Black and White

You can't go wrong with neutrals and mixing neutral patterns is even more fun!

From ArisAris the Declaration Outfit with three tops and three skirts via hud.

From Bliensen + MaiTai for We Love Roleplay the Taranis ring in silver. Gold versions are available sized for both men and women. There are armbands, bracelets and earrings available too.  HURRY ON THIS RELEASE - LAST DAY! 

From lassitude & ennui, the Lucy heels which come for Slink and Maitreya (woot). Several colors are available and the hud lets you change the metal tone on the zipper in front.

You can find Sway's [Katya] chaise lounge at The Liaison Collaborative. It comes in a choice of brown, cream and black leather and either PG or A versions. 

My hair is from Vanity Hair: Sherona (new)

Poses by: the lounge

FLF - SS - 1LI - WOW

The title pretty much says it all!  Oh, you need a translation? Here ya go!

Fifty Linden Friday

Second Spaces

ONE land impact (OMG!)


Also available in a white (tintable) version which would fit into more modern abodes.

The Beverly Quilt Rack. 


Out for N-21 from Cheeky Pea, The Poppy Garden Bench which comes in several colors (this is redwood) and in both PG and A versions. Texture change menus let you play, and both single and couples poses are included.

I am really loving this new "do" from Vanity Hair. Sherona comes with a choice of many color huds; this is a chioce from the glam pack.

My outfit in a lovely chococake color (shorts and top sold separately) are available at Uber from BAIASTICE. All sorts of yummy colors can be found.

Poses by: the bench and Vista Animations

From Cheeky Pea

New from Cheeky Pea, the Nile Bench for Shiny Shabby . With three colors to choose from and both A and PG versions, you can't go wrong. The string light photo hangers are super detailed with lots of places for your favorite pics. Both rug (also in tan) and String Light Hangers are sold separately.

I love the Dreamer Lights! The fit in very nicely with the Nile offerings. The Dreamer Lights come in gold, silver, copper and dark versions and include twelve textures. Find them at The Serephim Social.

What SL Has Made Me Learn

Berry's question this week is about the things you learned because of Second Life, either professionally or personally.

* Passwords :D  -- 

Well right before I went to see what today's idea was Google wanted me to log in again. It had been many months of course and now we have ONE password for everything. Unfortunately there was a security breach (looks like eleven months ago) and I changed my long time password. Happily I had the revised version in the new PASSWORD CARD FILE.

I have so many more passwords now than I did when I entered Second Life and most have to do with blogging or photos or sharing photos etc etc. You get the idea.

* Inventory Systems -- 

You can't have a large inventory and blog without a good inventory system; at least I can't imagine how one could. While I used to keep my inventory at around 15,000 purposefully; now with business items and LEA7 that is pretty much impossible. So I usually hover around 45,000.

I have a lot of things I can discard now -- like texture clothes that won't work on my ILOVEITSOMUCH Maitreya Mesh body. So I could get that number down. But honestly I am so very busy with all the things I really need to do, I imagine that won't happen.

Maybe in a year I'll just delete all my texture garments. I haven't left my "Come on Chic Show Me Some Skin" mesh body since I purchased it. Unlike Berry I find it is fast and easy to adapt to most things and seldom do I find a new outfit or even an old that doesn't work.

* BLENDER (yes in caps)

Blender was a hard one for me. I think it was three years ago now that I gave myself a month of "I will positively stick with this and get it" time. I spent about 40 hours a week for a month and was just barely proficient, but over the years I have continued to learn and now, most times, I can make what I need without redoing.

House, kitchen and everything but the fireplace (legal download) I made in OpenSim

I have even been making Blender Tips and Tricks and putting them on my Google+ Page.  These aren't tutorials, they are thoughts that I have while building and defining my workflow. You can watch the kitchen and dining (not shown in this photo) be born from basic cubes.


Recently, despite my intent not to, I fell into a virtual relationship. It was difficult and messy and indeed we never know the people behind the keyboard. But, being a smart gal I knew that and being honest with myself I figured it would be worth it. And it was. So no regrets.

But to that end I posted a note on a group yesterday. The GALS got it, and of course it was mostly for me and truly not for any men out there. I am guessing the gals got that too.

