The State of the Feeds

OK. I admit that I am tired of TV and have some time to spend before I can in all good conscience head for my oh so comfy daybed. I am mostly about photos these days. I seldom actually READ the text accompanying those looks of the day. Lovely photos, pretty Windlight, light and shadow -- you get the idea. But, for whatever reason, tonight I decided to peruse the feeds that this blog is was -- in theory -- a part of. I admit that I read them very rarely. I look at a couple most days and that is it.

Tonight I found iheartsl still up and showing nice photos. Sometimes those photos span across the text as people don't pay attention to the rules, but still -- pretty pictures. TWO of the feeds that I was supposedly featured in were no more. One was a domain mill and one had apparently been bought out by a well known blog (not a feed). So I deleted those right away -- sidebar getting shorter. Others seem to have changed dramatically of late. Pictures are gone on some. Styles have changed; blogs aren't listed, etc.

Now I am not all that upset as a CONTRIBUTOR to the feeds, I am upset as a reader. It is getting harder and harder to find the news I want to see *wink*. I still read iheartsl most days but there have been issues of posts not feeding in there for some time, so I know I am missing stuff. NO, I am so not going to start another feed, but I am wondering what we are to do to get the news. I, like you perhaps, will find out bits and pieces from groups and designers and those few folks that send me "think you'd want to know about this" notecards. It is not the same.

So, dear blogger buddies, check out your sidebar and see what feeds you thought you were in that no longer exist. And anyone looking for a new adventure? We could use a nice new feed with pretty pictures that picks up all the posts. That might be asking too much. I know not the technicalities of the situation. Still, there is a hole that could be filled :D.

Alchemy Anyone?

 (*chanimations has a new pose prop out. A little witches brew, a little learning -- spells and potions. What fun! The alchemist's cabinet comes in three versions from lowish prim to everything a dabbler could possibly need.  There is a cauldron you can use separately. Change the lighting effects to work with your shot  via a menu. Poses are built in with stand alone versions included for other uses. The set comes with bowl and spoon should be be into wicked brownies or something of the sort. Above, I added some of my own props. No mouse was actually harmed in this shoot.

My outfit is from Simply on the Harry Potter hunt (previously blogged).

So Much Newness

A quick post on a busy weekend so you won't miss out on all the newness. In the headlines we have a new skin release from Amacci.   I am wearing the bronze skin tone with Party 03 makeup.  Jenny comes in 12 different makeups, you can buy all separately or in a fat-pack. There are two skins per makeup with lots of optional add ons and ten lipsticks.

This is an unretouched photo of Jenny who is an extremely pretty gal. My hair and hat are new from MINA. The hat is texture change with nine colorful choices. The detailing is lovely.

Amacci group members have a special reward just out in the archives, a pumpkin version of Jenny.

Sami has been wearing Amacci skins for awhile now and sure enough she had the new gift on when I called.

Now, refocus your attention on the top photo please so that I can tell you that STaTUS will have some new poses out for the more voluptuous, hippy gals as a Moody Monday special.   The release is named  BRICK - Fluffy Avatar Poses.

And for this weekend from Cheeky Pea , the Carolina Harvest Table. Inside or out, this fun set includes optional table settings (51 prims) and lanterns. The mismatched chairs come with a variety of poses.

That's the early morning weekend round up. My sweater as you likely know by now is courtesy of AddiCt from the Seasons Hunt.

Poses by: STaTUS and the furniture

Orange Farewell

It's the last post on our yearly color wheel. Part of me is glad, part sad. We covered a lot of territory and some very bizarre colors, most fun -- some a real challenge. Orange is a fitting end as the seasons have spanned the year and we have definitely been in orange country for awhile.  I dug out some oldies and took myself over to wheat field, a perfect place for this ending.

I won't be doing the extra 15 favorites post, but I will definitely be watching for those that do.

Thanks to Luna for the adventure and gold stars to everyone that completed all 52 weeks!

