B and T - Samara Studios

B and T is celebrating the opening of a new home store. At least that is my best guess from their non-English post (wink). Yep, the folder says Opening Special. Yeah!

There are some specials as well as this very cute dollarbie sweater.

Samara has her October dollarbie out at her stores. It is a super satiny cami with orange trim and a short skirt. The cami tucks in and there is a silver belt to make your waist look oh so tiny (not sure how that works, but sure seems to - wink). Find it at the main store in the usual spot in the middle of the Classic section on a partial wall.

But wait! Samara not only sent me her dollarbie -- saving me a trip, but two other not so Halloween outfits for the holiday (happy dance). And they mix and match with each other so even more options are available.

This is a very nicely fine ribbed turtleneck that would tuck in with a full length skirt or pants. With the charcoal lowriders it shows a bit of tummy. These are pants for boots and it is definitely pants for boot season. See, I told you those orange boots would go with October goodness! The set is $25. Find it near the dollarbie in the main shop. I'm not sure where they might be (or if they are) in the other stores.

This other outfit is very bright and bold and fun. It comes with a textured black skirt that would work with many things. It's nice to have a basic black skirt that goes to the waist -- very versatile. The set is $25 and is near the other two in the main store.

Poses by LAP.

Bloodvine Wings

Fairy Crossing @ Burning Life has some fantastic wings for you. They come in a scripted version as well as non-scripted but flexi. The gift box is at the foot of their fairy garden exhibit in Reaper at Burning Life. This cool wand comes in the box also as well as a hat and some other wings.

This is a picture IN the Fairy Crossing exhibit. It is a bit difficult to get here and it seems like you cannot get a SLURL for places within Burning Life. At least I couldn't this morning. So if you would love a set of these lovelies type "Burning Life" into your map coordinates window and then pick the Reaper Sim and type in the the map numbers 77 - 6 - 25 and you will be there.

There is a great Stonehenge exhibit nearby as well as some other fun builds to explore and photograph in. So have a look around.

You can see wings from the same maker at Fancy Fairy.

Skin by Sinergy, Hair by Exxess, Bikini bottom by Vogel, Pose by LAP.

Lisa's Leather and Fur - Oh my!

Lisa has done it again -- giving us a fantastic gift. Yeah Lisa. I got my gift at the Barks store but I believe they are in both spots. The leather is lovely and shiny and very real. The fur collar and cuffs have a retro feel which is fun.

The jacket comes with some fun jeans -- Lisa style with embroidery on pockets and other fun spots.

For a more dressy look, just add your favorite black skirt and you have a very debutante looking outfit. Fun!

The on the wall mark down is for three days so you still have time to get there and view the OTHER COLORS which are available.

Shown with shoes by Juicy, Hair by Exxess, Earrings from Samara's Rez Day Hunt. Poses from the NEW Red Carpet Runway series at LAP.

Samara's Dollarbie Adventure

So here I am at the end of Samara's Rez Day Adventure tour and freebie outfit (dollarbies). It was both fun and fast and I have a great outfit including shoes and earrings. Oh my!

You can start at any of her stores but the main store is here in Gembong. TP in and find the bright pink box. They are right by the posters about the Adventure. Get the landmark to the next store and go there.

This is in celebration of Samara's 2nd rez day -- so congrats Samara and thanks.

I especially like the top which comes with a built in texture belt. And of course we can always use more shoes for Fall (wink).

Most of the landmarks go right to the pink boxes, but you will have to do a bit a sleuthing at two spots as they have main TP points. At Urban Shopper turn left from the tp point toward "Losers" which is a freeform gray building. Samara's is around the back side by the lucky chair.

In Serenity it is straight ahead and across from Dark Mouse -- before you get to the marketplace and my cart (in case you have been there).

Have fun.

PS. If you don't want to buy one of the items you can just get part way through the buy process and see where the landmark goes OR use the search feature. I didn't do that but I suspect it would work. Five stores and five dollarbies to make a whole outfit.

You can read more about it all at Samara's blog.

Pose by LAP and hair by Exxess.

