POSE FAIR 2010 - Preview

It's almost time for Pose Fair 2010 to open. This year's pose fair includes 99 pose, prop and animation shops with some old time pose makers and some new kids on the block. There are eight large shops, and many medium and smallish ones. With so much to choose from you will be assured to find what your are looking for -- maybe even things you never thought you needed *wink*.

Click these collage photos for GIANT pictures if you want to see the details. 
You may need to click your ENLARGE button to see the 1800 x 1800 photos full size.

I've already featured some of the props at the fair. I love props and there are some great new ones available for you. One of my favorites is this cell block from Glitterati.

I've been using LAP poses for over two years, and some of my favorites sits and stands come from Dove's workshop. There is plenty of newness at the LAP booth including poses for gals and guys. The girl poses have a little girl lost feel to them  and the guy poses are very guylike *wink* but as you see can work just as well for the ladies. Girl poses are very inexpensive, so check those out. I see a few I most likely won't be able to resist. There is also a new bed with poses for us single folks (yeah) with all of the proceeds going to Motivation.That pretty white bed might actually seat two (smile); I was alone at the time so don't quote me on its functionality. I does work WELL for singles though. That I will attest to.  UPDATE: from Dove's notecard of the afternoon: [there are] 15 single poses and 6 couple poses (some of the poses are animated too!). It's 16 prims, fully scripted and supports multiple avatars. 100% of proceeds will go to charity.

With plenty to see and try on, you will want to take your time and discover all the newness. There are THOUSANDS of individual poses as well as many couples poses.And yes, there are freebies and dollarbies too.

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D.  

My outfit is by Blue Blood, hair by Amacci, skin by Tuli, boots by BAX.
Some poses from my previously featured Amacci AO.


Two Ladies - One BIG Suitcase

This has got to be one of the cutest friends poses at the fair -- and it is a dollarbie. Sure to be a hit, it is pink and low prim after all, how can it miss? The case and pose set is from one of the old timer pose makers, Storin (AKA AnnaH, AKA  Animah as a partner). I have some great items from all three stores. Sometimes longevity is a good thing :D.

Heavy Baggage couple's pose balls are easily adjustable and should work for lots of avatar heights. You will find the gift inside the STORIN booth at Pose Fair 2010,

Benicia is wearing a lucky board outfit from LG* Design. I have on a new freebie dress from .:::*L.C.* Fashion &Design :::. (thanks Char for the tip) along with the suede version of A-Bomb's new Gridge shoes.

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D.  


Another new release from Adorkable Poses @ Pose Fair 2010 (opens April 2) is a set of colorful  frames. Five in all with variations in style and color, these are fun additions to your prop vault. Rez them and anyone can hop on. Some, as you can see, have strategical placement *wink*.  Find them at Pose Fair 2010, just a couple of days away!

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D.  
My shoes are part of the new releases from A-Bomb. These Cajsa Boots  have many fine details and are color change. Look how high my heels are!  Longer legs, here I come. These are on sale half price for about a week, so get over there and check them out.

My undies and stockings are from Dutch Touch, Pasties from Silent Sparrow, hair from Shop Seu, skin from Tuli. And a special thanks to Madville Textures for the fun and colorful pack from the Button Hunt.

Just Us Girls

Girls Only, a five pose prop set is one of the new Pose Fair 2010 releases from Adorkable Poses (opens April 2). I spied this while I was setting up and thought it terribly cute. It's even more fun to play with!  At only 34 prims it is workable for many photographers and bloggers, and if you are prim challenged (and of course I have been many times) there is always a sandbox. The poses have /1a adjustments so getting the right position is easy.

click any photo for a high rez version

The colors are bright, light and girlie. It doesn't really matter how old you might be, this set has you wanting to act silly -- A-dork-able that is :D.

Outfit newness in these shots comes from LG* Design. My top is a new gift that comes complete with frayed edges, something you have worn for a long time and are just not willing to give up. I added some lingerie from Dutch Touch, a gift from not too long ago that you may have in your closet. My friend won her two tops on lucky boards at LG* Design -- both at the same instant. What luck. Her leggings are from the vive9 giveaway which I am guessing you have been to by now *wink*

You might just want to keep this prop around as furniture. It's pretty comfy up here and the view ain't bad either!

My necklace is also free from LG * Design. Find it next to the shirt vendor. This is a closer shot of  the new Paula hair from Amacci. This is the auburn color. SO pretty.

