Festive Windows

December is almost upon us. A busy time for many both in our virtual worlds and corporeal ones.  Many of us are settling in for the holiday season, some in snowy lands, some on tropical sands.

I won't be covering Advent this year, but when not to be missed items show themselves, I will try and include them in my current post.   I can confirm that there will once again be a star hunt Advent Calendar at Sway's  [with lots of decoy stars sadly]  and the annual Trompe Loeil Advent gacha (scroll down to that post). 

Check teleporthub.com and Freestyle  for lists too. And of course pay attention to any groups you belong too.   I will not be doing an Advent calendar this year but I can happily say that I gave away over 44,000 gifts LAST year :D.

So have a great month exploring, gathering and present opening.

In my photo of the day note the very pretty window adornments.  These are out on the Saturday Sale at The Looking Glass.  Check your inventories as they are not new and you may already have them wandering amidst the dust-bunnies of your inventory.  3 land impact they come on a gold rod and can be used also as half window dressings.

A Change of Focus

So many things have changed for me of late -- mostly because of my not so quiet outlook on the Tilia TOS and privacy policy.  True to my word I stopped trading in linden dollars in order to avoid signing the Tilia agreement.

With that decision -- and particularly since I decided to keep my store open -- came some changes.   I knew this plan would make a big difference in my virtual life and I was OK with that. I believe in following your own personal drummer and trying to be my best authentic self. We all have choices and we live with the consequences of our decisions.  Happily things are pretty much "all good" with me.

As you might expect I have an abundance of linden dollars these days. What to do with them. I have TRIED to shop and indeed have purchased a few impressive items over the last months. But, perhaps simply because I am OLD and JADED (laughing here) I can't seem to get up a lot of enthusiasm for designs that have been reworked over  and over during the last few years -- and for some, over the last decade.  I realize that the saying "there are no new ideas" is cemented into our culture, but I would really like to think that there ARE some new ideas out there -- or at least twists on some old ideas.

With a hefty saving hanging out with my alt, I turned to "land experiences".  I love making new areas -- both for myself and for people to visit. With the demise of the Machinima Open Studio Project (lastly at LEA7) both the need and the ability to keep styling areas disappeared.   I moved from my mainland plot to a homestead and had fun bringing some of my favorite MOSP scenes into a new arena.    Then I found a lot in historic Babbage (the canal district) and set up a small environment there.  It is fun being part of a place that I have visited regularly over more than a decade.  I like "history" as well as "tradition".

As mid-November rolled around I had four places to call home in some sense of the word.  Was that enough? Apparently not.

Tuesday eve I was wandering through the Destination Guide looking for snow sims for winter photo shoots. I had been looking for a snowy area to rent for the season but that wasn't going well at all, so "snow for photos" was the plan of the night.     I found a couple areas and bookmarked them. You will likely see them in the background over the next couple of month.  Then I let my mind wander and fingers roam to other spots in the Editor's Choice category.

And there I found Peony, a mix of rentals and photo shoot areas in that upscale high land impact  (read that as primmy) design.  Fun and eclectic and niche -- it grabbed my attention. Some perusing found me at the website where I read through both rules and available properties.    Properties listed as available were no longer so, but I did fine one just-my-style small home in the community area of the sim -- which it turns out had JUST been released into the wild. 

The house is the Apple Fall Country Hall which is small with an open plan.  There is a large hilltop deck overlooking the sea and plenty of privacy.  It is part of the community area with its slightly junky ambiance.

The rental comes with 750 land impact points. I had planned to do a before and after styling post showing the house empty and then decorated with those 750 prims. Well -----    I only used about a third of my allotment. Not much story there :D. 

So over time you will see bits and pieces of my new place. It is very very different from any other home I have decorated. I found things in my inventory that I had never used and it was great fun making a "rich gal fallen on hard times" styling.

My only two purchases were the Nutmeg piano and some great plants currently out at Cosmo from Compulsion.   There is definitely atmosphere!

