Into The Future

A year and a half ago I made some predictions about mesh. Unbelievably, the search feature on my blog found the post for me. Surprising as that widget stopped working well (shall we just call it being "selective"?) after a thousand posts. Who can blame it?

Anyway, as we move into a new year I was thinking about the future -- our virtual one and what it might hold. I haven't reread my precognitive musings in their totality but I do remember that I had a few things right. I did miss two big points. One, the advent of prim breasts (I so don't care and that might have left me unaware of the "need").

The other is definitely more important and something I am basing my NEW predictions on -- the thriftiness of mesh in the land impact equation.

I have the opportunity to view some exceptionally well made mesh up close and personal. I am very grateful. If you read this blog often you have seen mention of the fantastic "prim" savings that can be accomplished by designing -- well let's call it "smart mesh". I am often in awe and definitely thankful for the designers who have worked hard to give us thrifty options.

I just finished a casita today (a tiny New Mexico pueblo style house). It took me eight days of work and many hours logged into the Aditi grid. I learned a ton and I am very pleased with my almost finished product. I made it for myself as I often do, looking back at places I love and forward to the time when I will no longer have a full sim. I do well on a 512; I am adaptable.

My finished house will be weighing in at about 17. That includes numerous small details like hinges and window hardware, about a hundred "sticks" in the walls that surround the patio and a door that took me eight hours (well most of a day anyway) to build. The good thing, aside from the knowledge gained is that this same build would have been about 150 prims in the old days. And of course it would never have looked so good. THAT'S what I didn't understand about the advent of mesh.

So my prediction for the coming year is that mesh will become even more popular as more designers learn how to make "smart mesh" and more consumers see how it can expand their land impact budgets. I am so looking forward to seeing what can be made.

Now what on earth does all this have to do with the photo up top? Well not much really, but I do hate posts with no pretty pictures. And, along with my rousing applause for mesh, I want to say that I still believe there is a place and a market for nicely designed texture clothes. There are some things mesh does well and some things  -- not so much. So I won't be throwing out my system clothes any times soon. There are many I am very fond of.

Lady Vane from deviousMind comes in a huge variety of colors. I also noted that Lola appliers are now included -- well of course they are! 

I like this shot. It has that Vogue on the Sahara look - LOL.  This is a perfect Mardi Gras outfit!  Think ahead girls. The mask is to die for!

Wishing you a spectacular new year!

Pose by: Diesel Works

Almost a New Year

A new year is on its way; that means new beginnings and champagne. I am not sure which I am most fond of. I will enjoy making a new directory on my computer. 2013 has a nice ring to it. I will also enjoy sipping some "captured bubbles" as the calendar turns.

If you plan a party or even just an intimate get together, I have a great prop for you. See all those champagne glasses on the table? There are 18 of them. Are you ready for the drumroll?  They weigh in at .5 land impact. That means that you can take two sets of them (36 in all), link them and STILL have only one "prim" :D. Woot! 

Those of you that are old enough remember when wine glasses were 3 - 4 prims each depending on their liquid contents. I recall a building class long ago when we made fancy bar drink props. They were 11 - 13 prims each and they so didn't look this good. So here's to a new year and to progress! 

You can find the retail version of these glasses at a very low price at Mesh Depot.  A single unscripted (but mod) glass is also available. There are three styles to choose from. OR, if you want to design your own and give them out to friends, there is a full perm version on the Marketplace. Either way, I am very impressed. 36 for 1. My, my we have come a long ways.

My party dress is a new release from AD Creations called Ephemeros. The pretty table is from Trompe Loeil and my hair and old gift from Dura.

Ah, I forgot to mention that New Years Eve is also my rez day. An old lady of FIVE will greet 2013. And "no", as some friends suggested I was not bored that evening. I was actually born in the morning. Beyond that I don't remember much. I may have spent my first day in SL hanging out at Calla sitting for hair. Happily I had some friends that knew the ropes so aside from learning how to walk, it was fairly easy. My first skin was one of the Eloh Eliot ones. So many memories.

Have a great New Year!  I may see ya again before then or not.

