The Sixties

"Make Love, Not War",  communes, back to the land -- performance, conceptual, psychedelic and op art.  Graffiti and COLOR! It was a magical time. And yes, there were a preponderance of rose colored glasses worn, both physically and metaphorically. The spirit of the times is captured in this gift set from NCparis. The glasses, headband and mouthy are included with the artfully printed mini.  I will be updating you with SLURLs when the fair is ready to open. By now you know it is the Boho Culture Fair we're talking about.

This pretty hassock with three poses is from Demise of Flight, an exclusive Boho Fair release. /1a opens the adjustment menu. Perfect in my art studio filled with bright colors, it can be yours in mid October.

Poses by: the furniture

Boho Revisited

If you love color; if you love making a statement; if you love -- well Boho!   

This show stopping jewelry set is the exclusive Boho Culture Fair item from Moonshadow

This is a long shot of the *Stars*Fashion* outfit featured in the previous post. It is definitely going to be a fair to attend!  Skin by  [Mystic Canvass] ; see previous post.

Poses by: Vista Animations



Two more absolutely stunning items from the upcoming Boho Culture Fair. Who knew counter culture could be so very glamorous?  Skirt and top from *Stars*Fashion*. Glastonbury is the name to remember. The set comes complete with red clogs accented in walnut wood. I believe I had a pair very similar. A belt is included but I preferred the gentle melding of patterns.

I don't get all that effusive about skins as a rule, but this one is a real beauty. Dramatic and glowing it is a show stopper. I am not sure I would feel comfortable in it for everyday with jeans *wink*, but for fancy times? Lovely!  It is Alisa from [Mystic Canvas] and comes in a variety of makeups, many of them fantasy style. There are plenty of skins to peruse in the shop while you wait for the fair to begin.

Poses by: Diesel Works
Hair by Vanity Hair

MOSP Explorer Hunt

The MOSP Explorer Hunt begins at noon on Monday, October 1.

Can you find all 50 gifts? 

Pose by: suitcase

Young At Heart


Not only will the Boho Culture Fair have exclusive releases, it will have presents!  This very pretty and youthful skin from BRAT is part of a gift pack.  The delicate flowered top is also just PART of a giftpack; find it at CandyMetal along with a vest and some Boho mesh jeans.

The exclusive release necklace hales from Mustang Trading Post.  You can find the Ula hair (many colors to choose from) at the HINAKO shop; look for a cute baggy overshirt as the gift from that designer.

CandyMetal has a big selection of long mesh skirts to peruse when the event opens midmonth.  Many have flower patterns; so pretty. I chose a plain one here to go with the top and my surroundings. And yes, this is yesterday's 50 Linden Friday release from Mudhoney. I love it!

Poses by: aDORKable


Lots of new events are here or on the horizon.  Shopping in one spot, especially with a theme you love, is so much fun! Mark your calendars for mid October when the Boho Culture Fair begins.  I will keep you apprised of the details as time progresses; meanwhile here is my first sneak peak.

These fun and immanently comfy lounging pants are an exclusive item from Demented FireBird.  I REALLY had to smile when I rezzed the vendor. I'm not telling, but you might want to pick up something from this shop just for the packaging *wink*.   You can take a look at the current offerings here (adult sim).

Pick up the very cute Autumn tree from [CIRCA] at the Cupcakes Event.  Promo priced at only $10, it is transfer for gift giving. The 22 prim item is sized nicely for indoors or patio. There are lots of other seasonal decorations to peruse!

Lots of new hair releases are out today from EMO-tions. This is IMKE, a pairing of sleek hairbase and super bushy ponytail.

Pose by: Diesel Works



We are on the brink of Bumps in the Night month, October. Dark, mysterious and sometimes ghoulish posts will be seen. Releasing SATURDAY is a new outfit from EMO-tions, "Crossing",  perfect for role play as well as our tenth section of the calendar. 

The outfit comes complete including a scarf (not shown). I opted for some very wild hair and an antique Gothic collar. The skirt is manual mod and sized for tall gals. Get a very different look simply by leaving it in the closet *wink*.

Some very classy boots are part of the set. You can almost reach out and touch the leather.

My backdrop, by the way, is new. I made it last eve as an upcoming Full Moon Hunt prize. You will be seeing it a lot during this witching season. It can be yours when November 1 rolls around.

My skully makeup is one of the prizes in the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt, previously featured.


Poses by: aDORKable, Nigotine (nla)

Carn Evil

Want a fun if a bit strange adventure? Journey over to Carn' Evil where red is the color of choice. It isn't only the circus tents that boast the carnelian hue; there is a fair amount of blood on the ground.

It is opening weekend at the richly textured venue. Along with shops, there are carnival games where you can pick up props and prizes and have some fun in the doing. There are also gifts for the brave souls who venture into the encampment. Pick up a balloon, a flyer and a day pass at the entrance. Watch out for the bodies along the path. Tripping could be deadly here.

