Hunting Blind

With a ton (well almost) of hunts starting tomorrow, it's hard to tell which one to pick first. Sometimes there is clearly a "big hunt" -- like STEAM or TWISTED, both coming to you in September. When there isn't an obvious choice though, how do we pick?

Typically I look at the store list and prize pictures. If I see a lot of stores who I have happy winnings from in the past, that's a clue this will be a good hunt. Prize photos certainly help and I admit to often going to check out just the ones I am interested in. But this month it is pretty much a mystery. Many of the hunts have no web presence, others almost no info at all on the page except perhaps a starting point. One even deleted the list of stores and prizes from the website sometime between this morning and this afternoon which seems very very odd.

So, it looks like we will be mostly hunting blind as the month begins. Of course there may be some weird conspiracy to keep us in the dark until the witching hour when most hunts official begin. If so, the morning may have better clues.

Until then I wish all you intrepid hunters the best of success. It's kinda like the old days this month. And gold stars to the hunt organizers who actually posted something for us! 

Style notes: Old outfit featuring some hunt items from the past and a jacket from a store no longer with us. The gun came from the TSH hunt whatever that was. I don't use it often but I was SURE it would come in handy sometime *wink*. And see? It did.

Pose by: don't freak out! gun

Food and Fun

Still in my Vintage Fair new release from deviousMind (see previous post for details) I spent the morning at Le Bistro, an interactive food establishment. So much to see and so very much to play with *wink*. You can't help but love this kitchen and dining set. Not only are the textures superb and the food realistic, even the gas burners light. If you love to cook and entertain -- and show off a bit, this is a shop to visit!

Along with the more fun domestic activities are the chores like sweeping and mopping.  Stains and bucket appear when you choose the animation and happily disappear when you "stand".

A wide variety of poses are included with adjustments. A few clicks on props has you making breakfast from scratch and serving it to your guest.

The kitchen weighs in at 161 prims and includes more than 80 poses.

After you've finished playing be sure an pick up your free placemats and eating utensils. Just click the vendor over by the entrance and choose Deliver. 

There are plenty of other food themed interactive areas -- a fast food bistro for example.

The detailing on the food is high quality!

Pose by: Diesel Works and the props

Vintage Fair 2012 - Preview dM

What's a gal to do in a small town with no viable men, only moonlight as her companion?

She can dance!

"Miss Betty" PinUp hastens back to almost forgotten decades, a time when ladies were more or less ladies *wink* and this dress from deviousMind would have been considered quite risque.

Chandra has been working on this for a very long time. She gets extra gold stars from me; she actually created it all from scratch. I know as I saw the prototype when she came to see my new office! I am glad we have creators that enjoy making items we can love. I would rather just take the pretty pictures!

Miss Betty is one of the new releases from deviousMind for the Vintage Fair opening in a few days. It comes in many prints, each with a variety of patterned linings and trims. So a wardrobe of dresses in one pack. A "M" fits me perfectly, complete with padded bra look (I have no idea if they had those then, but gals have always had stocking to enhance their cleavage *wink*. The trim is just lovely and there is stitching around the bra cups. Several alpha layers are included; (you can thank me for passing along that request).

The hair flower is part of the set.

See you at the Fair!

Poses by: LAP (nla) and BehaviorBody

Exploring Cultures

Exploring. It can be dangerous in the real world and expensive. Seeing new places takes time, energy and money. But in our virtual land we can learn and enjoy other cultures easily. This morning's post is brought to you by *MiuMin* and BoatHouse. The theme is the Orient.

My Mini Yukata Hana and Getas are two separate prizes from *Miumin* on the The Rebel's Playground Hunt (tricycle). I came away with the sandals and stockings, but returned for the dress; so cute. This really lovely outdoor loft bed comes complete with stools and is the prize on the Summer Garden Party Hunt. Find the chocolate ice cream on a stick (very easy) at BoatHouse.

The bed up top includes cuddle animations via a menu. A ladder in back adds authenticity. You can purchase the lanterns at an almost free price. They are only six prims for the string and each can be turned on an off. The stools have various poses and the fabric walls sway in the breeze.

Another optional accessory is this tea set (only partially linked) and table.

A feminine outdoor area is July's VIP group gift (fee).

Whatever your mood or style, enjoy the summer.

Poses by: Diesel Works


New releases by Vanity Hair and Eclectica have a timeless appeal.

The hair is Cantaloupe. Available in a wide variety of colors it is a posh to the max twisted and curled updo that is perfect for the Upper East Side.

