Shimmering Gold

The new year has begun around the globe. Soon it will inch its travels toward the East Coast where revelers anxiously await.

It has been a notable year in my world. A mix of pluses and minuses -- but rarely a case of apathetic bliss. It's all good.

Wishing you the best in the next decade!

At Cosmopolitan:

.::Supernatural::. Lola Necklace
Blossom&Seeds Spell 

Backdrop: a recent gift from MINIMAL
Wine glass: ChiC buildings

Pose by: wine glass

Cops and Handcuffs

A great new backdrop is out at Uber. Apparently a last minute addition? Whatever; you don't want to miss it.  Marginal info is available onsite but it appears to be 99 land impact and fairly large.  Some gorgeous texturing and nice details it could easily work in a role play area.  Look for the Milkmotion pad in the courtyard.

My super cute police outfit is a group gift from Petry Model.  It comes with some great boots as well as applier stockings and a hat (not shown). 

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_MEANING

Poses by: ploom (with cuffs prop) and LAP

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a safe and joy filled holiday season!

Ohemo - MoonBooties (male and female with color hud) at Cosmopolitan
Roawenwood Winterchill Cocoa Sled on the Cosmopolitan Advent Tree.

Pose by: Helamiyo

Holiday Gift Wrap-up

[DDL x Plush Studios] Venus  glasses fatpack ACCESS --Eliavah ~ Amaranthine Blouse Hop and Shop - FOXCITY. Prop - Last Minute (big set) COSMOPOLITAN
It has certainly been a bountiful gift giving season. Not only Advent calendars but at events and main stores.   While lots of us have been busy with both real life and virtual doings, many of the gifts will remain awhile so don't miss out!

ACCESS --- With something like 95 gifts to go through you will likely find many things to keep. Shoes were plentiful, more so than any any event I can think of recently.   Also jewelry and hair and even a few things for the guys. Don't miss the *Tentacio* Elf Story offerings. So very cute!!! And if you are a music buff, pick up the finely detailed IDEZA - Sampler Dj Set

Shiny Shabby --- lots of pretty jewelry and many poses but also a very nice looking skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins and some home decor accessories from Mithral, Cinoe and Nutmeg! Plus holiday hair from Navy and Copper.  A lovely classice dress from Valentina E. is available in aqua (a light taupe version is at ACCESS :D). Both very pretty.

KAZZA Pacific Set (all four chairs and table equal 3 li with good LODs)

Cosmopolitan ---  favorites from there include the already featured hair from Emo-tions, futuristic minimalist furniture from ONE GRID, a pretty bracelet from Earthstones, outdoor table and chair set from Convair and lots of fun poses with props!!!!

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO SUFFER

A Not To be Missed Gift

Definitely one of my very favorite gifts of the season.  Puppies and pillow are texture change. Find it at JIAN (free group). 

Snow Bound

If you want to tuck yourself away for the winter holiday I suggest trying your luck at Cosmopolitan with the :: PANAVIA :: Winter House gacha. The house is of course the rare and there are lights and snow bowers to decorate with.
Great textures!   Super cozy!

Belli Victorians - Come and Getum

The Victorians went online around 11 am (I was still tubbing and one sim was gone at  11:09 or so). This just a short while after we were allowed to take a peak with the missing regions being replaced.

You can refresh the page ten times per minute.  While my friend was trying for hers, all types of abodes were available so now is a great time to find your perfect spot.

The mega release so far is for the Victorians only, but since folks are abandoning other styles are available from time to time.  I have to say that some of the inland areas are pretty boring with little flora, park or water features. So a lot of "throw back" seems to be going on as in small clusters of folks standing in the street after abandoning and waiting to snag their next option :D.

Good luck all. There are LOTS of plots to be had so hopefully you will find your perfect spot.

Advent R and R

Sami and I have decided to take a break from the Advent and Gifts trail. By now those of you watching this blog have found your own favorite stores.  Many of course have their gifts up until or through Christmas so there is no real need to hustle and bustle each morn.

