A New Year

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

Dress: BAIASTICE Sarah (new in store - eight colors)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Fairground Street Organ for The Challenge : Circus

Hair by Vanity Hair


Coming Soon and Here

A bright and shining morning on the brink of a the next year, new things await you!

*Dress: 20.FIVE - Rich Dress with color hud and tons of built in details; an easy way to get dressed in a hurry and look great.

*Hair: Coming soon to FaMESHed from MINA, Elisa (exclusive), an extremely natural looking long hair; get over there on the first and try a demo!

And just out for The Challenge : Circus this extremely cute dresser and mirror set (with poses) from EssaySee other Challenge releases here.

Boots BAIASTICE (December Arcade)
Poses by: aDORKable

A Very Good Year

Iheartsl posted some clever stats from Wordpress today. I am still a Blogger gal and have been long before Blogger even HAD stats. Man I feel old.

The 31st is my rez day. I will be SEVEN. Now I know plenty of folks who are older than I am, but still -- no longer the new kid on the block for sure.

I think my highest traffic day (Blogger doesn't keep track buy my memory is still pretty sharp for an old gal working her way toward a decade) was 870ish. Not the norm and amazingly I don't remember what that post was (see, I really AM getting old).

Now we all know that statistics are iffy to inaccurate but mine seem to be pretty stable so I am going to assume that some folks out there are reading. Actually since those using readers or seeing via feeds don't often get counted (well if I am particularly chatty as some feeds don't show the complete posts) who knows?

I am pretty sure my audience was less than 10,000 a month average when I started, or perhaps not as there were few blogs then and a good sized SL population. So for MY frame of reference I am going to go with 10,000 a month and be happy with that.

In that corporeal world I had a website once that was triple that 1 and four zero number, but it was much more global in nature and not so niche. I am particularly happy that my even nichier blogs are also doing well with now and then a day that almost reaches 200 (a big deal as some days it is in the 20s).

Still it is good to know that I am not typing into the ether.

Thanks for reading!  

Golden Glow


With many colors to choose from in both necklace and dress, I picked gold -- a fitting color for the festive season.

From Eclectica for Genre the Scarab Neckpiece-pale gold & white.

From BAIASTICE one of the new holiday releases, the Emeli dress in Gold.

Perfect pairings for your next formal event -- like New Year's Eve?

Hair by Vanity Hair: Valentina
Poses by: the Atelier Visconti fountain

Holiday Style

Did you play "dress up" as a girl?  I did. Wearing my mother's finery I felt so grown up.  We have the ability in our virtual lives to be anyone we want to be, and sometimes it is just plain fun.

We can live in decades that were long gone before our birth, imagine what the future might hold, experience different cultures.

There is a new year on the horizon and I encourage you to welcome it with style.

From NSP Florals, the Madame de Floria hat newly available at Gothmas by Gaslight.

It pairs perfectly with the "OMG I just have to have it" new release from BAIASTICE, just one of several styles for the holidays. This is one gorgeous dress!  Look for Kalia in many lovely colors.

Necklace by Stars!
Shoes by Essenz
Poses by: BehaviorBody and Everglow


From Cheeky Pea for N°21 a colorful yoga set. There are plenty of pieces in this release including an inspirational plaque, candle and hanging lamp.

It is easy to get stressed during the holidays and yoga is a perfect way to unwind.

Pieces are very low land impact weighing in at one or two. Use them at home or in a gym or spa setting. Mesh body folks will particularly love the animations *wink*. Show off those smooth curves!

Easily tintable to make many colors!

And here is a bit of news.

Cheeky Pea has a new (and fantastic as usual) "box". So many fun ways to decorate with this.

Top newish by 20.FIVE (color hud)
Hair by Lelutka

Poses by: the mat silly

Isadora GxG

This beautiful dress is available with a choice of three color huds (five colors in each hud) at Gothmas by Gaslight.   This is the red version in Color Hud 1.  The fit is very natural and realistic and the long skirt is as intricately detailed as the top area.