There is plenty to see and lots to do. Photo ops abound.

Grab this wet tee shirt at the dunk tank. Softballs and crushed cans are also available should you want to throw them at your friends. Keep an out out for some strange prizes (I'm not tellin') at other booths.

My hair is Cuchi from Vanity Hair, a new release which included hairbases as well as two versions -- one with color change streaks.

Top outfit by AD Creations (Circus)

Poses by: Everglow and LAP (nla)


It's that end of the month time when things frequently slow down for us bloggers. A quick look at the feeds throughout the day can easily confirm that there is less to report as we move into another month, another season. I found myself trolling for freebies last eve. I discovered a few, but not enough for a coordinated post.

So what's a gal to do? Well wearing LESS works. My gray skies shot of the morning includes a gift top from The Sinners Crossroads on the Marketplace.  This is a cute mesh number with white collar, plackets and cuffs. There is white stitching including a heart in the middle of the back. It runs a bit large so if you are an XXS gal, you might be out of luck, but larger gals may find a perfect fit. It has a bit of a country air to it and would work well with cowboy boots too.

My chalkboard is a group gift from Trompe Loeil. It comes with touch to change sayings that cover a gambit of themes.  It even comes with instructions on how to add your own sayings AND a nice chalkboard texture (already copied from the notecard to my inventory).

From the notecard: " All Trompe Loeil updates are announced through the Trompe Loeil Update group, which doesn't require a group slot. The update group can be joined by touching the appropriate sign in the Trompe Loeil Main Store entrance area."

My boots are the cream color with light wood from the lassitude & ennui Phoebe collection at L' Accessories.

Pose by: Diesel Works from the new Kneeled II set

Got Swag?


SWAG Fest opens in a few days. I am not one of the very very VERY long list of bloggers who will be covering this event *wink*. But I am sure I will not be missed. Swag and I are not bosom buddies as you most likely know; in fact I had to do some research to see exactly what "swag" is. Amazingly -- or maybe not -- the votes aren't quite in yet. Still, in the spirit of Urban Goodness, I am doing my best this morning to be swaggy :D.

Part of my outfit hales from the just changed Cricket lucky board. The cropped sweater and heart print blouse (actually a nipple showing strappy dress -- so some swag there even if you can't see it) as well as bracelet and glasses are all part of a big set that includes pants and shoes. With some recent additions to my wardrobe as well as some antiques, I was set -- in my fashion anyway.

I had lots of fun with these shots, partly because there is a new Kneeled II set out from Diesel Works. Lots of dramatic  poses! My locale is The White Maze of Shadowlands, under construction but almost completed at MOSP.  Designed especially for playing with shadows, it is still an adventure even if your computer doesn't support them.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Feeling Like Fall

It's feeling like Fall in my corner of the world. The heater is on in my office and that is a sure sign that cooler weather is making its way. Sweatshirts and sweaters and slippers will soon be the norm for the typist. I as Chic of course can be more stylish and this great new poncho, a group gift from Cricket, is bound to be a favorite for the blustery months ahead. 

The gift outfit for gals comes with some cute but way too low cut for me pants. You have probably seen this style around; there have been a couple of hunt gifts based on the mesh. So if you love most of you hanging out the back, these are for you. If not, no worries. There is also a vest and some arm warmers in the set; plenty to mix and match with other pants for a great Autumn look.

I am wearing the new Truth gift hair, Sam. Find it in the subscribo. This is also a great shot of Mayfly eyes. I have several pair now and love them.

Location: Gypsy Camp @ MOSP

Poses by: the well

The Autumn Effect Hunt Wrap Up

I want a few gold stars for "completing" The Autumn Effect Hunt. The end was pretty painful with lots of trips back to my house to unbox the hunt item to get the next LM, wandering through numerous decoys (once I find the third one I move on) and just a general "why am I here" feeling. I wasn't having fun, but I did find a few more nice prizes including some that I can actually use right now (always a good thing). So congrats to me for perseverance.  This floral top is a prize from BeauteUniqueBoudo on TAE while my hair is a current gift on the Marketplace from Alli&Ali.

 My purse hales from LOULOU&CO and my backdrop contains prizes from two stores. The table, candelabras and very cute crate stuffed full of Fall veggies are from CIRCA. The landscaping is from The Elegant Goth.  The outdoor area is mod so you can adjust it to your needs!

I really like this tray and table from L'aize Dayz. Some of the pieces are separate so you can add or subtract items to fit your style.

 This decor shelf goes nicely with the tray and table above. Find it at Finishing Touches.

One of my personal favorite finds in the wearables category is this dark black pearl necklace from SaMe Jewelry. My hair is another gift from Alli&Ali on the Marketplace.

Poses by: Behavior Body and Diesel Works

Can We Talk?