The new Nouveau Leaves sets are releases for this year's Vintage Fair being held from August 4th to the 29th. Easy to personalize to fit your outfit, the design echos those of a century ago. Undoubtedly this has been passed down through the generations.

From the notecard:
There are 11 base metal textures; platinum,silver, pewter, black, pale gold, gold, dark gold, pale rose gold, dark rose gold. purple and verdigris. Plus colour-picker options to allow you to fine control the look. Shininess can be added via HUD or menu.

The inlaid glass textures have also 11 choices; red, coral, yellow, jade, olive, turquoise, blue, ink, lilac, white and black. Plus almost unlimited control over tinting.
Ring, bracelet, barrette, tiara and brooch are also available.

My color coordinating eyeshadow is from KOSH on the Makeup and Tattoo Hunt, just one choice in a large selections of colors.

Pose by: Diesel Works

The Rebel's Playground - Romance

There is some romance in The Rebel's Playground Hunt; not everything is hard edged or youngly silly :D.   This Angel of the raver dress is quite beautiful. The lacy is divine and the prim parts have resizers for easy fitting. Find the trike at +NK+ for this prize.

This very useful set of roses (tall, bushy, arch) is color change to fit your needs. Adjust brightness, glow and transparency also.  While they look primmy, they are in fact only one prim each. Amazing. Search for these at Forest Feast, an old stomping ground of mine. It was great to return. 

I used the term "search" purposefully in the above paragraph. This is the prize vendor that is far, far away from the landing point. Head down the long path towards the water and the tall beach house. It is worth the jaunt.

My hair is Adalia from Calico Ingman Creations.

When I am in prim rich mode I love having food out in the house. It adds a bit of extra realism to the environment. This parfait and cherry pie set from poche lets you mix and match sweets as your prim budget allows. The set as shown is 55 prims though so 512 lot owners need not apply. Still, very cute and you just never know when it might come in handy.

Pose by: aDORKable

The Rebel's Playground - Take 2

Find the tricycle; get the prizes. It isn't always easy *wink*.  That's The Rebel's Playground Hunt.

In the tough girl category, find this complete set from Bubblez Design. Hat and hair come with the outfit; open road the theme with accessories made of tires. If you love rips and tatters, this one is for you.

It's dangerous out there on the city streets. If you get in a fight you might end up battered and bruised. These bloody bandages can lend a bit of authenticity to your role play endeavors. Find them at Mulholland, the location of my photo shoot.

This medicine kit might come in handy also. Nicely detailed, it is the prize from bitter vanilla.

Be sure and check the website for the few hints available. Without some of those I would never have found things. There were places where I simply gave up even though a prize was supposed to be out *wink*. So you might find even more great things.

See the previous post for info on skin and eyes. 

Part three coming up soon.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

The Rebel's Playground

In my mind there is no perfect hunt. There is also no perfectly horrible hunt *wink*. Each has its pluses and minuses. The Rebel's Playground Hunt hasn't officially started yet, this according to the website. There are however a list of SLURLs and a few hints. Some folks are ready it seems and there were many hunters out.

I of course just read that "hasn't started" info at the top of a four day old post, AFTER finishing the hunt - LOL.  Aside from the MIAs, there are many boxes to unpack before getting your next stop, several that had no next stop LM at all, way too many decoys for my taste, a LM that gave you no store name so you had to hunt through a large mall for a sign, one prize so far away from the landing point it could have easily been in another sim -- you get the idea. This is indeed a warmup for Twisted coming to you in September.

On the plus side, and there is one -- lots of cute shops to peruse; ones we don't see that often on the hunt tour. There are some nice prizes, not really "me" prizes but certainly ones of broad enough interest to post about -- and a little camaraderie on the hunt trail.  I met another old time hunter, very close to my age, and we reminisced a bit on how things were as we painstakingly looked for large or very tiny tricycles. That was good as we are often isolated hunters these days with all the Do Not rules. 

I have some items to show you. Of course I do! First up is an outfit from Ambrosia which includes the collar. All parts have resize scripts. I am wearing a :::Shiva::: paint skin; one tone as the prize. Real Black Eyes hale from ROZENA; these are great for photographs. My mouth is stuffed full of diamonds courtesy of :::Regalo:::TATTOO. Punky black hair with built in kitty ears (also in hair texture) are from *.amato.*.

More later. This very tired hunter is heading back to bed.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

In the Sun

I am still very much in love with my pool overlooking the bay.  I don't hang out there much really, but it is so pretty to return to when I hit that HOME button. Dutchies has some perfect summer accompaniments for beach and pool, towels with an abundance of great poses and props. Sit on a towel (there are two as a set) and a beach bag appears along with a menu. Here I chose "eating" and was served a baguette with cheese.