The dress comes in more sizes than the norm with some more "ample" versions for the well endowed gals. I am wearing an XS which is slightly smaller than my normal size. It fits perfectly. 

Grab a demo and choose your hud at the Senzafine booth.

My hair is a new release from Vanity Hair called "Senses" and has a lovely shape in back as well as front. Plenty of color huds of course.

Pose by: flowey

Feeling Nostalgic

This gorgeous showgirl bodice is one choice in a big set of holiday goodness from !dM deviousMind. The "Noelle d'Etoile" **XMAS2014** set  filled with many versions and optional additions not shown here is a group gift.

My photo took on a retro feel as I remembered how Chandra and I met long ago (December 2009) when some friends and I stalked the lucky present boxes and came away with much goodness. I can't find that post to reference; when you get close to 4000 entries search is a fickle thing. But in my mind it seems much more recent.

I took a lot of photos this eve.


Amazingly so!

Poses by: Diesel Works and elle

Winter Harvest

Keep warm in style this winter with a new outdoor firepit set from {what next}.  Winter harvest chairs come in three versions (pillows, pillow and throw, plain) with an extensive texture change menu for both fabric and woods.  The firepit comes in two versions, with or without animations.

With plenty of animations for guys, gals and couples as well as activities, this is a great set for you holiday and winter stylings. This cooridnates with the wonderfully detailed Winter Harvest Picnic Set.  Also available on the Marketplace.

It looks great in the snow outside the new release Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug  available at COLLABOR88.

Pose by: the fire pit

Pretty Pictures POE7

If you want to wrap yourself up for someone this season, the Ribbon Dress from --Snowpaws-- is a winner. As you might imagine it does not "walk well" :D, but oh what a lovely picture it takes.  

The pretty diamond Peace Penandant can be found at Zuri Jewelry.

If you love to venture back in time a few decades, be sure and check out this pairing.

Earrings and necklace by  Dellybeams Gem Gallery

Hat and long satin and sequined formal gown (includes prim puffy sleeves) from Sascha's Designs.

All items are on the Peace On Earth Hunt 7.

Poses by: HelaMiyo and aDORKable

Advent - Day 22

Not to be missed, these great hiking boots out for day 22 of Advent at Loordes of London. Remember the whole (free group) board will be open on Christmas.  Look for the stall in the center of the store.

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Cocoa Please?

It's COLD outside.

But never fear, this new exclusive coat and leggings set from SOILE will keep you warm and toasty. Find it at Gothmas by Gaslight.

Pose by: Vista Animations

Advent Stars - Day 21

Day 21 at Loordes of London brings you this warm dressy coat WITH coordinating prim tank built in. Love that. SLink high heels from Day 20 are still out for a bit. And remember the whole board will be open on Dec 25. This is a GROUP calendar.

******* SNEAK PEAK *******

Soon to be available Days of Christmas gift from 22769.

Now I have shown you a few of the gifts over the last days.

If you have been good little gathers you can see a pattern.

See it?

Lots of furniture. Matching furniture. Themed furniture.

And Day Twelve?

The "minimalistic house" to put it in.

This is 11 land impact, open and roomy with two rooms and modern fireplace. Perfect for 512 folks as a living space or as an office or studio, there is even a door so that you could use it on the ground.

While the styles are different (and the prim count much lower) it reminds me of my very first home, and hence MY assumption that it was for the air - LOL, which it likely is not. It COULD be however. Just watch that first step if you are up at a few thousand meters *wink*.

Hair by MINA
Pose by: oOo Studio

Gothic Schoolgirl

As you might imagine, this was fun to put together.

From Gothmas by Gaslight - Greymoon's Miss Prim Dress in plain black with white collar and cuffs and one of many baubles available from the ~*Souzou Eien*~  gacha. Many pretty color combos are available.

My Opulent Bow Tie is from ISON at The Arcade. Matching (rare) earrings are also available. A hud lets you resize and change stone colors (8 choices). 