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO

Calaveras - Day of the Dead

Halloween approaches, this we know. On its heels a lesser known holiday follows, Day of the Dead, a celebration with many thousands of years in its history. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican and Central-American tradition, celebrated between All Saint’s Day (November 1st) and All Souls’ Day (Nov 2nd). Cerridwen's Cauldron has an exhibit rich in color and detail honoring the tradition.

My typist has spent time in Mexico, visiting areas such as Patzcuaro, a town with a long history of Day of the Dead celebrations. Sugar skulls (calaveras) and other seemingly odd decorations abound. Skeletons sit happily on chairs and benches watching the merriment.

My new release necklace from lassitude & ennui fits this holiday theme perfectly. The mesh sugarskull necklace is color change by hud; choose tones for skull, cord and decorative bead. I picked copper to coordinate with my free rust jumpsuit from Spirt Land.

These pretty Fall Olivia Boot with leaf motif are from Baby Monkey and come with a texture change hud that lets you pick from a large variety of colors. They are both sleek and stylish and would look just as great with a soft and comfy sweater and some well used jeans.

Poses by: Vista Animations

The Pastels of Fall

Fall colors don't need to be dark, earthy tones -- the ones we most often associate with the change of seasons.
Tints can form a subtle backdrop and remind us that it is time to bring in the harvest and count our blessings. Times to rejoice, times to be thankful;  lighter neutral tones can blend with the vibrant change of the season's hues.

First up because they are SO cute -- new Slouch Boots from Aluinn. Five colors are available including a pretty lightish blue, real red, white, black (think gray) and brown (shown - think tan). The boots come in three sizes all in one pack and include a hud for fine tuning. I love the style of these. They are sure to be a favorite "go to" boot for the upcoming colder days.

Also new with a seasonal theme are these necklace and earrings made of gourds (well not real gourds as they don't grow this tiny). Find them at CONCRETE FLOWERS.

Not only can you bedeck yourself with the bounty of Mother Nature in jewelry form, there is also a new set of WEARABLE pumpkins. I, currently a prim rich gal, decided they would be more often seen if I rezzed them on my front porch. Spy them by the pumpkin and cantaloupes in the back.

Poses by: LAP Diesel Works

Cables and Sand

Roomy and comfortable, the new Ibizarre Tilda Wool Jumper is perfect for our late Fall days.  I was in a bit of a country mood so I added a stylized cowboy hat and some boots. Jeans? Of course!  The worsted cable knit sweater comes in this lovely brown as well as black.

Poses by: LAP

Penultima Cream

This next to the last week of our color challenge was a very simple one for me. My outfit is from Deviance
and was first shown in this post. Oh my, a year and a half ago. The design is still very much in style and my photography skills have improved greatly since then. So, I am happy to show it off once again. My location is one of of the dreamscape environments at Garden Of Dreams.

Poses by: nigotine (NLA)


Just out from Paradisis, the Me sets come in black, blue, brown, moss and wine. Terrifically cute, they mix feminine with sexy in an understated way. Lots of great details as always.

The bell-bottoms are long and full, reminiscent of other decades.

And, the pants match one of my favorite tops, the Paradisis Dolce Vita shrug. So happy about that.

I am over at Old Europe Village (sorry, map won't copy SLURL) where there is a lot of old fashioned Halloween goodness. There is supposed to be a hunt going on, but I am not finding any goodies, so trick or treating will have to wait until later I guess.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the tree trunk.

Not Only Nude

BehaviorBody has some new props and poses out. Single, double and group poses abound as well as a new chaise (a version with fewer poses is rumored to be in the subscribo as a gift) and pillows!

I particularly like the pillows which could be used with the chaise or on the floor next to it. But these low prim lovelies can easily do double duty in other rooms. Poses change by menu and mirror versions are included. My lead photo is actually a standing pose along side a flatter pillow. Pillows and chaise are color change by hud.

Now this is billed as a "nudes" set and it would certainly work well that way, but clothes look just fine. If you missed the info on this outfit you can find it here.