Ema's - LAP

Ema's has the cutest little black mini outfit. While all parts are nice, and it looks even better I think sans the bra top (if you are brave of course) -- the STAR is the belt. It is SO kewl. Candy bars, cigarettes, skulls, dangles -- so many great details. And it fit me perfectly with no adjusting (yeah).

The skirt has a lace underskirt and the shirt top is transparent in all the important spots (wink) so this is indeed a sexy little number. Ema's is a fun build to explore. Very Halloween with three floors, many lucky chairs and some lucky pumpkins popping up here and there. The firecracker candy in my hand came from the Trick or Treat bowl right next to the vendor with this outfit. It is called "Dirty Black" and is available for free until Halloween.

I am still euphorically playing with the new out today (we hope) poses from LAP. Thanks SO much Dove. These are definitely my favorites.

Shown with ::69 shoes and the free hair from Exxess , Earrings by Tekeli-li!. (See earlier posts for hair and earrings still available).

Night Spirit - LAP

Dove from Long Awkward Pose sent me some fantastic poses last eve. I can't find them at the shop, so I think these may be prerelease. I'll update you on that when I hear back from her. Edit: Dove hopes to release today. Meanwhile I was of course VERY anxious to do a photo shoot. Luckily Night Spirit just put out a new Picks gift.

So what better place than the graveyard for Gothic shop wear? There is a very cute corset set with tutu skirt (optional) for the gals and a very nicely detailed leather pants set for the guys. It comes with a prim coat, but I couldn't get that to work for me (that gal thing most likely). Still the pants especially are super.

Shoes by ::69, Hair by Exxess, Earrings by Tekeli-li! Poses by LAP!!!!!

For the Weekend

Just a short heads up for things going on this weekend of note.

  • The Exile hair hunt is still going on. Post is here.
  • There is a first time ever on the wall hair hunt at House of Heart. It works like the Bewitched Hair hunts. Have fun. It looks like there will be several rounds so check back often. Click on the SubscribeOmatic for more info. No report on that as bloggers were asked not to share.
  • Samara Studios is having a 2nd Rez Day Dollarbie Adventure which I will report on after it has started -- Saturday eve sometime.

ALB Dream Fashion

ALB Dream Fashion has some new gifts out today. First there is a lingerie set which included a cute flowered bra and undies. There are optional prims for babydoll and regular skirt included also. Find the outfit in the lingerie department on the wall.

There are some extremely nice dress shoes in three versions on the wall with the shoes. You can wear them plain as shown above, with some fancy anklet parts, and even with FEATHERS (see below). So three pairs of shoes -- all for $0. These are available to purchase in a myriad of colors.

And if you haven't been to the shop before, look around to see what you can find. There are some very good values, and most if not all of the freebies I have blogged for this store are STILL available including some killer boots (look in shoes).

The dunes at sea level are fun to explore.

Hair by Exxess. Poses by AnnaH and Last Stand.

Mixin' it up at Sn@tch

There are some great new free gifts out at Sn@tch this eve. That's not surprising of course, but the mix 'n match abilities of these two VERY DIFFERENT outfits are astounding. In the picture above I have paired the long sweater and knee high pants from the White After Labor Day group gift with the stockings and short sweater from the second set.

I especially like the scarf from this After Labor Day set. Much to do this eve so I'll just post a picture of the "hunt" outfit. There is so much ON those walls, it may take some time to find it.

It is a FULL set of tops in a multitude of colors, a micro mini in black with a texture belt and several stocking options. You can mix and match forever!

Yeah Ivey.

Shoes by ::69, Hair by Exxess

Tekeli-li ! - amd Frangipani Designs

Tekeli-li has some fantastic new color change and optional glow earrings out. She is one of my very favorite jewelry designers and I still love my Melange bracelets from her shop.

These let you change the metal, gems and glow in the chat window. Instructions are provided and easy. Find them up high on the wall in the Asunder shop.

! Frangipani Designs has a color pack of very cute and different hair for a dollar. Find it right inside the entrance to the shop. There is a moving sale going on not too, so take a look around and see what you can't live without (wink).