 The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D.  

And the A-Teams Win

Am I having fun? You betcha! My inbox of the morning included some new duds from A-Bomb, perfect for a locale I wanted to show you as well as new poses and an AO from Amacci for the Pose Fair promo. The outfit is very retro and so I took it over to Mississippi Delta Blues which is set in the 1940's. The AO I am using is named Posh and the poses definitely live up to that name. So here is the rich big city girl stuck in a backwater town -- and loving it.

There are two types of AOs -- to my mind anyway. One has your avatar always moving with lots of animation and frequent pacing and circling. They are certainly fun, but not so good for photographs. This new release for Pose Fair 2010 is a blogger's AO *wink*. Lots of good, standard, model stands mixed in with some fun sits, ground sits and a VERY posh walk. The only thing I didn't like that I've found so far was the reentry somersault . It makes me dizzy -LOL. I can change that.

My biggest personal thrill is that it fits me -- something that doesn't happen often. My hands are actually ON my hips and not in them. And it even has several poses that work with system skirts -- be still my beating heart. So happy gal here. If you take a lot of photos,  I would definitely recommend trying out this AO when it is released at Pose Fair 2010 (opens April 2).

Now let's talk FASHION. This outfit from A-Bomb is called So Long, Marianne. It comes on all layers should you want to add a jacket or a bra peeking through. There are even instructions included on making the skirt fit well . I've used my typical "skirt shape" and it worked well for me. The shoes are also from the A-Bomb team, just one of several pair of VERY CUTE SHOES. I hope to be able to show you the rest very soon. These are the Gidge Shoes in Zebra. They also come in leopard and suede (sure to be my favorite) and are color change. There is a third pair of a different style out too that looks super cute. These are on sale half price for the next week, so don't wait on me, get over there and see them. I think I had a pair of these Gridge shoes in real life at one time and loved them so it was fun to wear them virtually.

My oh so cute (it WAS a good morning) hair is from Amacci, the first short hair by Carina Larsen. It is very nice and girly while still being short. It hugs my head closely and looks pretty hat friendly too although I haven't had time to try that out. No close up here, sorry; but I'm sure you will be seeing it often in the near future.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Mahogany (gift)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Clothing: A-BOMB So Long, Marianne-Purple
Shoes: A-BOMB Gidge Shoes-Zebra
Accessories: Hauted Zuzu Proper Lace Short Scarf in Black (gift); Lemania Indigo [LI] Crazed Flapper Gloves; [Baubles] Simple Retro Studs (unreleased -made this morning as I had nothing for the outfit :D)

Poses from Amacci.

POSE FAIR 2010 - 1

This is my first official Pose Fair 2010 post. Yeah! The fair will be open in a few days. People are still moving in, but already there is a lot to see -- some extremely clever new props with poses and a surprise or too. I chose this vintage pose from Long Awkward Pose [LAP] as my lead this evening for two reasons. I wanted to show you the great back detail of the new Blue Blood set I featured earlier today? Yes, that was one. But more importantly, because it is distinctive.

We forget sometimes how truly boring our blog posts would be without the talents of our pose makers. Old timers and new comers, they give us the tools to make our features shine. There are over fifty official Pose Fair 2010 bloggers and of course many more that are not "official", so you will be seeing a lot of poses featured on the feeds this next week or so. That's a good thing. It is a time to reflect on all content creators -- including those that twist and turn our avatars into emotion filled stances.

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D. 

Poise is releasing TEN new couples poses at the Fair with 25% of all proceeds will be donated to Motivation.org.uk.There is also a giant teddy bear and a couple's balloon seat; both being donation items. This top pose ball set is called Forever Yours and is an excellent pose for a couple's portrait.

This ground pose is named Embrace. Definitely romantic!  You can find the Poise booth HERE at the fair. Don't overlook the  box containing 8 modeling poses (4 Male and 4 Female) exclusive to the Pose Fair. Oh I forgot -- 8 FREE modeling poses :D.

Behavior Body @ Pose Fair 2010 is releasing three new AOs. The Classic style AO will be the donation item at the Fair. Since this release has already be featured on several other blogs, I am going to point you to Nadja's blog as she did a super job explaining the details. From my information notecard and other websites, it appears that these are already available at the main shop and will also be at the fair. Chic crossing fingers that this is correct intel.

