DECO -- a period in history. A style. AND a shop.

According to Wikipedia, Art Deco was a popular international art design movement from 1925 until the 1940s, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, the graphic arts, and film. At the time, this style was seen as elegant, glamorous, functional, and modern.

Now, the art deco style has merged into the giant category of what we call "retro". But, even though it gets group in with other vintages, it has it's own flavor. And while you CAN pair DECO's lovely jewelry with obvious 20s and 30s garb, you can wear it in many other ways. Have a simple little black dress? What a wonderful way to add some panache.

Shown above is the Maraschino set, one of my favorites. The necklace is not only lovingly made, it has a quirky asymmetrical touch that I love. Fun and ladylike -- playful and fetching. All good Deco period adjectives.

Click any photo -- as always -- to see a larger version.

Memories is a similar style in gold. The pendant holds a pastoral landscape scene -- perhaps a loved ones birthplace. The skulls add a dark quality echoing the mourning jewelry of earlier decades.

This set called Charming includes the cute little black bows I seem to be attached to. It also includes a bit of the darker side a la Deco :D. Look oh so closely and you will see -----

just what is in those tiny frames. Arsenic and Old Lace was written at the end of the Art Deco period.

This is just a small selection of the very unusual jewelry you can find at DECO. There are several shops, but why not visit the new Festivale sim and see what you can find.

Hair by Excile.

Oscar Trivia Hunting

Isn't this a beautiful necklace set? It can be yours if you have good hunting skills and some movie memories. Something new at The French Farm -- an Oscar trivia hunt.

For the next three days starting at 6 pm SL Monday eve, this prize from Dryad Designs is for you IF you are good enough to find the Oscar Statue and answer the question.

That's really all I know, just being the messenger and all, but if you get stumped on the trivia after finding the statue, you "might" find the answer in the Internet Movie Database. Just in case ya didn't know about that. It's a handy site and I use it now and then to figure out just where I saw so-in-so and in what TV show or film :D.

Good hunting!

From the notecard:

The Hunt For The Oscars --

Not only will this be a treasure hunt but a continuing treasure - trivia hunt until every store on both sims have had an Oscar in the store. At last count that is about 48.

THERE will be 1 Oscar with a movie related trivia question inside placed out every 3 days at 6:00 PM SL time starting this Friday, June 26th.

It is up to you to locate the OSCAR STATUE and answer the MOVIE related trivia question it will ask you to receive the gift.

Sweater from CS Fandango. Pose by Tuli.

Hair Fair 2009

So --- I finally made it over to Hair Fair 2009. You'll most likely be glad to know this is not a post on my favorites hairs of the fair :D. The event has been well covered and hopefully if you wanted to go, you were able to get in and do a bit of shopping. I didn't ramble or wander at the fair. While much better than reported last week, it was still slow loading even with a great ISP connection.

I'm sure there have been hundreds of post on the this year's crowning glory event, most positive and some -- not so much. I have commented on other blogs and won't go into my personal opinion here except to say we still don't seem to be learning. I am not the ARC (avatar rendering cost) police and I'm honestly not sure how well it works. I will say that going to any crowded place decked out in accessory prims is just plain dumb.

I put forth the idea of not having free stuff out for the first week of the next fair so that the real shoppers can do what they want to do -- shop. The shoe fair last year was mandated giftless and was a much more pleasant place to visit. You could actually move and see things and BUY if you wanted. The people I watched today were simply going from store to store and buying each and every free or dollarbie they could find. They were not getting samples. They were most likely not even seeing rezzed posters. So let the freebie hunters come week two or for three days -- or, well just think about it oh great coordinators :D.

I had two stops on my short list for the hair fair. And yes, I was heading for the gifts. I can shop for hair at my leisure when it gets into the various stores. My first stop was Mela's shown above. I wanted to pick up the ghettoblaster poses and they are indeed fun. There is a bonus of some hair in the box also. A good dollar spent.

Next stop, Tekeli-li who I simply adore. I wear my other gifts and purchases often so I know they have lasting power -- at least for me. Not only did I find another scripted hair (Nixie) in the gift box, there were three fun pet fish -- also scripted. Watch for them in my next underwater bikini shoot *wink*. The hair has lots of change options and I played around a bit to get this look. The good news is that the hair itself is mod so you can rename your copy to "light brown pastel pink accents" or whatever and not have to start all over again the next time you need that color. Yeah! Some scripted earrings and hair sticks are also included in the treasure chest of goodies.