Love Chic - New Outfits

There are two new outfits on my Love Chic cart. The first is a burnout velvet jacket with texture belt and antique copper belt buckle. It comes with crushed velvet slacks. $25 for the set.

The second is a sheared rose cami with black accents that comes with black crushed velvet slacks. It is also $25 for the set.

I have a new "on the wall" (LOL) dollarbie to find which should be VERY easy. I have also put out the leaf belt slacks in charcoal.

Find them all at Serendipity Isle in the market place.

Woe - Jean Giveaway

WoE has some great new jeans for the guys and of course gals can wear them too. They come complete with rips and tears and TWO GREAT BELTS. And the belts have resize scripts so they are easy to adjust as needed. The work wash version is $1 and there are other fabric styles available.

This is the silver version and there is also a gold/brass model. The jeans are no mod so they keep there baggy look forever (wink). I am wearing a group gift belt from Maitreya.

GUYS: Relance

Edit: I was informed this evening that the skin and hair in this pack were both stolen from Naughty and are "floating around the grid". Obviously I didn't know that -- and after the last batch of conclusion jumping I am not going off any deep end. I have written to both the owner of the store and the person listed as content creator for their comments. I'll update this if I hear anything.

I suspect that my male audience on this blog is VERY low (wink) but in case your friend, honey, lover - whatever may be in need of a makeover, here's a great free deal. Relance has a complete guy avatar for a 15 minute camp sit.

The pack includes skin, hair and two shapes. This is the less Hulky of the two. He is considerably taller then MY six feet. His foot size seems to be in the zero range, so shoes would probably not be a problem.

And for just ten minutes, you can camp for a variety of shirts also copy only. Here are a couple of the choices. The camp chairs are on the second floor.

There are camping items for women also -- all in the belted micro mini crop top style.

Shown with Adam and Eve gray jeans from last week's hunt. Obviously these work well for guys too :D Poses are from LAP's guy poses.

Wardrobe Basics: Tabby Cat

Sometimes we simply need nice, basic separates to show off some great accessories -- something without zippers and buttons and flat felt seams but with enough texture wrinkles and the like to look real. Well Tabby Cat has some great wardrobe basics out. There is a nice sweater with knit texture, ribbed trim and wrinkles -- what more could you ask for? Oh yes come on all layers and its free!

Find it in a large vendor on the wall. While you are there, you might want to pick up a super find. A fatpack of pant in both slacks and boot cut. These come in brown, grape, green, red and dark gray (shown). Note that these COME in a Bermuda shorts length, but all you need to do is adjust them in the appearance editor to get full length pants. Also look for a bright tube top and some eyelashes, also free.

If you liked the Redlic short black hair I blogged yesterday, you can get both brown and caramel versions at this shop for $0. There is also so very cute updo hair here (not free).

This shop has three creators selling, hence part of the repeat from yesterday's hair post.

Rha! Designs - Prism

Rha! Designs has the cutest "at home" outfit as a sample. Find it prominently displayed in their store. Go into the main section, not the annex. I don't exactly know what to call it. Not underwear, not a swimsuit -- but very, very cute. Sort of an all occasion hanging out COMFY set. OR depending on your inclination, you could dress it up with stocking, boots, jewelry et al and go clubbing. It is available in other colors on the wall. Well of course it is!

Prism Haute Couture Clothing Run has a really nice dress for you. Casual and not too summery as we move into the days of Autumn. Find it at the front of the store by the entrance and the model wearing it.

Shown with today's new gift of hair from Exxess. Poses by LAP.

Excess - Redlic - Bingo - MPD

There was a lot of newness in my world this morning. First I journeyed over to Exxess Designs where they have some really different and great hair. It comes in many varieties of the same general style and also in different sizes. And while I was there I couldn't resist picking up the little teddy there. Not like any teddy "I" have seen. Perfect for darker days and Halloween. He / she attaches to your hip.