So for all of us that have been there a time or two in real or virtual lands, I am pasting it here:

An Open Letter to the Men In My Life

There has been a lot of heartfelt bravery on the group of late. Knowing who is behind the keyboard let's us communicate better in our virtual world. To that end, I am adding my prose to the bits and pieces. Since all but one man (and who knows maybe even him) reads this forum, it pretty well covers the bases.

So to all those who have come before in any world and to those that might follow, here is my open letter.

I can't always be what you need me to be. I can try. I can even want to change, but in the end I will always revert to the woman behind the keyboard.

She is a strong, smart, talented and trustworthy gal. She believes in equality, fairness and keeping secrets, so yours are safe along with others that have been packed away. She believes in relationships that work for both parties, not just one -- and hurting a partner  in the background is not part of her scenario.

She can be flirty and funny, bold and brazen - but she can also shatter, so be careful with her heart.
All these things and more I have learned. I wouldn't have missed a minute of it.



Some great stuff can be found over at Futurewave.  Here are two more fun releases.

From Senzafine, the Eclipse Jacket (also available for men). As you can see, it is long enough to wear as a short coat, so extra options.

These Bliensen + MaiTai - Orbital - Space Boots are certainly showstoppers!  Fitted mesh, they work with lots of mesh bodies as well as the legacy avatar.

My hair is LESHENKA from eXxEsS. So very many colors to choose from (two full screen height huds with many colors in each one). 

Poses by: aDORKable, Helamiyo, and Diesel Works

An Aqua and Silver Future

Sleek and shiny -- and did I mention seductive?


From [ SAKIDE ], the Leyana Dress with color change hud for the curvy areas. Tons (TONS) of colors to choose from.

From !!Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! the Transmission Headpiece with color change hud. Mix and match colors on both for a favorite look.

In my case I went with silver and aqua to coordinate with the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] USB2 Tree. Lots of fun!

Get over there and get in some shopping!

My hair is a new release from MINA who has been a very busy gal. Find Kaya with color change hud at Shiny Shabby.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works

You Do That Voodoo

Now we have all probably had someone that we wanted to stick pins into :D.  But even if that isn't your typical mode, this new voodoo doll from Bliensen + MaiTai for Genre (really need to get over there!) is SO CUTE. Well maybe cute isn't exactly the correct term. Engaging?  I do love it.

Three versions, hold - rez - wear (I switched arm placement on this for the pose) give you lots of options.

Bra and panties by BAIASTICE for TLC - Pigalle Lingerie-Leather-Brown

deviousMind VoodooDoll - featherFetish headDress and  VoodooDoll - leopardSkirt

Poses by: aDORKable

Lacy Luxury

Out from BAIASTICE for the Liaison Collaborative, Pigalle lingerie in both lace and leather with many many colors to choose from.  Both versions also come sans bra cups for when you really want to entice.

Full sized photo on Flickr.

Hair: Peggy by MINA
Pose by: the Tromple Loeil couch


There are as many types of fantasy as there are people to dream. Here two new releases meet with a little help from some silvery adornments by Sax Shepherd (older).

From Eclectica,  'Baphomet' Mask for Genre. The theme is Dark Arts.  Several colors are available with texture change for eyes and horns.  The masks will be available after the event at both store and Marketplace.

And from Roawenwood for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, the Tangleshimmer Grove mushrooms. The fairy ring has nine different couples dances along with various cuddly kissy animations. The mushroom seats (also rares) come in a duo pack and include seven animations each. There are also single mushrooms with one animation as common prizes.

And yes, I am definitely loving my Lara mesh body from Maitreya. Almost naked never looked so good.

Poses by: the Fairy Ring

Have You Ever

From Berry's Monday Meme since it is fast and easy and I am lazy these days -- well maybe not so much, just busy.  Here goes.