That's my brief report. Enjoy the last days of the fair. You will most likely be able to get in now.


Poses by LAP.

Accent Colors

One of my biggest thrills is to teleport to a landmark I've described in part as "photo op" and be greeted with something new. Even better when it is something wonderfully new. The excitement is rampant. Well maybe not for you -- but for me. I'm not telling where this is, but I will give a hint that the store in the vicinity has always had striking builds and has always -- as long as I've been coming anyway -- been attracted to dramatic black and white. I couldn't have stumbled upon a more perfect backdrop for this post. Happy dance.

The outfit above is the Lemania Indigo's Divine Divas group gift for this week. Taking its inspiration from the artist, Escher; it comes with sculpty skirt and shawl, black leggings, a bangle and even shoes. I opted for my new boots from Lya, complete with lace trim. So cute!

Another black and white beauty (also free) is from Ora Trei Designs. Harlequin is it's name and it carries the theme of fun and sauciness. The cute bow in back adds a playful touch and the edging finishes the bodice beautifully. Find it near the entrance on a large poster vendor.

Boots by Dilly Dolls.

Last stop on the accented neutral color scheme tour is Tasha Designs where you can pick up these shiny and sexy boots for free. A mixture of sculpties and textures they fit over knees without adding a couple of kilos. Slim is good :D. Find them near the entrance to the store in a vendor behind other versions of this same boot. The prices are a bargain, so feel free to stock up in your favorite colors.

Poses by LAP.

Celebrating in Bill

You may have heard that Starlust A La Mode opened last eve. I skipped the excitement for some RL R and R, but took an early morning tour and definitely liked what I found. Mostly I liked the bridge. No, not all the goodies currently ON the bridge although that's great and I'll get to those. I simply enjoyed the very HIGH bridge over the waters. I relished the feeling of really being there, the levels the landscape presented -- and the lagoon. I loved the lagoon.

While I am excited about the photo ops, I'm guessing you are most interested in the shopping and the celebratory goodies. Both are plentiful! Currently ( I have no idea for how long) there are opening gifts (mostly dollarbies in gift boxes) on the bridge. Since I have been working very hard this month to pare down my inventory, I only picked up a few. You could easily come, spend $25 or so and take the rest of the morning, afternoon or eve trying on the different delights.

The only dollarbie I purchased was from KENZIE&CO (main store SLURL). I read her post on the feed yesterday and that seemed like a good choice. The photos above are just a small sampling of the items. Lots of very nice clothes fill the tightly packed folder. You can find the vendor poster in the middle of the bridge HERE.

The sim is still very busy at the moment so be patient with the graaaaaayness. Or go have a cup of coffee while it clears. That's a plan.


Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP.

Reflections: Festivale

I tend to measure my time in our virtual world by changes. Each time an exciting new item comes into my life, I reflect on the old favorites that came before it. Content creators grow and improve and the landscape shifts. Sims disappear in a blink of an eye to take on a new look and sometimes a new role.

A couple of weeks ago Long Awkward Pose members received an unexpected note that Festivale was closing for a time. Just a little while. Nothing to worry about and certainly DON'T panic *wink*. Then a few days ago another note came stating that all was well and new and good -- and that the sim had been rebuilt from the ground up.

A new Festivale awaited, and while I was sad to say good-bye to my memories of the carnival and the hippie camp, the circus tents and the antique plane -- there were new vistas to explore.

The sim is still filled with old favorites as well as some new shops that I may simply have missed in my rush to get to the latest poses at the LAP store. Color still abounds but it is framed by majestic snow capped mountains and modern shopping promenades.

Some of my favorite shops are in Festivale. LAP of course with the first poses in my collection and still the record holder in number. The new store is two stories -- girls turn right and boys turn left. Well you don't HAVE to do that of course. Couples and group poses (poseballs) are upstairs.

Tiny Bird is the other anchor store. Autumn Hykova seems to have really come into her own of late. I could have simply been in a fog of course, it wouldn't be the first time -- but her new hairs are very special. I especially like the sculpty hairs. It's a big plus when you don't have to worry about standing in front of a window and watching much of your crowning glory disappear.

This new and very well received Gattina hair that I am wearing is available at the Hair Fair 2009 right now. A bit of patience will work if you don't want to fight the crowds; it and the other new Hair Fair styles will be at the Festivale store soon.