And there is a new kid on the block at iheartsl.com. Welcome goes out to Kat who owns Bingo. There are lots of very cute things at Bingo including this dollarbie dress which comes in layers so you can leave off the black undershirt or wear it as a top with the skirt. There are some REALLY cute girlie type dresses here so if that is your inclination, better stop by.

Shown with Kumamoto gray boots (see earlier post this week - 10 min camp). Poses by ANA_Mations.

We seem to be in a cornucopia of free hair these days and I am sure no one is complaining about that. This short and spiky style comes from Redlic and will come in a different color each week. The dress shown is just ONE OF THE MANY on the wall dollarbies at a new shop called Mulitple Personality Designs. The sale items are easy to find, so come celebrate the grand opening.

Shown with Juicy slingbacks. Pose by LAP.

Yamashita Hair and Neneko

I read about a possible hair place (thanks Syler) and journeyed over to Yamashita to take a look. There is indeed some great free hair here -- including the men's which is SO girl friendly (wink).

There are three styles in all in various colors. While there are blond versions, I personally wasn't happy with those textures. The darker ones, however, are fantastic. These are from Uncleweb Studio, a tiny little hole in the wall place in the dark and grungy streets of Japan.

Yamashita is an interesting place to explore at night and I found some other great values including this Halloween neneko for your shoulder ($1 at Rapis not far away).

The BIG main store of Uncleweb is here. Lots of styles to choose from in a giant amphitheater type building.

Sweater by Nuclear Boutique (not currently available). Pose by Tuli.

Body Basics: Skin and Hair

Sassy's Secrets [Edit: Now called Sinergy] has a new floral body henna tattoo skin in its lucky chair. I went over to check it out yesterday morning to find an "X" ticking away. I called a friend off a friend (we all need those X and Q and Z gals - wink) and she came and got a skin. Then the chair turned to a ? and I got mine. Then another ? and ANOTHER. I couldn't believe it. Almost makes up for 3 "Y"s in a row - LOL.

So here it is in all its glory. The henna is very nice and certainly makes a statement. Great when you want to show of a LOT of body parts. The eyelashes are a bit iffy but as long as you are wearing prim ones, it is all good. This actually comes with prim lashes but they ended up inside my body and not on it (that big girl syndrome) so I used my tried and true and fitted ones.

Shown with some hair I just love from the latest Bewitched Hair Hunt.

The Bewitched Hair Hunt is just starting and will be three SEPARATE rounds. So that means you need to go all three days if you want to see ALL the available $1 and on sale hair. I picked out a few of my favorites to show you. I think the one above is actually THE favorite and definitely different from most of the hair I have. It comes in a pack that includes a brown and a blond too.

I've had this style in the bright red shown above for a long while. You might remember seeing it as I have worn it often in posts. Now I have it in this nice blond color. The pack also has pastels.

And this style is actually in MENS but I think it looks great on girls -- or me anyway. It comes in a pack with black, purple and blue.

I'm not going to report on each day of the hair hunt, so go forth and hunt. You should know the drill by now. Mouse over the color packs of each design to find the ones that are on sale or $1. If you are REALLY lazy and you go at a busy time, you can just sit down on a couch somewhere and wait for others to shout out there finds in chat. Then go and find them. The styles are in alphabetical order so it is pretty easy.

Have fun.

Exile Hair Hunt @ Ivy Falls

Exile is having a hair hunt at Ivy Falls. It's a first birthday celebration and it will continue for two weeks so you have lots of time to hunt. There are five styles with two being unisex. Look for black present size boxes (not too large but not tiny either) with EXILE on the side.

One of the official people at Ivy Falls said there were 21 in all. I'm not sure if you can take that to the bank but there ARE different colors of each style. They are hidden in the Exile store, around the other stores, in the water, by the walkways etc. -- just not in the private houses (natch).

These are some of my favorites. I didn't come close to finding them all, just a few. Some are mod (hence tintable) and some not. So it is likely some will work for you -- and some not :D

The good news is that Ivy Falls is a REALLY fun shopping sim with so much to explore that the hunting is very enjoyable. There is a train that goes all around the island if you get tired of flying and plenty of stores to shop in, both fashion and home.