Autumn Gifting

fall gifts

There is plenty of gift giving going on this month. Makeup, eyes and jewelry abound in various venues but there are also garments and housewares. Some lovely things. Here are just of few of my gals favorites!

On the left from The Seasons Story:

[LomomoHair] marron_TSSgift
{MasKara} Destiny Dress Pumpkins

On the right from Redeux:

[FPI] Footpaw Industries Celine Necklace
Applique` Chic Halloweeny Ruffles Stripe (two other prints in the pack). Mesh body compatible including eBody.

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.DOUBT (group gift still available)

TSS accessories

from The Seasons Story:

Mithral * Cucumber  - one color only which is a lovely dark blond. Since Sami is "always" a redhead and she loves this hair it became her trademark color with a couple of clicks.
Mug - Camilla Rings
Pure Poison - Leaf Earrings
"mignon." -halloween 2018 nail
Kokoro Poses - Sora

from Redeux:

Luas Crop Top gift - mesh body compatible including eBody
Tozi necklace unrigged obsidian
CAZIMI: Nails - Foliage (appliers)

alaskametro<3 event="" from="" lack="" magic="" makeup="" p="" palette="" salem="" tester="" the="">
/Wasabi Pills/ Haley Mesh Hair

Poses by: LAP and aDORKable (top photo)  Kokoro Poses (middle photo) and ChiC buildings (bottom photo)

Oktoberfest Revisited

Give Me Ale

Fall is traditionally my favorite time of the year. Bright sunny days with falling leaves and a hint of crispness that signals the colder seasons for many of us.

There are plenty of celebrations around but Oktoberfest is popular in my area. Add some new releases from No. 59 and a theme was obvious.

Out at Tres Chic Beer barrels perfect for outdoor gatherings or role play environments. The barrels of course give beer to your guests. Lots of types to choose from.

My wardrobe consists of some old favorite, casual and fun with a bit of vintage in the mix.

~Nerido~ Marta Shirt
{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans
.::Nanika::. Inna sunglasses


And if you are short on space, there are similar wall mount versions at Ultra.

The Beer Tap Planberger ROYAL S1CERT1U8.2 shown in the middle can be found at the main store.

Poses by: Helamiyo and the beer mug

Orange and Black

black and orange

A different look at orange and black.


InsomniaStore Zipper Mini Dress *un-zipped* BLACK (zipped versions are also available) -- at Cosmopolitan

Meva Sora Gloves (texture change for three areas) -- at Vanity

No.MATCH No Sunshine hair also at Cosmopolitan.

Makeup by alaskametro at Salem

Pose by: Behavior Body

Foxes and Leaves - Oh My - FLF

what next FLF

Sometimes there are things that simply make you smile. {what next} has new releases out for Fifty Linden Friday that will definitely fit that bill for many folks.

Fall Woodland Drinks and Cookies come with choices of plate or platter as well as drinks and cookies  for guests. Mugs and cookies come in size choices and there is a menu for the cookies.  Coffee and cider are both featured.

Serve up some tasty goodness. I bet your friends will grin broadly.

What's Hot at Cosmo

whats hot at COSMO

A new round at Cosmopolitan offers plenty of goodness plus lots of Fallesce releases for your seasonal pleasures.

From JUSTICE, the Darci skirt and top in a variety of leathers and mesh body fits. The detailing is superb! A color hud let's you change metal, laces and panty tones.

From Raindale, the Valenbert set of pumpkins with texture change hud. Mix and match for some striking decor combinations.

From Kunglers, a lovely set of rings (both left and right) in a variety of gemstones as well as silver or gold. Big three mesh body fits.

KOPFKINO offers the "Leatherized" set which also includes a bed and poof. I am a big believer in "'clutter" making a place homey.

NEWCHURCH adds to the decor choices this round with a shelf area and round mirrors. That retro effect sets the mood.

Hair: no.match ~ NO VICTORY

Pose by: Label M

Midnight Garden

midnight garden

If you haven't heard, there is a superb present (two colors via hud) out as a group gift at Rebel Hope. Sami has been a fan for a dozen years or so and this lovely Havana skirt and top set is no surprise so far as quality goes.

