Holiday Style

snow and lace

Not every holiday styling needs red and green, bows and antlers...


Baiastice Midnight Party Puff Lace Dress (comes in three tones with optional puffy mini skirt) VIP reward at Epiphany.

Baiastice 1970  Gold Earrings

Vanity Hair: Scape @ Vanity

Pose by: Eternal Dream

A Redux Christmas

Gift giving is big this season and the Redux group is not to be outdone. With so many lovely presents out Sami had a difficult time  picking her favorites. There is truly something for everyone this round (well not much for guys -- sorry guys) including many holiday themed decor pieces.

You will want to pick up everything of course, but here is a starting place:

{le fil casse} the hampton tarte romper
OXIDE Mili Bangles - two styles; left and right
[MaGmA]  GIFT earrings tree
:::NOIR::: Cleo Arm Cuff

Redux is open through the 21st; group is free.

Hair VERY VERY OLD and no longer available

Pose by: TorridWear

12 Days Gifts

12 days

Now I am not traditionally a red and green, holly and mistletoe kinda gal, but I really love this perky little outfit from Les sucreries de Fairy, Emily. It is one of several dresses you can win via gacha at Cosmopolitan this round (ends Saturday eve).

The 12 Days calendars (and variants) start tomorrow (eBento is in day 2) . You might want to add these stops to your Advent gathering lists.

12 Days

eBento Event - Dec 10 to 25 (free group - various designers - you need to be VERY close to click)

Altamura - Dec 12th - 25th (gifts each day with mesh head gifts at the end. (group - small fee)

JUMO - Dec 12 - 25th plus New Years (no group required)
Cosmopolitan - December 15th and onward. Gifts are added to the tree for several days and available until the end of the year (she says hopefully remembering correctly). 

Hair a gift from MINA at FaMESHed (free group)

Pose by: SEmotion

Carousel in Winter


An abandoned playground, but through the wispy trees of winter the melody plays on.

From MEVA at Kinky, the Rory top and hot pants with texture change huds.

The MEVA Lucy collar in white was one of the many lovely Advent gifts. Don't miss out.


Pose by: Dis Opera

Warmth of Firelight


Decorating for the holidays is in full swing. If you need more goodness in your homey abode -- or even a new abode, shopping this week is bountiful!

Add to that some great event gifts and we have our top photo.

From Newchurch the Bjorn set for Builder's Box includes couch, chair, lamp, coffee table and console.

From Barnesworth Anubis, the Kent Cottage is of course family size with a full upstairs and room for all the kids, hobbies and guest. With Mansard roof and dormer windows it has a modern Victorian appeal -- including a room front porch for pedestrian watching.  Find it here.

From {what next} the Calm & Bright Wall Collage, still out from Fifty Linden Friday.

The Second Spaces - Cozy Corner - tassel garlands add some whimsy to the holidays and include straight (shown), up to the left and up to the right styles. Stretch as needed to fill your spot. Find them here.

Rounding out our homey styling (some things mine, some Sami's) are a few of the lovely decor gifts available at FaMeshed (free group)  and The Chapter Four (small group fee). Grab them all and find your favorites!

Wearables are in the mix too of course. Sami is wearing:

RIOT / Lumi Dress
ELIKATIRA Juniper - Exclusives
Essenz - Alicante (Pack 3) - don't miss these!

Pose by: Torrid Midnight



It's a busy season. Hither and yon we travel to meet and greet and shop and party.

Sometimes slowing down is the smartest thing we can do.

From Stories&Co. the Like Dreamers Do gacha set featuring a myriad of colorful undies as well as the Daydream Backdrop (rare) with enough fluffy whiteness for either lounging or pillow fights -- plus four wall texture choices.

Find your favorite colors here.

Hair: ancient and no longer available

Pose by: Artis

Crates and Glad Tidings


Not everyone has a ready made spot for a rustic community gathering place, but I certainly did!  Crates abound and what a fitting look for a town long ago and far away.

You may however have a skating rink (perfect) or another great location for the Glad Tidings Cocoa and Sweets Stand from Roawenwood at We Love Roleplay.

Take Me For A Ride

take me for a ride

I am SO loving this hair!

no.match ~ NO TASK is available at Cosmopolitan with a hud to change both hair and wrap. It is so memememememe!

A fun pairing can also be found at Cosmo this round, from the [Canimal] Shameless set, bra and pants. A shrug and highish waisted undies are also in the release. Many colors including pastels.

The vehicle in the background is free on the Peace on Earth hunt. Find the Peace Zombies at Hogs & Cart Wheels.

