Light Up My Ladder

Super SUPER cute and out for Fifty Linden Friday (remember when it started? I do!) this very clever decor item from Second Spaces.


That's my current news for Fri-day!

Seeing Stars

January has been a terrific month for homewares!

Wrapping up the month is HEAVEN, the new round of The Challenge which opens on the 31st.  The items are outstanding and definitely get an A for creativity. Here you see a perfect pairing of only SOME of the releases from two designers. The cloud couch and star pillow are from Sway's.  The starry ladder with on off glowing lights is from Kuro.

You'll want to see all the goodness in store for this round, so venture over to the official blog page at the end of the month.

And -- as I was putting the finishing touches on this post I wanted to mention that my angel outfit is from Angelwing. It is not new but a huge set of intricate work that I of course saved (all packed up) for when I needed angle attire.  Still very nice.

AND as I looked to see if the store was still active I saw a sale ad as a profile photo with all items in the store either $25 or free for group members. I just TPed over and this set in a big variety of colors is indeed $25.  There are LOTS of great feminine fantasy and silky things. You  do need some angelic attire to go with all the heavenly goodness coming your way. *wink*

Poses by: homemade


The other day I showed you the very cute "Astrid" top from Senzafine. To my surprise (well faulty memory accounts for a good portion of the amazement) there is a matching long skirt, "Tigist". Very much in gypsy mode I venture over to the wagons for this shot.

The last rays of light announce the mystery of darkness.

Hair by EMO-tions
Pose by: aDORKable



That is the Challenge theme for this month; the 31st is the unveiling. It sounds like a toughie to me, but [hate this] has passed the test with flying colors.

These plug in neon wings are scripted for lights, glow and color. Quite impressive and definitely fun, I am leaving them up in the City of Lost Souls in the alley WITH this poseball (Helamiyo), perfect for the prop.

My top is a recent release from 20.FIVE and comes with a hud to let you change the bra colors (both dots and solid colors are featured). 

New from Vanity Hair, No Substitute Love, a braided updo with long bangs. My pretty earrings are Bliensen + MaiTai - Aurora (not new). Leather leggings with boots from Ducknipple (Sappy).

Poses by: Helamiyo and Diesel Works

Fame Glory and Windows

Before I tell you about my outfit of the day I want to again put forth a "sorry" for letting the technical aspects of Blogger put a crimp in things. Since my traffic yesterday was WAY higher than it "should have been" even for a Sunday, I have to assume that some of you were checking back often for Sunday's post. I have to smile at that really. Who knew?

Anyway, I hope not to get too busy to check those automatic postings in the future!

My outfit for Monday!   From Senzafine, the Cora tunic dress. I picked the most colorful of the group; there are many muted toned combos available.

My location is the newly released Urban Loft from Dew Me Furniture featured a few days ago. You can find it in the full sim city here.

Pose by: grafica

Loves Lost

Many apologies. I hit the PM button instead of the AM one.

I don't "do" relationships in virtual worlds. I don't worry about who is behind the avatar. From my point of view they could be the vice president of the United States (the prez is likely too busy to log on you know) or a grandmother in Nebraska (that's the middle of US farm country for those of you on other continents). I like to know who I am talking, cuddling or making love with.

People come into our lives, sometimes for months -- sometimes merely hours. They change our perspective of ourselves. They make us wonder just how and why they appeared. Sometimes the events are fleeting, but they are often etched indelibly in our memories. They change who we are.

Kismet. Destiny. Fate. Whether you believe or not, there are almost certainly occasions when you wondered -- how you managed to leave your cell phone at the table to be retrieved by a charismatic man (or woman) -- how you somehow made it over the railroad tracks a few seconds before the seemingly distant train crossed the road  -- how you met someone you knew too many things about before he (or she) said a word.

It is a wondrous world we live in, us humanfolk. Mysteries abound. Now and then we glimpse the answers, just out of reach. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we find a piece to the puzzle that is our self -- and we discover one more tiny part of who we truly are.

hearts by Hanaya Yummy Collectables

Midnight Diva

A quick post at the end of a good day.

