Lucky White and Black

It's the end of the month and things are s-l-o-w.  The Arcade will be open soon as well as some first of the month venues and  of course a new round of Cosmopolitan. Meanwhile, should you need a quick boost to your wardrobe or are simply feeling nostalgic about those olden lucky chair days, head on over to SCANDALIZE and try your luck. 

Sami came away with ten wins in about a half an hour. These two are her favorite but there were casual pants sets too and a cute cropped sweater. Several sets including the top post come with extensive texture hues; some sets come in various versions. All in the top mesh body fits.    A paid group is needed but there are TONS of group gifts out as well as the wall of boards which change quickly.

Hair: TRUTH / Halona Updo

Poses by: Torridwear, an lar

Morning Light

A full pack of mix and match summer togs -- complete with massive texture hud can be found as the new group gift at SCANDALIZE.    Shy gal may need to switch out the shorts (wink) but this is a great gift with so very many options. 

Photo taken at Florence.

Poses by: aDORKable

Flower Girl

Lots going on over at Cosmopolitan today, both in the venue and out on the street.


Seniha. Kala Shorts and top (also in plain dark gray)
BONDI . The Authority Glasses (event venue
NO.MATCH_NO_SIMPLE  for Hello Tuesday (blond pack)

Poses by: Poppycock " Meet the Gaze" at Cosmopolitan

DaD "Rustic Garden - Bundles of beauty" at Uber (see previous post for details).

Barrels and DAisies

I managed to sneak into Uber in the wee hours of the morning to pick up my favorite piece from this round.  The DaD "Rustic Garden - Bundles of beauty" comes linked as shown as well as individual stacks of barrels with daisies.  Very useful bonus planks come with the set -- not obvious in the vendor photos and maybe an afterthought; a nice one! 

Grunge stylists can remove the daisies with no baked shadow issues.  10 land impact for the three barrel sets as shown. Planks are one  land impact each.

Comfort of Clutter

With not much on my agenda of late, I have been slowly working on an industrial loft styling. Lots of fun, eclectic, city vibe, clutter going on. 

The new beanbag chair will be available at The Arcade next week. Look for the Trompe Loeil machine.  You likely already know the deal. Many versions of course to be had including a cute patchwork.

Other creators contributing to this look are Consignment, Apple Fall, ChiC buildings, Nutmeg, 22769, No59 and Tuesdays.

Waiting Game - Hot Picks 5 -23-20

One gift, one new release and a couple of great Marketplace finds make up the styling of the day.


At the Cosmopolitan  anniversary gift grab - [Eternus] Charlie Dress Brown with separate belt with hud.

Also at Cosmopolitan, a pretty bangle bracelet with texture change hud. Look for KUNGLERS - Raissa bracelet (left and right included in the set).

While wandering around the Marketplace a few days ago looking for BOM leggings, I spotted this tattoo. LOVE IT!!!!!  Es Design  Fearfully Wonderfully 75 BOM. Three saturations in the set.

And at the Pure Poison sale, these were my super favs -- and unbelievably priced. Four colors in the pack.

Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA  *TKW* Barret [A]

Backdrop: Paparazzi - BACKDROP - NOEL  no lights modded.

Poses by:secret poses and helamiyo

Quiet Thoughts

Quiet surrounds us these days. A melodic whistle of a train, the mating calls of birds still looking for partners, the gentle breezes through new leaves.  Time for contemplation. Time for choices.


[Eternus] Fable Romper  in various hues at Cosmopolitan
MOVEMENT - Cute Eyeglasses and Cute Notebook props with hold pose - gift at eBento.
lassitude & ennui Sylphide earrings (matching necklace is available) new at main store

{Why Not?} New Bloom Tea Time Geraniums GIFT at Gimme Gacha

Hair: TRUTH / Vivid (current VIP gift

Poses by: Poppycock "Overexposed" at Cosmopolitan

Good Free Stuff - - 5-21-20

Whether you shop with linden dollars or freebie shop, it has been an excellent month packed full of choices.