Pose by: SEmodeling at Cosmopolitan.



I am not really an ugly Christmas sweater, red and green and pompoms kinda gal. So when I saw all the elegant holiday Midnight Party wear from Baiastice for The Epiphany, I was a very happy gal.

This is just one of four dress styles in all (one the VIP prize). There are purses and sparkly jewels and all sorts of romantic attire. So get over and play those machines!

Hair:   TUKINOWAGUMA Kettu at Cosmopolitan

Backdrop by Paparazzi from last holiday season  - a favorite

Pose by: SEmotion at Cosmopolitan

Advent Day 2

Advent Day 2

It's getting Christmasy on the Advent trail --

From [WellMade] Fannie shorts and top in many mesh body fits. Maitreya works for both eBody and eBody Free.

Add some very pretty hair (three brunette shades) from Firelight and what a pretty picture

Pose by: Vista Animations

Advent at Entice


One of the most fun as well as bountiful stops along the Advent trail has traditionally been the Entice store. This year is no exception.  A full calendar of goodness awaits the gals with "Be My Wench" as the first installment.

There are plenty of mesh body fits in the pack and happily the Maitreya version fits both eBody and eBody FREE.

So if back in time styles are part of your wardrobe try and get over soon. And if you miss the cut off for today, you can pick up the dress at a nearly free price. A calendar of the gifts is near the tree. So many pretty things.

Hair: Wasabi Pills

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Second Life Advent Calendars 2018

advent calendar ChiC buildings

 -- Updated Dec 7 --

It's that time of year again. I will be covering a few stops in the myriad of locations.  The Christmas Tree Lot is back up with new additions for fashion shoots should you need a spot for photos.

"Under the Tree" Group Gifts

The Chapter Four - gold gift bags (group-small fee)

FaMESHed - (white boxes under tree - free group)

12 Days

eBento Event - Dec 10 to 25 (free group - various designers)

Altamura - Dec 12th - 25th (gifts each day with mesh head gifts at the end. (group - small fee)

JUMO - Dec 12 - 25th plus New Years (no group required)

Cosmopolitan - December 15th and onward. Gifts are added to the tree for several days and available until the end of the year (she says hopefully remembering correctly).

Advent Calendars

LTD Christmas: December 1st - 21st participating stores will be releasing a Christmas/Winter themed Home and Garden  gifts. Free Group needed)

MEVA: December 1st to 24th. Male and Female gifts each day. Pay group.

ChiC buildings: December 1st to 24th. A gift a day of original home and decor items from the floor (not holiday themed).

Sway's: The twelfth year of hunting and gathering. No group needed.

Entice: Clothes for women. Free group needed. I haven't found the calendar but the poster with all the goodies is not too far from the entrance. Last year there was an avatar complexity ceiling to get into the sim.

Other calendars of interest (will be updated as more stores announce:

Aplique Chic -  (no group needed)

Wellmade (clothes; free group needed)

Firelight (hair- free group required)

If you want to visit even more calendars, check out the list at TeleportHub.

Fashion Alert

winter walk

Wherever your shopping adventures take you, don't miss the new Kimi boots from Baiastice at Uber.  Plenty of color choices for both boots and fringe, many mesh body fits.

Walk that snow!

Pose by: Helamiyo

A Homey Holiday

trompe loeil advent

:Sneak Peak:

If you have been around for a few years or more, you know about the Trompe Loeil tradition of the season -- a holiday inspired gacha.  I am not sure exactly when the first collection released but maybe six years ago?   Each collection is different of course and this season's offerings are stellar.

Find the items shown above and more here after December 1st.   Whether you win, trade or buy -- when you have collected all items your Advent Calendar Fireplace (available for free at the Trompe Loeil main store or at the event) will flame for a toasty and welcome holiday season.

Info here:

My favorite piece of the set is the mailbox.



The holidays are in full swing with plenty of events and excitement coming our way. 

I will be doing my best to point out great shopping and gifts as we move towards the new year.

Meanwhile, here are some super cute new releases that you can find at Cosmopolitan.

[G-SHOT] SEVEK Sweatshirt in many mesh body fits with a color, text and pompom changing hud. So cute!

adorsy - Sophie Jeans with various denim textures and either gold or silver accents. Maitreya only.


Decor: ChiC buildings.
Plant by 22769. Painting by Cheeky Pee.