My super cute hair came to me from a reader who apparently went into gatcha frenzy mode at Diva :D.   Very pretty hair, there are little black bows -- hard to see against the night -- that you can turn on or off. Lovely and wispy and girlie.

That feminine Bohemian look goes perfectly with one of the new tops from Senzafine, the "Astrid" Crop Peasant Top. This is the Crimson Noir color

A really good fit, it goes well with pants or long skirts.

Have a great weekend.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Leave Those Horns On

Can you say wow? I can.

Just out from Eclectica, two stunningly attention getting sets, Artifact and Relic.  Now it may have been the names that got me in fantasy mode, but indeed -- I left my horns on. I personally think I look super!

Oftentimes I am tardy with new releases from Eclectica. I love them but I have to wait for the right outfit to come my way. Not this time. You want simple for this set. It stands on its own and any kind of fanciness would be overkill -- at least in my Styling 101 class *wink*.

The sets include bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I, personally would not wear these all at the same time; I just wanted you to see the glory. These items are material enabled and I can see from the vendor photo they look smashing with the extra feature. I have not updated yet; I am waiting for Firestorm's material viewer to get out of beta. So, the very good news is that the set is superb even for those of you that cannot -- and will not  be able to -- see materials.

The items are non-rigged mesh, are resizable and come with a hud that also let's you pick your stone colors. There are plenty to choose from. There are also various metal tones to choose from (each set is one tone), all lovely.

It difficult to pick a favorite between the two new releases. Always an option to get both!

Poses by: aDORKable

Dark Lady Hunting

I went out on the Dark Lady Hunt again this eve. I'll be honest, I didn't really do the hunt -- I simply perused the photos of prizes to choose where I would look. Not a lot of time these days. Good that some folks put their prizes in the list so those of us that wouldn't ordinarily search -- DO.

This outfit is a mix of three prizes. The outfit is from Pekas and includes a very nice mesh jumpsuit as well as role play attire.

Here is a closer picture sans role play additions. 

The horns and hair (separate items) hale from LaNoir Soleil Designs. Well made and definitely dangerous.

These boots from Seven Exits are very nice and come with a resize hud. I had to use a different alpha layer than that provided, but I suspect most of you have some "short boot alphas" hanging around somewhere.

Now I honestly don't see how this lovely dress fits into the theme, but do I care? Nope. Very pretty; I am sure I have a couple of friends who definitely want this. Find it at *FashionNatic*.

Hair by Mina; see previous post.

Poses by: Diesel Works

The Collage for January


The Collage designers have outdone themselves this round with so many great items that it is difficult to choose what to show you. So? I just didn't choose. Here are bits and pieces that caught my eye from a myriad of beautifully designed items.

Taken onsite to help you get a feel of the venue, definitely one of my favorites, I hope this post inspires you to journey over on the 23rd.

Fashion notes -- and you don't want to miss this info -- at the end of the post.

Spargle and Shine
Thaino Designs
Shutter Field
 Dew Me Furniture
Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Be sure and stop by as this is only a sampling of this month's wonderful items.

And here's the scoop for the fashionistas!

Great new hair out from MINA; definitely one of my favorites in awhile.  Find it at My Attic. All normal hair colors and fatpack are available.

This super comfy I could (and may) live it in for days sweater top - dress is from Senzafine. A selection of muted tones let you choose your favorite.

You will recognize The Boots (OK Avani boots) from BAIASTICE. Here I found a perfect time to use those color coordinating by hud studs! Find these at The Liaison Collaborative.

Poses by Diesel Works, Vista Animations, aDORKable and the furniture.

Black White and Pink

I was wandering the hunt blogs last eve wondering if there was anything exciting enough to get me out and about. I saw this cute outfit on the Dark Lady Hunt; it was from Shey, a store I knew nothing about. I ventured over although I had no idea what the hunt object might be. I did have a hint from the blog though and that narrowed the looking area. It is a little red devil head -- sort of mischievous looking. My prize was this cute dress with some lovely texturing. Shoes are included and stockings.

