and plenty to shop for!


Poses by: ChiC buildings, Dyer Maker Animations, Diesel Works, aDORKable,

Va Va Vintage

black and gold

I am really loving the vintage attire over at the fair.

Next up is the striking beach attire from Baiasitce.  Wear the jacket (solid or semi-sheer) with the accompanying swimsuit or as a topper in another styling. Either way there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from.

In the background Lucas Lameth's Crawling Crystalline Shards in Bronze.

Perfect footwear can be found on the group gift shelf at Mosquito's Way.  Malika is the name.

Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Kim

My earrings are part of Fortuna's  June gacha at Imaginarium.

Many pieces to collect of course.

Poses by: SEmodeling

Summer Swimming


A big cart sale and hunt is happening at Entice. Lots of nice gifts to be had, this July Swimsuit (one of three color choices) is from Applique` Chic.   An eBODY version is available as well as other body types.  There is some "air" at the hips on the eBody version but it will likely work for eBody FREE as Di isn't using any alpha slots :D.

★ The Guest List Cart Sale & Hunt  ★
★ Runs From June 8th to 17th ★

You are looking for strawberries. Some are on and around the carts, others dropped on the ground, at least one on a lamp post.  So look everywhere in the cart sale area.

Pose by: #FADED (free group gift pack)

Painting with Orange

painting with orange

The current Cosmopolitan round is about to end, so zip on over now that the crowds have dissipated.  You have through Saturday eve.

Shown here:

*PAN* Sailboat Sunset Painting (original art)
*PAN* Unpainted Boathouse Table
*PAN* Candle Sand Jar
Large Orange Rose Arrangement from Kaerri

Cherry Bloom top and shorts (various colors and fatpack - Maitreya)

G&D Sandals Eve
hair: no.match NO AIM

Pose by: EverGlow



I am going to let the pictures tell the story in this post. I had a great time shooting the other eve (or maybe it was morning). The Grunge Street is pretty much complete now with a great atmosphere.

backlit 2

Wearables include the Yellow Bodysuit from the Loki - Bad Girl GACHA at Cosmopolitan. The LOVE rigged collar is part of the gacha as well as track pants. Many colors.

grunge street 1600

My spiffy short boots hale from the Baiastice booth at Uber.

Hair: no.match NO WHISTLE.

The grungy motorcycle with sidecar is a hunt prize from Hogs And Cart Wheels. Look for a strawberry and the hint was something like "do dinosaurs like strawberries?" It doesn't have the best LODs but is a great photo prop or in a setting without long distance views.

Poses by: Helamiyo at The Chapter Four

Vintage Lara

vintage lara

The Vintage Fair is underway. Move back to your favorite era with just one teleport.

From deviousMind "Shanghai" in **CITRINE**.

Aside from being to-die-for cute -- the pasties are RIGGED with the harness. While I don't wear diskettes over my nipples all that often *wink*, I appreciate grandly the absence of air between metal and skin.

Many kudos!

With lots of pretty colors and two choices of boas, this is a super fun outfit when you just want to dress up and dance a little!

Hair: Vanity Hair:Menina Bonita

Backdrop: Paparazzi - The Glam Stage

Pose by: Belle Poses at Cosmopolitan

Beach Scene

beach scene

Two great new warm weather gifts appeared this week.

(left) From NyDesign, the Soleil outfit with texture change hud. Lots of choices and a great fit makes this a winner. Go past the lucky chairs to the group gift wall. (free group)

Various body fits.  Maitreya fits eBody and eBody FREE.

(right)  Moshi Summer Gift (Maitreya only) is a dollarbe gift on the Marketplace.  Really nice  fit and bold colors.

Trompe Loeil - Oria Rowboat
ChiC buildings -Lighthouse

Poses by: Striking Poses and LAP [both nla]


forest meeting

From MEVA at Kinky a cute little collar that works for both "bad" and "good" gals :D.

My hair by Pr!tty
His hair by elua

Trees by 3D Trees

Pose by: WRONG (current group gift)

In the Clouds

in the clouds

Last week I came across and photo spread of decorated balconies. So very clever -- showing off personal details in a small space. What a fun project!

plenty of space to decorate!
Now my plate is a bit full at the moment, but I found a great balcony, one that belongs to the Barnesworth Anubis Napeague House.   The house is super roomy and perfect for either a family or a collector-decorator.  28 x 24 meters and 137 land impact, it will fit on a 1024 lot but you likely would want more prims for decorations :D.  Find it at COLLABOR88.

My super cute outfit is packed full of class.

From Vanity Hair, Taxi; a perfect casual style for summer.  Find it at the Vintage Fair.

From Stories&Co, the Vera swimsuit with impressive off the shoulder detailing. Imma thinking that I must have a skirt that will fit over this darling release.  It would be a shame to relegate it just to the beach!  Or perhaps a custom made skirt to coordinate will appear down the line. Find it also at COLLABOR88. Two color huds plus extras in the fatpack. Maitreya fit.