Now I simply have to tell you about this vanity table from :[MudHoney]: Designs. With only a small presence in Festivale, Mudhoney packs a huge amount of creativity in the tiny satellite shop. This dressing table is feminine surely, but this is not a "girlie" table by any means *wink*. It comes with both a "gaze at yourself" pose and a smoke break. Cigarettes -- both in a package and a wearable single -- are included.

While not prim light, the package includes both a coalesced version for easy placement and stand alone vanity, chair, flower in vase, cigarettes etc. So you can balance your desires with your prim budget. While I don't smoke in that other life, I find it relaxing after a long virtual day. And since there are neither health consequences or second hand smoke to pollute the air, my conscience is completely clear.

That's my personal tour of the new Festivale. Be sure and venture over and discover your own special stores and relaxation spots sometime soon.

Sugar Mill

While I have been busy today working on a complex post for tomorrow, my buddies have been out having fun. And since they are very good buddies, they took some photos of their adventures and I put them into a collage for you.

The main news is that Sugar Mill has some very nice Michael Jackson memorial poses out at the entrance for free. Benicia said at least one appears to be sized for big guys. While they wandered the store, they won some goodies on the lucky boards and TPed Wonder in when a "W" came up on the male threesome pose. That was fun as you might imagine so they had to try it out. Laughing a lot in the implementation I suspect. LOL.

Other news they picked up while there is that the RFL Rose Hunt seems to be postponed. At least there was a sign stating so. Xia loved the LOVE prop outside on the porch. No one was a match for the fortune teller and while there are several GW hunts going on at Sugar Mill, no finds happened today.

Oh, Wonder was a lucky winner on the new MM board at the NEW location of Phoenix - Firefall. I'm not sure if it will stay a guy thing for awhile. It may have switched so be sure and check that out. The prize of yesterday was the Raven accessories set. Since I have and ADORE the Raveness set, I can tell you that clicking would be a good thing :D

So that's my passed along report for the afternoon. I'm heading back to MY project now. Enjoy!

Poses by Sugar Mill.

Summer Minis

It's a mini dress day and Benicia is the star -- at least for this first part. She found a great white mini as an opening dollarbie at Amanda's Fashion in Harlow. It is classically simple with smooth shadows and textures that form a perfect backdrop for her Primagine necklace.

I was wearing the newest French Farm gift with a great super short denim skirt. It flounces in an oh so perky manner that is very fetching *wink*. It will be available at the French Farm for the next week. I dug into my newly slimmed down by half inventory and added some cute bangles from Harlot.

Being big on basics in my personal wardrobe, I zipped over to Amanda's and picked up a white mini for myself. It comes in multiple layers so it is very flexible and perfect for showing off all sorts of accessories and jewelry. I'm sure you'll be seeing it again soon. Benicia is wearing another summer dress from Amanda's. Very reasonably priced, it comes with both a harlter back and a tank style top as well as undies.

Prelude has an oh so cute summer outfit complete with sculpty hat. The sculpty prim skirt and belt are both click to resize which make things so much easier for us slightly oversized gals. Yeah! Definitely fun and superbly feminine, if this is your style, stop by and take a closer look.

OK - LOL. Some days it really pays to do your blogger homework. The Prelude outfit above came to me marked as a review. I went over to the shop to learn more and found a ton of really cute looking outfits including some retro styles. I searched but couldn't find the dress I was wearing. Then I found a small white box at the entrance. This dress and hat are FREE! Oh my. A bonus for us all. If you come by, be sure and look at the other dresses as they are extremely stylish.

/me dances away feeling proud of herself for checking things out ......

Poses by Vain and LAP.

Rha! Rha! Rha!

I was thrilled to get DSN goodies from Rha! this morning. And after trying the items on, I was definitely shouting for joy. The box contained all sorts of wonderful things included some great pinstripe slacks perfect for Fall.

But, the star of the show -- for me anyway -- is the dress. Granted, it is a system skirt and "I" at least have major issues with the new viewers and skirts. Still, I have to believe this problem will eventually get fixed. And for those of you not having issue? Hooray!

Linden Lab idiosyncrasies aside, I was simply blown away with the perfection of the details. There is even a small split seam on the back sleeve with embroidery that matches the slit on the skirt. I mean wow!

I spent a very long time trying on accessories with the dress, wanting to do my best to show it to you at ITS best. In the end I opted for a simple rosary bracelet from Kunstkammer, simple pumps from Adam and Eve and some retroesce hair from Truth.

