Biker Babe Benicia

A late night quickie post that was lots of fun to do featuring the new sizzling lucky board prize,  an orange motorcycle. Benicia was lucky enough to be the first "B" to arrive when a friend TPed her into the board site. Two models are included and one seats two, so she invited me over and we took a brief ride.

The [S2] S2R1000-OR bike is very nicely made.  [S2] s Two is the place you want to be. You should have no problem finding the board with all the folks around. Rezzing might be a problem. The sim is full at the moment. I see lots and LOTS of green dots.

The board is on a 20 minute cycle but with all those folks it should go fairly quickly. I TPed in for a moment. It was very GRAY but eventually the board rezzed. There were already a few "C"s in attendance so I came back home to write up this post.

The bike is beautifully detailed and makes a nice revving sound when it moves. I can't attest to how easy it is to drive. Benicia doesn't seem to be any better a driver than I am *wink*, but practice will no doubt make it easier.

And even if you don't ride it, it is a pretty spiffy vehicle to have parked in your driveway.

Benicia's older clothes are from E! Eclectic, Urbanity and Lazy Places. Her hair is MARIE from ((JUNWAVE)). No newness there I'm afraid.

My outfit is also an old favorite I threw on for the outing.

CHALLENGE: Oldest Items

For my last post in April I am issuing my very first blogger challenge. Make the best photo you can with the oldest items in your inventory. That is oldest, skin, shape, hair, clothing and shoes. You can add your oldest accessories if you so choose. The photo needs to use one of your oldest poses and be taken in the oldest landmark remaining in your inventory that is still the same owner / theme.

I've spent much of this month getting my inventory down yet again. I just finished at 4 PM today. Yeah. Over 25% of my 30,000+ items are gone. This includes everything, not just clothes. I was harsh at times, but how much do we really need?

As I was going through the process I found some very old items. Not many really, as I sort and pitch every few months. My "outfits" folder had evidently been overlooked several times though. If you keep your favorite items in outfits, then this is a fairly easy project. If you REALLY want to do the whole challenge, consider cleaning out your inventory as well as finding the VERY oldest items; I'll look for your post in a week or a month *wink*.

It is easy to find your oldest landmark. Just sort your inventory by date. If your memory is foggy and you  are wondering which of the older is oldest, just right click, go to properties and look at date acquired.

I was VERY happy that my oldest landmark was Tusk. My second oldest was the Wanderton sandbox - LOL. I took the photo from the exact spot of the landmark. The date on the landmark is April 3, 2008.

Windlight is allowed -- well, yes of course it is.

Style notes:

Hair: Calla Anemone Color Change Hair Lilies (Jan 15 2008) Camping chair
Skin: (Se) brow1, wrath plum ( Jan 7, 2008) Elliot skin from her shop "at the side of the road" - literally
Clothing: House of Zen ZEN-LaRue ( Jan, 7 2008) Camping chair.
Shoes: (not visible but there) ~*ZHAO*~ "SADIE" LEFT Shoe (mar 22 2008) From a newbie pack I picked up at Le Zoo.

Pose is  by [LAP] - C-Barbie1a (Aug 17, 2008) a freebie pose by the door

It was fun remembering the excitement of getting new things. Have your own adventure and add your link in the comments to this post.

One Day Only

Sensual Mistery has put out a final fifth gift for the MHO3 hunt. Not only can you pick up this outfit today, you can get all of the gifts for the month at the same time. So if you missed any, now is the time to get over to the shop. Walk to the back. The male symbol is giant and defies ignoring. This is a today only offer. Thanks to the MHO official blog for the heads up.

Sensual Misery has really been great to the guys in this hunt. I am sure that there are lots of better dressed men thanks to their generosity.

The green shirt with sculpty attachments is very nice. As with most sculpty shirts (skirts etc.) it has a tendency to move into the body. A full length green tank with underwear tuck in would be a good addition to this set. I didn't happen to have anything to use *wink*, but I am sure a bit of exploring would find something. You could make your own undershirt with the appearance menu if needed.

The set comes complete with some very nice slacks and belt (worn but not showing under the outerwear shirt). A hat and shoes complete the outfit.

My photo shoot location of the morn is my new Spring work studio which I adjusted from one of the PASH free skyboxes. Very cozy and the textures are lovely. I feel so posh thanks to PASH.