Other newness includes a collaboration collection that you simply must see.  Cherie Parker took some very clever photos that are used for the vendors. AND there is a free couple pose in the middle of the floor. Just buy for $0.

Poses by: BehaviorBody


I logged in this eve to find a subscribo gift from MIEL. I am sure I miss a lot of them since the group has to be humongous and we know how well the delivery is with large groups -- in world or subscribo. Still I was very happy to find the goodies had arrived safely. I zipped over to Octoberville, a place I hadn't visited in a couple of years, to see what was up. I was sure the colors would be appropriate and indeed they were.

The pumpkin backpack comes with a choice of animated faces or plain. I had to take these photos VERY quickly as I was way over the script count for Octoberville and an admonishing message kept repeating. Still, you can see how cute the gift is. Drop by the subscribo and get your own copy.

My hair is from *Plume* on The Season Hunt.

Poses by: Vista Animations, LAP

Seasons Hunt 5 - 3

There are plenty of pose sets in the Seasons Hunt and even though I am so not a hunter in real life, this  gone huntin' set (3 props with corresponding poses plus unscripted guns) from dfo! is a winner with me. The third, Indian style sit pose floats in the air (probably not the plan) but with some creativity you can make that work too. And those of you that paste onto backgrounds have no worries there.

Great sweater from [Sleepy Eddy] and hair with hat from complete the look.  And that's my new dark willow tree from 3D Trees -- perfect for the swamp and the season.

Poses by: dfo!

Seasons Hunt 5 - 2

I finished the Seasons Hunt 5 this afternoon. As you might expect, lots of great shops to wander in and discover.  There were a few stores that I skipped (see photo below) and some that try as I might, I could not find the pumpkin. But, even if you only stop by a few spots, your inventory will be better for it. Among my personal favs is this vest from !Ohmai, one of three colors (oh my! :D).  They come in both chest and spine attachments for those of you on older viewers. My hair which is actually more vintage than Indian maiden *wink* is from (Milk Motion) and comes in several colors.

One of the fun parts of a good hunt is finding new stores. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the search as there were so many creative designs to discover. One new place for me was Umwelt which I immediately noted for its quirkiness.  I even picked up a free decal there that I am guessing may make it into a film one of these days. This skybox (I didn't measure but I think it is about 20 x 20 judging from how it fit on my building pad) has a 360 degree painting for the walls. It is very much like living INSIDE a work of art and that is pretty fun. This is a NO COPY item, so pick up two while you are there. I will be going back for my backup copy soon.

And while this bed from Art Dummy doesn't fit with my new Victorian decor, I really love it. Simple and beautifully textured, it comes with both sit and sleep animations.  My moccasins, which many bloggers have featured are from Willow; they go perfectly with the Aztec inspired jeans set from eleanor rigby. BRB.accessorises is the maker of the armband. There are several differently textured versions.

Now I am not going to rant, but I am going to show a photo of the top winning "too many decoys" prize for this hunt. Please note this is just ONE direction and there was also a field of pumpkins under the floor when I cammed down there. I skipped this stop. May the die-hards enjoy the journey.

Find all the SLURLs at the official website.

More coming up tomorrow.

Poses by: the bed,  !bang

Seasons Hunt 5

It was the weekend and that about says it all. Lots of gray and slow rezzing sculpties et al. I "did" the middle of the Seasons Hunt today and here are some of my personal favs. There are plenty of nice prizes, but somehow this Fall season didn't seem to resonate with my style. And I had a difficult time finding things. Quite a few stores had fifty pumpkins (well it may have just seemed like fifty) -- including some VERY well hidden -- that were not the CORRECT pumpkins. That's get tiresome for me and so I move on.