Pose by: aDORKable

Reds It Is

I am not sure what the official color of the week is, but this evening -- for me -- it is red.

New releases in this vibrant but minimalist post are:

1 Hundred's Slip On Set in Wine  -- lots and lots of available colors to choose from
Vanity Hair's Surfer Girl in Feux
Bliensen + MaiTai's - Aurora - Earrings

Let's hear it for RED!

Poses by: aDORKable

When Is A Prim Not a Prim?

By now most all of us know about Land Impact, the replacement to Prims in our virtual accounting budgets. A 512 starter lot used to come with 117 prims, now it isn't so clear. Do prims still count? Well, sort of. Here's the scoop and my holiday present for those of you that had no clue you may have the option for MORE SHOPPING.

Most of us, even builders, don't pay all that much attention to all the info in the new build menu. Been there, done that, we know what we need to know. But along my mesh learning journey I came across some very interesting info -- not only for builders.

If you edit an object (any one that you can modify for those of you that don't build) you will see that the traditional looking build menu tells you the number of objects selected and the land impact (in the case of my photo the numbers are 1 and 1 and I have a mere 18 "somethings" left to use in my shop.

If you click on the More Info link (in bold to the side of the "Remaining capacity" text) you get an advanced menu that tells you more about the object. In the photo above you can see that the item selected IN THAT MENU says 1 object and 2 prims. But the land capacity only takes away 1. In this case it is because the item is mesh. But wait -- it gets better.

Many of our older prim items can be TURNED INTO Land Impact units from prims. There is a choice under Features in the build menu. The Prim you know. Convex Hull is the default mesh physics shape. "None" hides the item from the server physics-wise, helping your sim run better; it also turns the item phantom as a consequence. This can work for many things, but certainly not all.  By changing from Prim to Convex Hull, this street photo prop went from 26 prims to 13 land impact.

Now there is a BIG CAVEAT here. Sometimes changing from prim to convex hull can raise your land impact, costing your more. Not our plan. A friend and I did a fun test this eve and found many things were cut in half accounting wise when changed. Some however increased. So you DEFINITELY need to experiment on a sandbox where there are plenty of prims so that items on your land don't get returned for overwhelming your land capacity. You also want to try this on COPY items and you will of course need MODIFY permissions in order to make the changes. 

Sculpts and complex shapes like the torus, are not good candidates for this trick. Scripts count in the land impact equation, but I have no idea about the formula or reasoning.  Still, with a bit of work, you might save enough prims to add some new homewares to your environment.

My lead photo illustrates the point that a cube when in convex hull form can ONLY count as .5 land impact. Any two cube shaped prims can be turned into convex hull physic shapes and linked to get ONE prim. So all is not equal in the cubist world these days.

And that is my tip for you for the new year.

Pose by: PosESioN


A quick post to let you know that there is a plethora of holiday goodness awaiting you at PATRON.  Gifts from many shops can be found under the tree. A similar event happened last year and I suspect that the same gifts will be available at many places. All the presents are great and this is just a tiny sampling. There are styles for guys and petites also, some very lovely candelabras, a fun avatar, and an impressive spell hud. Drop by and enjoy the goodness.

And yes, I do realized I am overdressed and ill-matched *wink*. 

Pose by: aDORKable

Last Minute Shopping

We might as well be stylish and in theme for the season. So shopping, design -- and in some cases hunting -- is the focus of this post. 

First up, cute new hair from eXxEsS, RAVENNA in this case the cinnamon tone. This looks great from all angles (something as photographers we appreciate). I have to say I am really liking these new styles!

My shopping attire comes from Prim & Pixel Holiday sim on the POE hunt. Last year I got over there and won a weekly photo contest. This year there were too many things tugging at my strings. I did, however take the time to go look for this hunt outfit after I saw the prize photo (well, yeah). It comes with its own boots, a decorated cowboy hat, the sweater, scarf and leggings. AND the Christmas shopping bag (so cute). You still have time to pick this up and carry that bag into your holiday present give away.