Poses by: Pffiou

Black Friday

black friday

Midnight hues seem fitting with Black Friday on the horizon. Whether you shop the sales or shop the events --- OR shop the inworld stores, there are plenty of great items to be had this weekend.

From MEVA at We Love Roleplay --- Meva Feather Collar Black Womens (resizable and unrigged with a lovely finish in back for the walking away moment. Black, brown and white for both gals and guys.

KUNGLERS - Alice earrings come in various colors all with a touch of nostalgia. A necklace is also part of the release. Find them all at The Sense Event.

Vanity Hair's super sassy Stun Me style can be found at Tres Chic.

Makeup by alaskametro

And for a partial list of Black Friday Sales, check out this list.

Pose by: aDORKable

Midnight Fishing

midnight fishing

At Cosmopolitan:

[Cinoe] Fisherman's rest set includes wearable fishing rods as well as a bed. My favorites are the chair and the floats. My dad was a captain on a fishing boat and he would bring floats like these home with him --- found floating all the way across the seas. Very romantic.  These are very nicely crafted.   The chair has limited but top notch animations.

Loki - Cozy Winter GACHA items (two of many) :

Cherry Hearts Sweater
Cherry Leggings

Other colors are available and I am very impressed with the leggings; cozy warm fabric for cold winter nights.

NO.MATCH NO.TRY. braids with a young look. Lots of fun.

Since I am not a great fisherman, I will of course need something to pass the time with.

Bring in the Planberger wine release with both single bottles and ones in holders. Find them at the No.59 booth at Ultra.

Super cute boots by Eudora3D;  Haloke Boots
Petite Mort- Boho scarf



I headed over to Horizon Dream this eve planning on taking a photo in the old theater --- one of my favorite places. The old theater is aptly named and is indeed pretty darn old by now, but still some great memories there.

Instead I found a lot of new buildings, not a bad surprise.

My outfit of the eve hales from deviousMind, part of the  "Maeve" set for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Lots of great pieces to try for and many pretty colors. This is one of the many "commons" you can win. So head over and try your luck.


Pose by: Diesel Works

The Seamstress Shop

Seamstress Shop

Going back in time at We Love Roleplay!

So much fun and perfect for adding a homey touch, Clothier's Display Dummies. With outfits in process or as waiting canvases, they definitely add ambiance to a room styling. 

Look for the Roawenwood booth.

Other item featured:

*bbqq*-Butterfly Sewing Machine-Dark
[Cb] Victorian Stacked Steamer Trunk (unreleased)
[Cb] Modern Industrial Stool - Dark (unreleased)
[[RH]] saihoudougu  - (Japanese Sewing Set)
LISP - Sewing Prints (antique and most likely nla)

eBody 8.6

eBody shopping

It has been a long wait but the new 8.6 eBodies are out (both classic and curvy).  Along with some body shaping tweaks here and there, there are some handy HUD additions as well.

Here's what's in the packs:

Also available eBODY NON UPDATABLE CLASSIC and CURVY. These are the same as full versions but will not be updated. Available at the eBODY STORE.

My Julia Top and Shorts are some of the new eBody clothing line.

My backdrop is the [Cb] Dressing Room Pose Prop available inworld and on the Marketplace.

Hair: Wasabi Pills Haley
Pose by: ChiC buildings

The Goodness of Gifts

november gifts

If you love getting gifts --- and really, who doesn't love gifts, then be sure and catch these while you can.

From MEVA for Monthly Midnight Madness a super cute dress in white (midnight to noon) and black (noon to midnight).  You will need your avatar complexity on low to reap these rewards. Check the webpage for more great MMM gifts including some sexy tied shows from ESSENZ. If the timing isn't right for you, you can pick up any of the MMM gifts from the Last Chance vendors.  Have fun exploring.

Sami's barely there lounging set is a group gift from Tachinni  at Cosmopolitan.

The striking Winter Cranes are from [[RH]] Design house as a group gift. This is a lovely store and well worth taking some time to explore.

My shoes -- **UTOPIA@Design** - "ODETTE"

Hair by Wasabi Pills (left) and Mina (right)

Poses by: SE Motion and LAP [nla]



Bright sun.
Warming whitewashed walls.
A perfect winter's day.

Stories&Co. Goldie Dress, one of the Shimmer versions. Maitreya, Slink and Vtech fits ---- at COLLABOR88

Kungler's Duda bracelets (copper, gold and silver metals are available) at Cosmopolitan

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Cleo

Pose by: BehaviorBody



Two new impressive releases come together at COSMOPOLITAN.