Of my finds, these are my favorites so far:

RAW HOUSE :: Raquella wedge cut hair with a streak you can change to your favorite color.
Ingenue :: Bijou Dress  which I tucked into ---
[MAGIC NOOK] Indian Summer Leggings (Vivid) -- accessorized with
CONCRETE FLOWERS- acorn necklace

Poses by: Vista Animations

Boho in Victoriana

Ibizarre has a new Boho Tunic out; choose from brown, blue or violet. I love this paisley print.

The scrumptious and very ladylike vase in the background is from Hanaya on the Perly Touch (dollarbie) Hunt. You are looking for a bright orange butterfly. Check the poster out front for a hint. OK, this IS primmy weighing in at 20, but SO pretty. My new hair is a group gift from D!va and comes in a variety of colors, with or without scarf headband. Find it between the lucky chairs in the shop.

The fireplace at left can be yours. It has STELLAR logs and fire. I found the Seasons Hunt pumpkin last night at LISP when I was shopping for trunks.

That's my early morning wrap up. I am going to brave the hunting in a bit; Seasons is my next. By the Way, I tried Zombie Popcorn yesterday but with no luck. Listening to the chatter of other hunters, it seemed like many of the bags weren't out yet. I am guessing today will be better.

Poses by: LAP

Costume Time

Time for picking out your Trick or Treat costume is drawing near.  And even if you aren't partaking in holiday events, its a great week to spice up your wardrobe with things other than "day wear" :D.  First up  deviousMind's  "Honeytrap". Buzz like a little bee with a huge selection of parts and pieces -- looks like about fifty without counting. You can be bare or less so and as frilly as you like. I love these gloves!

If a walk on the wild side is more your style,  how about some crime scene investigation.  This is only part of a large, neko themed (read tail and ears and such included as well as shoes) set from Beautiful Dirty Rich. So clever!  The set as designed as a micro mini with tiny skirt prim, but I tucked my tape swathed body into some Paradisis low riding pants.

Poses by: STaTUS, Vista Animations

Moving On Up

And a fun time was had by all -- well at least me.  I decided to update my living situation. After five months in the Bayou in the same shack that I built before moving in, change was on the agenda. I really loved the little caretaker cottage (see last night's post) on the FTLO hunt. It was mod so I deleted the ghostly walking in the attic and placed my tub up there by a window where I can peer out. I thought I would just move over all my furniture and call it good. Well you KNOW that didn't turn out to be true.

There are a lot of windows in the cottage and while I love my spot, I don't want to look out at my neighbors all the time. So I added some curtains from noctis. Then I decided to take the short walk over to the main store (and yes, I actually did walk). As I was looking around the shop I discovered the Zombie Popcorn bag -- out a little early.  Shouts of glee could be heard when I unpacked this dining table and chairs. It comes with the candelabra (light one candle at a time) as well as some other props. It is mod, so I darkened the wood to go with my other noctis furnishing. Later I found that the tablecloth is texture change and you have a choice of with or without blood *wink*.

My Victorian pastry server is from (-ATYPICAL-) -- a past hunt item. When I originally unpacked it I loved it, but had know idea when I would use it. Well the time is now. It weighs in at 39 prims but I am fairly wealthy these days, so that works. Other sweet desserts were added to the table. Did you know it is National Dessert day and that October is National Dessert month?  Neither did I, but my friend EE's typists reported that this morning *wink*. My decorating is appropriate.

As I worked on my new surroundings in the early morning hours I noted that this house took up much less space than my old one which had lots of decks. The sheep had plenty of room to graze, but it was a little desolate. Since most all my trees disappeared in my database inventory loss episode, I decided to go out searching. My neighbor had some great looking mangrove bushes; I looked up the creator and headed over.

3D Trees has some really lovely items -- ones you don't see everywhere else. I strolled and thought and measured against my height to find the right tree for my spot. I purchased some bushes along the way to fill in against the house. As I was wandering I found a white sign floating in the air that said "gift". Well, of course I bought it - LOL. It turned out to be this gorgeous tree behind me.  15 meters and 10 prims, the hawthorn tree is now happily shading the sheep in my side yard. A sister tree is nearby in the back. Most items at the store come in modify and no mod versions with the mod versions being more expensive. I thought the prices were extremely reasonable. I have smart neighbors!