We will of course be watching our own personal favorites -- mine Artisan Fantasy and the Cosmo tree and Sami Scandalized and altamura.   You may see some of the gift on my regular post -- who knows?

So for now I leave you with one of my bet picks of the season and new on the Cosmo tree.  Rebecca, a  lovely hair gift with blondes hud from Emo-tion's hair base almost exclusively and it works well with most other brands of hair. This is my favorite hair gift of the season -- hands down. 

This is my personal chill out place -- one which I haven't been using enough of lately. So the typist is going to leave Chic here resting while she mirrors the activity in our corporeal world.

Wishing you all a great holiday season. 

Poses by: the tub

Advent Day 15

A simple day of reporting here, but if you are in the Meva group, these very pretty earrings can be yours. They are HUGE out of the box and need to be resized, but once that is completed they are lovely.    I will zip over there later to pick mine up.

Also, the Cosmopolitan Tree begins today. Socks stay on the tree until the end of the year or close to it, so there is no real reason to head over each and every day. I suggest blocking the socks you have taken as it can get very confusing. 

Yasum has more in the furniture set (not mod and pretty big but lovely if YOU are also large :D), and Lybra has another piece of the bedroom set. No gift for guys in the Deadly Skin box today and lots of BOM items.

Some gifts weren't out yet even though we were late today. 

Update:  Artisan Fantasy has a super cute tree group with sheet music design.

SLURL list is here:

Second Life Hop and Shop Winter 2019 Highlights Part 2

I made it over to the Hop and Shop yesterday afternoon and did a quick tour of the sims. Certainly lots to see, I will be returning soon to look more closely.

Meanwhile, here are some of my personal favorite gifts mixed in with some I am sure you will enjoy :D.  These can all be found in the four easterly sims. See Sami's post from yesterday to learn about items from the two western regions.

Up top:

From Never Totally Dead, the Gingerbread house.  So fun! How can you not smile?
ella // Rouxe //  dress
Magika - Hair - Let It Snow
Spoiled - Festive Gamer Headset
Foxy - Festive Spirit Splay


Salt and Pepper the Vivian dress  with full color hud and optional sleeves
:Supernatural::. Karina necklace Set with many versions and hud
Sintiklia - Hair Amelia

VARONIS - Noel Set table and decor

Pose by Fox City (Early Morning) single pose with mirror


[Lomomo] Oriane Dress
[The Forge] Banshee Welding Goggles (Steel) Oother great gifts in this same theme)
Addams // Maisie Chelsea Boots (High Sole)  with hud
Sintiklia - Hair Amelia

MINIMAL - Winter S&H Gift Chair and table (1li each with great LODs)
HILTED - Sack of Coal Gift

+ Dreamcatcher + Aleksandra Vintage pose (big set)

And from [Rezz Room] the Angry Grouchy Xmas Cat (animesh)

neve skirt - crossed  and top - chunk  with texture change huds

Top pose by: Helamiyo, bottom pose nla

Advent Day 14

A full winter scene complete with reindeer and poses is the gift from Secret Poses at the eBento Event.  A pretty Rose tattoo is another of the eBento gifts for the day.  The Christmas Sled - winter blue is a great addition to the scene. Find it at Simply Shelby.

A pretty necklace can be found at Meva's and a nicely made cropped top at nyne.

Some boards are not active in the early morn. Artisan Fantasy's 12 Day calendar begins today --- just not yet.

Update:  AF has a very cute holiday mailbox set (both scripted and non-scripted).  WellMade had a holiday colored sweater dress.

For the guys -- some nice gray jeans and well-worn shoes can be found at Darkstone Designs. There is a tee shirt also but didn't fit my guy tester :D.