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Coffees - Espresso
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan
Clothing and shoes: Sensual Mistery 5
Accessories: [Gos]  - INTUITION

Poses by LAP and Diesel Works


There is a philosophical question that will most likely never be answered fully. How "real" is our virtual world? Experiments have shown that our physical bodies react to virtual (and dream) activities in the same way that they react to events in our corporeal lives.

I knew that a Chandra's RL cat was ill. We haven't talked much the last week or so and she hasn't been in world often.  So, I was a little surprised to receive a package from her this morning. When I finally managed to get back into world, I unpacked the box to find a collection of Tibetan Buddhist alters, a blessings flame and two poses. With prims to spare, at least for another week, I rezzed the largest and most complex alter in my tiny shop in Winterfell.

Did making the virtual objects help her? I am sure it did. I only hope that her efforts act like concentric ripples in a pond, spreading outwards towards infinity.

Update: In an SL to email conversation, Chandra let me know that the alter "is rezzed still at deviousBeauty, and (*chanimations in the  theater next to the durgaDevi set if anybody wants to pick it up. It is also in  groupnotes. "


Thanks to a post from FreeStyle (I'm just guessing here :D), it was busy at PASH this evening. And why not? Cute housewares and trees for almost free. It is sad to see a store close. We lose too many of them lately. But it is appreciated when the designers share their creativity with those of us left behind :D.

The modernistic skyboxes come in light colors in teal or warmer tones. You can purchase furnished or unfurnished. The furniture pack is also available as a stand alone set. Each is a buck. Pretty hard to beat that.

The furniture is a bit oversized for my tast, but the textures and the pose menus are very nicely done. Since things are mod, you might be able to shrink the furniture down a bit. I haven't tried. The empty skyboxes are 33 prims. Fully furnished version still work on a 512 lot with some prims to spare.

The skyboxes come in this light color which I preferred as well as a walnut. There are also some great pillows with poses for $1.

I purchased several skyboxes, some winter trees and a pillow. Even when you have been busy Spring cleaning those inventory folders, it is difficult to pass up such a great deal.

So if any of this looks inviting head on over to PASH and pick up your favorites.

Style notes: see previous post.


Whether an adjective or a noun, Sage is an apt title for today's $25 release from hO wEAr . Heidi is at her best (IMHO) when venturing into fantasy and costume apparel. The current offering is no exception. I love the shoulderpads, and the skirt falls like heavy satin when moving from one pose to another. The color is particularly luscious and understated.

The outfit includes two placements of swords and garter holsters complete with guns and bullets. An anachronistic design, it somehow seems to work. You can go peacefully into the night too of course; simply leave the armaments safely in inventory territory.  I changed the browner nylons of the set to a more sheer, grayer version; since the garters are on another layer, that worked perfectly.

Style notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali noel red
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: hO wEAr Sage
Shoes: BAX Prestige boots - black
Accessories: Gems & Kisses - Gems - Black earrings

Poses by LAP and Amacci.

That White Suit Thing

Ricardo Montalban made the white suit sexy by wearing it in every episode of Fantasy Island (the plane - the plane). Even if you never saw the series or the reruns, you can have your own white suit for free. The Sartoria "Positano" Suit  is just up at Xstreet. It includes suit jacket, pants with belt and shirt with tie. It is a great dressy suit for the summer. You can also find it at the Sartoria store - here.

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Coffees - Espresso
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift
Clothing: SARTORIA "Positano" Suit
Shoes: hoorenbeek : LE.LOOK! l'homme - Boots
Accessories: [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - INTUITION

Poses by LAP and Diesel Works.

Alchemical Gardening

It has been raining for two days straight in my neck of the real world. The plants are happy, but me? Not so much. But disappointing weather and a gift lead me on an adventure this morning. Now I can garden any time I feel like it.

Click any photo for a high rez version.

It all started with a DSN gift from Alchemy Cyannis. The Soothing Elementals Bowl is wonderfully made and a great accessory for you home. Feng Shui aficionados will be very pleased. Menu driven and with a large assortment of goodies with which to fill the bowl, there is sure to be something to your liking. The even better news is that all of you can get one of these on the current Midnight board at the Alchemys Attic shop.

There are plenty of wonderful things to see at the shop. I hadn't been there in a long while so exploring was in order. I found a wonderful gardening bench outside, but could not find the vendor that held it. I will say that while all the items are VERY lovely at Alchemys Attic, shopping isn't all that easy. I understand that vendors can send updates and redeliver products easily, but they have never been and will never be my favorite mode of shopping. I like the click it and buy system *wink*, and I can't tell you how many things I tried to see the price of in the cute shop.