Blow-Up - Boho Eyeglasses - gift at eBento Event

Amisar.Sireah.SHIRT.PATTERN. MAITREYA (Update License)
Amisar.Sireah.TOP. MAITREYA  gift at Tres Chic

Super cute jacket with separate bra top.  Also comes in the same solid green as the top.   I had issues getting the hud to work on the regular Maitreya version so be sure and check the updated one.  Lots of other mesh body fits.

::C'est la vie !:: Inga Leggings (#2) Tattoo Layers
Now while this jacket came with a panties cover, I definitely wanted some leggings.  Woot for BOM which I am bonding with  after a day and a half of struggles.   Searching the Marketplace I found these above the ankle leggings in various fatpacks. There is a demo to try. Be careful when choosing what to purchase though as these come in packs of ten with various color in each. The demo makes it look a bit like they are all in the pack.  So one style has  "ribs" and one is plain. Each style has two choices of fatpacks.  Very nice basic go to items.  I found these worked best on the tattoo layer.

Back in the day when most of Second Life was on the mainland, my friends and I used to play jump the green dots.   Finding giant clusters of green dots on the map either meant a really good freebie  -- often lucky chairs back then, OR a sex den; sometimes a music venue.  It was an interesting exercise and you needed to be ready to TP home quickly amidst the shouts of "tie me down - tie me down".

Yesterday morning I looked on the map where my shop is (hoping to find a plot next door empty) and saw tons of people all in one place.  Now it could have been a party, but I tried looking for one of the participants and after some camming discovered they were in a store. Happily there were also pose stands in the store and so I "tested" a pose and arrived at the busy shop. 

There was indeed something going on.

Free group. Gift cards plus some group gifts on the counter.  This is mainly a make-up store. There are also poses (not sure if the card works on those) and some not Top Five skin appliers.  I grabbed a card and some demos.  There are plenty of things for Genus heads which is what I am wearing now.  BOM items are available too. 

So check out Velour.

Pose by: ChicQro  free on the counter at Velour

Tilia Changes

For the handful of folks that cared about the change that came about with Tilia last August, there are some new rules afoot.  You can read about them in the official blog post.  Some folks were still a bit confused (that wording thing) so Grumpity thankfully answered some questions on the forums. 

Now that I have it clear in my head I am passing along to you.

So one BIG change as I understand it (and I am really trying to :D) is that NOW  folks that BUY linden dollars will have to agree to the Tilia TOS and privacy policy. Is that correct?

And anyone NOW paying using Paypal (even with an existing verified over time account) will also have to agree to the Tilia TOS and privacy policy before the Paypal payment can go through. Correct?

So that is the bottom line verified (not the adjective "big") by Grumpity.

I did a quick test and it appears that new accounts can be made without the Tilia and Tilia privacy policy agreement. So as long as someone doesn't buy lindens or want to become premium via Paypal, they can still bypass agreeing to those documents.

High Tide

Long shadows. Chilled breezes. Deserted paths.


.Safira. Kyra Skirt (huge color hud for all parts) new at Cosmopolitan

BananaN ice cream to wear ** Gift at Cosmopolitan
KUNGLERS Carly ring - L - Crystal gold **Gift at Cosmopolitan
.::Supernatural::. Angela Necklace #1 Gold and #2 Gold ** Gift at Cosmopolitan

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.I DONT. (v2)

Pose by: Behavior Body

The Comfort of Leather

I love leather. It lasts forever, cleans easily, repels dirt and FEELS good.  Leather chairs, sofas, pillows and car upholstery have all been a big part of my life.  Happily it translates beautifully into our virutal world.


KOPFKINO - Blum Sofa - Leather (Materials) at Cosmopolitan
KOPFKINO - Blum Ottoman Table -Leather (Materials)

Other tones are available as well as no material versions.

KOPFKINO - Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes (Materials)   -- LOVE THIS!!!!

ChiC buildings  [Cb] Industrial Wall Lamp  Trio - steel and copper with cast lighting and individual on-off controls (new in the lamp area)

ROIRO - SATEN schefflera pot

Hot Picks 5 - 18 - 20

I have many personas. Not planned; I am just an eclectic gal. One is "farmgirl" which I think can be pretty darn sexy -- especially perhaps to a farm boy!