One of my personal favorite animations and perfect for getting that tan, is this one reading a magazine.

And of course you need some lotion. These are extremely prim thrifty props and the beach bag disappears when not in use. OR, if you want to keep the bag out, there is a version that you can rez.

When you want to take your sunning equipment with you, magazines and all, there are versions of the bag that you can wear. All in all a great new release, so get over to the shop and give those towels a try. The same poses are in both towels by the way and there are different color versions to choose from. Some poses are meant for the guys, so they can tan too!

My extremely cute and perfect fitting (so happy) bikini is from SLC. There are lots of colors and styles to choose from. Find them along with some cute dresses out for Sixty Linden Weekend. The sizing seems to run true to the standard. I am wearing a small which fits perfectly. It seems like, since this is a two piece that fitting might be easier for hippy or busty gals. You could wear different sizes for different areas *wink*.

My new back tattoo is from Rams Tattoo, free at Things for Women.

Poses by: beach towels and LAP (nla)

Relaxing in Style

I spent much of yesterday designing a fortune-teller's tent for a hunt starting in September. It was great to be building again. I found some surprising things in my way too stuffed textures folder. I of course wanted to be comfortable while working and so I donned this cute Rompers Olga from Chloe, available for a linden at Things for Woman. This is just one of many gifts and dollarbies available at the new venue. Just look for the lipsticks (not all of them were active when I visited the other day) and pick up some very nice items. This romper does run big so petite gals will most likely have issues. I am wearing the XXS which is two or more sizes lower than my norm.

A new hunt and sales event opened at The Cookie Jar, the annual Summer Garden Party. You can find some fantastic prizes like this cute (partially mesh) Summer Nights Chiminea fireplace from Roawenwood. Find a listing of the shops with SLURLs here.

Along with the hunt, there are special $10 items as well as special exclusive items like this beautifully textured Lazy Days Garden Swing (Roawenwood). The single version comes stocked full of animations I haven't seen (always a thrill) like laying back and drawing, props included. A larger, couples version is available for those of you with significant others.

This animation choice includes a "Loves me, loves me not" daisy which drops petals in different directions as you pick; so inventive. My bangles are from the Sway Gatcha machine at the festival. See this post.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the lounger

A Fantasy Future

Welcome to the future, a fantasy future that is. When I opened the new release liquid latex catsuit from Gwen Carillon Designs I immediately thought of a time far removed. Whether it be in the distant past or the faraway future mattered not. There are of course many other ways to wear the new Slicker Catsuit; I am sure you can think of a few *wink*.

This styling gave me a chance to show off my new hair from Tekeli-li. Chatbox scripted, the color combos are endless. Hathor is the style.

I journeyed through the Makeup and Tattoo Hunt a couple of days ago. It is fun and works well with a huge variety of prizes, some which are bound to be YOU. One of my favorites is this full body Demonology tattoo from Wicked Tattoos. A variety of darkness choices and ways to wear are included. Don't forget to check the lucky chairs while you are there; I won on a wildcard.

My dramatic eye makeup is from Zibska on the same M and T hunt. A huge pack of vibrant colors are in the pack.

Poses by: Amacci and Nigotine (nla)

Wednesday Morn

It's easy to overlook things when your inventory is large and your day filled. The Labs don't help our cause with missed deliveries and the like. I found this really cute dress, one of several colors, in the archives of a blogging group.  I am so glad that activity is part of my personal ToDo list. This is the *BeReckless* Mesh Dress with Ruffled Skirt. As luck would have it, the main store's sim was down for server deploy as I typed this so I ventured over to Jersey Shore which was busting with the Grenade Free Wednesday crowd. And know what? This dress and two other colors are on the Wednesday deal! Now THAT'S timing -- even if unplanned. I am wearing a small and it fits perfectly with my slightly larger breast shape. (OK, I admit I gave up and made one!)

Two other almost new items include this Hair Fair gift that I somehow overlooked on press day, that or it wasn't out yet as I am a pretty good sleuth. It is from The Alice Project and comes with a very nice color change hud which I really appreciate as it helps keep that ever-growing inventory in check. 

My very pretty choker has been sitting in my inventory for awhile waiting for a blogging partner *wink*. It is a mix of delicate roses and fine beads on sculpted ribbons. Find Seduction of Summer at Just You Jewels.