  1. Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life? – Well technically I "own" LEA7 but since I actually am just the curator I think the correct answer is NO.
  2. Have you ever created content in Second Life? – Yes, lots for many years, mostly eclectic stuff that I make for myself and then sell mostly on the Marketplace. 
  3. Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life? – Yes, but I am a VERY bad driver. Motorcycles (dire), cars (dangerous), boats (OK as it's a big ocean out there). 
  4. Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life? – No
  5. Have you ever played a sport in Second Life? – Skiing is what I remember long ago. There may have been others along the way.
  6. Have you ever gone clubbing in Second Life? – Yes, but not lately.
  7. Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life? No
  8. Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in Second Life? – Certainly. Here is one of my favorites. 
  9. Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in Second Life? – Yes!  a favorite is up top. 
  10. Have you ever taken a nude picture of your avatar in Second Life? – Lots of "almost naked" but at the very least I had a boa on *wink*.
  11. Have you ever dated in Second Life? – Yes
  12. Have you ever had or attended a wedding in Second Life? – Yes
  13. Have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs in Second Life? – Yes, yes and no but I do have marijuana plants for sale LOL.
  14. Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in Second Life? – Not in the conventional sense of the question.
  15. Have you ever been to Bukkake Bliss in Second Life? No, had to look that up. 


If you love cyber and futuristic garb and decor you'll want to head on over to Futurewave where a bounty of goodness awaits. There are many MANY accessories as well as furniture and decorating items and clothes.

Shown here:

(GALLACTIC) Andromeda Dress (10 colors via hud)
(GALLACTIC) Callisto Necklace (many color change options via hud)
Beautiful Freak  Circuit eye makeup - icy planet (tons of colors available)

My hair is actually a release for the guys from MINA -- Mark for Chapter fourObviously this works just as well for gals.

Poses by: Striking Poses (nla)

Surf's Up

Get out those Beach Boy albums. It's time to go back to the 60s!

From ArisAris  Broken Dresses with hud that let's you change the pattern. This patchwork denim jeans style was definitely my favorite but the others might be yours so be sure and see the offerings.  (Marketplace Link)

The Beach Shack is lots of fun as as an old surfer girl, definitely brings back memories. Find it at 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Lots of accessories are available. My personal favorite is the rack with surfboards!  The is from The Challenge which has the theme of "community" this month.

Hair by EMO-tions
Bracelets by R H Engel

Pose by Diesel Works

Losing Stuff

Hearts Alarm Clock from {what next} VIP Group Gift

I have had several major inventory losses over the years. The biggest one was the loss of my complete "Home and Garden" folder along with the "backups" folder for those same items (oh my!). This was maybe four years ago when I was living in the Bayou.

Devastated? You betcha.

What do you do? Well nowadays there are re-deliveries from Marketplace and vendors. Since I don't buy from either all that much it doesn't help. So the subsequent losses I just shrugged and moved on. The more it happens, the less it seems to impact. And yes, I did have inventory losses this year. Along with lots of random things and lots of textures, my whole "pose props" folder; wearable and rezable things designed primarily for photo shoots disappeared.

Back when I lost ALL that stuff word on the forums was "oh you never REALLY lose anything, you just need to follow these steps (insert link) to get your stuff back". Well -- anyone who has tried knows that only works occasionally.

Now The Lab has a new initiative going. In case you missed the announcement, they want to know your inventory loss experiences for the last year.

So here is the link:

It would be great if you have no need for it, but if you do -- get over there and fill in those radio buttons. Less loss is better and if this info helps we will all be happier.

Vintage Romance


From Flowey+Breno and perfect for the new Amelia cabin,
"The Deep" clawfoot tub.  I love these, both in virtual and real life. The tub features on-off water. You can remove the shelf via hud and choose between gold or silver metals.

The tub includes very realistic singles poses. An adult version is available with add couple's cuddles and more athletic animations.  Find it at COLLABOR88.

And while you are at the Flowery+Breno booth, be sure and check out these VERY clever rustic signs. Perfect for the hearts and flowers holiday and any time after. Lighting is on - off by touch and there are cords and shadows built in.

Hair by MINA
Poses by: the tub


If you love moving back in time I have some perfect new releases for you!

From BAIASTICE, Cleo  -- both sweater and long full skirt. A huge variety of colors await you. I was in sepia mood this eve.  Find these lovelies at COLLABOR88.

