A Whole New Color Scheme

OK. I admit it. I am ready for Halloween to end. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Halloween. I'm just ready to move onward. Still, when I heard that Tekeli-li had a dollarbie out -- I am THERE. One of my favorite designers for sure with so much imagination and skill -- how could I not go.

So off to Hollow Earth and that is where these photos are taken. You can jump down into the abyss and ride a canal boat (or fly) and have a great time.

The gift is the great hat I am wearing and as you might have guessed it is immensely changeable with leather, metals and gems all having the ability to change into new colors. It's easy. Several sizes and attachment points are included. Don't miss this.

On the way to Hollow Earth, I stopped by Moontan who was having a hunt (well not REALLY as pumpkins are big and in the open. There is also a witches broom in case you are in need. Shown here are some pretty unHalloweeny thing (sigh of relief as my inventory is popping with LOVELY things I have no time to wear).

So, cute little bear to wear on a belt or wherever....

Little girlie necklace for the most feminine of us .....

And a more mannish leather number which would go with lots. Other items too -- these are only some. So stop by.

Shown with HOH and Bewitched hairs from the latest hunt and LAP poses.

Bewitched Hunt

Just a quick update after I zipped over to the Bewitched part of the great hair (and more) hunt going on. While I am not going to give you too many hints, I WILL say that -- for me -- the Bewitched part of the sisterhood held more favorites. And, for those of you who really like those "old" textures (and I am certainly one) you can get them here. I found at least five favorite styles including Doll shown in the Bewitched "mahg" version of mahogany. The dress is from the pumpkin in the Alpha Male shop. Pose by LAP.

It's getting laggy now but the hunt will be for for awhile, so enjoy.

Last of the Pumpkins

Deviant Kitties is having a hunt. You may have heard. I went over to take a look and while I really love the goggles I found (I so love goggles it seems), I do have to say that this is a DIFFICULT hunt. The pumpkins are tiny and after 45 minutes I had found three. So, I can't show you the whole outfit as I didn't find it, but I hear there are some great boots in the mix.

BUT there are some nice gifts just out in boxes including these HUGE but very cute (some of you like huge I know - wink) boots with lots of detail. They are mod but don't shrink down. They likely fit guys too? Good chance. Also in the freebies is this cute little Rufus with hold animation.

Also starting today there is a hunt at both Bewitched and House of Heart. Larger pumpkins (but not big) and easier to find -- for me anyway. Some are $0 and some are dollarbies. This was my favorite hair of the HOH group. I have this already in reds so nice to have a different color.

Poses by LAP, skirt by Samara Studios. Location? Samara Studios new courtyard where I just set up a shop. I ramble around a lot from place to place, but the main shop stays put -- for now anyway.

Ghost Busters: Reflections

While I was chatting with some of the other retailers last night in the Grid Wide Hunt group, I KNEW how I wanted to wrap up this world wind tour and gift hunt. Many of my readers won't recognize the humor here, but this Callie Cline rainbowa from the hunt is a sister to my famous -- or not so famous 15 minutes of glory. Later that same photo got me spot 11 if I recall correctly in Sexy Seconds magazine.

So when I had a chance to do a photo shoot with another bright feathery accessory, how could I pass it up? Boa by Callie Cline and hair by Truth (both from the hunt). Shoes by Juicy and pose by LAP.

I enjoyed the hunt immensely. I am most likely one of the very few people who experienced it from so many viewpoints -- retailer, hunter, photographer and blogger. As I retailer I sold a lot of dollarbies and a few of my most popular halter tops. And hopefully I made a few happy shoppers for the future. As a gatherer I enjoyed the challenges and sometimes the frustrations of the hunt. As a photographer I was thrilled to find a few more visually rich locales for photo shoots to come. And as a blogger, I am actually ready to move onward to new territory - LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed showing you some of the sights.