The fair will most likely be laggy with a capital "L". While efforts are being made to keep scripts at a minimum, all those props and pose stand vendors run on scripts. With that in mind I have a little bit of personal advice. Feel free to take it or let it fly over your head. *wink*.

First of all (and you knew this was coming) leave your scripts at home. You don't need your AO attached at the fair. You'll be too busy trying on all the new poses and animations to strut your stuff with OLD models. Leave as many of your prims in your inventory as possible. You don't need to come naked -- in fact you shouldn't *wink*, but SIMPLE is good.

Most of you know already that all poses (AOs - props - couples sets etc.) do not work for all avatars. You really DO need to try the poses on. If you are an average sized, medium shaped guy or gal you have a better chance of the positions fitting than if you are very tall, very thin, very not-so-thin -- you get the idea. Pose makers most often do their best to make the designs work, but there will be times when a pose you love really wont fit you.  There is nothing classy about having your hand deep within your thigh. So take your time. Do a bit of the fair one day, a bit another and find things that really work for YOU!

Style notes:

Hair: TRUTH Melinda - copper
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Outfit: +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE  - Black with teal (review copies)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots BlackLeather
Accessories: Baubles Oversized Hoop earrings (silver) (releases Saturday as a BHP special

For more info on the new Valeria release from Blue Blood, see the feature HERE. It looks SO different with the contrast of colors. I am happy to be able to show you both.

Lazy Afternoons

Deisel Works has just released a perfect -- and romantic -- addition to your backyard. The two pillow snuggly makes poseballs obsolete, and aren't we glad. Three very nice lazy day animations, /1a adjustments and lots of color change options for the pillows make this a winner.

Lazy days call for casual so I slipped on a few comfortable but not necessarily new clothes from my closet.

Style notes:

Hair: >TRUTH< Melinda - carrot
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Clothing: Solange PINK Missy Scoop Neck Top ; :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Top Pink; .::HH:: (yes, that's the store name it seems).pajamas? :-D [Heart]
Accessories: [Baubles] Oversized Hoop Earring (releases this Saturday with BHP)

A few of you know that I was thinking about closing Steamy Victoria when the STEAM and Ostara hunts ended. Instead, I remodeled the Paragen garden shed to make it larger and moved the goods into the waterfront cottage. So it will be around for awhile now that I've saved 200 prims in the building. It is quaint, friendly and more my style I guess. And business has improved greatly since the renovation. I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining. Feel free to visit the gardens around back. It is SO lovely here.

Wearing White

Blue Blood has a new release. It comes in all the traditional BB colors in both black and white goth versions.  Since Spring is trying to come to my neck of the woods, I opted to show you the Winter Be Gone version of the new outfit called Veleria. It is sophisticated with a touch of feminine whimsy at the hips. I can think of so many ways to accessories this simple but striking set.

I chose simple and tall white BAX Prestige Boots, some dramatic new hair from the A sisters (see link below) and some pentacle earrings. A little Goth, a little Pagan a little Hollywood -- works for me.

I tried TPing to appropriate locales for a photo shoot but found some no longer open to the public and one (a shopping area) white-listed. So I am in Wintefell again. It's a big place with plenty to see.

Click any photo for a high rez version.

The hair I am wearing is a recent release and XStreet dollarbie from Alice Klinger. It has arty hand drawn tendrils. These don't always work for me, but in this style, they did. It is very romantic.

It is difficult to feel cold and harsh in this outfit, especially in the White Goth versions. Softness is OK. We can be strong and still keep love in our hearts.

Style notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali Angela Hair Ruby
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Outfit: +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE (review copy)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots White Leather
Accessories: Steamy Victoria Pentacle Earring - Silver

Poses by LAP and Ozimals

Midnight Treasure

I saw a few posts on a new Treasury lucky dip yesterday. Kouse's Sanctum wants you to raid the giant gold chest at their store. The posts that came to my attention were simply announcements, no pretty pictures. So, last afternoon with work done I took a jaunt over to the shop to see what I could see.

click any photo for a high rez vesion

It is pretty simple. Find the large gold chest and "sit" or "dip" or whatever the pie chart suggests you do. You can try once a minute (how nice) and you always get a prize. Some prizes are nice in themselves. My first try garnered a pretty necklace similar to the one I am wearing here but without feathers. Other prizes can be jewels or gold coins which you collect to make a set and then turn in for a prize or prizes of your choice.