From A&D Clothing, the Monaco Suit, perfect for the upcoming holiday events. Many mesh body fits as well as legacy. A large variety of colors; I went with the classic look.

 From Paparazzi, the Urban View BACKDROP offers plenty of great shots in an arty limited hue design.

Meva April Aviator glasses
Body AARON by altamura

Pose by: VAGO

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

The All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead celebrations have past and the winter holidays are on their way. Those with stores and public venues are already thinking bout this year's decor. Fashionistas "may" be planning their outfits for the busy festive season. If so here are some winners.

From Baiastice, the Annie Combo Set which has lots of choices including sheer and solid blouse and on-off mini skirts. Find all the pretty colors at FaMESHed.

I love all the Stories&Co. Signature Latex and Vinyl Leggings; so many pretty hues and a stylish sleek fit. But my very favorite is this gold version. Happily one of the new Annie tops is a great companion.

My holiday Tree Trio and wrapping paper box are part of a big release from ChiC buildings at Cosmopolitan.

Glasses: HAYSURIZA Eyewear Play with gold
Hair: eXxEsS : Ferrara

Pose by: Emozine

A Natural Touch

Branch Bed

Now this is SERIOUSLY cute!  With choices of grass, sand, snow or "no" bases and a texture change menu there is a good chance this will fit into your decorating scheme.

The Trompe Loeil Lysa Branch Beds come in both PG and A versions and can be found at FaMESHed this November. The default size is for large avatars and weighs in at 25 land impact. Downsized versions would be around 15.

After the holidays --  should you so desire -- the ornaments can be removed via the edit menu. OR, be in that festive spirit all year long.


Landforms by ChiC buildings
Grass by Dysfunctionality

A Fall Walk

meva group gift

Comfortable with a touch of the exotic, the new MEVA group gift is perfect for casual times that call for a bit of style.

The Arabella Jacket and Pants come with texture change hud that includes lots of color choices.  Maitreya only.

Accompanying jewelry?  Of course. The Kunglers Antonia Necklace fits perfectly with a touch of playful Boho -- plus a wide variety of gem choices. Find it at The Sense Event.

This new full and messy long hair from TUKINOWAGUMA  is perfect for this outfit.  Solow adds just enough modesty -- for my taste anyway :D.   Cosmopolitan is the shopping place for this style.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Coming and Going


The end of the month approacheth.  That means new releases and more coming soon. It also means a calm and colorful (in that not gray manner) at COLLABOR88.

If you haven't been over, now's the time.  Especially since this very cute Riel dress is out from BAIASTICE. With tons of colors to choose from, fits for many popular mesh bodies, and a choice of with or without ruffles, it's easy to make this new release part of your wardrobe staples.

Other wearables include the Baiastice Klum Bag - Hazelnut and KUNGLERS - Ria bracelet in Quartz.

 My lovely backdrop features the new Tatum Cabin from Trompe Loeil.  A homey, mid century style abode, it is filled with all sorts of interesting areas to decorate. My favorite it the stairwell with landing that leads to ... well you decide!

Find the cabin at Uber. If you are a snow bunny, add ons are available.

ROIRO - RasenTree

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cleo

Pose by: Exposeur

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

midnight garden of good and evil

That spooky time of year is almost upon us. If you shy away from those bloody skeletons and veer more toward the magick part of the season, then a new release from lassitude & ennui may be perfect for you!

The Bewitching Dress comes in black, cream, holo, purple and red with choice of pentacles pointing up or down.

The coordinating Magick Necklace comes with a metal and stone change hud with choice of up or down pentacles. It is part of the Hocus Pocus "hunt".  More like a Santa's bag, you venture over to the store and say "Hocus Pocus" for a chance to win the prize. If your luck has abandoned you, wait 24 hours and try again. You can alternately purchase the  prizes at FLF prices :D.

While I am a website kind of gal, there is a hud for this hunt on the Marketplace.

My hair is a bran new release from Vanity Hair, Plot Twist available at Tres Chic.

Poses by: aDORKable

Golden Girl

baiastice group gift

Xia let me know that there is a new group gift over on the Baiastice counter (main store area).  While it does have a color changing hud, gold looks fantastic against her dark skin.

The hud also includes on - off hair and many colors of hair to choose from, so no wandering amidst 'hat hair' needed :D.

Pose by: aDORKable



A cross quarter day approaches. The time goes by many names with many traditions.

Call it what you will, black is its color ...

Baiastice's Lullacry is a huge (really huge) gacha set for the upcoming days. Three dress, shoes, jewelry, crowns, hats, cowls and the list goes on.