Ghost Busters: Over a Hundred

So here I am in the backyard - so to speak - of *katat0nik* who is number 103. I got stuck towards the end but hope that my mentor can bail me out and that I can finish ALL the great places on this hunt. Meanwhile, here is the offering from a very popular store. Now *katat0nik* is not my personal style. We all have one and it is often an extremely personal thing. STILL, I can't help but applaud the work and the creativity that goes into these designs. They are indeed lovely! This outfit even came with the short boots (very cute). As I am busily typing this at her shop, there is a NEW RELEASE just out. Crowds are coming in and excitement is in the air. FUN!

Shown with hair by Truth (the guys hair is quite cute also and unisex), skin by Pididdle - both from the hunt and another Vain pose :D

Ghost Busters: A Brief Respite

With only fifteen more stops on the Ghost Buster tour to go, I took a break to go through the gifts I had found. Such lovely things. I had to take a picture of this fantastic lamp from Rustica. Very fairy tale; very lovely. Of course it would look better somewhere other than my beach - LOL. But we do what we need to do to get that photo. Also in this shot are jeans and belt by WoE and a primly sexy (Can you have that? Well I think this top does it.) short plaid top by Worldwide Industries.

The scultique pumps in purple came from Rebel Hope and are similar to the picks gift earlier in the month. They coordinate perfectly with the morte necklace from Sentou Yousei. The poses are by Vain from the hunt.

There are so many lovely thing, I obviously can't show you all of them. Horizon expanding continues this eve.

Ghost Busters: Tableau

Ghost Busters is more than just hunting. I am finding some fantastic places to explore. I love Tableau! It took me awhile to find the ghost (silly me) but I didn't care -- there was so much to see. It is VERY laggy there right now, but in the very early morning it was fantastic. So many exciting photo ops and gorgeous textures.

So I am still in my Lazy Places boots (yes, I am sure I will take them off eventually) but added some new items from ghost numbers down the line. The Halloween witch with class dress complete with socks and hat is from Flunky, bangles from Ephemeral Creations, animated hair from Mia Snow (like you couldn't tell!) and the sparkler from Tableau Shopping.

Onward with my RL day, but I'll be back to explore some more soon. Have fun having fun guys.

Ghost Busters: Lazy Places

I decided after viewing my last blog that I had gone over to the dark side - LOL. Too much "gather" and not enough beauty. So, tonight I went out again -- still in gather mode -- but with a better purpose.

First stop Lazy Places which I have always loved. I was SO surprised with the new build. Evidently I hadn't been there in awhile or this is new for Halloween? Not sure. Anyway their Ghost Buster ghost has some FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! boots with resize scripts so good for guys and gals I am guessing. How cool is that.

Now the trick was to find some other Ghost Buster things -- hopefully in the places after Lazy Places -- to make a cool outfit.

And I did it. I'm so proud. Now I cheated just a bit and used some of my own black pants and gold halter as underthings, but most everyone has something that would work with this.

Most of all I got to take some cool photos at Lazy Places.

Here is the scoop on other things shown in this post. The very cool jacket is by LeeZu Baxter Designs and the Ghost Buster hat (small logo on the beanie) is by Lookr. Now that beanie was VERY VERY hard to find. So I'm going to give you a hint. There are actually pictorial instructions how to find the ghost at Lookr. Find them on the counter near the entrance. You will NEVER find it without those instructions. And if you aren't a good cammer (or crawler) the next stop on the Ghost tour is Haute Style and Co in Opium. (big wink).

Ghost Busters: Here we go!

This is one of several very nice poses by VAIN from the start of the hunt. I am wearing a tee by Vette's Boutique, Skin by Minnu (not easy to find -no camming), scarf and beret by Nova and hair by HOH (not in hunt).


Well I of course had a plan. And of course it went astray. Beat the hoards and the lag by starting at MY shop and work around to the end and THEN start at the beginning. That seemed prudent. Well it was to a point. Long story but I ended up at the beginning in the end - LOL. Here are a few things (no LM - you'll have to hunt for them yourself as part of the fun) that I especially liked. I think I am about a quarter through the hunt.