SLURLs are here:

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Second Life Hop and Shop Winter 2019 Highlights

With my brand missing from the event this round (hence no leisurely gathering of goodies :D) Sami took the lead and battled the hoards as the sims opened. Actually since she was watching the map she could see the first one that DID open (five minutes early) and headed there. Smart gal. (She is much older than I, LOL -- but I am pretty smart too.)

She made it through two very laggy -- even when flying -- regions to get logged out in the third. So here are reports on Gilded and Golden.  Another post will be upcoming but it may be after the traffic clears a bit.  As always dress lightly or in full alpha, derender everyone in your vicinity and CLICK CAREFULLY.

Most gifts are in official boxes this year which makes things easier for everyone.  There are some new shops in the mix as well as old favorites. In these two sims Sami didn't find much for the guys so that isn't a good sign for the Y chromosome group.

Here are some highlights.

Up top.

And from {le fil casse}the  Macy Dress

Lunar - Nini Top (Maitreya) - Pink Mix :3

EVANI - ANITA sweater

PrettyDeceased Scherry set

Candy Kitten Forever Yours Dress with multi texture hud

In the home and garden arena we give you:

Madras HotNut set

.peaches. Festival of Lights Menorah - 1LI (deco with flame)

Advent Day 13

And today's Advent super stars are:

Scandalize's Anna set in gold. This included jacket, bandeau, jacket with bandeau and leggings (plain and ombre).  A sporty outfit that can work in many seasons.

[NYNE] Hair 'Daliah with mini color hud.

Oeekaboo's Deer cushion with hold at the eBento event.

altamura and Lybra were missing today's gifts so far.

SLURL's are here:

12 Days - eBento and more

The twelve day calendars have started. Along with altamura which Sami and I are both a part of already (paid group) we will be covering the eBento Event gifts (free group).  Now to be honest we haven't found too many things to our liking in years past, but today's gifts were super nice --- so a great start and we hope there will be more to share! 

Each day gives more than one gift and in today's (the 12th) pack there were so oh so cute Christmas trees in a very inventive style.  Very good LODs, these could go outside as well as inside. Imma gonna pick me up some :D.

Also a very nice back tattoo, some black drop earrings and --- if you don't have one already, a snowman.

Sami went over this morning and didn't find the calendar days which in times past were in the sky and in order. Well; things have changed. But a second trip proved rewarding.   So look for big signs around the path of the event -- and you will want to cam and teleport (quickest) to get to the spot of the day. Numbers are NOT in order :D.

In the 12 days camp, Day 12 (they come out later in the day but stay so no real need to hurry) from altamura is a 500 gift card. Pretty nice!  There are also specials at the eBento event. Not sure if the gift card works there, but you might check.

Sami did the rounds of the 12 Day calendars this eve and I have updated the list of our "favs".   A new place which offers gifts for both men and women as well as (according to their poster) home and garden items (as in plants perhaps?) is Darkwater Designs and Dark Knight Decor.  

This is the gals gift for day one. A similar outfit is out for men.

Advent calendar and twelve day list is here:

A Golden Holiday

There is something about gold amid snow. Maybe it glitters more brightly with the extra luminescence of reflected sunlight.   Now there are plenty of color and styling choices in the new  Baiastice Shena set at Collabor88, but this specialty gold is my favorite. 

These lovely earrings are on a promotional special. So pretty and big enough to make a statement.    Find the moonlight earrings at the  Bliensen + MaiTai booth at We Love Roleplay.

Hair: no.match   -- No Meaning

Pose by: LAP

Advent Day 12

Good news! LYBRA is back and you can pick up four "new" items from the Advent star.   One is this darling lacy maroon number!

Another fun LYBRA gift that will sure to please some gals is a brightly texture bed.  Also available a dressing table chair and a heart shaped pink fur rug. 

Entice has a really pretty but so barely there that it likely wasn't safe for work - hence no photo -- swimsuit.  So if you are a brave gal, you definitely want to head on over there today.

