Here is another super saucy number from the current round of Cosmopolitan. JF Design's "Calista" comes in a variety of colors of course. I am not sure why I am in such a pink-peachy mood of late. Lace ties bring up the rear and happily there are matching panties to go with. You super brave gals could of course leave those at home for another day.

The top and skirt are separate pieces and could of course be used to pair in other outfits -- but they look SO good together.

Hair: eXxEsS Margarita

Poses by: Diesel Works



It is definitely exotic over at Cosmopolitan this round. Not EVERYTHING of course, but my features of the eve.

From LAGOM the BeVamped [Skybox] RARE on a gacha. This 92ish land impact wonder is quite magical and definitely mysterious.  I really love it.

I have a couple of caveats. This appears to be a no mod item (at least mine is :D) so no resizing or messing around. It comes inside a separate box (as in skybox) piece covered with very large advertising. Personally?  So not my thing. The good news is that the exterior piece is separate so that you can put your own box around the outside or just leave it off and let the natural sun shine through.   There are three rooms (one with the clock) as well as a resting alcove.

Go forth and gamble if this is your style and best of luck to you!

The exotic furniture (notice how I reflected the shape of the clock in the shape of the Spiral Shelf?   So clever am I ) is only part of a set of Shen Living Room Decor from Newchurch, also at Cosmopolitan.   The set also comes in Rosewood.

There are a lot of skimpy clothes this round at the big C (that's Cosmopolitan if you haven't been reading carefully) and this body suit from Asteria is pretty spectacular.  "Diana" comes in several color and boast a filler neck area with color with texture changing capacity via hud. Belleza and Maitreya fits.

I opted for an invisible chest cover so that I could show off ---

The delicate collars from Amacci. The Yara set includes single and double collar, bracelets and anklets. Various color huds let you choose parts of the color for perfect coordination. This is a great find for those of you that might not have perfectly matching head and mesh body parts (oh the pain).  Also at Cosmopolitan.


Poses by: Eternal Dream

Reclaiming History


I have always enjoyed empty buildings with a history. Repurposed or left in disrepair, they speak of history -- people who have come and gone, worked and loved.

Trompe Loeil has a new kitchen out at Uber, the industrial inspired one wall efficiency Aveline which comes in both PG and A versions. The appliances and teapot have color change options. A self-installer makes setup easy or move things around to your preference.

For me, the NOMAD Old Factory release is the star of Draftsman. This is the middle sized "B" version, the one on display at the event. While most likely designed as a store, role play, or filler building, I was thinking of turning it into a living space.

I have been living in my converted to the desert Trompe Loeil tree house for almost a year now. True, I am not there often, mostly I plunk myself down on my building pad and head off to Blenderville. Still, it is nice to have a place to call home.  I can envision some artsy stuff, some industrial clutter, empty spaces for dancing. A good Springtime project.

Ponderings and Catch Ups

Ponderings and Catch Ups

I am feeling pretty dangerous this eve. Partly that is my new Lelutka applier from Glam on FLF. The new .:AVALE:. Edith slip dress that covers everything nicely but just barely isn't negating that feeling. It is soon to be available at Cosmopolitan and there are choices of many lovely colors. Today for a change I moved away from my peachy preferences and chose gold to coordinate with my surroundings.

The building I am resting in is from NOMAD available at Draftmans. I have a post with more info coming in the queue, but it is fitting that it appears in this post also.

I typically live on my building pad; I imagine a lot of designers do. It's handy. But it is pretty? Is it conducive to creativity? Most likely not as I have some of those giant blue balls in my vista and a plain white prim as my stationary anchor.

I was working hard today and accomplishing a lot (much in the background of the lead photo). One of my goals for the year is to go beyond keeping things neat. I want organization. In that vein I have event folders with products and textures, and vendors and scripts -- dada dada. As I was looking though my objects folder I found this great desk and book from [Merak] which is currently at Lost and Found. I simply couldn't ignore this lovely piece. Hence you have a stream of consciousness entry with some pretty pictures.

And this is my new head applier  from Glam with a subtle layer of alaskametro lipstick.