Gifts abound, so look around. The candle warmer was a present for answering a short survey. Find the table with the floating text, click on the paper and make a few menu choices.

I took lots of photos of the bowl, but this post turned into more than I was expecting. This pine cone grouping is only ONE of many choices.

Since I couldn't find the vendor for the Bittersweet Creek Potting Bench I turned to Xstreet . Typing in a designer's name is a often a great way to find their products. Well, not for MY products. Chic hangs head sheepishly as she has very few items in her Xstreet box. Note to self to work on that.  Anyway, in this case it worked beautifully. I found the potting bench and it was even on deeply discounted sale. Yeah!

[Update: I went back looking for single plants and other goodies and FOUND the potting bench vendor. It is here]

I read all about it and found it was also a temp on rez product. TPing over to Winterfell, I reread the covenant to find that memory served me well and no temp rezzers are allowed  in the nine sim complex. You can see from my post, I purchased it anyway. I was "hoping" that it may have the same option to make the object real prims as the elemental bowl has. Alas, that isn't true. So, for now, I can only enjoy my bench at a friend's property or in my studio (not very aesthetic *wink*).

The tools and animations worked very well. You are supposed to be able to move 10 meters away from the bench and still have things work. I had no problem watering plants about that distance away. While you can turn on ALL the props at once easily, you can also pick and choose which things you would like on and around your bench. You can move the items (within a certain distance of course) and save that setting. I haven't tried that, but I probably will.

The bench (table sized) has many choices of textures, all very nice. You can set the bench to owner only, group, or everyone. And of course there is an option to empty the bench when you are done. All of the plants and props are lovely. My only regret is that I can't use any of this in my virtual garden space. I have the prims. I'd be willing to use them for some of these lovely items. So, perhaps, in the future and if it isn't too much work, the option to have things rezzed as real objects will be added in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and leaving a note at Xstreet. 

Style notes:

MM board photo - see previous post

Hair: Amacci Paula ~ Deep Copper Tipped Brown
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: *G Fields* Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops shirt -plain/green;  E! - Eclectic Apparel Flower Overalls

One last photo from the late afternoon. Digging was lots of fun. Notice that some of the times have changed on the bench. Meanwhile Blogger seems to have changed the way the photo upload is done and I am thinking that this photo look OVER compressed and grainy. Not good. Will have to check on that. The file size appears to be the same but the quality of the files -- not so. Only time will tell if this is consistent.

Update: For those of you in Blogger, here is the link to the new features.  Also note that we now have caption capabilites. The date on the post is almost a month ago and it just magically changed for me this eve. The world is full of surprises.

Ethereal Morn

Blue Blood is releasing a new set named Ethereal. As with many Blue Blood outfits, the choices are immense. There are prim shorts (bloomers) as well as a super-wide skirt. Prim cuffs and shoulder pads can add drama to your look -- or not. The choice is yours.  I picked a few of my favorite combos, choosing plain shiny leggings to act as foil for the more dramatic top and gloves. Love those gloves!

Click any photo for a larger high rez version.

The top can be tucked in or left out, worn with the jacket or without. There is even a layer or two that includes both jacket and shirt as one.

Ethereal comes in a variety of colors that will mix and match with other Blue Blood favorites as well as other items in your wardrobe.

I know that this little short jacket will be a well used item in my basics inventory.

My location is Winterfell Amaranthine where there is a surprise around each bend in the path.

Swans swim in the waterfall filled stream. Peaceful statues watch over travelers.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Deep Copper Tipped Brown
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: Blue Blood Ethereal Gold Feathers; Malt shiny leggings
Shoes: BAX Prestige black
Accessories: [Baubles] Poppy Fields (unreleased)

Poses by Amacci.

Little Girl - Big City

I don't do girlie all that often. If you read this blog, you know that. Still, now and then change is good. I saw a post on this dress here and thought I would give it a try. Cute as a button (and yes, it has those) it is frilly and fun. I traded in the puff sleeves and lace scarf for a bolero, added my new G Field boots that so many of you must have lurking in your closet *wink* and I had an outfit.

I decided on a "farm girl in the big city" theme which gave me a chance to wear my oldie but goodie four braids hair from KOSH. My favorite big city is still Old New York, emptier now that summer is on its way. Tread carefully, little one; it's a big bad city out there.