This is the rare  two tiered full gown in black.  Definitely an attention getter and certainly photogenic.  The jewelry set comes in various metals with this being black.    If you have a gala or masked ball to attend, this would be perfect.

Find it at The Epiphany.

-FABIA- Mesh Hair  Diana

makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: an lar




Meva Sora Jacket with bra -- texture change hud @ Tres Chic

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Leggings

**UTOPIA@Design** - "ODETTE"

eXxEsS : LJETA (new)

Makeup by alaskametro

Cigarette by Dutchies

Backdrop by Paparazzi

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Autumn Gifting

fall gifts

There is plenty of gift giving going on this month. Makeup, eyes and jewelry abound in various venues but there are also garments and housewares. Some lovely things. Here are just of few of my gals favorites!

On the left from The Seasons Story:

[LomomoHair] marron_TSSgift
{MasKara} Destiny Dress Pumpkins

On the right from Redeux:

[FPI] Footpaw Industries Celine Necklace
Applique` Chic Halloweeny Ruffles Stripe (two other prints in the pack). Mesh body compatible including eBody.

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.DOUBT (group gift still available)

TSS accessories

from The Seasons Story:

Mithral * Cucumber  - one color only which is a lovely dark blond. Since Sami is "always" a redhead and she loves this hair it became her trademark color with a couple of clicks.
Mug - Camilla Rings
Pure Poison - Leaf Earrings
"mignon." -halloween 2018 nail
Kokoro Poses - Sora

from Redeux:

Luas Crop Top gift - mesh body compatible including eBody
Tozi necklace unrigged obsidian
CAZIMI: Nails - Foliage (appliers)

alaskametro<3 event="" from="" lack="" magic="" makeup="" p="" palette="" salem="" tester="" the="">
/Wasabi Pills/ Haley Mesh Hair

Poses by: LAP and aDORKable (top photo)  Kokoro Poses (middle photo) and ChiC buildings (bottom photo)

Oktoberfest Revisited

Give Me Ale

Fall is traditionally my favorite time of the year. Bright sunny days with falling leaves and a hint of crispness that signals the colder seasons for many of us.

There are plenty of celebrations around but Oktoberfest is popular in my area. Add some new releases from No. 59 and a theme was obvious.

Out at Tres Chic Beer barrels perfect for outdoor gatherings or role play environments. The barrels of course give beer to your guests. Lots of types to choose from.

My wardrobe consists of some old favorite, casual and fun with a bit of vintage in the mix.

~Nerido~ Marta Shirt
{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans
.::Nanika::. Inna sunglasses


And if you are short on space, there are similar wall mount versions at Ultra.

The Beer Tap Planberger ROYAL S1CERT1U8.2 shown in the middle can be found at the main store.

Poses by: Helamiyo and the beer mug

Orange and Black

black and orange

A different look at orange and black.


InsomniaStore Zipper Mini Dress *un-zipped* BLACK (zipped versions are also available) -- at Cosmopolitan

Meva Sora Gloves (texture change for three areas) -- at Vanity

No.MATCH No Sunshine hair also at Cosmopolitan.

Makeup by alaskametro at Salem

Pose by: Behavior Body

Foxes and Leaves - Oh My - FLF

what next FLF

Sometimes there are things that simply make you smile. {what next} has new releases out for Fifty Linden Friday that will definitely fit that bill for many folks.

Fall Woodland Drinks and Cookies come with choices of plate or platter as well as drinks and cookies  for guests. Mugs and cookies come in size choices and there is a menu for the cookies.  Coffee and cider are both featured.

Serve up some tasty goodness. I bet your friends will grin broadly.

What's Hot at Cosmo

whats hot at COSMO

A new round at Cosmopolitan offers plenty of goodness plus lots of Fallesce releases for your seasonal pleasures.

From JUSTICE, the Darci skirt and top in a variety of leathers and mesh body fits. The detailing is superb! A color hud let's you change metal, laces and panty tones.

From Raindale, the Valenbert set of pumpkins with texture change hud. Mix and match for some striking decor combinations.

From Kunglers, a lovely set of rings (both left and right) in a variety of gemstones as well as silver or gold. Big three mesh body fits.

KOPFKINO offers the "Leatherized" set which also includes a bed and poof. I am a big believer in "'clutter" making a place homey.

NEWCHURCH adds to the decor choices this round with a shelf area and round mirrors. That retro effect sets the mood.

Hair: no.match ~ NO VICTORY

Pose by: Label M