I went over to the Rha! store after pairing the gray slacks with an old favorite sweater (NLA). You can see from my close ups that the precise detailing carries through. While I was perusing the offerings, I noticed that the store had a Bedtime Story Hunt prize somewhere, so of course I went searching. It is so cute. Bright aqua jammies in a variety of layers.

And that's the news from the Rha! store :D

Poses by LAP and Creamy Cooljoke.

Top photos taken at the Retro and Vintage House, a wonderful spot for cool retro furnishing.

Irresistible Finds

Irresistible has a hunt going on and unlike a lot of the store hunts of late, this one is REALLY free :D. If you are on a limited budget, Irresistible may be the store for you. Not only is the hunt fun and easy, you can also camp for items. This very cute babydoll top and jeans set is an example. I wasn't the only one sitting for fifteen minutes to garner a prize while I cammed for crystal hunt hearts. AND, there are a ton of lucky boards right above the prize camp chairs. I won two more outfits there.

So far that's three ways to get some fun items for free. But wait, there's more -- of course there is. A large display of freebie items is up near the entrance and there is a collection of dollarbies on a mock up stage setting. All in all this is a bargain hunters paradise. Oops, I forgot to mention the skins on the lucky board.

All the free stuff aside, you can actually BUY things here also and some of the items are very cute. There is even a small menswear section and jewelry upstairs.

This perky mini is my favorite hunt item. I didn't find all the prizes although the ones I did find seemed very obvious. Who knows where those low numbered one escaped too?

These super cute sandals were also part of the hunt. For some reason they are very appealing to me :D. Maybe its the porcupine platforms. Who knows? Anyway, these are great summer sandals and I bet you have a bikini they will go with somewhere.

The necklace I paired with my new found goods is a beautifully made set from M!ne. Delicate but still a statement maker, the set includes earrings, necklace and bracelet as well as a belly ring and finger ring (not shown). The pieces come with resize scripts but fit me perfectly without adjustments (yeah!). Venture over if you are in the market for some dressy accoutrement's for you latest outfits.

Poses by Vain and Mela.

Romantic Mornings

Once again Belle Belle has put out a spectacular gift in the lucky boards. With a bistro set, breakfast a deux, and a lovely garden backdrop, this package is both romantic and versatile. If you are watching your prims, you can rez parts of the set as needed. And with a candle and rose as separate parts, this breakfast table can easily turn into a midnight trysting place. You could also use the dining set inside your house or skybox. It doesn't have to live in the garden.

I was particularly pleased with this set as I had just set up a patio garden at a friend's place. What a wonderful addition! Note the shade? That is from the giant October Rust tree I blogged awhile ago. It makes a perfect -- and private -- canopy for more intimate moments. And while my friend and I are not "that kind" of buddies, I did get us in one of the more romantic animations -- just so you can see :D

There are instructions for the pose balls which make things much easier. And if you like you can delete the pose balls after use and have the table without floating text, waiting for your next dining experience. You can also use your own poses with the chairs of course, but the ones provided are very nicely done with smooth animations.

The newly filled lucky boards will run for about a month and you can find them at both the main store and the fantasy store . The boards are 20 and 10 mintues so there is time to TP friends in -- and ya know they'll thank ya!

[Edit] Boards are now for group members only. Sorry I missed that change earlier. You can join the group when you TP in as the greeter always asks you :D

The cute and summery shorts set I am wearing hales from idk -- a new shop appearing on the scene last month. The separates are very nicely made with lovely finishing. I especially like the cut out bra top. And the colors are SO happy! Much fun!

Pose by Torridwear who is sadly semi-retiring. The good news is that poses are now $25.

And also in the posing department, LAP is now once again open with an all new sim I have yet to visit :D

Steaming in Punk

Today's hO wEAr freebie is a complete steam punk outfit HeidiHo style. The outfit includes everything shown here except for shoes which are oldies from Adam and Eve.

I especially like the wild stockings. If this looks like your style, you know the system by now. This will be up for free until 8 pm this eve SL time.

Pose by LAP.

Hunting for Hope

The Hope Hunt started today. This is a RFL hunt and race and is a bit different than our typical hunts. You are looking for yellow roses and a simple touch records your find. Not all roses have gifts and stores can have from one to many. (The most I found this afternoon was a dozen.)

I started hunting at SYSY in the Sexy Second sim. I saw the store's post on a feed and that's how I heard about the hunt. The good news is that not only is there a lovely outfit in the roses (some parts in each rose) the scripting was all correct and it worked perfectly.