Now the traveler's trunk in the background isn't a hunt prize (don't you wish). It was a present from Barnesworth Annubis.  I love the trunk and that got me thinking about art and creation.

There aren't all that many designers that stand out as being different. I'm not talking about good craftsmanship, we are very lucky to have so many talented folks that have taken the time to learn about mesh which I am guessing is a very big part of our virtual future. I am speaking of style.

When I was in the fine art game (real life scenario) we were encouraged (well THAT'S putting it lightly) to have our work be so individualized that anyone could pick out a painting as ours. That "in the style of Picasso" thing. BA excels at that artistic edict. There is a look that puts his work in its own genre. I think we as designers should celebrate difference. I for one applaud.

And here is my color coordinated boots shot *wink*. These great winter shoes come from the hunt I mentioned yesterday. Find them at h.m.a.e.m, here.  I spotted these in other colors as I was looking for that star; just sayin'.

Poses by: Diesel Works, the shopping bag

Reading Notecards

With so much going on these days it is easy to miss a great event. Sadly the feeds don't seem to be fulfilling my needs these days. And, some of my favorites are no longer. Still, I have designers that let me on on things; all I need to do is read those notecards *wink*.

There is a new sim hunt going on,  a very nice one to boot, over at KV Dream Fashion Agency. Look for the decorated stars and come away with some very nice gifts. Best of all, if you click on the poster at the landing point you are given a preview and SLURL to each of the shops participating. So you can search for things that fit your style. I picked up a couple of goodies but there are many to choose from. If you are planning on celebrating the New Year in a fancy way, you definitely want to stop by.

My outfit is another new release from AD Creations, the notecard with the hunt info was included in the new release pack - yeah! My hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, "Closer". My skin is the new desaturated holiday gift from Adam and Eve.

Poses by: BehaviorBody

2013 - The Hunt

I ventured out on the New in 2013 Hunt yesterday morn. Lots of nice prizes, most easy to find, some not set for sale at the time I went by :D. So be sure and keep the official web list at hand. 

Shown here are a few of the goodies to be discovered. The topping bookcase is from Atooly. The lamps are part of a lamp pack from CIRCA, and my very cute clubbing dress is from 1Hundred.

Pose by: Demise of Flight part of a hunt pack

The Tower

I haven't been out and about much lately. Just released duds from AD Creations had me yearning for a new locale.  I started out in one direction but ended up at The Tower, the December installation by Rebeca Bashly, currently the number one editor pick on the Destination Guide.

As it turns out, my "Fishnet" outfit was quite appropriate; I felt very much like a cross between an archaeologist and and a spelunker as I wandered through the dark walled cubes with mysterious naked figures.

It is an impressive build.

Poses by: Helamiyo

Between Taupe and Gray

Between taupe and gray there is a special color. I'm not really sure what to name it. Chameleon-like it wanders between warm and cool tones dependent on the light -- and in our cases, the Windlight settings.  I am a big fan of this unnamed tone. This post is in its honor.

New releases and a hunt prize mix with old favorites in this minimalist shoot.

The Aksal Skybox Extended - Snowy is from Cheeky Pea. If you missed it at the last SUYS event (sad to see that go) I am hoping it is still at the store. Too many great things to show you and the chocolate cart won this weekend *wink*. This is a calm place. Quiet and introspective it asks for us to stop for a moment and relax. For many of us that would be a well heeded request.

My scarf and leg warmers which do indeed turn to taupe in warmer lighting are a prize from .::IRON CLAW::. on the upcoming New in 2013 Hunt which starts at MIDNIGHT!  There are some great looking prizes on that hunt and I am hoping to take it in between work times.

I am very fond of this new hair out from MINA. Slightly messy updos often fit my mood. I was also pleased to see a big list of grays in the color change hud (several huds are available with different "packs" in each). Whether a new addition or something I simply missed before, I chose a medium gray for today. Look for Babette starting the 21st at the DECK. A My Attic release means savings for you and we like that!

Poses by: Diesel Works


If you've been around long enough you may remember that I produced some cameras awhile back. They were very popular. I haven't sold any lately; I am not surprised. The 2009 rezzable prop with tripod weighs in at 44 prims. I mean REALLY!