So that's my slightly tardy tip, but still a great one. Enjoy.

Pose by: Vibe

Something Wicca

something wicca

I am not much into the ghouls and goblins part of  Halloween, or the scary stuff or even the candy -- but I do love the magical part of All Hallows Eve.  There is a mystery to the time when the walls between life and death blur a bit.

Some perfect for the season new releases include:

lassitude & ennui's Fiona dress - mine is the heather color. Find it at We Love Roleplay.  This is a short dress with pretty trimmings and comes in many colors as well as black; Maitreya.

Also at WLRP, KUNGLERS Yvonette earrings - mine are the Amethyst with silver version. Again, many colors so coordinating is easy!

To add a little dra-ma to the mix, there is the new release from Vanity Hair, Diablessa which can be worn with or without the Horris Horns.  find these atThe Dark Style Fair.

One of my favorite makeup sets is "Wytch" from alaskametro. Happily there is a companion set for this year, "Black Magic". You can pick this up at the Salem event.

Construction Tuesday

toolbet and overalls

Out from Hilly Haalan for Hello Tuesday, a super cute romper set with so very many choices  -- both denim overalls and tank.

Don't miss the deal!

Homemade toolbelt
Antique hair

Pose by an lar

Return to NEO

Neo Japan Streetwise

It is once again time for NEO JAPAN, a themed event that let's us step outside of our boxes a bit.

Lots to see and plenty of shopping, be sure and venture over to the Gabriel booth to pick up some stellar Gift jackets and tanks for a variety of mesh bodies -- both guys and gals.

Getting in is close to impossible, but things will slow down a bit as the days go by. And yes, it IS laggy - LOL.

Poses by: aDORKable and LAP



The Environment Enhancement Project is almost here!

While I have been looking forward to its unveiling for many many months, I was also relieved to learn that we will still have the ability to make changes to the environment lighting. Photographers can breathe a sigh of relief. 

My photo styling of the eve includes a new release from MEVA at Cosmopolitan. The Tamara pullover boasts asymmetrical styling. a casual mood, and a dare to be bare bandeau. Texture change choices and an optional scarf add to the set. 

While you are there, be sure and pick up some very pretty plain hoop earrings in both silver and gold (two versions of each) as a gift. 

Tattoo by White Widow


Pose by: Di's Opera



A little bit of fantasy with a touch of vintage -- pick a few lilies to add the the mix and you have a rainbow of color stylings for special occasions.

!dM deviousMind "BlackLily"  is available at Lootbox. 28 commons and 3 rares for your gacha adventure.

Hair: eXxEsS : CAFE

Poses by: Di's Opera

First Signs of Fall

the first signs of Fall

The leaves are beginning their dance towards russets and golds. Fittingly, for me, my styling palette follows the seasons.

New releases:

Baiastice Lycia Top & Shorts at Uber (many colors and wearing options).

Amacci Necklace - Ria (earrings are also available) at Cosmopolitan.

Hair: Vanity Hair:Miss Coco

My lovely Laila faux fur jacket if from *AGATA*

Poses by: Di's Opera

Welcome Fall

what next Fall

Folks around the globe seem uncertain when Fall actually begins.  From the many times and dates I found, I am going with September 22 for many of us.  Whenever you celebrate, the peaceful days of turning inward are on the horizon.

The moment when day and night are equal is also the time when the sun enters Libra, sign of balance.  Libra is not prone to decision making, so if you have a difficult time deciding on Autumn decorations you can blame that on the stars!  :D

To make your shopping easier, {what next} has set up a Fall shopping area close to the landing point.

One thing that sets many of the items apart is their tendency to be cheery. Whites instead of blacks and browns in many instances; even the somber toned collections have a happy feel.

So stop on over and start your Fall decorating.



I had to smile when I saw this new set from deviousMind for The Fantasy Collective.  It took me back -- oh so long ago -- to some of Chandra's early works. They were prim back then of course but still quite impressive. I can remember holding a lantern like this in some long-forgotten sim.  Good to remember.