The other good news is that there are some lovely gifts to be found. The bikini from CIPRIA COUTURE is an example. The print is gorgeous and the design is quite different from your everyday beach wear. Works for me :D . My earrings are one of two pair from Cover Girl.


The not so good news is that scripting isn't always correct and can lead to confusion. I'm guessing this is partly do to the vendor's share of the equation as some worked as you would expect and other gave erroneous info. So, for example, You enter a place with at least six roses to be found. You can see them on the floor in front of you -- so no ESP is required. You click on a rose and it congratulates you for finding it and tells you that you have found all the roses in this location and to go to (empty URL) to find a list of more places to hunt. This happens OFTEN so be prepared.

The other plus and minus issue is that the rose messages are all in chat and not to the individual avatar. This is good if you can't find one of the yellow beauties, but see "Good Hunting Avatar" getting a message that they found rose 5 for example. Since you need to be fairly close to the roses for the click to take, you can know that the rose is near that avatar. The downside is that it gets very confusing if a lot of avatars are clicking at once.

The other issue you may have -- at least in the first day of the hunt or so -- is that it seems like not all the roses are out. I am saying that because there were a few places where tons of us got stuck and couldn't find any roses and in the meantime found a variety of the other hunt objects in the same store. It seems sort of unlikely a store owner would hide a rose SO well when they didn't hide their other prize vendors to be difficult to find.

I only scratched the surface, but this seems like it could be a good hunt if you can get used to clicking on roses that give you nothing - LOL. I'm not sure how I will fair in the long run, but you have some info now and can go off on your own.

The list of participants is in the sidebar of the hunt blog. There seem to be a fair amount of unisex and male gifts too. Yeah for the guys!

Poses by LAP.

New Attitudes!

A quick post to let you know that Attitudes just put out a giant pack of lingerie and bikinis as their summer freebie. If you are in the Tuli group and your group messages were working (gasp) then you already know this. If not *wink* then you know now.

As you would expect they are lovely and come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Layer options are included for you tattoo buffs.

Poses by LAP.

Neutrals: Spring to Fall

I love color, but sometimes neutrals better fit the mood. Lemania's retiring dollarbie (Cruella) may be in the beige to brown palette, but it certainly isn't boring. It comes with a bold leopard print top and print pants in a coordinating pattern. a nice prim belt spans the two lively separates. Best of all, it gave me a backdrop so to speak to try out some of my new accessories in -- you guessed it -- neutrals.

Both my armwarmers and scarf hale from Maitreya. I had fun with the seven different ways to wear the scarf, and decided short was best this time around. My very cute boots in a great taupe color are from Pretties by JB. My beret is an oldie from MG Fashion. Put them together and you have a stylishly fun outfit that can span several seasons up there in the crisp mountain air.

If you miss Cruella at the main shop, it will be in the changing room for the next week.

Poses by Pretzel Poses.

Whispering Flowers

It's been a You Can't Get There From Here -- You Can't Wear That day for me. Very few things are working no matter where you are. I did manage to get a lovely outfit together and a pose to load. That's what you get from me today. No coordinating jewelry although I have some great possibilities :D. Another day perhaps.

This very pretty sculpty dress comes from studio-m. Happily, I can report the sculpty skirt works well even in today's dire circumstance -- woot! The rose accent adds a feminine touch to the sleek design.

I was especially happy to find this dress as it coordinates perfectly with my butternut Fusion Boots from Pretties by JB. They have cute details on the back and tiny open toes. The heels are carefully textured.

The studio-m shop is filled with cute outfits at very reasonable prices, and for those of you that love the boards, there is a five minute lucky chair as well as a midnight mania prize. If you end up at a central TP point, click on the teleporter board to get to the studio-m shop. Hard to say if that's the plan with what's going on today - LOL.

Shoes are upstairs.

Pose by Torridwear.

I stuck around for a bit and won the lucky chair dress. Very pretty :D

Pose by Vain.

Not a Hair Fair Post!

New skin, new necklace, new sweater, new to me hair -- but NOT a hair fair post :D

Since I try to bring you new news, and since most of the bloggers out there are firmly in the Hair Fair 2009 campaign, I'm going to guess that it will be well covered. I'll be working on whittling down my inventory and posting on other subjects. So be sure and catch up on the feeds (links in my sidebar if you need them) to keep abreast of all the new hair news.