This is another VAIN pose, outfit by Frozen Turquoise Valentine, boots by She's So Unusual, Halloween skin by colorskin (ghost behind wall - tisk). The lizard on the top spans the back too. Cute!

This super cute statement making hairdo comes from IROLLIC, the top from Cupcakes and the exquisite but way too fragile to SEE necklace and earrings from Aluinn (if I remember correctly this was a smaller ghost than most :D).

The jeans, "don't label me" top and cute bandanna are from Ibizarre. The bracelets that you can't see too well are from [spork] and have red jewels on a black band. The bracelets are only part of the [spork] gift pack.

  • Retox had some nice shirts mostly for the guys as well as other goodies.
  • Tea Lane has a HUGE collection of skins, clothes, shoes, accessories and some DARLING hats in their gift -- too much to show really.
  • There are several non clothing items of course including a lovely large gazebo, a bed, some colored lanterns and a cool tarot table (actually two) from Schadenfreude.

I also found a few great photo ops, some $30 black buckle boots I'm going to go back and revisit and some impressive builds. It was MUCH fun to find some stores I had never heard of before. So it was a fun three hours and I look forward to going back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, while I have more for show and tell, I am in "can't change clothes" mode so will quit while I still have some clothes on and catch up with ya tomorrow.

A Hunting We Will Go

It the grid wide Ghost Buster Hunt Day. Yeah! I can't wait to try out Dove's fantastic pose pumpkin. The hunt starts at noon so we don't have long to wait. Until then though, you can get over to Mischief and search for jammie bottoms. Yes, I am wearing mine and I think they are quite presentable as pants. The jammies are found in spider webs inside the mischief shop. There are 13 pairs - not all with Halloween themes. I only picked up a few, but they are very nice and comfy. And comfy works for a day of hunting and gathering.

Shown here with a previously blogged tank from nekorifik, the cute necklace I mentioned yesterday from Rebel - X and my Juicy slingbacks. Hair by House of Heart, Tuli's Halloween skin and pose by LAP.

Thursday's News

Well this isn't hot off the presses but still of note :D

REBEL XTRAVAGANZA has a darling outfit in its lucky chair. I made several trips over there today and finally scored this eve. The outfit comes complete with hoodie and hair (a combo) OR if you have some favorite short hair of your own, it comes with JUST the hood. The pieces will be great for mixing and matching and the socks are outstanding. The sweater can work without the hood too. While you are at the shop, look at the free necklaces by the door. I got the crossed bone one and it is very cute. Now is a good time to go as there is a watch going on. Lots of folks there :D And you'll have time to peruse the goods for sale while you are waiting for an elusive "Q" to appear.

And in other news Rockberry gave out some lovely skins to the update group. I haven't tried them yet, but this is the natural color and it looks simply gorgeous!

The Ghost Buster's Hunt will be starting very soon -- testing in progress as I type this. I'll be reporting of course, but I thought you might want to know what Love Chic has inside the ghost at the shop.

I'd already made these even before I saw how popular the copper and brass dollarbie version is. So I suspect this model in cool silvers will be liked as well. A set of two is included. The shop is small so finding our bad, bad ghost should be very easy. Enjoy!

Creaking Cauldron

The Creaking Cauldron has some great Halloween themed gifts for you. First there is a duel skirted outfit -- long and tutu -- called Autumn Web. And since it is way more "Autumn" than "Halloween" it has staying power which is a plus (big wink). Find it in the Trick or treat bag at the foot of the stairs. You get the cute trick or treat bag too.

Shown with a leaf emitting Fall umbrella from Samara Studios (dollarbie on the specials board in the center of the Casuals area) and one of the lucky chair hats from my trip to Hatpins yesterday. The lucky chair at the Oak Tree Shops has the same hats in their lucky chair.