Now I am often too focused on searching to notice my surroundings, but this store caught my interest. I saw a good looking set on the group gift board. It wasn't just a top and pants; it included boots AND a very nice skin.

Definitely a great first stop if you are a newish avatar; group membership is free. The hunt prize is a buck. What a deal.

Also in the news, vintage hairs (three in all) from Vanity Hair. These come with photo huds and are great for going back in time -- or simply being a little different in THIS decade. The collection is called "Girls on Film" and this is number 3 in the star lineup.

No star is without jewels -- I mean really! This very pretty necklace, earring and ring set is a January group gift from Sax Shepherd Designs. Simple but striking, the Spirit of Giving - Diamonds collection is sure to come in handy when you are in dress up mode.

And here is one more shot with the boots. I had fun playing in the pink light and the snow.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Monday Memeing

This week's Monday Meme asks us for a picture of our screen. Well THAT is pretty darn easy and oddly I am curious about what others see.

I am not an official viewer gal like Berry and I actually use NO TOOLS other than the ones built into Firestorm. I do most often have these items open so my "helpful info" will be more about what I use and why.

Favorites Bar --  It took me years to discover this feature and use it. Now I have the places that I visit the most often up there in that bar for one click TPing.

MOSP Hud -- always on my screen so that I can get to SOME of the many places easily; others are in the favorites bar and now and then I actually have to find a landmark. Well fifty different areas make keeping track a bit difficult.

Camera and Movement Controls - - from my birth I used these and they are always on my screen.

Facelight controller -- While I don't always have may facelight on, I use it often for photos and leave it on my screen. This is the CG Facelight which is scripted for brightness, range, color etc. I made my own "dim" version which is great and can be added to the original to fine tune the lighting when needed.

Quick Preferences -- Now I don't leave my quick preferences panel open but it is my most used tool in Firestorm so I am showing it off here. So easy to scroll through Windlights and make other adjustments. 

That's my screen. Info on my wearables coming up in tomorrow's post. There is freeness included so you'll want to check back.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Small to Large - The Grid Exchange

This week's Sunday post is primarily about surprises. There is a little fashion thrown in but the real point is that we often have to leave home to discover its goodness. So, hopefully, readers as well as fashionistas will be happy campers this week.

Most of you know I am spending time in Inworldz these days. Like a small percentage of the TOS refugees I prefer to build in a happier climate. I am still in SL of course, I just don't build here any longer.

I didn't really expect to be charmed by the smaller grid but the wafting of old time memories of SL keep flowing over me as I explore the more intimate environment. What surprises me most is that I found SL content creators I love by going to Inworldz. I know! Bizarre.

One of my favorite fines in IW has been REAL EYES. I was wandering the IW grid (not terribly hard when it is small) and being a good sleuth, looking at the neighborhood wherever I happened to land.  Happily one TP hop took me to the vicinity of the REAL EYES shop which has both system and mesh eyes. I have a fair amount of lovely eyes in IW after only three weeks, so OF COURSE I wanted to see the shop in SL.

These blue numbers were a gift in IW today (a week ago as you read this) and they were happily in the group archives when I joined at the SL shop this eve. There are many gifts in both stores, more in SL. Both system eyes as you see here and mesh are available. I am mightily impressed with these beautifully rendered creations. I seldom wear blue but these photograph beautifully.

If you are a member of the SL group, you can have a free pair of system eyes of your choice in IW. When I get a bit of breathing time I will go back and peruse more carefully. There are some great fantasy eyes at the shops also.

These are my new LaRoo boots. The setting? The city I have been building in Inworldz. Fooled ya?  Some of you I bet. There isn't a lot of fabulous footwear in IW; gals that love heels and that famous maker of mesh feet and hands goodness lament at times. But good news for the small grid, LaRoo is bringing heels over soon. ME? I am perfectly happy to live in these Clyde boots.

Happily they are mod and unrigged mesh which often works better for me (fat ankles I guess). You can tint the metal parts to match your outfit and indeed I did in my currently ONE fashionista getup mostly made of group gifts. I really have been way too busy to shop.