Poses by: aDORKable

Food Versus Tea

Food Versus Tea

I have been dieting for a month now -- well the typist has; Chic can of course eat everything, the lucky gal. Happily my jeans now zip again and I am hopeful that in another turn of the calendar said lower garments will be roomy.

It has been pretty painless. I get lost in creativity and forget to eat quite often anyway. And I opted to get wine delivery which is much fun -- like a grab bag and a step above my usual vintages; a bonus. Tea and coffee are staples of course along with veggies and protein. And that brings us to this evenings photo.

New from Cheeky Pea, a Modern Farmhouse set for N21. It is a big set that includes:

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Bench (both PG and A versions)
:CP: Modern Farmhouse EAT sign
:CP: Modern Farmhouse Sideboard
:CP: Modern Farmhouse Rug

Also in the photo:

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tea Tray from the  Baker Street 221b Gacha for Gacha Guardians.  The super fun balancing vintage books are a gift.

My exercise togs are actually the [ILAYA] Bijou Bodysuit for Belleza,Maitreya,Slink. Sometimes you really REALLY need applier underlayers, and while the striped version is lots of fun for lounging and workouts, there is a solid color in each color pack -- perfect for under open jackets when you aren't feeling as brave as the creating designer thought you should be *wink*. Find them at Tres Chic.

A new braided updo completes this story. You can find Vanity Hair's Covet style at Shiny Shabby.

While you are gazing at my pretty hair, take note of the hairbase. It is a release from Sinful Curves at Lost and Found. Appliers are for Catwa, Omega, Lelutka as well as classic layers. The color palette is pretty tiny so I matched my hair to the hair base. Still, it is an impressive work and worth checking out. Sometimes we need a little extra pizazz on our skulls to go with our crowning glories, and especially for Lelutka gals, they are sometimes hard to find.

Poses by: the bench


Rainbow Ridge

This week's travel and gift post takes us to Rainbow Ridge where hip-waders might be advised. Atmosphere? Definitely in abundance. A natural glade with water fowl and of course evidence of fisherman.

There is plenty to see here and photo ops in every direction.

Xia's find of the week is this just her style fits like a glove dress from Java Fashion Designs. The Janet Mist dress is standard sizing and since not so busty Xia needed to alpha slot her lower breasts, it seems like well endowed girls need not apply. Still, if you are in the tomboyish realm or are willing to be a bit flatter for fashion, this is a lovely gift with plenty of character and nicely fitted.

Find the gift in front of the store at the landmark above.

Hair: Amacci Hair - Candy Rose

Pose by: Di's Opera

Hangars Liquides

Futuristic Chic

This evening's adventures take us both back in time and into the future.

Hangars Liquides  has been around since the beginning, the lab tab stating 2004.   Finding my way to a Space Cacoon which is both up to date and impressive, I dreamed of being among the stars.

There was of course had a reason for stepping into the future. Wearing it, am I.

The Eclipse Trench Suit and Boot are a futuristic dream. Slink, Belleza and Maitreya fits, there are plenty of colors and neutrals to choose from. This is "Avion" chosen simply because the stylist was wondering what hue that might be. Happily it is a slate gray that turns to subtle tones of teal under some lighting. Very pretty and has a choice of silver or gold metal accents by hud.

Whatever your color choice, be sure and try the matching boots. These are "take your foot off" boots with a smaller foot than some styles -- perfect for gals of smaller stature -- like ME!

Great detailing as you can see.

Find the outfit at Tres Chic.

My hair which comes in a lovely gray to teal ombre is a perfect companion; look for Opale  Mishelle Hair, also at Tres Chic.

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow

The Art Studio

Art Atelier

22769  has a huge (really huge as in 19 items) set of artist paraphernalia out at The Epiphany.   The Art Atelier covers all the bases. A big set for the painterly types as well as gear for the budding sculptures and pot throwers among you. With many great items to win, I am showing you a few of my favorites.  The building is the rare prize -- well, I bet ya guessed that. Lots of fun for collectors here.

And while I am definitely overdressed to be playing in the clay, I could pass for the model (there is a model's pose stand in the mix). My new attire includes some stunning earrings from [Avenge] at Tres Chic. Look for the New Baroque earrings ( a necklace is also in the release).