And just for clicking the SubscribOmatic, you get these VERY cool boots and matching purse. Woah! I'm coordinated. Whoopee.

This is the long skirted version which is quite romantic. You can get a similar dress in pink and black for a 15 minute camp. The shop is filled with a lot of cute Halloween, Samhain items including brooms and GROWING pumpkins. This is a fun place to visit.

There is a trick or treat event going on at the Oak Tree Shops -- the home of Creaking Cauldron -- now with many of the shops having orange bags to buy. Most are $0 or $1 but I found one at $30 so don't click away without reading :D

Pose by LAP.


And if you simply LIKE pants better than skirts -- lose 'em both. The long glitch pants make a bold outfit that looks great with those boots.


Just a quick note to say thanks to whoever put my bangle bracelets on the "must have only for a dollar" list at some freebies group (big wink). You sell enough of these guys and it pays the rent and we are ALL happy. They are still available at the main shop only and it gets even better at the end of the week.

More to come then.

This 'n That Tuesday

I found a few exciting goodies out there today. Here is a list and a few pics.

These boots are probably my biggest find. Now, I want to be fair here as they did not FIT all that well so some time on a pose stand might be needed. The boots themselves though are lovely. They have small "logo" tags on the back but look more like designer tags than logowear so I am guessing most of you will be fine with that. These are MOD. :D

They are from the Clove Main Store and the mall is having a pumpkin hunt as well. Find the BOOTS however, on the second floor. Click the SALE sign and buy for $0. Like ya really needed to know that to find them ? (big grin) Yep, ya did.

The cute witches hat with purple accents (goes with the Lala FooFoo current (I hope still current) freebie -- is from the same shop. Find it proudly displayed near the TP point in a box.

The glasses are from Dark Mouse at the Retrology Hunt. I went over there to find the slayer belt that someone blogged. I should LEARN that Retrology hunts don't actually have all there goodies out at start time (wink). Anyway I did NOT find the slayer belts (yes, hints would be appreciated) but I did find the other two DM offerings. These retro glasses are quite cute for sure.

Also of note, there are some nice turquoise eyes (small size) out at EarthStones. Follow the signs that say eyes, They are way in the back away from the jewelry in a large vendor under the eyes for sale.

And there is a nice set of five poses for free at DK Designs. Find them RIGHT at the tp point. One is "for guys" but girls could still use it.

Girlfiends in Hats

It all started with a necklace from Sanu that I picked up yesterday for a linden. Of the three color choices, I bought the pink one. Then the question was what to wear it with. Hmm. Pink. Dress. Oz dress from Sn@tch. Yep. That works.

Then as things will have it, a friend told me about this great hat place. Now I am not a hat girl all that often. Still, I have to admit this is a VERY cool hat and I like being a girlie girl now and then. The hats shown are both from Hatpins. Mine is a group gift (join and touch the vendor) and my gal friend's was in the lucky chair in the Haute Couture shop. Both Hatpins shops have lucky chairs with one prize. I won the prize in the other shop but that's for another post. They both also have 90 minute camp chairs for some very cute hats. There are demos and dollarbies and it's just generally a fun place to explore.

Beni is also wearing a Sn@tch dress; I tped her in for a lucky chair sit and this is the Cha Cha set :D. I particularly like the ruffles on the top. Cute! The hat she is wearing was a lucky chair item at the Haute Couture store. And so we both ended up in girlie attire!

And here is the necklace that started the journey.

Lion Skins: Showcase Review

Lion skins has just unveiled ten new makeups. The ones I am showing you here are all in the pale skin tone and from the Suzana line. As with all skins, the look depends on our shapes as well as our preferences. I remember reading one skin review where the skin was fantastic simply because of the belly button (wink). I will say that I was particularly impressed with the rendering of the ears. These often get overlooked and sometimes simply need to be hidden under hair. Not these!

The NEWS here however is the makeup -- our face is what we typically show the world most often after all. These range into the specialty category but with a change in hair and perhaps eyes some could move all the way into fantasy if that is your intent.