So that is my tale of the evening. I wanted to get it down on paper while I was thinking of the strange ways the universe works.

A special thanks to those of you who ONLY seem to read my Op Ed Sunday pieces. I don't know how else to explain that the page views often double on Sunday. It makes me happy to know you enjoy reading. Heck, it makes me happy to know folks are still READING at all !


Street Walking


It wasn't too difficult to get inspired by two new releases that absolutely scream drama!  Add a little depth of field a touch of post processing and there ya go.

This is one of the new rare Lolita - preciousWraps from deviousMind for OMG "Oh My Gacha!"  Tons of colors to win with the extra special rare ones being color change with three basic variants and personalization via right click and touch menu (that's important folks *wink*). They are rigged mesh and gorgeous in the extreme.

And then we have The Boots. They have another name of course, Avanti high boots -- but I'll just be referring to them as The Boots. Twenty colors in all (some in leather -  some in suede), they come with optional color change studs. Being a simplistic gal I opted for the simpler version, but another time those extras might be JUST the perfect accent. An easy to use visual hud lets you pick the color you desire. The designer? Sissy Pessoa of BAIASTICE who has been a very busy lady of late. Find these at The Liaison Collaborative.

I have been making poses again over on the small grid and having a wonderful time once I remembered the steps to uploading (oh my!). A special thanks goes out to all the pose makers. Really, what would this post look like with our newbie default stands? I shutter to think.

Top and shorts by PARDISIS and hair by UrbanLultz ( all older).
Poses by: Diesel Works and STATUS (now Pretense Poses)

Late Night Coffee

A super quick late night post to let you know that this coffee station and shelf are on special for The Neighborhood tomorrow (Sunday). Find them at Cheeky Pea!   7 LI for ALL this goodness. Drawers open and close.


When the typist was young, say maybe ten, she dreamed of a place where she could lock herself away -- a magical realm where anything was possible and the world could not interrupt her musings.

Out for The Garden from Cheeky Pea, the Solja Hideaway fills the bill -- a few decades late, but hey.

Cabinet doors open on touch as do the drawers. The land impact is astonishingly low and the detailing lovely.  The set comes in both family and adult versions and the accessories are separate so you can place them as you like.

Deep Blue Fantasy

It is a special treat for me when I open a box and squee (spellchecker doesn't like that but you get the drift I am sure) with glee and know EXACTLY where you will put something.

I WAS surprised to see this fantasy build from Atelier Visconti @ The Garden. Geez, I have been so busy I didn't even know a new garden round was on the horizon. (Oh my!).  I can't find a lot of info out there, but judging from this build it will be a spectacular round.

There is a fountain and lights and arches, all separate to design as you like. There is also a bench chocked full of poses that I place in another area in the Deep Blue Fantasy build at MOSP.

It is both lovely and appreciated.

This is a close up of the fountain which has a very realistic sound; so pretty.

Feeling Casual

Feeling like staying in casual mode, I donned a new sweater and cami combo (one piece) from BAIASTICE, Shae. Tons of colors to choose from, the sweater also comes as a stand alone for pairing over system shirts -- or for you brave gals as a sexy topper. Find it at The Seasons Story.

This is the new house from Tompe Loeil, Sparrow Hill Lodge. Pick it up at COLLABOR88, as always and exceptionally good deal!

Shorts a sneak peak from ArisAris, see yesterday's post.

Poses by: Vista Animations

The Hipster Sports Fan

Now there isn't all that much info on the upcoming fair. Here is what I could find:

۰•●  The Hipster Fair 2014 ●•۰
Jan 21. 2014 to Feb, 04.2014
Theme: Hipster & Indie Fashion Style

The official sponsors are listed here. There will be gatchas and hunts ($1-5) and other activities so watch the official website for more info as time nears.

My outfit, "Mainstream", is one from ArisAris. Remember this event HASN'T STARTED YET!

You know what I learned today? Avocados are cheap right now because more of them are sold during Super Bowl season than any other time of year. Now that's trivia for you.