So as my mesh making skills improved it was obvious that these products needed a makeover. I spent  several day designing both hand held and tripod versions; I feel both smarter and accomplished. I am also very pleased with the final land impact count - 1. Yep, ONE for both camera and tripod (linked objects).

During the redesign process I decided it would be a good idea to have the cameras work as wearable attachments that called the poses. While not all that difficult to do, it was something I never got around to learning. Much more usable, I just put them up at my shop (see them up close and personal there) and on the Marketplace.

Now this actually is an ad of sorts, something I rarely do -- but it is also a bit of philosophy. Every once in awhile I get some very nice items from designers that are just too damn primmy. I don't post them because of that. We all need to move forward. If that means taking a month to learn a new (very hard) software program, then it does. If it means changing our design strategies? That too.

There are plenty of items used and still being sold in world that hale from my first days out of the pod. I sometimes cringe when I run into them. Honestly -- red and blue pose balls on furniture?  Time to take some steps into the present.

As I was taking vendor photos I noted how quickly I had embraced the new photo tools in the current Firestorm viewer. In some ways it is a bit like going BACK; I seem to remember sliders a year or so ago before those very large and difficult to love Windlight panels appeared. So sometimes the future and the past can come together in a wonderful middle ground.

Meetcha there.

Poses by: the camera (PhotoGraphique of long ago)

A Winter Stroll

Gifts are out at both AKERUKA and DieselWorks. Pick up this lovely lady skin with your group tag. Group was open for free for a few days and may still be, so check that out.  You should get an invite as you TP in. Everyone I know is already a member so testing is tricky :D. There are giant vendors to click, one in the gals side of the store -- one in the guys. One tone and one makeup per gift.

Along with some new holiday gifts, you can pick up all the presents from 2012 at DieselWorks. One is this very nice strolling pose.

Outfits free from BlakOpal (not new). Photos taken at Winterfell where it is extremely lovely and ohsolaggy.  Still, we all had fun.

Poses by: Diesel Works and AKEYO


There is a new release over at !deviousMind. Leda is the name, a fashion conscious fem fatale for sure. Brief is my mode while I recover from those Blogger roll-back post loses, so I will leave you with a photo and a video. The sparkles are fantastic!

Warning: video contains scene with pasties so may not be suitable for work -- depending of course where you work *wink*. Full screen and high resolution is best of course.

Pose by: BehaviorBody

Winter Wonderland

OK. This is the second time in not all that many days that Blogger has done a roll-back on my blog and most likely lots of others. I am not happy and I am way too tired to redo the whole post, so sorry. Aside from my entry paragraph it was all gone. So I am going to put in the photos again and the links. That's all I am up for. It was a LONG post and I hope some of you saw it before it disappeared. 

I've been working hard of late, learning and such. But I gave myself a reprieve this afternoon and ventured over to a small holiday bizarre where Cheeky Pea has a super cute prop out for ya.  I was so impressed with the snowy landscape I took a walk and grabbed some photos. This LOOKS like a photograph and some fancy Photoshop work but in actually it is a raw shot. You just never know.

Necklace from KOSH for Together for Sway.
Glasses from AZOURY on the upcoming New for 2013 hunt.

SLC Mesh Casual Outfit (gray). Many other colors available.

Darling little chocolate sales cart that started the whole adventure from Cheeky Pea at the Christmas Event at Pure Dreams.

Poses by: Diesel Works and the stool.


AKERUKA has a new male skin just out, Caesar.  He is a handsome fellow and fits Chav well. You can see other photos here.  Caesar comes in five skin tones including Olive. There are of course various body and facial hair styles.

Here are a few looks of Caesar. All photos are UNRETOUCHED :D. 

Photos taken on the dunes at Shadowlands (grab a hud at the entry point), LEA20.

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla)

That View Thing

Barnesworth Anubis has a new skybox out at COLLABOR88. If you were one of the first to visit the venue on the 8th through 12th, you missed it as it hadn't arrived. I suggest you return and take a look!