Those are our hot Advent picks of the day. WellMade's item won't be out until after 7 AM SLT. 

altamura's gifts began last evening. This is a pay group with gifts for both male and female avatars; most are based around use with the altamura avatars (this from previous years).  The first gifts are BOM undies. Since neither of us are using a BOM viewer, those of you interested will have a surprise!

SLURL list is here:

Pose by: Torridwear [nla]

Show Offs

I am not about to let Sami have ALL the fun!

These flamingos SO made me smile. Find them at the Liaison Collaborative at the  Bliensen + MaiTai booth.  Two land impact each at this size.

GREAT holiday boots -- and free from MOSQUITO'S WAY.  Group gift.

Outfit?  Baiasitce at Collabor88. More on that very soon.

Pose by: RP [nla]

Advent Day 10

Booooooots.  With a vast color change hud. Oh my!  From the random gift tree at Scandalize (pay group) hence they come.  Great fit.

From Entice the Bad Girls outfit in maroon.

From Yasum a carton of Unicorn Milk (a blue version is also in the pack).

Sway's has a very pretty holiday decor piece that just didn't blend with the rest of the photo props :D.

The very pretty rug from Pomegranate.

From Meva (pay group) Fleur Earring - Red Gold

Lybra's board hasn't been updated in two days but hopefully eventually. WellMade and 7 Deadly S[k]ins were not ready in the early morn.

SLURLs here:

Pose by: exposure

Very Merry Vanity

Amidst Advent gathering, sales, shopping and waiting for those new Linden Homes to appear (looking like Patch's remark about "thousands" wasn't a joke), there are plenty of events to visit.

While neither Sami or I were all that thrilled with the newish black venue look at Vanity, the shopping was easy. As a bonus most every booth has a present. There are lots of very nice poses (some couples), makeup and tattoos and the usual suspects. Along there way there are a few wearables. Here are some highlights.

Up top:  Candy Kitten Alex dress, an all in one outfit with tied shirt topper. VERY CUTE!!!  So far this is Sami's favorite gift of the year -- and she DOES look smashing!

Peekaboo - Xmas Ball Holding which calls a hold pose. Use with any P3 pose. A bonus, this comes color change abilities for the ball!

A beautifully made summer tank dress from AVALE, Gina -- perfect for those living "down under" and of course anyone hanging out on the beach this holiday season. Lovely detailing.

Look At Me. Cristal : Shoes - red  with chunky heals for all that walking during shopping expeditions!

A fun and youthful mini or tank, the *Diamond dress  from Little Diamond has some cute extras in the trim area.

The Amisar  Heidi.Dress.OMBRE (also is solid black) makes more of a New Year's statement  -- in my book anyway.  Definitely sophisticated.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have a big set of mix and match (all black with white themed) from Scandalize -- the Khaila collection.

And you don't want to miss out on this darling snowman from Your Dreams.

Poses by: LAP

Advent Day 9

Some missing  gifts today in the early hours; apparently there are several that are not automatic :D.  So be sure and stop by later in the day.

The train set from Simply Shelby gets LANDSCAPING.  This is very nice with excellent LODs, low land impact and the parts can be moved around as you like. This whole scene is 15li.   I am going to run over and pick this up for sure. When I arrived I notice that the whole scene is on display. You can buy any missing pieces for $10 and see what is coming (a reindeer for one thing and a huge tree).  Fun.

From Sway's there is a cute notice board with places for photos. The center of the mesh is way far away from the board, so watch that when you place it. Very cute!

And "just" out from WellMade a fun holiday strapless mini dress.

The skin tone for the gals at 7 Deadly S[k]ins  is snow and there is what looks to be an interesting male skin (no photo) newer and in a dark tone with beards. That's all Sami can tell from the listing :D.

Later:   I found a friend who had been waiting for a darker skin.  This is definitely the best looking  items for males so far.  Pass the word.   There is with beard, two day shadow, different eyebrows, freckles, red hair, and a big series of hairy body options. 

Strappy maroon heels from Entice.

SLURLs here:

Poses by: Vain [nla]