Calla released some eyelashes awhile ago and style called "Gentle" went very well with my young and full of wonder look. Click that photo for a big version!

Style notes:

Hair: KOSH- Fanny From The Tree(chestnut blond tipped)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) gem (a); Calla Lashes (Gentle) (review copy)
Clothing: ++McSkin++free!free!(denim dress set2) free here; Hal*Hina knit Bolero
Shoes: *G Field* Short Lace-Up Boots
Accessories: Shopping bags from Cri-Cri (a "gift box" that contained other items)

Poses by PhotoGraphique.

Congrats and Thanks

Congrats go out to Strawberry Singh for winning the Belleza contest.

Grand Prize Winner (50,000L$ & Winning image displayed in store and on the Belleza Blog).

Also a big thanks :D.

Since I "knew the name" but not the person, I ventured over to Strawberry's blog from her SL(R) profile. There I found a great article for new bloggers which had to have taken a very long time to put together. Most of that article was not new news for me *wink*, but in the reading I found that I could ADD PAGES to my Blogger site. Who knew? Edit: On testing this was NOT exciting or pretty in the least. Excitement be gone.That I had one gig of photo space available (I always wondered about that), AND that I was syndicated on a feed I either didn't know about or somehow lost track of.

So I learned a lot. 

Much appreciation from Chic's; "we" wish you great success with your Belleza career!

Adventures: Marketing in Montmartre

I haven't had a lot of time for playing of late; my dance card has been pretty full. But today I did a bit of exploring and found some great shops to visit. I'll be telling my story from end to beginning, so get your retro glasses on and be prepared. Lisp Bazaar is filled with all sorts of wonderful and quirky items. Various styles and periods are presented in the furniture and housewares section. Some simply refused to be defined *wink*.

Click any photo for a large version. You may need to further enlarge for the full size.

I saw this post on the feeds this morning and the market looked so inviting, I really wanted to get there. I've never been to France -- except for the Paris airport and you can hardly count that.

Still I had an idea what "I" at least thought a French gal might wear in a picturesque market in the country. So I put together a few new things, old things and almost forgotten things and came up with my Look of the Day.

One of my favorite indoor furniture pieces is this ladder bookcase, something I always wanted in RL. It is reasonably priced in both prims and lindens. I also loved the fruits and veggies in the top photo and may just find a spot for those in my garden cottage.  The new outside spider leg chairs are particularly classy, so check them out if you are in the market for some new seating arrangements. The furniture is all very nicely made, but Alas, the poses are not sized for me at all.

 As I was putting together my French countryside shopping outfit, I noted that my long time cigarette (I was going to France after all) disappeared in my hair from transparency issues. That wouldn't do.

I had taken note and thankfully bookmarked a site that had been posting on iheartsl of late, N326. I remembered some great looking cigarettes advertised at the shop, so I ventured over. There is a cigarette dispenser as well as coffee and book dispensers outside the shop, so you can try out the goods easily. Each "hava" vendor gives you a choice of products and sometimes poses.

The Good news is that these are great props. The not so good news is that they only function once. Taking them off (or in some cases TPing) kills the scripts and the items become either useless or unwearable. I thought this was just for demo purposes, but actually it seems built into all the products. You need to keep your cigarette pack or vendor close at hand if you are addicted.

My personal favorite ciggie (note I only smoke virtually) is the mini cigar from the outside vendor. If you have a bar or other venue where this one prim dispenser would fit in, you might want to consider it for you guests.

For those of us with no real reason to have a cigarette (cigar) machine in our shops, there are handy cigarette packs you can purchase. These give cigarettes to your friends if you choose. They also have a condom as a choice. One can never be too careful after all.

The VERY good news is that there is a version of the cigarette pack on a lucky board. See it in the background in the photo above?  While I was waiting for textures to rez (thank you SL for all the new server codes - sigh), an "X" came up and I TPed Xia over to get a pack. On trying hers, I found they come with very nice white cigarettes with a choice of smoke colors. They time out too however, so I kept checking the 20 minute board throughout the morning and finally came up with a "C". Yeah. So now I can always have a fresh cigarette at hand.

These are the very nicest cigarettes I have seen and the smoke trails beautifully. You can attach them to your hand if you choose and adjust, but you will need to do that EACH time you want to wear you cigarette :D.