The star of the show is the view. Now if you read between the lines of my architectural posts you have probably figured out that I am not fond of photographic backdrops for skyboxes; there is something about mixing the real world and the virtual world that often doesn't set well for me. So I was thrilled and totally impressed to see a "real" virtual landscape outside the snowy windowpanes. There is even falling snow.

Lots of nice details add to the ambiance of the interior.  People sized bricks (something we rarely see  for whatever reason) and a slatted ceiling count as two.  Fashionwise, I am wearing a jacket from Nya'S Shop (main store) exclusively for the End of the World Fair (15th). The texturing is very nice and has a realistic leather look. Standard sizing runs true.  My boots are oldies but goodies from RedMint and my sweater and jeans hale from PARADISIS.

The skybox comes with a kitchen but there is also a basic version if you have a small lot and are watching your prims. The physics work well -- something as a consumer you rarely notice unless they are not *wink*, but one of the more difficult of mesh tasks to accomplish.

With a large inventory from a group of extremely talented designers, I can get a little jaded. It would be difficult not to become so. But now and then sometime tickles my fancy and this time it is a plate of avocados from Kaerri (main store) available at the End of the World Fair. Nicely done, they make me smile and look quite at home in the minimalist modern kitchen.

I am bookending this post back at the view. Here it is. Honestly, even if you don't need a new house (or perhaps already have your winter home), this makes a terrific background photo prop for the cold season. I am leaving it out at MOSP and will surely be taking some photos there as winter progresses.

The backdrop (no back to save land impact) and trees weigh in at 24.

Poses by: aDORKable and BehaviorBody

Wintry Nights and Days

I was never much of a snow camper. I remember waking up one morning and having the water bottles INSIDE the tent frozen solid. I do love the outdoors however -- especially the virtual kind where you never really gets too cold or too wet. Cheeky Pea has a new camping set with a variety of fun props suitable for wintry times and on into Spring. Find the Chestnut Winter Camp at COLLABOR88.

One of my favorite pieces is the log with activities. Now most of our real camping blankets aren't this pretty, but we can by stylish -- why not?  The log comes with lots of animation choices including activities like roasting marshmallows.

There are two sleeping bag choices -- pink or blue. The sleeping bag adjusts to fit your body when in use and gets realistically flat when you are out cuddling or whatever *wink*. The igloo in back comes in a natural style as shown as well as one decorated with holiday lighting.

Also in the news is this super fun snowman set. The snow people come in three sizes, with or without message changing signs. They really make me smile. Find them at Sway's and don't forget there is an advent event going on there.The snow people come in a variety of colors including multi-color and weigh in at 3 LI.

Also from Sway's the beautifully crafted train set. Two sizes let you use it around a large tree outdoors or a smaller one inside. The wood textures are lovely and look very much like fine polished woods. There are versions with or without sound. I like the little toot now and then. I have often lived by train tracks and like the hominess of the echoing song.

Original mesh. Isn't it wonderful?

Poses by: the props

Falling Stars and Other End of the World Stuff

It's coming up on the shortest day of the year. This is good; it means that I can start waking up to lighter skies and save on that light bulb electricity. But this year as the change of seasons roles around, there is a calendar to watch. It reads 2012 and you know what THAT means -- why the End of the World of course.

I used to live an an area that was on the cusp of Survivalists country. My town was definitely more metaphysical than get out the guns, but the impending date was talked about often even though it was many years away. So time flows; here we are -- December 2012.

I am in with the positive thinkers on this. There are many things our world and leaders could rethink in my humble opinion. Starting over at least in spirit could be a good thing. Whatever your thoughts on the date or even if you don't HAVE any beliefs about the possible upcoming changes, you'll want to venture over to the End of the World Fair opening the 15th.

The offerings are definitely varied with some of the vendors really getting into the mood and following the theme :D.

Shown here are two of my personal favorites (don't worry there are more coming), the telescope with three poses -- one a star gazing animation -- from End of Daze Designs (main store); the shooting stars as part of a fantastic particle effect generator. The cosmic display comes with a menu of choices including Armageddon which I haven't tried yet. I am more of a meteor shower gal.  The two prim wonder hales from Fotoscope (main store).