Lightbringer has 20 sets of silks in the mix plus some outstanding "adds" to make your fantasy come to light. Coins and chains, lantern and rotating stars all combine in an impressive show of power.

You know you want it!

My hair is new from Vanity Hair, Bye Bae. Many color packs to choose from.

Pose by: Vista Animation and the lantern

Balancing Act


All work.
No play.
Office walls.

Time for some adventure.

Newness in this post:

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Biker Shorts - several color packs to choose from, this from the exclusive pack.  Get noticed! Available at Kustom 9.

Hair:  no.match ~ NO COPY, a unisex style with a casual feel. Find it at Cosmopolitan

Pose by: [ west end ] at Cosmopolitan.   Three skateboard styles to choose from with a variety of single and couple's poses.

Older items include:

**RE** ReVoX MTX Watch B
Valentina E. Sara  top
E-Clipse OwlBag

A Foreign Affair

foreign affair

Tonight I am over at the lovely fishing village at Saint Martin. The typist has been to Saint Martin as well as Sint Maarten and this is a fairly accurate portrayal of the place I visited long ago.  Peaceful and calm with ocean breezes and waves crashing in the distance -- sea gulls call out to their mates. 

KUNGLERS - Marianne necklace - Quartz at We Love Role Play

Baiastice_Anais Dress at Au Lovely September (many colors and wearing choices including a lacy overdress).

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_I DONT ~ Pack of REDS out for Hello Tuesday.

Pose by: Helamiyo

Simply Amazing


Some impressive new releases come together in this post.

First up Baiastice Allen Lingerie Set at  Frou Frou
Is it a slip? Is it a dress?  Lounging or dancing -- your choice. Mesh nylons and silky panties come with -- in many colors of course.  Maitreya, Slink, Belleza

Need some new outdoor furniture?  The Trompe Loeil   Nellah couch  and chair come with tons of fabric choices, perfect for your casual times in nature. Find them at COLLABOR88.

Next up - let's talk trees. 

The tree behind me is a sculpt tree. Now aside from a few older sculpt trees that are still very much "everywhere", I thought sculpt trees had left the planet so to speak.   I am happy to willingly reassess that point of view.

This is a lovely tree and only one in many color varieties available. It does take some time to rez; not forever but noticeable. Beyond that it is pretty perfect.  So go take a look for yourself. Four land impact as shown, it comes with a smallish landform (I retextured to match my grass) and a menu with lots of choices.  Find the ROIRO - Rasen Trees at the new round of Cosmopolitan.

Hair:  no.match_ ~  NO_WHY ?

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Back in Time - Sweeny and Tim

It always amazes me when decade old features make it into the popular posts sidebar and this one had me smiling broadly.

2010.  Good times. 

The world was different then. We were still waiting around for the sky to fall in 2012. Didn't happen by the way.

Contests were still a big thing and well populated with budding photographers, dancers and fashionistas.

So I am bringing this out from the archives in hopes that it jogs a few memories of other good times. It won't be long until October and those bump in the night festivities.

Black Times Two

black times two

A new group gift set is out at Meva's. Skirt and top in easy mix and match black. Wear them together or as parts of other outfits. What can be better?

Pick up Joan and Trudi in black from the group gift vendor -- and check out the new build too!

Maitreya fit.

Also in this shot:

Eudora3D Eos Gold 2018 (Fameshed Group Gift)
Backdrop gift at FaMESHed by Wetcat
Jaiwen earrings from Kunglers

Poses by: Vibe and Kirin

Lilacs and Lace


If that feminine mood has you in its grasp and romanticism is the theme of the day, you will want to check out these new releases.

From Baiastice, the Aly Blouse (with or without bra top) in a plethora of lovely pastels and hues. The Liaison Collaborative

From Kunglers, the Ria bracelet  and ring in Sapphire (other gemstones available). Cosmopolitan

Stories&Co. Signature Vinyl Leggings - Pewter

Super cute hair out today for Hello Tuesday from no.match. Find this saucy ponytail style in a blonds pack here.

Pose by: Behavior Body

Warm Palettes of Summer

We are moving into cooler weather times -- at least some of us. Time to think about sweaters and light jackets and shopping for new boots!