One of the big prizes it the Gift Gown which I won on my third try. Lucky dips and I are not on the friendliest of terms ( I can't count all the cupcakes I have thrown away in the last year), so I was very pleased. I took a leisurely stroll around the very large store to see what might catch my eye.

As you probably know, gowns are not one of my normal types of attire. I do, however, enjoy role play costumes, dresses that speak of other times and places. There were many lovely items to choose from but I decided on this very pretty Boleyn Girl style in teal. It was available in many other lovely colors and came with a matching necklace -- a nice bonus. You could of course wear it without the long sleeves should you so desire.

You can only turn in one gown prize per month, but if you stay awhile and win another you can pass it along to a friend or save it. So try your luck -- it's fun and you might win a beautiful dress of your choice. Hard to beat that.

My hair is a new release from the Alli-Ali design team called Kate in dark brown. I am wearing the matching bangs which are optional. It is perfect for fantasy hair of long ago. It is free by the voting wall.

My skin is Eva 2 tone 5 by Tuli. Poses by LAP.

Photos taken in Winterfell not far from my place.

Baby Sakura

OK. I said I wasn't going to post bunny photos, but this is so cute I couldn't resist.  More pics for anyone that cares on my Flickr stream. Now, I promise to go back to FASHION or at least neatening my inventory. I did only post one. Such restraint from a "new mom" *wink*.

The New Hunts

New hunts are on the horizon. Some for gals, some for guys, some for everyone! I am participating as a vendor in two beginning of April hunts. Here at the pictures. Baubles is the place. Just for the Girls Hunt starts April 1 and the Gaia Hunt starts April 2. Since both of these hunts are having last minute walkththoughs, we can hope that things will run smoothly the first days. If your frustration level peaks easily, waiting until week two is always an alternate plan.

These are the prizes for the guys and gals in the GAIA hunt.

And here is a bonus gift on the GAIA hunt. A privacy pod that can be used for a workspace, a meditation area or a home. It can sink into the earth on a 1024 lot or float above a 512 if your neighbors don't mind a little overflow WAY up in the sky.

I think I am in the #40's in both hunts. You can of course always start at my place *wink*

My outfit is an oldie but goodie from Baiastice. Poses by PhotoGraphique and LAP.

You will be looking for a fedora hat (usually pink but might be another color) for the JFTG hunt and a pretty angel sculpty holding a globe for the GAIA hunt. Have fun!


It is easy to lose track of friends in Phil's Place. We get busy with projects, work, new friends and sometimes lose track of those that came before. So, I was very happy to hear from Divine this morning and even more please when she TPed me over to a newly discovered spot. I loved the place and will return soon to do more exploring and give you a full travel log.

I had heard that Vive9 was closing and that there were tons of unreleased items out for free. My "to do" list is very long these days, so I didn't journey over. I did spend a few moments reflecting on how stores come and go. I have lost a few of my favorites this year, to be gratefully replaced by new kids on the block.

Divine got in first thing this morning. She was unable to do so last nigh. Of the many, MANY, gifts that were available, these are some of her favorites. She has new skin and eyes, both at times problematic as she is a dark skinned gal. She was extremely happy with her new look.

Along with this body suit, she is wearing one of two sets of leggings she liked. According to Divine there were some nice tanks and jeans too, if you are in need. As with all big give aways, her chioces may not be your favorites or mine. Go. Enjoy the lag and the "fun" of trying to get in. Sending a thank you note might be nice too. That doesn't happen enough these days.

Her hair is an old one by Gurl6, boots also old by CS Fandango. Poses by LAP.

A Little Group Exorcism

While I already did a full post on (*chanimations new Sourceress 4 set, I had to share the photos and the fun of the afternoon. Ten lovely maidens (well maybe not really "maidens" *wink*), a willing participant and the sorceress came together for an hour or so of vendor photo shooting.

My other must share info is this gorgeous Deviance Enchantress outfit which will be released very soon. It comes with plenty of options and everything shown here except the hair. The detailing is truly spectacular. I was both impressed and happy to be photographed in such a lovely set. It comes in red also and I heard a rumor it may be available in pure white. This is the cream version.

Please click thumbnails for a closer  look.

The outer circle has ten places with the same pose forming a circle with the practioner in the center.

Here is the full circle in the deep of night. Pretty impressive. More photos will be available on my Flickr stream.