In that vein I put together an outfit of mostly new items -- some new releases and some gifts.   These are definitely worth checking out.


Deep Static - :: DS :: Faye Glasses 0 these have two sections of frames for mixing OR you can just choose the same color or pattern as I did.  Love the shape.  Cosmopolitan new release.

ED. Vita Cuffs - Tres Chic gift

adorsy - Stalia Overall Fatpack  come in colored palettes or denim tones. Top and bootlets are also available in this release. Shredded front calf areas (not shown in this shot).  Cosmopolitan.  Glasses are on-off and there is a big decal section (two spots) to add you own touches if you so choose. 

*LACUNA* Camille Gingham  (older and likely not longer available -- applier bra)

.euphoric ~Mavi Eyes  - Tres Chic gift --- I haven't changed eyes in at least six years so that tells you something. These are gorgeous hazel eye. I used the mesh version but there are system layers also. They have very realistic "sides" with darker colors and minute detail. Something that I look for.

poema - Olaya Eyeshadows - sand  Anniversary gift at Cosmopolitan. A full palette of chioces that works perfectly as layers on BOM.

Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Lake - Ombres  4 styles of updos, rigged and unrigged - Anniversary gift at Tres Chic.

Pose by: Poppycock -- NEW at Cosmopolitan

Men at Home

 Details make a difference in our virtual world.

If a bar is part of your pixelated surroundings, then a big new release from No59 can add to the realism.  Sets of liquor bottles include mixed versions as shown here as well as rows of single brands.  Permaware drink glasses round out the offerings. Find them all at Man Cave.

If a free male BOM mesh body with head sounds like something you could use, then zip over to Exmachina and click on the contest board. Up to ten sets packed full of options are given away daily. You still have about a week to try your luck. Free group needed.

For those that might be wondering if there are really bodies being given away, I can happily assure you that there are.  A friend of mine won one a day or so after my successful try.  So get out there and click.

Originally I couldn't get the BOM version of the skin to work, but today I was successful with a little help from a friend.   Tip one - you can enlarge the hud with + and - icons up top.  Tip two - you may need to save your outfit in progress, change to another outfit and then go back to your Evolve outfit and choose BOM again. I had an alpha that was not worn but leftover from another outfit and no way to take it off. Yes, an odd issue but letting folks know just in case it happens. Seems like a viewer problem but the on-off and toggle worked fine.

This is the 1.04 body with the new Splinter group gift skin from  7 Deadly s[k]ins

Bar and chair by Trompe Loeil --- Fireplace by Newchurch.

Care Kitties

Most of us need some perking up these days.

KittyCats is helping with that.
Boy kitties in blue, girl kitties in pink.

These are permapets and do not need food. They also don't make kittens :D.
Super cute you can find them at various Firestorm areas (here's one) and at the main KittyCats shop.

I had forgotten HOW TINY newborn kittens are --- and how fast they move.

Pearl, the last permapet given out I believe, is now 2,444 days old and has been rezzed and roaming each of those days.

Stein (pets come prenamed) is a boy kitty and will be living in my large abode in Xenosaur.  I now have two land impact points left LOL. 

So grab your kitty and get some company.

eBento Anniversary Picks

Grab your shopping back and your gathering energy and head over to eBento where a myriad of new releases and tons of great gifts await.

Gifts are mostly for the gals but there are some things for guys too and even a couple of home and garden items. 

Except for my hair, my styling is made up of 3rd Anniversary presents. And of course we LIKE presents!


Lun'Atic lila top&skirt black Maitreya
- Blow-Up - Boho Eyeglasses
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Scorpion White
.::Supernatural::. Pam #1 and #2 [Silver]
7 Deadly s[K]ins - MARIONA lip gloss box
MORBID MAUSOLEUM Lustro BOM Lipgloss - Mini Fat Pack - EBEnto (Gold)

Hair:    no.match_ ~ NO_MEANING

Poses by: Secret Poses (very nice pack of gift poses including hud and pose stand)


Another Stay At Home gift that you don't want to miss -- pick up the THIS IS WRONG Oceania tattoo ERODED for BOM, Maitreya and Legacy.