My hugs every curve -- in an artful manner of course -- dress is from WAYNE also at Tres Chic. "KYLE"  comes in many colors (Maitreya fit). This is Nude,

These super cute mid high heels have ruffly parts that can be dematerialized (don't you love all the virtual abilities?) should you need something simpler. Color change by hud including metals and soles. Look for the Mowie booth at Tres Chic.

My nails -- both fingers and toes -- are from the alme.   Parisian Chic set at Tres Chic. Both gold and silver versions are available. Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega Advanced.

Tree Little Branch RiverBeech.v2 (four seasons) at Cosmopolitan.


Poses by: Di's Opera,  Helamiyo and Torridwear [nla]

Bedroom Antics

Blonde For a Day

Lost and Found is now open. Avatar enhancements and body parts are in evidence as well as Valentine deco, but mixed between the skins and eyes and makeup are a few of the original "flea market" finds.

From THEBOX, the sleepbed in three choices of woods as well as texture change by touch for bed, throw and pillows. The beds boast plenty of animations as well as the naughty variety.  Be sure and try the demo for size as this is a no mod item and it really means it *wink*.

Not too far from THEBOX booth, you will find the ChiC buildings area with a furniture gacha. Privacy screen, commode and stools are featured in four different woods (this being the white version that I tinted light gray to match the bed) as well as the rare lamp. Other woods are oak, walnut and driftwood.

My strikingly shiny dress is from Stories&Co. at No21 .  The Mina Dress comes in plenty of knock your socks off brilliant neons as well as pretty pastels. Fatpack huds are also available.

Isn't this great hair?   Feminine and looooooong!   Find MARGARITA at eXxEsS.

You can find the CODEX NECKLACE BETLAM SILVER at Cosmopolitan this week. Black and gold versions are also available.

My very pretty gradient heels are were designed by Italiano also at Cosmopolitan. Look for the Italiano Pump Two Tone. Bellaza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP fits.

Poses by: Helamiyo

Snow Country

Snow Country

MY not so virtual snow has melted finally, but in other parts of the world they are looking forward to skiing weather. And in SL of course we always have the ability to ski -- or at least look like we are in photos.

At Draftsman from WetCat and Lemon, find the "Sky-Line" Ski Lift Prop with texture change seat and a choice of single, couple and naughty animations.

I don't know?   Some people must be more adventurous than I. Naughty animations sound COLD!

Happily I had some new warmer attire and the bright sun helps warm the skin (maybe that's the answer to the naughty times -- noon).

From Sys at Tres Chic GUZZI jacket in many pretty colors and neutrals. Great detailing and impressively real textures will have you wearing this often.  Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits. With and without materials (this photo is without).

My cute new hair with had can be found at the no.match booth at Cosmopolitan. Look for NO HOME. The hat has a choice of four tones on the hud or you can tint manually to match your outfit. Lots of hair colors are available of course.

{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans

Apple Fall Hugg Boots (ancient and likely not available)

Poses by: WetCat

Vintage Office

Second Spaces - Vintage Office

It has been a fantastic month of releases so far and this vintage office set fits right in. Both clever and well made, these items are  filled with character.

*EXCLUSIVE* Second Spaces - Vintage Office - stamp carousel

Second Spaces - Vintage Office - rolodex and multi-line phone
Find them all at The Epiphany -- the Second Spaces booth of course!



Grape vines at rest. Bottles lining walls. Warm breezes and memories of laughter.

This is THE shot of many. And what made that shot?

I had a lovely outfit, wonderful location and dramatic lighting. What made the shot was the pose.

I have been making poses for almost a decade. I know what it takes to make a great one. This is my favorite from the Eternal Dream Florence set at Cosmopolitan. Try them out and bring home some or many.

From JF Design the "Kiana" top and skirt set with two versions of the skirt, one being leather (shown). Perfect fit and for me no alpha slots needed. It hugs every curve and then some. Belleza and Maitreya fits. Hud for metal parts changes.  Happily, perfect little panties come with. Find the new release in a variety of colors at Cosmopolitan.

Location: Le Sixieme Sens

Jewelry MEVA and Secrets.