Style notes:

Hair: EXXESS Scorpio red 2  head 50
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Outfit: Deviance-Enchantress (cream) - only part of the set (gift)

Top pose to be released by PhotoGraphique as part of the donation pack at Pose Fair 2010.
Other poses AND this prop available at the Pose fair by (*chanimations.

Content Creators

This started out to be a post about my new garden in Winterfell, and indeed it is. It is also about content creation. As I looked out at all the wonderful items I have collected I couldn't help but reflect on all the talent that is with SL. Whether our creators are stay at home moms, retired executives, college students -- it doesn't matter. They each give their time and effort to making Phil's Place special. We have so much to choose from, we can make our world truly our own.

You probably recognize my Spring dress as the ICON hunt prize from Zarra. I have always admired Zarra's style be it in clothing, jewelry or sim design. Along with her excellent technique there is a glorious freedom in her choice of hues, reminding us that exploration is part of life and constraint is most often self-defined.

Along with the obvious content creators who make our clothes and hair, skin and jewelry, houses and plants -- let's not forget the pose makers and animators. The Pose Fair starts in a few days with 99 shops to explore. I was very happy to be chosen as an official blogger from a huge group of interested folks. You know I would have blogged it ANYWAY but it is nice to be official. And to the guys and gals that weren't included, you can still write about the fair -- that IS what blogging is about.  Do your thing and have fun.

The poses above feature old timers as well as one "could have been" pose maker. Of the 99 shops on the Pose Fair 2010 list, there are many that I don't recognize, so seeing all the new creations will be especially fun.

The top pose is from Torrid Midnight, one of our oldest pose makers now retired. I was happy to see when I looked at her profile this morning that she now has poses at ETD. I can't TP there this morning to give you the landmark, but you are smart folks and I know you can find it if you want to.

The second pose is from Mela's who used to have camping for poses :D. The last pose is from Tiny Bird's Autumn Hykova. She doesn't sell poses; this pose was made on a dare for a Poop Hunt, but it is a job well done with plenty of emotion worked into the lines. Here is to all the old, current, could have been and might yet be pose makers who help give our pictures authenticity.

Style notes:

Hair: TRUTH; Melinda - carrot
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: Zarra ZC : 6 Mrinali free
Shoes: sf design caroline sandals (NLA)

Down the Rabbit Hole 2

Chandra sent over her newest release last eve. It was seasonal and so I have of course been thinking of bunnies, maybe sexy bunnies *wink*. Knowing Chandra maybe VERY sexy bunnies.  I was so surprised when I started to unpack the boxes. It was more "hare" than bunny. I don't "Photoshop" pictures very often, but I journeyed over to an Alice and Wonderland sim for a photo shoot and while I could cam down and get this rabbit hole picture, there was no way to sit or double click into the area. So here you have one of my few composite pictures. The backdrop is an actually SL(R) location with very few changes.

Now deviousMind outfits traditionally have many options, all possible layers and lots of choices. This Black Rabbit, White Rabbit costume is no exception. I started counting and I think there are around 90 pieces in all. You can of course delete some and and keep the original boxes as backups. That's a good plan if you want your inventory to be tidy. Still, there are plenty of pieces that can work with other outfits. My plan is to save out my favorites, and pack the original boxes in with the opened items. Then I can find extra pieces if I need them.

These are some of my favorite pieces. The jacket comes with several versions of fasteners (some with resize scripts) but can be worn without and with OTHER things too. I love the watch necklace with feathers and chains and ribbons and lots of timepieces. The ears are as cute as ears can be and there is a tail too if you want to actually be a bunny for the holiday. My I-know-I'll-use-it-so-often prize in this set goes to the sexy tights with great textures and built in panties. I just love them.

So that is just a few -- barely a few -- of the many pieces in this set. Garters and bodices, more watch fobs -- the list goes on. And Chandra is going to laugh at this but I didn't even open the black box of goodies *wink*. Another day :D.

Hair by Truth. Skin by Tuli.

Poses by LAP, VAIN, (*chanimations (pose with watch)

Land By The Hour

A brief comment this early morn in case someone can clarify this.

Yesterday evening I logged in through Emerald and saw that the MOTD (message of the day) read something about renting land by the hour. HMMM, I thought.  There are actually a few good reasons why you want might to rent some land by the hour -- meetings, a big build project that would be a more pleasant experience not on the sandbox. A quick "tryst"?