But while we still have some bright days, let's enjoy them with plenty of charming, hue filled designs that are also GIFTS!

Left: Belle Epoque { Lere } Tropical (Fabfree GG)

Middle: Belle Epoque { Giselle Yellow } Teleport Hub GG (Box)

Right: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Havana (Group Gift) Huge color hud and many fits.

Hairs: Mina (previous gifts)

Poses by: LAP [nla]



Sunflowers full grown and bending towards the ground.
The end of summer draws near.

PLAAKA - Sunflower Rectangle at The Arcade (I got mine at the Seraphim Yard Sale :D).

Not for the prim challenged and venturing towards LOD3 status, it is beautifully made and my favorite piece from the event. Round version and arch also available.

My still in summer mode ArisArisB&W Enthralling Romper can be found here. A full range of patterns via hud and many many body fits add extra value.

Hair: MINA - Hannah

Poses by: Artis

Country Gals

country gals

It's almost September and for many of us that means the end of hot summer nights. Fall is indeed my favorite season, but I am not sure I am QUITE ready for it so soon.

It's almost time to turn in those bikinis for jackets and three new group gifts let you do that in style.


::ZB:: Overalls Ellery Black (Maitreya fits eBody Classic)

*COCO* Gift TiedShirtAroundWaist_OrangePlaid


!gO! Fiesta! Baja Hoodie

Hair: Wasabi Pills and Truth (both old)

Poses by: Striking Poses and LAP [nla]

Strings Attached

strings attached

A new round at Cosmopolitan began on Monday.

Smokin'?  Yes, definitely!

Here are my favorites:

-:zk:- Paola Top and Panty
Carol G Grace White - Leg TaTToo

no.match ~ NO NOTHING

Pose by: SEMotion

Lost in Thought

lost in thought

It's the weekend!

Along with relaxation, that means shopping.

Out for the Saturday Sale, a cute set of casual crop tops. The Stories&Co. Vintage: Chloe Blouse comes in many pretty summery pastels, or opt for black or white basics to take you through the seasons. Patterns are also in the choice list.

Maitreya, Slink and Vtech fits.

And if you haven't been over to COLLABOR88 yet, be sure and check out the fun oversized Jayme earrings from Stories&Co. 

Wallflowers  Dark by ChiC building
ROIRO - "OAZO" Hanging plants A
ROIRO - "OAZO" Pachira

Vanity Hair:Taxi

Pose by: SEmotiion

Making Music

making music

Don't borrow.
Beat your own drum.

At Vanity -  MEVA's Sina set with color change hud for both fabric and metal. Lots and lots of combos!


Second Spaces - Rainforest Credenza - nero (plenty of other color choices

Vanity Hair's Bella Ciao saucy braided "do" with fabric raps and lots of sass.

**UTOPIA@Design** - "ODETTE"

*AF* Origami Dove - Music  (old)
Mesh India (Madras) Make your own (gacha)

Pose by: Helomiyo

Lost in Thought


Exploring on cue from a stranger.
I found myself in a land of memories.

-:zk:- Indra Dress - many pretty colors to choose from - Cosmopolitan.

KUNGLERS Ruth necklace - Abalone - many pretty colors to choose from - SENSE EVENT


KUNGLERS - Rowen rings  - Quartz - all in one ring sets in a variety of gemstones - Shiny Shabby

MINA Hair - Jacky -

Pose by: Helamiyo

White on White

white on white

If you need a sexy and summery club dress, Entice has one on a Midnight Madness board. The Beautiful Drug Dress offers three pastels by hud, the others being aqua and pink.

Board is in the center of the store.

Maitreya fits eBody and eBody FREE nicely. Tons of other sizes to fit most everyone -- including standard sizes.

Cross  Earrings in Silver by Metal & Stone.
Closet organizers by ChiC buildings

Hair: no.match NO FUN (group gift wall)

Pose by: aDORKable



Slumming never looked so good!

New release can span the bad-girl good-girl divide with ease.

From no.match  NO ISSUE  -- which I absolutely LOVE!!! Find it at Cosmopolitan.