Style notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU* GIFT --kurukuru hair Long [brown:pattun]--
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: HYPER CULTURE - Tube Sweater Mini (DSN);
Shoes: A-BOMB Phoxxe Shoes copper (Alternative Fair special) (review copy)
Accessories: primOptic Sabre glasses 1.19 (many options for colors and wearing) (gift); Moonshine MS-Loaf ; CONCRETE FLOWERS- Simple Leggins WineHoodie-Straw waist wrap (tinted); N326 S. Black; [KUE!] Paperbag with baugettes -hold-

Poses by Amacci.

MHO3: SM#4

Just in case you don't read SL(R) fashion shorthand, the title of this post is actually "Make Him Over hunt 3 : Sensual Mistery gift number 4". Whew! That's a mouthful. For those of you who haven't been watching, Sensual Mistery has been putting out new Make Him Over gifts each week of the hunt. This one is spectacular. If you are a guy or even a gal who likes to borrow her boyfriends togs now and then, don't miss it.

Click on any photo to enlarge. You may need to zoom again for a full resolution view. 

The jacket prims are designed for larger avatars so only Amazons need to think about donning those, but the boyfriend jeans are very girl friendly. The jeans come with three choices of prim bottoms. Two simple tanks are included - one black and one white.

Other news (some just for the gals) is a hair gift out from the A sisters.  This Susie hair in dark coconut is a group present  in the store. Find it at the info desk.

The unisex peace bracelet is one of the latest  group gifts at Earthstones.

The SM gift includes a huge assortment of goodies including these shoes, the hat, sunglasses and many options of the jacket. My friend Charlie is into swashbuckler romance attire so the long skirted version worked well for him. There are two other prim jacket bottom in various lengths. While you are looking for the GIANT orange male symbol, gaze a bit at all the great street wear and role play designs at Sensual Mistery.

Style notes:

Chav and Charlie:
.::SM::. SENSUAL MISTERY GIFT #4, Belleza skins.

Hair: Alli&Ali Susie Hair Dark Coconut
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Accessories: .::SM::. HERO SUNGLASSES BLACK; EarthStones Peace Friendship Bracelet - Earth Day

Poses by Dieselworks and LAP.

SpellBound Fantasy

SpellBound has added two new items to its RFL Fantasy Faire donation choices. This is my favorite, Heidi in cream. The Heidi pack includes two versions - proper and wench. With some mixing and matching you can make a variety of looks to fit your style and mood. According to the FF website, Spellbound is in the Avatopia sim.

Click any photo for a larger version. You may need to enlarge again for full size.

The first style (above) shows more skin while the second adds a modesty layer. The alternate skirt includes a sheer overskirt that offers delicate and ladylike appeal. Perfect for a wide variety of fantasy roles, this design is lovingly made with fine attention to detail.

The cute little stone bunny house is from Rustica.

My new release hair is Roxy  from Hairy Situations. I especially love the back and side views.

You can get a free new release gift (one color) at the shop near the TP point. Look for the rotating gift box. It includes another new release style as well.

Photos were taken on location in Winterfell Anodyne. 

Style notes:

Hair: Hairy Situations Roxy (w/Full bright) - Silver
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 3/br) gem (a)
Clothing: [SpellBound] Heidi - Cream

Poses by Amacci and PhotoGraphique.

And here is a bunny picture simply because I was there and Sakura was lonely :D.

The bunnies are both grown now. BIG bunnies. They play happily in the vegetable garden near the gypsy camp of my neighbor.

PS. I'll be trying out some new photo matting styles for a bit. Time for a change and some of the feeds are in slight conflict with my previous style and Blogger's presets. So, that is what is happening with the format.

BHP - Coffee and Cream

This week's Bargain Hunter's Paradise release is a set of bangle basics. I love neutrals -- that's not a secret. So when I found this set of coffee bangles deep in the recesses of my inventory, I was very pleased. Since Spring is here and Summer on the way, I made a similar set in pastel neutrals.

This week as a BHP special, you get two sets of left and right bangles (that's four in all if you are "blond") for $20. Hard to beat $5 a bangle! These are resize scripted and are also manual mod and copy.  Find them on the blue BHP vendor right at the landing point at Baubles Boho Jewelry.  You can pick up a list of all the other BHP specials from the small blue sign next to the vendor.