You can grab this pose on the wall of the pose shop at ChiC buildings.

Pose by: ChiC buildings


It's always great to see a nice gift out for the guys. New from Munereia - STAHD Suit for Stay At Home, offering tons of mesh body fits (many that I hadn't heard of) and color change hud.  Be aware that the hud unpacks separately from the one-piece suit sets so finding it can be tricky :D.   Pants colors can be chosen separately from the shirt for mix and match opportunities.

Hair: +elua+ Mao_Darkbrown

Pose by: LAP [nla]

Red Light Corridor

New at Cosmopolitan, ED. Alexandra Maitreya Prugna -No Panties -- oh so many pretty colors.   This comes in a second style with bikini panties.   Applier  or BOM pants are needed if you plan to wear this as a top. After a lot of searching I found some plain black high-waisted leggings that work well.

My multi-stringed necklace is from Kunglers and comes with texture change hud.  Find Melania at The Liaison Collaborative.

BONDI . The Silence Sunglasses come with texture change hud for ombres and solids. Big and bold they definitely make a statement. It's movie star time.  Also at Cosmopolitan.

This very photogenic backdrop is a new group gift from Varonis.

Poses by: aDIORKable

Secrets of Bakes On Mesh

Do I have all the secrets to using  BOM?  Alas, I do not. I have spent the last day and a half however changing out my avatar to the newer plan. It has been one confusing ride up a very steep learning curve hill.  Blender will still win that difficulty contest -- but after more than eight hours I am still pretty confused.   Here are a few tips to help other folks arriving tardily to the BOM party.

One of the big slogans since the advent of computers is SAVE OFTEN. That applies to your adventures in Bakes On Mesh.  While you explore options and looks save SEPARATE copies of your choice so that when you make and error (notice that I didn't say "if" but "when") you will have a partially completed base to continue with.

In order to save a backup of your work in progress you will need to make COPIES of all the oh so many pieces that make up your stunning new look. Put them in another folder. Personally, I made a backup of the backup folder  -- and needed it along the way.

You will need a Bakes on Mesh viewer. I tried using the Linden viewer but after about an hour my frustration level was too high and I opted to update Firestorm. Several friends reported issues with the BOM Firestorm version and so I was putting that off.  It seems to be working fine for me.  With BOM viewer installed, you will also want the latest BOM version of your mesh body. For me, that meant a trip to Maitreya Isle and a redelivery.  For some of you there will be a redelivery button in your mesh body hud. 

I chose the recent gift of the Genus Strong head. It is simply gorgeous with great detailing. My complexity is 36867 as shown in the screenshot above.  No shoes :D.  My jeans are appliers and I just noticed that I installed the LOW version of my jeans (oops). In order to use appliers on your Maitreya body you need to wear the layer you want to use. In my case it was the clothing layer. Then you need to toggle a bit to get the part you want to see visible.  All more of the learning curve.

I suggest looking at some video tutorials; there are many out there.  I can't say that I feel secure under the new system, but time will no doubt cure that.  For those contemplating moving into the future -- take it slowly. Baby steps. Try not to get frustrated.


GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7 - Mocap  ) with [the Skinnery] Alberta (Genus) toffee BB and body applier

KUNGLERS - Janis earrings at Cosmopolitan
Little Fox - Skylar top // ALL COLORS [M.Lara] at Cosmopolitan (many colors)
{Limerence} Cindy hair(Mod) at Cosmopolitan

Pose by: Hera

Bellamy Cottage

For those on a 1024 mainland budget, the Bellamy Cottage offers a great land impact value.  Weighing in at 38 INCLUDING KITCHEN AND LIGHTING, it is definitely a "oh my" release.  S striking fireplace adds 7 land impact and is easily removable as it is not linked into the main build.  Touch privacy windows are included as well as a Trompe  Loeil Home Control panel.  Find it at Collabor88.

A perfect first piece of furniture for your new abode, The  [Cinoe] Fisherman's chair is an opening gift at their new store at Puddlechurch Rye (my neighboring sim).