My super spiffy and very realistic bandeau top with cute little ties in back is a Women Only Hunt prize from Justice. Don't miss this!  You are looking for a coconut cut in half.

This sassy little skirt is one of many variations via hud from ***ArisArisB&W -- the Satisfied Skirt. Find it here.

And if you love props, the new NO.59 Strawberry Water is perfect for carrying around convincingly. It is summer after all and we all need hydration. Many other flavors (with varying colors) are available at Tres Chic starting tomorow. 

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Grime Block Balcony

Pose by: SEmotion


redux gifts

Just a reminder that Redux is open with lots of great shopping going on -- and of course gifts.

With sixty or seventy shops (no one counted) there is a huge variety of merchandise and of course group gifts (free group).

These are some of my gals favorites but you will want to pick them all up and find your own.

Happy shopping.

Poses by: aDORKable and the couch

Good Stuff

There is plenty of good stuff out there these days, some free, some reasonably priced. All in all summer shopping is underway.

On the left: :: powdermoon :: Floral Romper, an August group gift. Fits eBody and eBody FREE and is feminine without getting into girlie territory.

On the right: my favorite hunt prize (I only sampled) from the WOH going on. This from Petite Mort. The Madison dress features a great fit and lots of detailing. Very nice.

I absolutely LOVE these Lucie Decorative Pins from Trompe Loeil. Can I tell you why? Nope, but I am not changing my story. Find them at FaMESHed.

Di's sandals: Mosquito's Way - Malika *Group Gift* (not current)

Hair by Wasabi Pills and Mina

Poses by ChiC buildings

Tropical Nights

tropical nights

Ocean spray. Warm breezes. The essence of summer in the tropics.  New and older releases come together with tender memories in the theme of magical nights.

From Baiastice for  Collabor88, the all in one Ashley outfit with carefree skirt and casual top. The waist wrap is optional and as always there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from.

Perfect decor to continue the theme, the Trompe Loeil  Eloa Flower Chair with texture change pillow is available in both light and dark, PG or Adult.  Also at COLLABOR88.

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA

Pose by: aDORKable

Crystal Balls

crystal ball

We seldom know what the future has in store for us. Maybe that's a good thing. But if you are a wondering, there is a spiffy crystal ball out this week at the 15B gift grab.  Milli Mole has made a lovely gift. It is pretty big and not modify, but super pretty!

I have been over at Sansar for about a week and a half now. Having lots of fun with some frustrations along the way -- but hey, that happens. For the intrepid creators out there that like to experience new worlds, it an enjoyable experience.

Will it replace SL?  Not right away certainly, but I can see the possibilities. The same items that I make here in SL, with the same baked textures look SO much more impressive there -- much like a render inside of Blender. For you non-techie folks, let's just say it is REALLY pretty.

The avatars are OK but not stunning and we all pretty much look alike unless one opt for some outrageously creative avatar ^^ which isn't really me. The library clothes are quite nice though and there are some well made and very pretty items for free in the Store. For guys too -- which is good to see.

Is it ready for prime time? Not really.  I'd say a couple more years, but there are certainly some impressive technical achievements going on.  That's my crystal ball info for this post.

I am wearing a very pretty new release necklace from MEVA which is available at the Dubai Event.  The necklace is lovely and you can change each row of stones in the necklace for a personal look.  The event?  Well, ho-hum is all I can think of. I was expecting some exotic locale or decorations. Not happening.

I am actually getting kind of down on events. There are so many now it isn't really anything special to be in one. With so many even the top events are getting "watered down".  I have to smile as I sell "ready-made event venues" on the Marketplace -- and they sell well. That is a mixed blessing from my point of view.

Personally I am hoping for (oh can I see the future great crystal ball?) a switch in the sales climate. Something a bit more exciting so that events were like events USED to be. Enjoying the venue was just as much a part as the shopping.  I would like to say that my new crystal ball showed me that -- but it's a pretty cloudy crystal ball.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. It gives messages LOL. Fun.

So grab your ball and your necklace an go forth into the future. It will be surprising -- or not. We know that for sure.