My necklace might be a bit fancy for balcony sitting but it is so very pretty, I didn't want you to miss out. Various colors of the Rosalia necklace are available at the Kunglers booth;  We Love Roleplay.

Nautical dresser and beach chair can be found at the ChiC buildings booth at Cosmopolitan AFTER the 17th.

Poses by: the chair

Work It

work it

Gotta get in shape for those summer bikinis!

From Fukin Cute on the Siren's Song Hunt  a cute sweat set with optional fishnet topper. Most sizes are covered including standard. Maitreya works for eBODY pretty well so give it a try!

Poses by: [ west end ] Bento Poses - Perfect Trainer I at Cosmopolitan



Three new releases from Hipster include:

flow . Hooded Towel (ends above the knees) with up or down hoodie hud. Various colors are available as well as many male body fits.


-FABIA hair  -  Billy

The locale of the evening is the new pose backdrop from Paparazzi, Grime Block Balcony. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

altamura AAron body - from the box with a custom shape

Poses by: WRONG (current group gift)

Bock - Lager - Ale


If you love details -- and beer of course, then the new  Beer Tap Planbergers from No.59 Bar Supplies and Club Accessories deserve a closer look.  Various brews,  each in a different colored container give impressive drinks with realistic Bento holds built in.

Home bar, club or my own little back in time establishment -- these are great additions to your decor.

Deep Blue Fantasy

deep blue fantasy

Two new made for each other releases can be found not far from one another at Cosmopolitan.

From Casadel, the "Sybel"release of top, skirt and panties. Maitreya and Belleza fits with many color choices. You need to be fairly brave to wear this one but it is real-ly pretty!

And from no.match, No Sun with a texture change hud filled with bright patterns for the head wrap. So exotic!

Two older items added to the perfect styling;

Mon Cheri Isis earrings with color change hud
.:E.A.Studio:. Era Bracialets  with accent color hud

Photo taken here:

Pose by: Diesel Works

Country Roads

country roads

Companionship comes in all forms -

New out today at Cosmopolitan, a super fun set from adorsy, the Rihanna tops with shorts and jeans (shown here). The jeans come with texture hud for sayings down the side.

New  boots are out at We Love Roleplay. The Lictor boots come in a variety of colors and in Maitreya and SLink Male fits.  Since it is easier to get boots fitting than shoes and we can make our feet invisible, I am guessing these would work for some other bodies as well.  Find them at the lassitude & ennui booth.

My perky hair is a recent release from eXxEsS, Anguria -- perfect for the casual days of summer.

Water tower (pre-release) and fence by ChiC buildings

Photo taken here:

Pose by: Lil'Bug Horses 2 - a pose prop gacha at Imaginarium , and SEmotion

Money Money

A quick post to highlight some new gifts on the grid.

At Imaginarium, some very pretty hair from [^.^Ayashi^.^] Eri  A small color hud is included.

Also at Imaginarium, a delicate flower necklace from Fortuna, Flora.

If you missed this great dress from Justice, be sure and head over (free group). Chains are part of the dress :D.

On Di, a fun new VERY short dress (undies a must) from Faida, Melanie blue stripes. This is a Maitreya dress that works well with eBody and likely eBody FREE (no alphas used for Di).

And if you are a group member, G&D has some very nice cream pump heels as a gift. Perfect for the warm summer season.

Poses by: AKEYO and *!R.O!* BENTO POSES (free mesh money stacks and Bento pose).

Industrial Dreams

industrial dreams

Two great new FaMESHed releases come together in this post.

From Trompe Loeil, the Corazon Palm chairs come in both PG and A versions with plenty of summery texture choices for pillows and pads. Light and Dark woods are available. I have downsized  some here; it is exceptionally roomy and will fit bigger avatars easily.

From Baiastice, the Shash bikini and Crochet Tank Dress. The bikini is happily a bit more "there" than the typical OMG versions we so often see and fits very well. Lot of colors to choose from of course. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

The crochet cover-up is quite impressive and very realistic.

The Corazon patio and pool set has a definite industrial vibe with various elevations. This could be used at home of course but as part of a club area I am thinking spectacular :D.  Both PG and A versions are available and one option includes a fireplace.

While you are shopping at FaMESHed, be sure and check out the sandals from Pure Poison. They look so cute! 

Poses by: the chair and aDORKable

Morning Shadows


There is nothing like an early morning walk on a deserted beach. Add palms and the daybreaking sun against your face -- magic happens.

From Baiastice at the Vanity Event opening on the first, the Camila dress which comes in solids (both pastels and bolds) with bonus prints in the fatpack.  The skirt is quite walkable with no breaks in the fabric so this isn't just a photo shoot item. Slink and Maitreya fits.

And for intrepidly bold gals there are optional armor parts. Me?  Not so brave - LOL.

Happily these necklaces from ROZOREGALIA at Cosmopolitan worked perfectly.  ZAJUR is a gacha with three necklaces in various colors that can be mixed and matched and work perfectly together. There is a single choker without gem in the set also -- and the rare items are a set of all four lengths combined into one easy to wear item. Saturday will be the last day for this item at the event.