My top photo is the music room and  parlor -- or a corner of it.  Yesterday I added some of the new gacha items from the Trompe Loeil Advent Gacha.  Note the Narrow Tree and Leaf Wrapped Gifts in the corner and the clever Deer Head Candle Holder on the piano. 

For those of you wondering how the Trompe Loeil Advent Calendar works, here is an explaination:  https://trompeloeil.biz/advent-calendar-faq/

The calendar this year is a display table with holiday scene on top and ornaments in the glassed area.  A 16 land impact item it is free and available at the Trompe Loeil store as well as the Trompe Loeil gacha machine area at The Arcade (December).  So a lovely gift whether or not you complete the whole calendar.

The gacha key is here.

And before I close this long tale, here is a snapshot of my favorite piece of the set:

Weekend Escape

On the Saturday Sale:

MINIMAL - Alice Set - Table, suitcases, potted plant (also includes basket with logs at LOD4)

Mithral * Hanging Propagation Set (Light Wood)

And at Cosmopolitan:  Compulsion Plants

Trompe Loeil - Vintage Bathtub Metal
Apple Fall Country Hall
Dutchie stack of towels

Dream Me in Winter - Wrapped Up in Patterns

As the second half of November approached, I found myself thinking about Avent -- and in particular the Trompe Loeil Advent Gacha.  A tradition now, I was remembering my first glimpse of the magic. That was 2012 so this is the SEVENTH year; truly a tradition.

As always there are some great things to be had as "almost free" gacha prizes. The collection is eclectic and varied as it always is and each person will find their own favorites. Trading is good, but some of you will want to complete the "Advent Calendar". Still, there will likely be extras along the way to share with friends.

I have already used four of the items in my new house over in fou-fou Peony. You are free to come and peek in the windows, but with patience you will see them on this blog --- long before they become available on the first of December.

Today's feature is what I suspect will be "the one" try for. There are actually two items that most would classify as RARE, but  -- again traditionally -- there ARE NO RARES. So you have an excellent chance to get this Outdoor Winter Camping Scene that seats two.  Only 23 land impact!

Details and more photos forthcoming! 

Winter Whites.   A favorite of mine.

Over at Tannenbaum (opens the 23rd) you can find three new BAIASTICE releases for those upcoming cold days.   There is a dress (for ME a sweater) that comes in many colors with on off belt, a furry vest -- and THE HAT!!!

I L-O-V-E the hat!

A variety of colors and textures to choose from,  it works well with or without hair.  You of course need what I call "hat hair".  To help you with your hair choices -- for those of you without a hat hair folder (how CAN that be?)  I am pasting in a screenshot of my hat hairs (some old, some new) for a starting place.

I chose eXxEsS : SELYSA this time; it has a long sleek ponytail down the back.

Pose by: the stump

All in a Day

Some days it seems like the stairs are just too much to climb.

New at CosmopolitanAVALE Lima Pants (Maitreya) - Gray  and BONDI . Toy Soldier Glasses.

Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gymtastic Day - Gym Bag - RARE
Paparazzi - Fade to Black - 11 (gacha)

Pose by: BehaviorBody

The First Signs of Snow

A white wonderland awaits you at Enchantment. Crystals and snow and pastel trees, fairytales are made of these ingredients and they come together nicely in an impressive event locale.

The theme is Snow Queen and  the Chiara offering from deviousMind is definitely regal.  Six color in all there are also many jeweled adornments with which  to -- well, "adorn" your avatar.  Me? I am a simple gal so I left the jewels in their virtual jewel box.   I am simply wearing the gown, the cape and the ice collar.  Sunning in its simplicity.   Maitreya only; there are also color change RARE set to try for.