Casadel"Brooke" Top(Maitreya) Cream
Hair: *TKW* Barret
Makeup: alaskametro  Wytch
Backdrop decor: The Looking Glass (a gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable

Golden Girl

golden girl

Out for Fifty Linden Friday a big set of hoop earrings, three styles in all with differing Tortoise patterns and colors. Find them at Stories&Co.

Need a new club dress? Well the Baiastice Crisscross Dress comes in a myriad of colors and subtle patterns. The super short mini comes with panties (handy) or hide those undies and opt for applier leggings. Find them at FaMESHed.


(luc) Quiet Life, Tree Wall Art (Gold)

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Crystal Celebrations

crystal bear

The SL15B celebration is still going strong if you have the Swaginator Hud and watch the weekly official blog posts.  This weeks gift, one of fifteen, was a super cute little crystal bear made by Milli Mole.   Eight more weeks of goodness.

My outfit comes from JF Design. "Mira" Pants  come in many colors and have a super cute perfectly fitting top to coordinate.  Find them at Cosmopolitan.

Hair : Dela  Cheri

{what next} Patisserie Set
Apple Fall gift cakes

Pose by: Vista Animations and the bear


This is me just out of the pod at Sansar. I have been exploring, working and learning there the last two days -- and having fun.  The Creator Agreement which I didn't care for has disappeared and regular beta status is in effect. I am impressed really and can certainly see possibilities.

Plenty of things that we are used to are missing of course but things we would like to have here are great surprises. For creators the uploading process is a dream.

I will be chronicling my ups and downs, accomplishments and pitfall stumblings  over on a blog I started many years ago when Sansar was first announced.

You can see post one here if you are interested.  Post two is of course appears on top of post one in that backwards blogaliscious dance.

Party Time

A quick post with some goodness you don't want to miss out on.

Left:  [JUSTICE] Scarlett dress - new group gift

Right: MOZ "Pippa" Halter  - fits eBody Classic and eBody FREE

S@BBiA Wrap Skirt - new group gift - fits eBody Classic and eBody FREE

Poses by: Lap and *!R.O.!*

Sound Check

sound check

In the mood for some fun?

The new release from Baiastice at Uber (Wednesday) is perfect for casual explorations. The Salopette Dress comes in many great colors. Crop top and the bib can be turned invisible separately to expand your styling possibilities. Big three mesh body fits.

Hair: Exile:: Evie

Wimey: Truss Lighting
Walkable Hills and Citylight Surround by ChiC buildings

Prop and Pose by:  Wetcat, "Best Song Ever"

Garden Gate

garden gate

New releases include:

KUNGLERS at The Sense Event - Cibele necklace  in several jewel set (this Amethyst

eXxEsS : LISSA hair

Blueberry - Mimi - Top Tied Dress is a new group gift  includes full color hud with many prints and solids.

Pose by: Di's Opera



I have been decorating a set of modern row houses and it has been lots of fun.

Here in the beginnings of Apartment A some new and older and even ancient pieces are beginning to set a theme.

From Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88, the Norah Shelf + Props C (two other versions are available) as well as one of the many colors of Norah Studio Refrigerator. I actually have a white version of this fridge in Corporeal Land and love it to pieces!

Seraphim somehow missed mentioning the Shelf and Props set so if you peruse there like I do, now you know!

To the new releases I added some older pieces:

Trompe Loeil - Olivine Milkcrate Table
Second Spaces - Small Appliances - hot plate
:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Menu
:CP: Industrial Coffee Art Possible
Breno Orb light Stained Gold
[.:F&D:.] Arts - Spellbound I (antique)

Baja Shadows

baja shadows

Two new group gifts make a stylish summer outfit.

From [WellMade] the Alva Top. Lots of body fits; Maitreya works with both eBody and eBody FREE. A texture change hud offers three tropical prints.

From :: powdermoon ::  the Marla White Linen Mini Skirt. Maitreya fits both eBody Classic and eBody FREE but you chance some body poke through in some poses :D.

Di's hair is an older group gift from no.match ; no holiday. There is a new group gift hair out at the shop but it didn't work well with this outfit. Upcoming :D.

Pose by: FADED (gift)