Which leads into my sporty release from Sway's, a baseball chair that comes in both PG and A versions. Couples and singles poses are included. Super cute for a "man cave" or boy's room. Find it at the MENS DEPARTMENT.

Poses by: Vista Animation and the chair

25 for 25 Take Two

More goodness on the 25 for 25 hunt, this accessories set from Le Poppycock includes fedora, tie and clutch bag.

The bookcase in the background is from Noble on the same hunt. It weighs in at 7 LI with all the books.

*New winter leggings (and over the knee socks) are out at KOSH. These can be tights or footless.  I REALLY needed new leggings and tights. After cleaning my inventory of things from many years past I was pretty much legging-less (is that a word? Well it should be!).  Many winter hued colors in the mix; nicely textures (hard to see here I know but trust me) in a nubby style. So head over and check those out.

Sweater antique.
Hair (great for hats) from Vanity Hair; After Dark

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Faux Mesh and Import Export

* Note this is a post from last week that got bumped. Nothing has changed however :D

No great topic for this Sunday -- well there could be one but then confidences would be breached and I don't go there. So instead, here is my week in review for anyone that might care. And yes, a little philosophy will undoubtedly worm its way in between the letters.

It is very late Thursday eve as I type this. It has been a busy week with several new additions to MOSP LEA7 (remember photographers and bloggers are always welcome) and lots of activity over on Inworldz.

Somehow I have found myself making another city -- this time in Inworldz. It is not my sim, but apparently "my city". Serendipity is a strange thing.  It has been fun building, something I am not doing in SL at the moment.

Last night I got the idea to put up a freebie store. In the process I dug out my old Love Chic textures (only a few of you will remember that shop) and made up vendors with free goods for the new folks. The assortment of buyables is somewhat limited at IW. Putting out some things for those coming over (the welcome area always seems to be packed) is something that was easy for me to do.

A few hours and I had a small store for gals -- and a fun trip down memory lane. Now, I was never much of a clothes maker, but my old stuff looks better than the majority of the free items available there (not counting group gifts as some of those are extremely nice). So I am doing my part and that makes me happy.

For those of you that are OLD  -- maybe older than my six years -- IW is much like the SL of our youth. There is a charm there, most likely nostalgia for a time when life was simpler. There are a few high class, high end shops and you can get what you need; it isn't like Cloud Party where do-it-yourself is the rule.  I have enjoyed my explorations even when they took me to places that made my aesthetic senses scream; presumably folks are having fun and that is the point of it all.

I do however appreciate the beauty that can be found in SL. 

Along the way, as the year rang in, I started another blog. Only a few of you will be interested, but in case you are in both (or many) worlds, it is entitled In Between Worldz (isn't that catchy?)


And while I am thinking about my adventures of the last couple of weeks, I should mention that the export feature in Singularity and reportedly coming to Firestorm (I admit I haven't tried the beta viewer) works quite well. It is likely in other third party viewers.

You can export a prim item to your hard drive and then upload it as mesh. There was a program builders purchased that did this -- back in the days when mesh was new. Now you don't need that. In Sigularity it is right click on the item - more - more - tools - export. You have a choice of dae or obj.

 I have taken some old builds, turned them to "faux" mesh and imported to IW. It worked swimmingly except for small or thin "prims" which sometimes fell apart. The interesting thing is that while the build comes in at a lower land impact, it is still in pieces so adjustments are easy. You can even delete any faulty prims and upload them again separately.

You can also export a linked item of both mesh and prims. I was VERY surprised how well that worked. You can even export your mesh object by itself in case you have lost the original DAE file -- or like me the correct one is in a long list of possibilities.

Items do not keep their textures or any items in the contents (like scripts) and you of course need to be the creator of all the prims or mesh. Edit: late in the day I see I should have said PRIM items do not keep their texture mapping at this point. MESH keeps all the info needed. Just slap your ambient texture on there and you have an item just like in SL. The land impact may change. Houses seem to come across about the same, small items with lots of tris come in as more and I have a hilly area that is 49 LI in SL at 64 x 64 and ONE LI (I kid you not) in IW at 128 square.