My vintage inspired fur trimmed jacket is from Ibizarre.  It is marked as a Lazy Sunday special, but if you are lucky it may still be available.  I also wanted to mention that there is a large, two story skybox from *Funky*Junk*, maker of my new cottage, in The Flesh Game.  I didn't discover it when I was unpacking as it ended up in my Objects folder rather than with the others. There are several boxes to find in order to get the complete build. I found three including the skybox and all are well worth looking for. I have the fireplace in my new home. Since the textures used are the same, it matches very well!

If you love my drippy mascara, you can find it at the FTLO hunt;  [sYs] DEMON - mascara.  Wrapping it up and taking a break. Eventually I MUST clean up my very messy inventory from the last day. Oh my!

Poses by:


This is Lenore in white from deviousMind. This is also post 2,222 for me.

Thanks go out to Chandra who keeps me supplied with terrifically dramatic attire and props as well as being a photography buddy when time permits. Thanks also to my readers -- especially those of you that have been with me from the beginning!

Pose by: LAP

FTLO - Oct 2011 : A Home of Your Own

I just completed -- in my fashion -- the For The Love Of Hunt . Out on the icy landscape, this hunt takes place all on one sim. You are looking for tiny little bats which although small stand out clearly on the whiteness of the snow.  The hunting is fun and easy and there are lots of great prizes -- at least 38 or so according to my numbers. I didn't find all the bats, but I can say that it definitely a worthwhile hunt -- ESPECIALLY if you are interested in a new abode.

Up first because it is my personal fav is this *Funky*Junk* Caretaker's Cottage. It is so cute and just my size. Honestly? I am thinking of changing out my Bayou housing for a bit -- OR I might look for a small place in Winterfell as snow season is upon us. Two floors, wonderfully textured; simply fantastic AND spooky :D.

If you are more into whimsy, then this -Hanaya- bOo BoO Pumpkin House is for you! Very cozy, it comes complete with rug, curtains and lounging pillow as interior decor.

If you are really into the spooky side of the season, this furnished Scary Lil Skybox (much more than what you see here) from Designer Prims  is for you.

Into the seedier side of life? Then the Rather Gross Skybox from [Sleeping Koala] is perfect. Bed, rug and grungy couch all come with.

Go forth and find those little bats. You'll be glad you did.

My outfit info is in this post.

Urban Males

I went out perusing animations the other morning. I am more interested in movement these days now that I am filming. I didn't find what I was looking for, but in that serendipitous way that happens often in our lives,  I did find something great that I was NOT looking for.

You may remember Chav, the male version of Chic. Chav now has a new AO, similar to the Most Wanted AO that I purchased for myself from Vista Animations. Now the animations are VERY different of course -- and definitely male.

While you can't get the full effect of the movement from a photo I wanted to at least show you some still.  The sits are some of my favorites with ground sits coming up close behind. Lots of clever guy attitude thumping and scratching and such.

The walks have a real weight feel to them which is impressive. There are tons of options of course and now that I understand how the many-buttoned AO works, it is easy to switch between modes.

There are dances including a chimera, a super fly extra attachment and lots of options I am sure I haven't discovered yet.

Several conversational animations are included for use when typing -- some relaxed, some more adamant. Those will definitely come in handy.

So if you are a fellow, or HAVE a fellow, check out the new breathing version of The Urban Male AO from Vista Animations.

Poses by: Vista Animations Urban Male Breathing AO

Flesh Game Update

I went out late last eve to explore more of The Flesh Game. I completed the journey and came to an unexpected and not well received ending *wink*, but I did enjoy my time. There are tons of gifts mixed throughout the game; indeed something for everyone. Shown here are my personal favorites, a lovely textured Gothic church from Dragon Magick Wares and some boots from -=FORSAKEN=-.  The church -- actually a reclaimed version and now home to witches --  is one of three pieces of the set with the pew being another. I missed part 2 which I am guessing might be an alter?   Since the path to riches is a long and winding one, I will not be retracing my steps, but YOU be on the lookout as you wander the builds of this year's Halloween adventure.