My hair is a casual whispy style from eXxEsS, Espresso.

Very pretty!

Poses by: oOo Studio and aDORKable

H and G picks


There are some fantastic Home and Garden releases this month. Here are my favorites plus one I think you guys will like!

Up top a chair that coordinates perfectly with the Emma Wicker Lounger, a well-used seating area for friends and familia.  This comes with a very lovely bed packed full of animations (PG or A) and a nightstand. There are texture change options via hud. Find the set right at the entrance at Cosmopolitan. Chez Moi!

Also at Cosmopolitan, a garden arch and bench (or just the arch) from Raindale. Very pretty with great LODs and animations. If you are a girlie girl (or guy) this could definitely be your next garden addition.

If a new abode is in your future, the Finnley Lake Cottage might be just what you are looking for. One large "L" shaped interior with lots of yummy wood textures and of course a fireplace.  Find it at the Trompe Loiel booth at Uber.

I absolutely LOVE this tiny little "fishing shack" from Hive. Character to the max!  It is SUPER tiny so not really made for living inside, more for ambiance -- and of course there are plenty of outside areas.  Also at Uber.

Fashion covered in previous posts and I am lazy tonight. Sami's jumpsuit was a FaMESHed gift and my top is from Massom. More than that, just scroll on back if you missed the news.

Black White and Red All Over


Backdrops seem to be the new pose accessories these days and that's just fine with me. Lots of fun and no need to leave home. Two good things.

From Mesh India at Cosmopolitan a stairs set with color change stairs and alcove. In a long shot this has a paint spilled look at the bottom of the stairs. Can't wait to try that out!  Look for the Wonder Background.

We are SO coordinated with our black and white checks theme!

New from JF Design "Aurora"shorts and top in many fabric choices -- also at Cosmopolitan.

Di's parachute short are a new release from MOZ which of course fits eBody and eBody FREE as well as other popular bodies.

Her bandeau is a older gift from Sn@tch.

Her hair is a gift from =DeLa* at Tres Chic (free group) : Mesh Hair "Ruby".

And this pretty necklace is a group gift form ALTER at The SENSE EVENT.

Not to be missed are these super cute wedge sandals from Amacci. Sicily heels come in a large variety of colors with texture choices of different parts via hud. Great for our upcoming warm months.  Find them also at Cosmopolitan.

My hair is also from DeLa, Melina.

Poses by: Everglow and aDORKable

Details - FLF

jewelry boxes - FLF

I love details; small items you need to cam in to see -- and that give you great rewards for your curiosity.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, jewelry and accessory boxes for guys and dolls.  Some color choices are included by hud and there are closed boxes for additional decoration.

As you might have guessed these Aston and Emily cases can be found at {what next}.

Closet, island and accessories by ChiC buildings.

Photo taken here.

Patterns of Sunrise

sanoria sunrise

Two new releases come together in an exotic locale.

The MEVA Nila Set (turban and headpiece) is available at Whimsical.

Matching Nila earrings as well as a necklace  can be found at Cosmopolitan.

Both turban and jewelry pieces in various metal choices come with  texture change huds. Lots of choices.

Casadel "Julia" Chain Top  Gold
Skirt by Dreaming Thicket; Verbena.

Plants and ruins by ChiC buildings.

Photo Taken here.

Poses by: EverGlow

Accessories at Home and Garden EXPO

Orchard Dreaming

Can we have too many H and G accessories?

I am thinking not -- and that includes plants!

From Terrashop at in Sim 5 - Daisies in The Vase and House Plant 1 (a second similar plant on a stand comes in the house plant pack). Both of these items are RFL donation goods.

From Digitize in Sim 1- the Orchard Apricot Tree 4.0 (apple and apricot are also available). A lime tree and a pot with catnip are the RFL donation items.

Table and chair (older) from {what next}.

And for those of you that prefer your leisure times INDOORS, may I present the
Espressomachine M-DS42-S7MDST3V5.1 (wow, that's a mouthful :D). 

Details abound in this multi drink giver. Along with color and use options you can chose to give the drink when completed to the avatar or place in inventory.  Cycle through the choices and then click the SELECT button to begin the drink making process.

Yep, there is a process complete with coffee maker sounds. When the drink is complete, it disappears and is given to the avatar that chose the drink. Wearing the drink adds a nice drinking animation and when you have had your fill, a message appears that your drink is empty (now, I really didn't expect that!).

So lots of fun from the No.59 booth! 

Another bit of technical wizardry is the sale certificate that comes with the drink maker. It fills in upon rezzing.

Oh my we have come a long ways in fifteen years!

Outfit credits here.

Pose by Helamiyo


drago at man cave

The Drago Outfit from MEVA is available at Man Cave. It comes with a texture change hud as well as a vest.

Signature and Belleza fits, the pants and boots will likely fit other mesh bodies.

Head for demo!

Necklace also from MEVA.
Hair by MINA.

altamura AAron fullbody

Photo taken here.

Pose by: Diesel Works