I can remember my mother wearing her hair in this style. Very elegant, it sports a color change hat. Hair bases are included. Look for Worrisome Heart at Vanity Hair. Find it at the With Love Fair.

My jewelry is from Eclectica, Tortoiseshell bracelets and earrings (not new).

A perfect pairing, also from Eclectica if you have those popular oh so high SLink feet, these Belle Platform Stilettos. They comes in tons of colors so you can easily find a matching accompaniment.

Cabin Fever

I am definitely in love. The Amelia cabin is SO CUTE!  Tiny with a wrap around deck and lots of windows to let the outdoors in, it weighs in at only 55 land impact.

The inside features gorgeous textures, and extra details including hanging candles.

Great industrial style lamps and railings add extra flair to the exterior. The base is deep and made to fit into a mountain terrain.

Find the Amelia Cabin at COLLABOR 88. Trompe Loeil is the maker but I am guessing you knew that!

Fun Stuff

A quick photo of some of my favorite new releases -- cause I wouldn't want you to MISS THEM.

Left to Right:

*  "I think I love you" wall art from Second Spaces. (Now I KNOW we must have all shared that sentiment at some point in our lives.) Out at COLLABOR88 along with two cute heart boards to mix, match and mingle.

* From {what next} in store a Brixton Bakers Rack and Console Table ready to stack with all those random items you have wandering around unused in your inventory. Fun!

* In the middle, the Cheeky Pea Botanicals Console Table (10LI) with tons of "stuff" that make our abodes so homey.  Find it, and I mean literally, at the The House Hunt. (Sorry, I can't find any specific info on the hunt.)   Later: preview page is up.

Getting Steamy

I am guessing by now that you have heard of or visited FRESH presented by ROMP. A little bit of everything greets you at the classy but naughty venue.  There is plenty to see, but whatever you do, don't miss the furniture from Roawenwood.  The simple, slightly rustic pieces go with almost any decor --  indoors or out, and are packed full (and I SO mean packed full) of excellent animations. There is something for everyone from ladylike to oh so not. 

The Najwa Lovers Divan Set  has tender moments as well as sweaty ones for all types of couples and couplings.

There are even facial expressions that can be controlled by the owner. Honestly, there were very few adjustments that needed to be made and the animations were very well thought out, will fit lots of avatars and run smoothly.

The Najwa Lap Dance Divan Chair Set is very fun and includes tons of dances for your honey's viewing pleasure.

Other choices abound however, no need to just dance all night.

So while you might need to stand in line to try out these offerings, it will be well worth the wait.

My outfit consists of lots of great new releases. From top to bottom:

Hat: Meva Hipster Hat (color change by hud) from the Hipster Fair

Hair: eXxEsS ZMEY (there is a similar style for the guys). This is SO cute. short in back with long angle cut in the front. Two color huds packed full of goodness.

Necklace: Meva Bands Necklace which comes with a hud that lets you change individual bands of the necklace. Several colors and patterns are included in the hud. Also at the Hipster Fair.

The super cute complete outfit with tiny little shorts perfect for seduction hales from SLX. Look for Pawned. Waist chain, boots, bracelets and a necklace (not shown) all come with the set. A five color hud let's you change colors on the cropped sweater.

Go forth. Have fun!

Poses by: the furniture


It's that hearts and flowers month, roses and kisses and sweetness -- and PINK!

OK, I picked pink. There are plenty of other colors to choose from. Here's the scoop.

For the Love is in the Air event from BAIASTICE, the striking Karin in a rainbow of hues and neutrals.

The lovely chaise from Cheeky Pea, Chaise Nouveau, includes a color change menu for four parts of the lounger. Mix and match to your heart's content.  Along with the arty lamp there is a collection of flora prints for your wall. Find these at FRESH!

MINA Hair's  Milou 02  can also be found at FRESH.  Color change via hud.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Are We Our Avatars?

A real life person sits behind each avatar.

But when do the lines begin to  blur?

When we are two weeks old on screen, we are secure in our corporeal self; we know who we are, what we look like, where we are going -- well only "maybe" on that last part.

But as the years pass, how much of us becomes reflected in our pixelated persona? Which self image do we see when we think of ourselves?