Adventures in Mulberry - The Flesh Game

I ventured out this eve with the intent on taking my "mulberry" photo for this upcoming week of 52 colors. Week 50, oh my!   My plan was to check the destination guide for a new locale. I found a photo of a lovely vintage carousel that lead to The Flesh Game.  Even before I arrived, I had figured out this was Ivey's Halloween adventure. Put the sim Pulse together with October and you know you are in for fun.

In years past I have had a heads up and an early entry pass into the event and have given you a sneak peak at what you might find, but I seem to have fallen out of favor *wink* and so you will have to be content with a LM. The venue opened today and it is both crowded and laggy; that is to be expected. I did pretty well, but I have a very fast connection and a smoking computer. So expect things to be slow these first days.

Pick up your hud at the front desk. You will receive a hud that looks like a cell phone, two notecards and a contestant strap necklace with a number 7.  Then  look around for goodies and wander through the lobby to the door (or perhaps elevator as it was still gray when I clicked) and get the LM to the next stop on your tour. Now I find nothing in the notecard that tells you to get naked (no, I am not kidding) but I did run into two gals with nothing on but their contestant badge and hair. Perhaps they were working on keeping the lag down *wink* OR it may be part of the storyline -- who knows?

Prizes are sprinkled throughout the journey as they have been in the last few years. So click on anything that looks like it might be a prize. I found one item when I was trying to take photos within the adventure. The pics didn't work out well, but I do have a sense of the plot and it looks like a fun one.

If you love lag and being first, go now. If not, then waiting a week for things to calm down will no doubt give you a happier and more gentle experience.

My outfit is made up of some recent gifts. Pants and belt from sf design and great boots from INDYRA ORIGINALS I matched them with a crocheted shrug from Paradisis and I was set. Hat and hair and earrings from deep inside my closet and no longer available. You can still pick ups pants and boots in various colors though.

My backdrop is from on the Fright Hunt.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Jacket Weather

There's lots of great news from JANE, but first up -- simply because this was such a great shot *wink* -- we have some nice free cowboy boots from MayCreations.    Look for the magnifying glass and pick these up as your prize. Sorry, I have forgotten which hunt this is and the creator renamed the folder :D. The hint was "look for the bike". Of course since this is a biker place there are a few options there, but the searching is definitely worth it.

This cute mesh jacket is my favorite new release from JANE. You can find a similar style with plaid on the OUTSIDE instead of in too -- several colors to choose from, of course.  There are some new cropped sweaters as well as  pants. Lots of goodness. I still think the maxi skirts are my personal favorite and that's a good thing since my skirt wardrobe is a skimpy area in my inventory :D.

Here is the complete look including a new necklace out from Concrete Flowers. Grandads Old compass necklace comes sized for both guys and gals and includes two attachment points for older viewers.  My tuck in cami top (a romper in fact) AND my nicely textured Fall leggings are only two colors of HUGE fatpacks that are part of JANE'S birthday gift! The tights as well as a blue version of the new cropped sweater are group gifts. The romper set is free for all as a longtime shop freebie. The colors are luscious and reflect the upcoming palette for the store. My mesh mini skirt is also from JANE.

Poses by: LAP

Voodoo Doll

Woot! I so love this. Voodoo Doll from deviousMind

Plenty of choices including more baring ones, a great staff and super headpiece. I didn't have to go far to do this shoot. The bayou is all about zombies and voodoo and crocodiles! There is some great "paint" tattoos on various body parts in this set that can easily go with other outfits. 

It is difficult to choose your look from so many choices, but since I have been pretty much naked in a lot of filming of late, I opted for the most clothed variation. I am sure Chandra will forgive me.

Poses by: Vista Animations.