Hair: DeLa Cheri

Poses by: Eternal Dream "Florence" at Cosmopolitan


If classics are your style -- you don't want to miss this Eastern inspired set from Newchurch. Wood choices include rosewood (shown) and light teak.

A perfect pairing is one of three tropical plants from CCD Deco. Really lovely for any decor; perfect if you have a coastal home!

Find them both at Cosmopolitan.

My Grandparents Attic

Grandparents Attic

There are memories in objects. They hide between the layers of dust and beckon us to remember.

My Grandparent's Attic set is available at Cosmopolitan. Choose from a copy fatpack or try your hand at the transfer gacha.  Look for the ChiC buildings area. Not all items shown here.

It's Paris time over at Tres Chic and Entice offers Champs Elysees Jeans and Sweater in many colors and prints. The cropped and cuffed jeans fit like a dream. Many mesh body fits.

Lucas Lameth offers this natural rock necklace, Freyjas Promise. An extra special artful clasp adorns the back should you be wearing an updo.  Find it at Cosmopolitan.

My hair is a new release from Ducknipple, Gail. Limited color hud.

Poses by: LAP [nla]

An Uncertain Destiny

Three Free Outfits

This week's gifts post -- packed full of goodness -- comes to you from An Uncertain Destiny. A breathtakingly beautiful sim, it is filled with mystery and photos ops. Not all areas are accessible though, and adult ratings reign.

If you are a gifts and bargains hunter you are likely already in the SL Frees & Offers  (SL F&O) group. Here are some highlights of three outfits from the current gifts available.


Hilly Haalan Coco Outfit (Sweater/Leggings/Glasses) vendor on gift wall outside in entry courtyard.

HEARTSDALE JEWELLERY The Rover Ladies Silver Watch & Bracelet

Boots (old) *COCO*_BeltedAnkleBoots(Non-Rigged)


Shoenique Designs Billie set along with J&W Jewelers Billy Collection Malachite Necklace (same location - second floor).

Left:  LITA PULLOVER (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Fitmesh) from Lita Aulder's Store.

Absence of Fear applier jeans (still available as a group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich).

Boots from the Hilly Haalan Coco set above (unrigged).

Poses by: furniture and aDORKable

That Peachy Glow

That Peachy Glow

There are of course many other lovely colors and neutrals in Asteria's "Bambi" set. I, it seems, am madly in love with "Sugar"!   The subtle warm shine brings out my skin tones -- at least I think so.

The set includes mini dress with optional lacy bra top and the striking overtop with beautiful lines. I was feeling a bit braver than usual and went sans bra *wink*.  Demure gals will however love the feminine addition of breast covers.

Maitreya and Belleza fits.

Kunglers Angie earrings, these in the quartz tone add a vintage appeal. These are beautifully crafted with an old world feel.

For some notice me additions to your pose collection, try out the new {QPoses} Catwalk Set. My pose folders are stuffed, but these filled a gap! Gotta love that.

Find all these great new releases at Cosmopolitan.

I didn't have to look to hard for matching heels; Amacci's new Clichy heels had a matching color (well, I am a smart gal and remembered that). The bow trims nicely merge the distance between modern showgirl and retro lover. Slink High, Bellza and Maitreya fits. Tres Chic is the place to try your demo.

Ducknipple Hair: Louise
Skin: Lumae
Makeup: alaskametro


Abandoned Theater

This is my favorite outfit from MEVA in  --- well, maybe forever!

The Bridget Set for The Epiphany comes in three colors -- gray, blue and beige (shown). Along with the outstanding corset (RARE and called Corsage in the gacha) there are leg wraps, sleeves and a necktie. The Crown is the special gift for adamant players.  A Maitreya fit only outfit, this is really lovely, so don't miss it!

And here's the story behind the photo. When I put this on it brought back memories. Other burlesque ensembles, and shadows of photos shoots from years gone by. I knew where I wanted to take this photo -- in the old theater of The Looking Glass. That sim has been redone of late but I was hoping that the theater would still be there. I ventured over and with area search found the theater, far away from the main areas.

The theater had changed a bit from my memories. No longer on a village street, it was now sunken into marches with fantasy flora mix hither an yon. The stage was still the same though and I took my place near the wooden tree and took my shot.