Hair: =DeLa*= "Leonie"

Pose by: aDORKable

Emotional Support

While I don't have an "emotional support" animal in real life, I do miss my parrot of 35 years (yes longer than many kids stay at home).  He really DID seem to know when I was sad.   Meanwhile with a little luck or some perusing of the aftermarket you can have your own baby alpaca supporter. For those that want to try their luck, the HEXtraordinary stand in in the first circle of gachas at the current Gacha Garden event.  There are various furs to be had in the more common (no jacket or halter) babies. Both companion and Wanderer (32li) are in the machine.   For those wanting to simply buy, the title is: 4. *HEXtraordinary* Alpaca - Emotional Support Companion - RARE

For those days that you simple don't want to leave your building pad (or equivalent) the new Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Knightsbridge House is perfect. It comes with a color change hud for door, curtains, windows and trims. You can color the building to coordinate with your outfit. Super easy. The building also resizes by hud; here it is smaller than default and weighs in at 9 land impact. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

The Little Branch Potted Birch can also be found at Cosmopolitan.

Over at Men Only Monthly you can pick up this great unisex hair by no.match.   Look for No Right.

My outfit of the day is older, HashTag - Blossom Spring Jacket+Dress - Grey  and Mosquito's Way - Maxine shoes

Pose by aDORKable

Making Music FLF

It is a really good week for Fifty Linden Friday.  If you need some show stopper decor with a minimal land impact number, check out the pianos (no music - two color choices) at LISP Bazaar.  A really great addition to my dance studio room in Bellisseria.

Off to shop some more!

Holiday Kitchens

Sugar and spice, cocoa and candy canes -- the holidays are close at hand. What a better time to update your kitchen!

From Trompe Loeil at FaMESHed, the Belasco Kitchens with texture change options and a variety of layouts. This is a REALLY BIG KITCHEN so if a spacious culinary area is your goal, this may well be what you have been waiting for. A gorgeous sink and finely detailed stove are built in as well as a serving bar.  And if you are in need of a new abode to go with this great industrial styling, check out the companion  Belasco Cottages.

In keeping with the season you will of course want cooking props. From {what next} a big set of kitchen items including framed prints.  With plenty of details and texture choices, you can bring the celebration into the coziest room of the house!   Grab the goodness on Fifty Linden Friday. 

Winter Whites

I love white in winter. I can remember when that was a no-no -- well at least for my mother's generation. No white before Memorial Day.  But happily we have more self-assurance now as women. Really, a good thing.

I love the look of white on white -- crisp linen or cotton or rayon -- against freshly fallen snow. So I plan to wear a lot of white this winter.

To that end I picked one of the four-pack huds of the neve stone jacket that included this pale pink.  Many of the four in a pack sets have plaids, but I am a plain gal in or so many ways.  Find the jacket sets (blouse can become invisible if you choose) at FaMESHed.  There are coordinating slacks if you so choose.

I love this hair!  There are two versions. Honestly I had a time seeing the differences but you may be more adept at spotting them.   Out for Hello Tuesday (usually out the day before) in blonde.  Find it at no.match at the Cosmo sim. No I Don't is the style.

If the corporate or educational look is your persona, then these new glasses from Deep Static can add a little pizzazz without looking TOO sexy (as if we care).  Find the Luca glasses at Men Only Monthly.

New decor items out at Cosmopolitan include a hall set by cinoe, Pale Dawn, bureau, stool and mirror -- and some Floral Statuettes by MADRAS

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings

Pose by: the stool

Spring in Autumn

Those wintry days are creeping up for many of us, but happily we can have any weather pattern any time in our virtual surroundings. 

It is a good round over at Gacha Garden with lots of impressive Home and Garden items as well as wearables of course. I have myself a new little friend that I will show you sometime soon. Meanwhile be sure and venture over yourself and pick up some extremely nice gifts. 

Shown here:

-Sorumin- Sophia Dress -Maitreya
.::Supernatural::. Hanny Earring Gold  ( a necklace is also in the set)
{Limerence} Agata hair (mini hud with pastel colors and this blonde.

Photo taken at Whimberly.

Pose by: fri.day (old)