My corduroy trench coat complete with leather trim is from Kaithleen's (main store); leggings from SD Wear (main store).

This cute mitten earrings set is brought to you by IMaGE Factory (main store). A necklace and lip piercing are also available.

Along with regular merchandise and some newly made items for the fair (it seems so anyway) there will be specially priced offerings from the merchants. So mark your calendar for the 15th.

Poses by: the telescope.

More Holiday Cheer

I'm feeling very posh out here in the snow with my First Class chair from Black Tulip at the 2012 RFL Christmas Expo. Bright sun, cool shadows, pretty new snow covered trees (yep, I copied them from the Trompe Loeil cottage set *wink*). The Expo is still going strong with lots of events and plenty of shopping, so if you haven't been over, now's the time.

Also from the Expo is this Julia dress from Sassy! one of the clothing merchants at the event.Very glittery!

I love these earrings, a gift from Purple Moon. Now I am thinking that these were a prize from the Santa Bag. I might be wrong, but it's worth a try. With all those Santa bags you are bound to find something you love.  Hair by Vanity Hair, The Hamptons.

I switched gears and dug a cavern in my beachfront so that I could show you this cute dolphin from  Oceania Breedables. A great companion, it circles you and swims nicely with an undulating motion. It blows air out its snout now and then.

I also wanted to mention Pet Peddlers who have friends for my dolphin buddy. These are the breeding kind. Their booth is lots of fun to explore and for those of you looking for new adventures, you might want to check out their packs of boy and girl fish and fish food. I have some that I'm saving. Just too busy now to give them the kind of attention any pet needs.

Poses by: the furniture, Vista Animations and Diesel Works

What's in the News?


What's in the news? Plenty!

First up a little freebie fashion. You can pick up this very cute poncho as a gift from "DEW" at the Winter Market. One size fits all in the unrigged mesh topper.  My sweater and jeans are from PARADISIS (sorry, map wont load the LM) and my boots another color of the new release from Serina Lacava.

Now you have likely seen this terrifically cute house (OK, I'll call it adorable since it is.) from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88. It comes in four muted tones; I picked the pink version. It is cosy and homey and perfect for a single gal or a couple who doesn't need that 3,000 square foot mansion (I honestly don't get that). Beautifully detailed it comes with optional trees and snowy entrance.

Now the vendor tells me that the complete setting with lovely trees fits on 26 x 26 -- so that means a 1024 lot. But, being a gal who often lives in 512dom, I did a little test and the house itself fits nicely on 16 meters. You could even move the trees in front of the house on a typical 32 x 16 lot. So all good for everyone.

There have been plenty of posts on the OUTSIDE of this house, but I am guessing you'd like to see the interior too. So here it is. A pretty fireplace lots of smallish window with texture change panes (frosty and clear) and stucco walls make this a very comfortable winter abode. See all the details here.

Other COLLABOR88 releases include this Corduroy Loveseat in a variety of colors along with a matching club chair. Change the blanket and pillow colors via a menu. The book stack and phone hale from Black Tulip at the Christmas Expo. I have something really fun from that shop to show you tomorrow.

Last up but certainly not least is this new Bistro Table from Dutchies. Choose your number of diners (alas I am alone this eve) and what you want to partake of. Really fun and new is the SEQUENTIAL choice which serves you courses as times goes on. Wine, dinner and I am now having espresso. Chocolates comes next *wink*. Loads of fun for a group get together and nice even to treat yourself if you are on your own. The table when not in use weighs in at 7 prims.

From the notecard: "The table serves 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, either a la carte or in 4 long looped sequences, with 45 different animations, 40 rezzer scenes and 6 props. You will never play the same animation as one of your guests.

Dinner for 2 ends with holding hands, dinner for 1, 3 or 4 end slightly drunk. "

If you are a social person, this is definitely for you. You'll need 30 prims to rez things for four folks. Not bad at all.

Poses by: furniture, Vista Animations, aDORKable