From the press release:

Lion has outdone herself while on holiday and created some beautiful new makeups that surely dare to impress. Bold explosions of color sprinkled across the flesh to make fur fun and excitement.

This is SUZANA-pale 68. Hair by Frangipani.

This is SUZANA-pale 69. Hair by Frangipani.

This is SUZANA-pale 71. Hair by House of Heart.

This is SUZANA-pale 72. Hair by House of Heart.

Love Chic Dollarbie

I've put a set of bangles out on my desk at Love Chic. You get two bangles -- one for the right and one for the left. Find them on the desk on top of this book. This is a limited time offer.

What's New : Sunday

Tuli is 34 today -- not in Phil's Place years of course. To celebrate she has marked down one item in each of her locations. I did some sleuthing and found four skins (Meredith, Starry, Nikki, and Elizabeth) and four clothes items in the mix. There is also a 2 minutes lucky stump at her main location and a giant cauldron of some interesting candies. See her profile (Tuli Asturias) and look under the picks tab for LM to all the locations. Today only!

There are some new give aways at Sn@tch. The unlucky chair while pretty gruesome gives some nice prizes, the apple bobbing tank let's you try your luck every three minutes. You can win anything from a beach shack to a messenger bag to bangles -- and more of course. I was there in the middle of the night and came back to take this picture. Laggy now as people have awakened from their late Saturday eves no doubt. Still fun once you rez.

Presents :D

There are early treats out there even for our WICKEDEST witches (see above) . HOH has an expanded hair release pack at its customer service desk. Two new hairs have been added including Bewitched above and Sweeny Todd (see below). Shown with the Batty Girl skin from SLink's current lucky chair.

And from LAP we have an oh so fun subscribOmatic group gift. A pumpkin (includes "hat" but I wanted to show you the hair). Click to get a new pose. Available until Halloween. Hair is HOH's Scarecrow, outfit from the Cutting Class Adventure still going on (see previous post).

This is the Sweeny Todd hair. Very fitting I think.

Stringer Mausoleum Ghost Hunt

It is difficult to imagine a place further away in time, place and theme from Retrology than The Stringer Mausoleum. And yet I enjoy them both for their sense of vision. If you haven't been to TSM, then an adventure may be in order. Now is the perfect time as there is an event going on. Find the small ghosts and get some good stuff. The ghosts come in different colors and there is an explanation board near the tp point. You can find hair and eyes for gals, guys and unisexuals (wink). There is rumor of a store card, but I didn't find it.

It isn't a big place but there is a lot of GLOW which while interesting in atmosphere makes hunting and gathering a bit tricky. I suggest that you will have an easier time if you turn your graphics to low under the preferences tab. There are great animations here so try a few seats while you cam around. Of my finds, this was my favorite. It comes in at least two of the ghosts as I have four colors. The goggles are optional but I really love them.

And when you REALLY want to get wild, you can go for this unisex style. Woot! I know some of my blogging buddies will love this.

The very nice cape comes from the D.o.D store at Oz. Shown with latex pants from Sn@tch and Juicy shoes.

Retrology Hunt

Retrology is having a sim wide pumpkin hunt. Just touch the smallish pumpkins to get your treat -- or in some cases a trick. There are some lovely gifts here. I found mostly outfits for women but there were some unisex items also. There are a lot more shops to explore than during the last hunt, so you'll have some new experiences. Always fun!

It's bound to get laggy as the day begins for our hunter and gathering folks, so wear your low prim gear. You can rez a scooter if you want to travel with ease, but there are some spots where a scooter just won't take you. So walking is good exercise too.

This is just a small portion of the items available. I can see from the vendor list, that I missed a lot. But YOU can take your time and find them all. Yep you can!

The hunt lasts until November 1st.

The hair shown here is from Hairapy and part of the hunt. Shoes from Juicy. Poses from LAP.