Poses by: BehaviorBody and LAP (nla)

Pirate Hunt 2

Tall ships, pirates and damsels in distress, the things romance novels are made of. The Pirate Hunt 2 ($1) started at midnight. I won't be doing this whole hunt, but I wanted to show you a few things I picked up. That handsome guy in the photo is me naturally in the prize shape from $10 Shapes. I love this shape and there is one for the gals too of course!  The necklace comes from Dressed by Lexi. There is an intricate version for the gals but it is small and no mod and no resize so it won't be fitting that many of us. This one works great for both sexes.

There are plenty of pirate costumes to choose from in this hunt. I chose a modern version by NMD. A skully tank comes with the prize and there is a version sized for gals.

My backdrop is a full prop set weighing in at about 200 prims from Madpea.

My hair is a new Hair Fair release from Amacci for gals *wink*. See yesterday's post for details. 

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)


Wikipedia defines Nostalgia as a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Looking back and looking forward give us a sense of where we are. 

If you follow this blog, you know that lassitude & ennui's Wanderlust boots have been my go-to boots since their arrival on the scene. Now, for those of you who love girlie, there are Nostalgia Boots.  

Same boots but with a pretty rose pattern, they come in a wide variety of muted colors as well as white. The notecard accompanying this release mentions that the Wanderlust boots are now available for guys. Perfect for Steampunk. And that's my segue to mention the Joy of Steampunk Museum in the background. Photo ops abound!

Many of you recognize my Matusalen coat from Lelutka. Almost two years old, it still takes a great photo. The pants came with the set which was a Halloween gift for guys if you were were fast enough to get it *wink*. Ah the adventures. Nostalgia.

This is the new Celine hair from Amacci at Hair Fair. I showed it to you before, but here you can see it as part of a styling. Definitely a great short hair with a completely believable look.

Poses by: aDORKable

Going Punk

This is Bouncer, one of the new releases for Hair Fair from Discord Designs.  It sits on a shaved head base called Ripley. This is not my personal look, but it might be yours -- and if so, Bouncer is impressive. Tiny little hairs stand straight up (lots of product used undoubtedly) and shimmer. This is not a good girl.

Bad girls like to play of course. This new couple's pose from Diesel Works called Summer Fling is available at Hope for Emilia.

ROTTEN DEFIANCE is also at Hope for Emilia, but you will need to stop by the main shop to pick up my outfit of two hunt items. The shirt, collar and jeans are part of the set from the Punk My World Hunt (dollarbie) and the tattoo is from the Tattoo and Makeup Hunt. While you are there searching for these items, you have the option of looking for skulls in a store hunt. It should be noted that I am wearing the male jeans in this Punked set; the ones for gals are even lower!

Wonder has new hair too, a reward of sorts for logging in when I need him for couple shots *wink*. It is Lotta, also from Discord Designs.

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)

Surprising Summer

We are heading into the last week of July which has been both great and a blur. So much going on, it is difficult to keep track. Summer is traditionally slow in our virtual world and indeed August may be, but I am not seeing the laziness yet :D.

There are plenty of great things to look forward to next month including the Vintage Fair which definitely looks like a winner. There are some good looking hunts coming up soon too.

And speaking of hunts ---- it's been under wraps unless you are a super sleuth and perused my profile, but I have organized a hunt coming up mid August. No, we don't need yet another hunt. I agree on that. But we can always use a stellar one. I got some of my favorite shops together for a small but fairly elite event, the If I Were Rich Hunt. I am VERY happy with the store list. This is definitely a hunt I would go on *wink*.

I asked myself what MY perfect hunt would be, as a hunter, blogger and retailer. Happily some folks were on the same wavelength and voila! This will be a web-based hunt with SLURLs on the blog. No numbers, no groups, no huds; you will always be able to go to the next stop at your convenience. You can pick up a list of LM once the hunt begins. The prizes will be priced from $0 to $5 (merchant's choice) and NO visible decoys (I so hate those).

On a personal note, I was proud of myself for not succumbing to that "we must have fifty stops" mentality. Less is more in my book.

I will keep you apprised of course as the time draws near.

Poses by: the furniture

Sunday Stroll

Out for a Sunday stroll on the archeological walk at the Imagin@rium, I snapped this photo. Well, we KNOW that wasn't a completely true statement. We don't just "snap a photo" in SL.

First, we find a pose. This one new from STATUS shows off my League Wanderer bracelets, part of an extensive set with so many versions (including necklaces) it makes your mind spin.

Then we adjust the lighting, Windlighting that is.

Fiddling with facelights, derendering ugly objects, setting camera distance all come into play. THEN, snap. And we journey on our way.

My hair is Mary Updo from MONS.