Relationships. They are tricky things. I shy away from them these days, both in SL and RL. I have fond memories, don't get me wrong; but coupling is difficult enough when you can reach out and touch, harder when you truly don't know who is behind the facade.

I have a SL acquaintance who is getting married next month. I have a real life friend doing the same. I wish them both well. Happiness comes in many forms and however you find it, it is a good thing.

Whether you are single or half of a duo, this new Morning Light Cupboard bed from Trompe Loeil just out @ Fair is a beauty. Lots of fabric choices to coordinate with your existing decor, it comes in two versions, PG and A. With a land impact of 7 (hard to believe but true) you can have class even on a 512 lot. Add your own books and decor to the built in shelves and make it your own!

Poses by: the furniture

Running Hard


I have been running a lot of late, mostly on The Autumn Effect hunt.  I can't say it is my favorite adventure, but I am finding a few things to show you so will no doubt attempt to finish *wink*. My outfit is a combo of three stops along the TAE trail, but my very cute prop and pose is from WetCat on the Panty Raid Hunt.  WetCat always has the cutest prizes. I actually found this one while looking for that devious Twisted Cube.

The are many many mesh clothes on TAE hunt, most didn't fit me but could certainly fit you. This styling is not really "me" but I was very pleased to find things from four stores that went so well together. Woot!

Tee: [essencial] Art
Pants: AnDreChi
Boots: MV
Tree (one prim flat): Delightful Depictions

Poses by: WetCat, EveryGlow and aDORKable

Perfumed Cutlass


I went on my first MadPea Hunt last night. Why my first? Well I was under the impression they were hard. Some may have been, but the Perfumed Cutlass mini-hunt is simply fun. Buy a HUD for $10, follow the detailed and poetically written clues and find the skull doubloon (at least I am hoping that is what it is supposed to be) *wink*. You have to be VERY VERY close to the prize object to get the map piece to turn over, so while camming will find the skull, you will need to walk the walk to move onward. Your prizes all come at the end.

My personal favorite gifts are shown here. There are fifteen in all -- maybe sixteen as one vendor wasn't giving out the booty last night; I have notified the powers that be. This skin is from BRAT[inc]. The prize pack also includes some colorful tattoos and a mouthie. This jewelry set is from .:CoLLisions:.

Just in time for the October holidays, behold my very nicely rendered face tattoo from Fallen Gods.

My hair is a just out group gift from Truth where there are many many dots standing together presumably waiting to rez and get their copy from the subscribo. Happily mine made it to me without the trip! Sam is very cute and I am sure I will wear it often; most likely not in black :D.

Poses by: Behavior Body, Striking Poses (nla)

Color Me Blue

There's nothing wrong with feeling blue when you have this cute denim dress as part of your outfit for the day. Find it at Prim a Donna Couture; Nala is the name.

Sleek and sassy is the new release from Vanity Hair. Briton College comes in a large array of colors. This is Soil.

Pose by: Diesel Works



Diesel Works has some new friends poses out. Girlfriends is the name and the title fits well. This is my favorite.

Shown here are two tops from The Autumn Effect hunt. Mine is from Insanya and Dee's is one of the guy gifts from Sakide

Photos taken at the playground @ MOSP.

Poses by: Diesel Works - Girlfriends set


From SAKIDE on The Autumn Effect hunt.  There are two sweaters in the pack. I love the pants! 

Photo taken at Beach Walk, MOSP.

Pose by: aDORKable

High Contrast

It might seem like I have deserted you, and indeed I have been busy. I have also been on several of the hunts that started mid month. Didn't see posts on those? Nope, ya didn't. Enough said.  So tonight I decided to journey once again into the fray and tackle The Autumn Effect. The good news is that there is a hunt blog with hints. Now not all of those hints made sense -- at least not to me and I admit to missing a few stops along they way and bypassing one stop after finding three decoys (sigh). Happily you can get to the next store from the links on the blog. I love that feature (note not all of the mid month hunts had it :D).

Shown here is a really cute mesh top from Sweet Intoxication. It is bright and fun and especially appropriate for me. The text along the bottom of the shirt reads " I run with scissors it makes me feel dangerous". And one of my more recent films (prize winning to boot) was entitled Running With Scissors. So this is a keeper for me. I added some black jeans and some cute little Melia flats from Prim a Donna Couture.

My hair is another new release from Amacci. Similar to one I showed you the other day, Eleni seems longer and maybe a bit messier? Anyway, I like it. Casual and girlie at the same time.

Honestly, these pants are way WAY too low for me. You're looking at the high side here *wink*. But they are nicely made and might be a perfect style for some of you. Find them on The Autumn Effect Hunt at Intrepid #13. There are pants for guys too.

Last up is a bra top from Plastik. It is part of a big prize pack that includes some bangles (no mod and no resize so not good for us bigger gals) and a lounging set.  This is really lovely with a satine finish.

Poses by: furniture, Diesel Works