Hot Unisex Releases

What's hot? CASACHEERNO has Spring releases out including this new Madison jacket which comes with a choice of collars. There are plenty of colors available including "vino" shown here. The prim parts are manual mod so gals can be seen in this showstopper too.

This Yabusaka necklace is very cool. I showed you a version for the gals last month. This one is unisex, but lends itself better to the more manly among us -- in my opinion anyway. It is similar to the earlier version except that there are TWO areas that accept lettering and there are four letters in each tag. Since Chav and I both have four letter names -- both first and last *wink*, it's perfect to spell out our monikers. Adding your own letters is easily done  with a drop down menu. Think of all the things you can spell with up to four letters in each word.  "Hot Mama", "Cool Stud", "Drop Dead" --- LOL. So many creative uses of those letter slots.

The jacket is shortish and comes in various layers so you could add an undershirt, tattoos or whatever else suits your fancy.

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Coffees - Espresso
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift
Clothing: [CheerNo]-MADISON jacket (review copy);  RAWRR [Ripped&Rolled] jeans
Accessories:  Yabusaka Alphabet Changer Pendant (8 Letters)(review copy)

Poses by LAP and MrG Faxion

Even Worse Reverting Attachments

The last couple of weeks have been a nasty time at Phil's. New server codes seem to come out (or get set back) daily; rezzing is so painfully slow for some that staying at home is the best choice of adventures, etc.

It is not getting better!  This is a heads up for builders. Most of you already know that attachments haven't been "sticking" lately. You need to put them on and take them off several times to get a bracelet for example to actually go where it is supposed to be. I know this isn't just a personal issue as I have written to many content creators letting them know that their skirts (necklaces etc.) are attaching to my right hand. I know that wasn't their plan. :D.

Anyway, today I was working on a Bargain Hunter's Paradise release (the theme will be pink and black in a couple of weeks -- you are now SO in the know). I did my normal on and off and on and off again exercise with the bangle. It "seemed" OK. Then I tried it one more time and it went right back to my right hand ; THROUGH my right hand is more accurate description.

I eventually got the attachment points to stick (I hope) by logging off and logging on again while wearing the items. In the process of all this I found that the database had somehow tented my color change bangles RUST so no matter what you tried you always had an orange tint to the color. So not my plan. I am getting ready to fix those and send new copies out to the people that purchased them this month.

Anyway, this is the not so great news for the day. Be watchful. Keep your fingers crossed that the server code changes YET AGAIN. Putting it back to two weeks ago would be just fine for many of us.

Fleeting Memory

There is a theory in the metaphysical community that time is moving faster than normal these days. I'm not sure how we can guage the true passage of time. Real or virtual it is subjective measurement.

This is a famous locale called The Mother Road. If you haven't been here, it is definitely worth a visit. I'd been meaning to get over to the new enlarged location for months now, and last night I finally did. I have no actual data, but the thematic build seems about four times as large as its intimately charming predecessor.

When I arrived in a rezzing zone, I remembered the cute Vespa-esque bike residing somewhere deep in the recesses of my inventory. Having an odd, no mod name, it took some doing to find and in the exploration I discovered it was having a birthday -- it's first.

Now I am not a great driver, but I know a good prop when I see one. The cute and color change  [19MC] D-Hello 1.06 bike was free from this shop a year ago.

Along with my trip down memory lane I have some fashion newneess to report. My cute high waisted skirt (not intended for bike riding I am sure) is a new release from Hyper Couture. It comes in a plethora of colors.

The equally sassy A-BOMB Phoxxe Shoes are part of a new release pack for the Alternative Fair. The color change version I am wearing has 50% of the profits going to Nothing but Nets and there is a pretty single color, light copper version that gives all the profits to the charity.

Style notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU* GIFT --kurukuru hair Long [brown:pattun]--
Skin:  []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a;  Amacci  Eyelashes "Dazzle" - Black
Clothing: Hyper Couture - High waist skirt (Bronze) (review copy); .::Freedo.0m::. Eden Dress Bolero Jacket; - Basic Cami (White) - Under
Shoes: A-BOMB Phoxxe Shoes-Patent (review copy)
Accessories: Haunted Zuzu Regalia RFL Necklace in White & Gold

Poses by Amacci and the Hello bike.

Making the Cut

The Belleza photo contest (phase one) is over and 20 talented photographers made the cut. I did not.

But hey, that's OK. I have Chav now and I think he and I will have a long and happy relationship :D. But for any of you that are still in the running, hats are tipping.