Poses by: STATUS from the new Edit This set

Out of My Element

It's not the locale, the outfit or the monochrome skin that has me out of my element; it's the places that I visited on the Corset Quest.  Five mesh corsets are up for grabs. Find the lilac shopping bags and touch to garner your prizes. Standard sizes are included and run true.

This was a fun adventure in its own way and a popular weekend activity for the ladies judging by the number of hunters that I spied. A couple of caveats here; this is a four day hunt put on by the Femdom Network. That translates into bondage and all that jazz for you not up on things. It is hence an ADULT hunt. You need not be age verified to participate though.  "Payment Info On File" and above status will gain entrance to the five locations.

This is not an easy hunt. The prize vendors are sometimes FAR from the landing points, sometimes in places you might think were not even part of the hunt area. So read the clues and go from there. Most destinations were empty in the early morning. One however offered guys in very scanty attire. I was happy to be surrounded by so many obvious hunters (I don't figure that jeans and tees are typical Femdom attire) and simply went on my search. I found all but one.

Go forth. Have fun. Take a friend for support *wink*.  The corsets are very nice!

Poses by: Vista Animations

In Search of Ourselves

Too many thoughts are competing for their voice as I type.

Attired in a mix of new and old I had a vision in my head, where I wanted to go. A slightly seedy Mexican cantina on the beach. Sand floors, not terribly cold beer. Warm breezes, the laughter and conversation of voices in languages other than my own.

Memories are powerful things. They can remind us of where we have been and hint as to where we might be going. Is the bar I seek still there? Is there a counterpart in our virtual world? Perhaps, but tonight was not the night to find it. I came close, but it is a bit too pretty here. No street vendors; no garbage.

My hair is Discord Designs Ohna, my Hair Fair prize choice. In truth I was given an enormously generous prize, but since I have received an abundance of review copies of late, it seemed a bit wrong somehow to ask for the whole store. This style, though, I fell in love with. It is mesh and moves naturally with the body. It also is made for gals with less than huge breast so it doesn't stick out a foot in front of flat chested me *wink*. All this works. I feel quite beautiful in the warm night air on the edge of an almost too perfect fishing village.

The other newness in my outfit are these cropped mesh pants from MONS, the Summer Love Collection Summer Leggings. Both comfortable and stylish, they make a quiet statement, even in red. I added some old and no longer available tanks and the current freebie sandals from sf design. If you didn't get them the first time I told you about them, better get over there before they disappear. 

Poses by: Diesel Works

Salty Air

Up early and not quite awake, I headed over to the docks for a breath of salty air. The gulls were calling; it looks like another warm day.

I told you that there were some gifts over at Sway's Festival. This pins bag from Cafe GG is one. Flags, pins and bright pink handcuffs adorn this quirky carryall. I put together a casual look as accompaniment. A new mini from Paradisis, the Sweet Spring dress became a top when I swiftly tucked it into some Paradisis jeans. I added my Gos Desire Ankle boots, something most of us MUST have after that hunt and I was set.

This new Starlust hair from Pomme D Amour has that "well I made it up but not sure how far I'll get without my coffee and cigarette" look, perfect for this morning's photo shoot.

And with that thought the typist is heading for a nap in the tub followed by some coffee. Now if there were only fresh baked muffins to go with. Ah well.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Reality Check

How real is our virtual world? I am sure the philosophers could spend weeks or years discussing that topic. But virtual has taken a step closer to "reality" with the advent of mesh. It took us awhile; the first mesh items weren't all that awe inspiring. Still, I had faith we would get there.

This is a new release mini from erratic called lindsay. It spans the gap between high fashion and casual. And yes, you can have both; lindsay proves that.

But what is most impressive -- to me at least -- is the texturing. Seams that you feel you could run your fingers across, wrinkles that are completely believable; and then there is the zipper with each and every tooth exactly where it should be. It is simply amazing.

I am not the easiest person to fit in mesh; plenty of garments just won't work for me. But oddly enough both the S and the M (I am usually somewhere in between the two) worked just fine. There are several alpha layers to choose from. The first one was perfect for me, but I definitely understand the need for variations in our invisibleness; that is often my issue with mesh. I honestly can't say enough good things about this dress. I am completely impressed.

So you know the drill. Try on the demo and keep your fingers crossed that you are a match made in heaven!

My location for this shoot was Bryn Oh's newest installation, Virginia Alone.

My hair, perfect for this outfit, is a Hair Fair gift that I somehow forgot to show you (oh my!). Find it at Leverocci. Tons of colors are included.

Poses by: LAP (nla)