Skin shown is a free customer appreciation gift from LeLutka. Find it in the middle of the women's skin department on a table. My necklace is from the lucky board at Mischievous Cat. My hair and sweater are from Maitreya and my pants are from A-Bomb (previously featured).

Pose by flowery.

Retro Fever

I started my morning with the hunt at Retrology. I always go to the hunts there and I always have a great time, partly because I enjoy the sim so much. The retailers change from time to time and move to larger or smaller spots, the seasons bring new decor and it is always a pleasure to stroll and peruse the changes. I was already decked out in a retro outfit from the night before, so I fit in well with the locale. I noticed other hunters also in period garb and that made it even more fun.

My outfit above is from alafolie at Fashionista. Find the tortoise shell mirror (much like the magnifying glasses you may have been looking for in other hunts) and get this great outfit. There are two mirrors in this store, so be sure you find them both. Carefully locate the parts of the outfit before logging off. Some will end up in your Clothing folder and others in your Objects folder. There are some cute outfits here so take a look at the offerings before you hurry on to your next stop. Several stores are participating in this hunt and all the mirrors are easy to find. The hardest part for me was finding the various stores in the large sim :D .

I am wearing some color change wedgie shoes from Sun Made Fashions and an older Hobo Bag from Celestial Studios. My very cool glasses are part of a gift from B&G at the Car Wash Hunt. Find the cake and get four cool pair. The hunt spans two sims with lots of goodies to pick up. I hadn't been to Car Wash before, and it is indeed much fun. The hunt is almost over, so get over there soon.

Pose by Tuli.

Retrology outfits shown (left to right) are from Pink Cadillac (includes shoes), Thimbles, and Hang the DJ! The color change bracelet are from Fresh Baked Goods and the hairs from Pocket Mirrors. The hearts you are looking for are most often a shade of pink, but can be other colors and even patterns, so don't get into the pink heart mindset :D. Look for the hearts both inside of the shops and in the public areas.

Poses by LAP, Vain, Glitterati.

Dress by Punch Drunk, glasses by Fab Pony, hair by House of Heart -- all from the hunt. Purse by +plus, Shoes by Adam and Eve (not from hunt).

Pose by Vain.

Gifts also include non-clothes items including a red retro chair and a rainbow bubble chair from Greene Solutions. There are of course many more than I have shown here and many that I didn't even find. LAP is participating, but alas the LAP heart eluded me!

Accessories - Bright and Fun

Jewelry, purses, scarves and all those other fun things that make an outfit stand out sometimes sit in my "to be blogged" folder way too long waiting for just the right outfit. So while I am continuing on in inventory clean out mode (finally to my clothing folder -yeah) I decided to simply blog them on their own. Some are new today, some from DSN and some from hunts that are still going on. All should still be available.

The cute head scarf is from the Dissident Rock store on the MHOH. I love the print and it works well within the Olivia hair from Tiny Bird offering a girlish look to a male prize. The Kiss Me tee shirt with long undershirt hales from Thalia -- stop numba 69 on the 151 station tour. My silver leggings are from MALT.

Bright and colorful and definitely cheery, the Lostwood store has a lot of gifts as well as reasonably priced accessories. The bead bracelet is marked as today's freebie and it is a cutie, so zip on over while it is still around. Other great items that I picked up included a fun purse full of stuff (I so love "stuff") and the plain bangles I won at the Lucky Cupcake. There is a large supply of mouth attachments on the counter for a linden a piece and there are other freebies not shown here. I don't want to spoil all the fun. This is a bangle paradise so if bangles work themselves into your stylesheets, you'll probably love this store too.

Another stocked purse hales from MEZZO's Lucky board. Both animated and nonscripted versions come in the prize box. The animation is a bit choppy so your own purse AO or animation will likely be better for everyday wearing. Don't forget they have a great necklace in the other lucky board (previously blogged). The Caged Rainbow necklace comes from Mad About on the MHOH.

The scarf is one of the nushru opening prizes. Find the strawberries and get the prizes. If you haven't been prize hunting there, you can definitely come home with a ton of hunt prizes, so just look around.

The tea cup hat and color change choker are from ChaosLotus via DSN. There are two other cute 'n free bangle sets at the store as well as a lucky board. Both DSN and the bangle sets included a pose hud which acts as a pose stand ANYWHERE -- very handy and I use it often.

Jeans by WoE. Tank NLA.

Poses by LAP.