Trees by Yugen.    Grasses by Fundati.

What's On Sale - 5-9-20


[ vagrant ]- Aurora Top - Maitreya - Warm Pink (also in white, black and orange == sleeves have color change hud *hmmm*)  Saturday Sale

Doe: Zoie - Indecisive color pack (mixed shades)  Saturday Sale

(Kunglers) Simone earring - L - Quartz  (older jewelry on sale upstairs)

FoxCity Neighborhood backdrop   Saturday Sale = This takes a lovely photo but there are no physics to the build so unless you understand how to work around that I can't hardily recommend.  Plants not included.

Leggings by Scandalize.Jazzie.PANTS.

Pose by: LAP

Last Shadows

A just out group gift from S@bbia, the Floral Block Dress in Orange. Other colors are available at a discount.  Free group.

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  Gift < Klara>

Pose by: aDORKable

Love Songs

If you love music and all things in the romantic strain, stop on by the new round of Cosmopolitan and check out The Black Forest Upright Piano. At eight land impact, it seats one or two. The piano is color change and the piano playing animation is one of the best I have seen. A variety of songs are included.  Be sure and read the instruction manual. Well of COURSE you would do that.

Cosmo joins FaMESHed this month -- both celebrating eight years. Oh my!

You can find all parts of this outfit as gifts at the venue.


*CK* Mila dress
-Narcisse- Edith Choker and bracelet

{Limerence} Diza hair

Poses by: the piano and Amacci head pose hud ;   Exposeur

Still Life with Pears

New from Madras at Cosmopolitan, a touch of Europe as pretty as a fine master painting.  Pieces can be purchased separately.  Three metal versions of the Albia pitcher are an anniversary gift. Don't over look the weathered crate gift givers.

Big 8 Fameshed - Apparel

With oh SO MANY lovely gifts at this month's FaMESHed, it was difficult to pick our favorites.  But here is a small sampling.


{le fil casse} Francine Dress Maitreya Seafoam

Essenz - Mesa (FaMESHed Green) 
EarthStones Callie Bangle 
BONDI . Picnic Radio 


Bombshell Julia / Lara / BabyPink

MIDNA - Carol Bracelets *singles left and right with texture huds

[BREATHE]-Saki Heels


Scandalize.Joanna. with optional belt. FULL texture huds with many plains and patterns

Eudora 3D Eos Bracelets

Hair: {Limerence} Bondy hair-Gift set


-Pixicat- Tony Cardigan (Tan) with optional bandeau
EQUAL - Duality Necklace
KUNGLERS - Sienna earrings

Hair: MINA - Kayla - Essentials

Poses by: Truce, an lar, ChiC buildings,Torrid Midnight

Big 8 - Fameshed H and G

If you haven't heard yet, it is anniversary time again at FaMESHed.  It will take a few days before I can get in, but long time helper Sami is premium. She spotted an opening in one of the cam sims, tped over and then walked through to the main venue on her first try.  Oh my! Lucky, lucky gal.

She counted 107 items in her FaMESHed folder with most stores offering presents in the SL gift giving tradition.  With a daunting number of boxes to unpack we decided that the home and garden gifts were a great place to start.  You can find most of the furniture and building releases in the center area of the venue, but keep your eye out along those outside rows also.

These two pose props are part of the celebratory items to be found.

The Modulus - Abandoned Kiosk and  the ::WetCat:: "Scoot Around" areperfect for quick photoshoots. 

Decor pieces are in abundance with most being "my style". This fish candle holder (part
 of a big set) is one of my favorites. 

And if you have a country home, this is a perfect addition.

* There is also a llorisen // estivo pergola with a mix of natural wood and weathered white paint. 

* A beautifully crafted ONE land impact Victorian post light can be found at the [ContraptioN] booth.

It took about an hour to pick up all the gifts and peruse the session's releases. Sami noted that her framerate was down to 5 at one point, but she walked to a row and then cammed in to shop so lag wasn't all that evident.  It will of course be calmer next week and beyond.

Stay tuned for a gift review of clothing and other wearables.