The export feature could also be used in SL, but since mesh physics don't actually work correctly here, you would need to make a physics model in a 3D program -- at least for large builds (note that I haven't tested this so in some bizarrely perfect world it might import correctly like it does on other platforms). Still, a nice shortcut if you want to update some older creations.

There have been some spectacular releases this week and more to come sitting out on my building pad, so stay tuned. 


It's COLLABOR88 time again! Woot. Sure to be lots of lovely items for your shopping pleasure, you don't want to miss this new dress from BAIASTICE, Yara. Such an exotic name. The detailing is breathtaking and the color choices -- well they are simply yummy.

There is a matching clutch purse with the same beautiful pattern. 

There is something quite romantic about snow -- at least in the movies and in our virtual world. Atelier Visconti has two new fountains out; this is the octagonal version. The snow looks so very real and there are even fallen leaves trapped in the iciness of the fountain. Very lovely.

Hair by eXxeSs
Shoes by lassitude & ennui

Poses by: !Bang

Midnight Explorations

Two new releases and of course my new Flawless hair from Vanity Hair grace this page today.

* Ducknipple Kitta leather jacket come with a color change hud with tons of choices.

*New winter leggings (and over the knee socks) are out at KOSH. See previous post for more details

Pose by: tram

Monday Meme on Thrusday

Trompe Loeil - Astrid Chair in Nostalgia Haze (other colors available)

Now see what happens when you take a break? You forget what day it is. Thursday Morning. Running late. Here is the Monday Meme.

How did you spend New Year’s Eve?
Quietly. It was Chic's rez day and she made a new profile photo (maybe it was a couple of days before that) to commemorate. They typist chatted with a friend, stayed up long enough to celebrate with Denver and woke up to gunshots. Happily I live in a tiny town, not a big city. An eclectic bunch, multimillionaires mix with red-necks (I fall someone in between) where waking up to the sound of firearms most always means it is a holiday and someone is partying.

Did you keep any new years’ resolutions?
I don't often make them and didn't this year. I do recall ONE year making a resolution to adopt so more vices. I am so very dull.

What was your biggest achievement(s) of the year?

Making MOSP (Machinima Open Studio Project) is definitely at the top of my list. Learning Blender comes in second.

What was the best thing you bought?
Now I don't buy much and never have, but the first thing that popped into my mind was the seasonal aspen trees from   LAQ Decor (the Marketplace tells me that was September).

What do you wish you’d done more of?
Chatting with long distance friends.

What do you wish you’d done less of?
Getting up in the middle of the night. Lots gets accomplished but the days are often a bit tooooo long.

What was your favorite movie you watched this year?
I try not to pick favorites :D.

What did you do on your birthday this year?
The typist was recovering from the flu on her birthday and planned nothing as she doesn't like spreading things around. Some friends had other ideas though and showed up unannounced with dinner in tow. It was a fun eve.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned. 
More a reminder than something new learned, TRUST can be lost and is difficult to be rebuilt.

What does 2014 hold for you?
Virtually I plan to keep exploring. I have enjoyed learning about other grids and other building platforms. For some the adjustments are a pain, for me they are an adventure. 

Comfort Zones

Now and then it is imperative to break the bonds of our comfort zones. At least that is my thought on the subject :D.

From AD Creations for the Gypset Market (limited editions), Sore Throat. Orignal mesh plus texture top.

Pose by: aDORKable

Drinking in Style

Trompe Loeil has a new bar out for FaMESHed.  It is a huge set and comes with separate beer taps should be in "wine bar only" mood. Me?  I like a good brew on a hot summer eve.

There are three woodtones to choose from and plenty of liquor, wine and beer choices to display. These are only a few. For those of you with graphics skills, a template layout for the glass is included. You can make your bar reflect your style, add you club name in neon -- whatever you desire.

This set has a home in the pool room on Sound Stage Two . Feel free to visit. Have a drink on me.

Outfit from Ducknipple; see previous post for details.

Poses by: the bar stool