Still, it seemed a very odd thing for The Labs to be advertising. I clicked on the the little-bitty-URL link that always follows their messages these days and found myself at a website advertising -- land by the hour. The website did have a "join SL now" button on the side, but it had no official look at all. In fact it reminded me greatly of some very old web design. The background color didn't match the transparent text. You get the idea.

Yes, I did bookmark the site, but I decided that posting the link would be risky. My machine seems fine and I do have virus protection on auto update, but you never know. I can't imagine that this was an actual message from the powers that be. So was it a hack? An interesting thought.

I think that personally, I'll stop clicking on those tiny url links. One never knows where they might be going and I am (normally) a very careful gal.

Just something to think about.

Portal Brazil: Newbie Reflections

Portal Brazil is open to the public for a couple of days.  (This official SLURL drops you in the water so be prepared to hike a little :D) I was interested to see how the newbie experience had changed since I popped out of the pod. And it definitely has changed. Getting into the spirit of things or trying to, I donned some of the newbie clothes from my inventory's library. All was not working however and the database was having major problems with clothes, TPs and such. So this is the best in unfashionality that I could do.

click any photo for a high rez version

I was impressed with the layout and the thought given to the indoctrination process. The colorful information kiosks were all numbered. I could figure out the messages with my smattering of Spanish. I played the part of a newbie as best I could. Here I tried to wear a box and of course I did just that. We've all been there in our history.

There are some gifts along the way, nothing an old-timer would be interested in, but I ended up in much nicer shape on my exit from Portal Brazil than I did from Help Island over two years ago.

Part way through the process I found a box of attire that included hair, a shape (they believe in thunder thighs in Brazil it seems *wink*) and even an AO.

Here I am in the very large and completely furnished house where new folks can explore and learn about sitting and animations with or without poseballs.

Arrows point to important lessons to be learned. Since the house has many fairly small rooms, I am guessing that navigation (i.e walking without bumping into everything) might be tricky for new folk. It is impressively large however and it took me awhile to find my way out. Yep, it did.

The area that let's newbies explore camera controls is quite lovely. Characters like the fellow gazing at the pond are liberally placed in the environment. I can't tell if they will stay once the portal is open or if they are there to give early visitors a sense of the space with new citizens in place.

There is even a very nicely themed sandbox where you can read about building basics and try your hand a creating. I remember one at Help Island long ago, but this is much more fun. Again, all these "people" are prims, not avatars.

Right after this building area there is some sort of waterway with alligators that you need to traverse. Fly was turned off and I had no clue how I was actually supposed to make my way over, so I cheated and double clicked my way onward. Maybe this will be a fly area later. It is a mystery.

This is graduation. You can see my newbie pack look here. Everything but skin was included and the pose is one from the AO which has a much nicer sexy walk that the typical public domain one. So ladies can exit in style. The turnstyle leads to a subway station. I couldn't tell what you needed to do to get into Second Life proper, but it most likely is not set up at this point.

That's my quicky tour of Portal Brazil. It was definitely an interesting couple of hours.

Thrill Me Thursday - Week 8: MAYA

The Maya set is this week's Thrill Me Thursday special at Baubles. Buy both pairs for $25. They will be $75 each when they go on the wall Friday morning. Look for the brightly colored vendor with the balloons.

The Bargain Hunters Paradise item for the week is Make Me a Star - Purple. This double bangle and earring set is up until Saturday when a new item will appear. The board has been moved a bit to the alcove by the entrance.The BHP price is $20. It will be $40 next week.

That's the news from Baubles this week.


There is a cute new dress at Poison on the Midnight board. It took me a couple of days to win; getting up early is mandatory and at 6:50 SL morning time there are only 25 slaps available. There is always tomorrow however. Cute and sassy with stylish prim pieces it is worth a bit of effort :D.

I zipped over to the Drowsy library, a place I love for the attention to detail. Every good bookworm needs spectacles. Well of course they do. These new slightly geeky models from Homespun are both charming and very versatile. With tons of color and texture choices, I had no trouble finding a perfectly coordinating pair. The glasses come in two standard sizes and can be modified for fit as needed. Texture and color choices are by clickable menu.

My books are from a Pose Fair project for PhotoGraphique called "Poised" and will be released next week along with a mini pose set. Single poses will be available as well as a collection of book props.

My shoes are from the G Field subscribo, a fairly recent join gift.

Hair: Melinda from Truth
Skin: Eva from Tuli.