Good memories.

Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS

Poses by: oOo Studio

Window Gazing

Window Gazing
A little black top, a little black skirt and some little and TALL black heels. Who knew simple things could combine in such a smashing way?

First up though, let's look at the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Odette Armchair. This version is black and gold, but silver accents can also be had as well as a white leather. PG or A choices of animations.

Find this finely detailed sitting classic at The Liaison Collaborative.

Fashion notes:

Kaithleen's Leather Top at Cosmopolitan comes in many colors; Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits. It's brief but packed full of details, and it pairs perfectly with another single release ...

the .:AVALE:. Odette skirt and belt from Tres Chic (opens the 17th). Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits and a color hud with a collection of plains and chevrons.

This coming together club outfit is joined by ...

some beautifully crafted heels, G&D Shoes Miranda. Lots of colors and choices by huds. Bound to be a big hit, you can find them at Cosmopolitan also. Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits.

This saucy hair from Ducknipple adds to the attitude of the attire. Look for Tina.

(Kunglers) Artemis bracelet (previous gift)

Poses by: Di's Opera - Grandeur Series Cosmopolitan



Some time ago in a land not too far away -

someone asserted determinedly that we were not in a relationship.

Even though it isn't February and even though it wasn't an I will love you forever affair, I was thinking about relationships and the problem some folks have with them.

I, of course, considered the asserter as a person I was in a relationship with. Details don't matter of course and here's why.

We are all constantly in relationships with one another. I have a relationship with my neighbor who kindly brings in my trash can during the winter months when almost no one wants to venture out in the muck. It is a small thing, but it is important and we have a "relationship" because of that.

As most of you, I have long term relationships with a few important people. Many span decades. I still, in my mind, have relationships with the men I have loved even though I haven't seem many of them in numerous years.  They were important to me. They in part made me who I am today.

Whether it is family or someone you constantly fight with over Internet forums, we all interact with each other continuously. And over time, that becomes a relationship -- even if we don't really want it to be.

So here is to relationships -- past, present and future. May we recognize them and their importance.

Fashion notes:

[MYNX] Resin rings at Chapter Four (right and left sets in various patterns and colors - this is the black version)

Vanity Hair's Miss Lu at The Crossroads (texture huds of course).

Makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: Status



While I did start a real life diet a few days before the New Year began, it was my jeans that were the instigator, not any desire to better myself in the new year *wink*.

Still, getting in shape tops many 2017 todo lists; it is always a popular resolution.  If a home gym or a new work out outfit are on your lists of "need to shop for" then head on over to COLLABOR 88 where you can find some stylish items for both home and closet.

From Baiastice, a bit set of sweats and layered bra tops in a rainbow of colors. There are also sneakers, but I am almost always barefoot in real life and that seems to filter over -- you may or may not have noticed.  Standard Sizing, Slink and Maitreya fits.

The super cute and lovingly detailed Gym sideboard can be found at the Second Spaces booth. Choose from gray, taupe, blue, pink or green.

The second life clock is from Cheeky Pea.


Poses by: aDORKable

Memories of Snow

Memories of Snow

Snows are melting in my real life neck of the woods. It has been a whiter than usual winter. It has been quite on my tucked away road, whiteness muffling the occasional sounds of cars going by.

For those that revel in the sports of winter -- whenever "winter" might be -- Sway's has a super cute sled with some fun animations and texture change options. There are three basic color palettes to chose from with options within those palettes. Find the Lumi sled at The Liaison Collaborative.

My pretty warm if the sun is shining brightly (and it IS) outfit includes new releases from:

Ducknipple: Outfit vs8 is a one piece number with fits for many body types. Find it at the main store.

.:Pulse:. Tip Toe Stockings fit Maitreya mid feet. They fit like a dream but the foot area isn't rigged to change foot angles -- hence the MID part of the description. Lots of pretty colors, you can find them at COSMOPOLITAN through Saturday.

eXxEsS Citron hair is similar to one of my favorite older styles. Casual and feminine it might be just what you are looking for. Tons of hair tones as always and a "breeze" version is available. Main store release.

Poses by: the sled and Helamiyo from the new Assassin set at Totally Top Shelf - a new event.