And if any of those 20 folks are in my readership -- and I have to believe SOME must be -- please let us see what you submitted. Add a comment with a link to an online spot where your photo resides. Heavens! If you are a blogger, BLOG a post with your winning photo and add the link. Crow a little. It's OK.

Since there were evidently tons of folks that entered, I am guessing they are curious too.

And those of you who are up on the bleachers with me? Feel free to post a link to the photo that didn't get you a slot in the next phase of the competition. I bet you worked hard on that photo. Let's see it!

Anyone who wants to let us in on the next phase details (assuming it isn't a secret), please do.

Congrats to all!

Update: Tricky Boucher of Belleza wrote to let me know that once the second round is done, photos of the finalists will be posted.  That's all the intel I have at the moment :D.

Update April 25:  Photos of the next section of the competition are up here:

Alternative Fair - Gals

Chav picked up a few things for me at the Alternative Fair preview this morning. See! I already have him trained well *wink*. I am only showing you a few of the lovely gifts out at the fair. Since they are so nice, it really would be OK to drop a few lindens into one of those donation kiosks -- even if you aren't much of a shopper :D.

This is a short post. All the real info on the fair is HERE.

Style notes:

Hair: ++ Philotic Energy PE Jake charcoal
Skin: Mango Mango! !MM! Sepia (lace mask is built in) fair gift $1 ; moloko  V- day Love Lyrics Tattoo

Outfit: :::Sn@tch Satin Latex Pants (Purple):::; [The Hunger] Wish I Could Stop fair gifts
Accessories: *Dreams* Skull Buckle Collar {Without Poof} fair gift

Pose by Amacci.

PS. Chav and I seem to have different photos styles -- how interesting :D. Ya just never know about virtuality.

Alternative Fair

The Alternative Fair fundraiser begins Thursday, April 22 and last until May 2, 2010. With a long list of great vendors and a By-ou-ya themed location spanning four sim corners, it's a must see. There is even a crawfish picnic area.

Grim Bros sent out some misquito attachments and swatter to their group the other day as part of the Alt Fair promotion. I am not a big fan of mosquitoes -- even ones not carrying malaria so anything to help protect folks from those buzzing menaces is good by me.

The shirt I am wearing is the male version of the Alt Fair freebie shirts. You can find yours, as well as a white tied version for the gals, in chests scattered around the sims. They are obvious; you won't miss them.

There are plenty of freebies and dollarbies at the fair and donation items are clearly marked. The necklace I am wearing was the first item I picked up. It is from Lolapop! and resizes nicely for us guys. After 30 minutes the sim finally started rezzing (sorry for the gray areas in the photos here and there). Then I wandered and enjoyed my time in the lowlands. It has been a tough week at Phil's and today seems to be just another problematic day. Hopefully the restarts that are happening yet again will fix something or at least put things BACK which would be an improvement from where we are *wink*.

Here is a list of the shops in fair:

At Pulse (I'll add the SLURLs when the official opening time is upon us)

IrEn - Tic Toc - The Stringer Mausoleum - Moloko - Sassy Kitty - Roxxstar - Emo-Tions - U-Neek - Black Canary - Ironik Kitties - Weather! or not? - Schadenfreude - Mango, Mango! - Retox - Wretched Dollies - Pepper Spray

At Snatch City

Sn@tch - Gauze - Frick  - GothiC0 - [][]Trap[][]  - Blue Blood - Studio Sidhe - Show me on the Doll - Nighshade Designs - A-Bomb - Ducknipple - Glitter Trash - Draconic Kiss

At Nomine

Nomine - Grim Bros - Silent Sparrow - WoE - DV8 - Tainted Desires - Burning Chrome - Heartsick - Material Squirrel Wings - Cobrahive - *Dreams* - Forsaken - Arsenic Lace - Little Boy Blue - Lolapop - Curious Kitties

 At New Kadath

Crimson & Clover - NebuchadNezzar - Miu - Acid & Mala - Horribaubles - Flipside Piercing - Black Arts - SLGoth Magazine

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Coffees - Espresso
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift
Clothing: WoE GRJ-2b BLACK Wide Leg Low Rise Jeans; Alternative Fair 2010 Tee (Male-J)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men's Black Buckled Boot (new release - gift)
Accessories: Lolapop! Die like an Egyptian Necklace (free)

Poses by LAP and the Grim Bros swatter.