It is a strange teeter totter ride for those deeply enmeshed in a digital existence. We make friends, form alliances -- even fall in love within bodies made of pixels and coding. Do we forget our real lives in favor of our fantasies? Do we limit ourselves to what we can only feel and touch?

We each make those choices and as time passes the division between the fingers on the keyboard and the animation on the screen come closer together.

Can they meet and merge?

Only time will tell.

Barn Dance

Is there a wedding in your future? Well if so, Trompe Loeil has a new release out for outdoor loving gals and guys. Take a trip back in time. Daisies and long dresses and music in the air.

Find the Raleigh Wedding Barn  along with seating and accessories at FaMESHed!

My outift is farmgirl fashionista -- or could be. This is part of the Fraulin set with color change hud for the poet blouse and lots of extra accessories. Check it out at the SLX shop. I really love this.  Great jeans and beautifully made ruffled top.

Peggy Hair by MINA for FaMESHed
Pose by: Diesel Works

A Misty Dawn

Some really lovely new hair from MINA can be found at FaMESHed; look for Peggy.

And from MEVA for The Love Fair,  these heart and roses sunglasses with texture change hud (many options). Make a statement for Valentines.

Dress by ISON

Poses by: HelaMiyo from the new "Light" set

Tree Lanterns

It's Fifty Linden Friday -- one of my favorite days of the week.

From {what next} two lanterns in two metals. Do the math and that makes four bits of goodness.  Menus include an owner only and day-night cycle options.

Perfect for a romantic evening next week.


Need a lifeguard?  Lure him in with this new release. From Shutter Field a really big set of beachy goodness. Low prim with good LODs, it is perfect for many spots, even a little oceanfront 512.

Nice animations are an added bonus. This is a release for the Community theme this month at The Challenge.  Pieces are sold separately or get a discount on the box.

Swimwear nla
Hair by MINA
Poses by: the furniture

Desk O Rama

From Cheeky Pea for FaMESHed, Dawson, a great industrial desk set with tons of accessories. Pick your favorite items. Mine aside from the desk of course are the chair (REALLY COOL - both PG and A) and the globe.

Go with the whole set or pick some accessories to add to your existing abode; either way its a win.

Poses by: the chair

House Tour

A great new house packed full of style and details is the focus of this post. And your tour guide? Well she just purchased a Maitreya Lara mesh body and can't stop gazing at herself. All is vanity? You got it.

So between the beautiful lines of both house and avatar, I am guessing there is something for everyone in this long photo journal.

The Skwer which hales from Maven Homes is a medium sized two story home with full upper deck and many details. Did I mention details? All for just 176 land impact. Ah the miracles of mesh.  Here the glass and metal stairway cover folds back to offer a wonderful place for sunbathing or a festive outdoor party.

The house comes with a small modern efficiency kitchen. A divided bathroom has plenty of room for a massage table or exercise gear.

My favorite architectural design is the stairway. Industrial modern all the way, there are plenty of windows to let the outdoors in.

The exterior makes a pleasingly stylish statement. The lines are so lovely, landscaping is hardly needed.


I want to add a little about my new mesh body. I am VERY happy with it. While there are lots of body choices (and I tried them all both new and old) this won my tests on two counts. First there is a tinter to adjust the basic skin tones; something I really needed as my skin is not anywhere near a "normal" shade. Little low saturated me had a very difficult time with matching.

Second the hud is SO EASY!  SO EASY! For my test I wore a favorite BAIASTICE short skirt and vest. A couple of clicks and it worked perfectly. I could even move down a size in the top for a better fit.  Now I know some outfits will be problematic; that's just life, but the thought process used to design the hud matches mine, so I am a happy gal.

Lingerie comes with and there is a choice of pieces to wear. There is also a mesh set of lingerie. Since I still like well made texture clothes just fine (and miss them sometimes) this will no doubt be my favorite. Free shoes are available to group members (free join) and there are other special items just for the group as well as a free skirt.

I am sure the designers I feature who make things for this body will be happy that I moved into the new year with a new look. And as Berry noted the derriere is to die for and the curve from waist to hips especially nicely done.

Hair by eXxEsS
Poses by aDORKable