Hair: Ruler by ISON
Nails: *~*HopScotch*~* (wired)
Pose by: Vista Animations and the bauble

Night Music

Drama -- don'tcha love it?

This striking tattoo in many forms including tintable and layered is from Fallen Gods Inc.  -- the BRIER tattoo. This is the complete version but many other options are available.

And from [ SAKIDE ], the Dark Christmas Outfit all in one catsuit with boots.

The venue? Gothmas by Gaslight, of course. 

Hair, a new release by eXxEsS, Prija

Poses by: aDORKable

Advent Stars - Day 19

OMG! And outfit. With shoes. Lotsa red.

Cute sweater and shirt combo and holly earrings from Tres Beau at KittyCats. Lots of other goodness in KC's Day 19 too.

Bracelets (left and right) at Loordes of London.

Shorts with lace up sides from {NaYu}.

Hair (Day 18) from The Alice Project.

Chair with fur throw from 22769.

Slink medium sandals from Baboom at the WEIB Sales Room.

Sway's has a cute little potted green fir tree.

Got forth. Gather!

Advent SLURLs here.

Poses by: Diesel Works and the chair

Advent Stars - Day 18

Some noteworthy releases for Day 18 and 17.

Stylish hair from Day 17 (usually around until 4ish SL time the next day) at the Alice Project.

Very cute dress (double straps under that hair) from {NaYu}.

Lovely necklace FOR THE MEN (sizes down for gals) from Chop Zuey. These stay on the board and are available at a later date.

Advent list is here!

Pose by: (must be LAP - LOL)

Gothmas By Gaslight II

Whatever your tastes, there is something for almost everyone at Gothmas by Gaslight.  Here an extensive set from [MUSE] let's you move back in time -- at least a few decades. It comes with SLink high heels, some very pretty jewelry and mesh gloves. There are ruffled add-ons for both gloves and dress but you know I am a minimalist kinda gal. This simpler style works for me.  

This really lovely Gothic gazebo from ~*Souzou Eien*~is a great "prim" value for your dark garden -- only 13 land impact.

Now most of you by now have plenty of poses. Happily they don't go out of style *wink*. But, that being said, I think you should definitely look at the two new sets from {NanTra} -- Merry Deathmas and Eternal Beauty. These fill some holes in my own pose collection and they might do the same in yours. The Deathmas set comes with props which may come in handy or use them on their own. That works too.

Poses by: {NanTra}

Can You Keep a Secret?

No so secret really, but definitely noteworthy.

Out from COCO as a holiday gift this very pretty red bustier dress.

Two stylish trees in sacks (the other is a white bag) are gifts from Trompe Loeil throughout the remainder of 2014.

The terrifically quirky snowy abode in the background is from Scarlet Creative at COLLABOR88.  There is no demo (or wasn't when I was there) so if you want to see the building up close and personal, here's a locale.

Wondering what to wear with your holiday attire?   Both tasteful and festive, these DaneMarkZ Peep heels (SLink Mid) are perfect.  Silver, gold, snow, green and red hues are available.

Pose by: HelaMiyo and Torrid Midnight (nla)

Vintage Goth

Full Size Photo HERE.

New from Pale Empress, Skadi at Gothmas by Gaslight . Two exclusive colors are available; this is red with black. A coordinating color adds extra drama!

 Moving back in time never looked so good.

From Eclectica for GXG, Gothic Pearls which are available in a fatpack version with a large variety of textures including hues and muted neutral stones. 

A perfect pairing is this Frozen hair from Vanity Hair which spans many decades and genres. Very elegant; find it at F R O S T.

Poses by: aDORKable and POSSESSION

Night Blooms

A lovely collaboration brings about the Gothmas-Swagger release for Gothmas by Gaslight. From The White Armory, the elegant gown; from NSP Florals the gorgeous flowers. Put them together and it is quite magical.

There are also hair flowers.

Flowers bloom by gaslight; did you know that? Well these do. The Victorian outdoor lamps (single, triple, quad and wall versions) are from ~*Souzou Eien*~ at the same event.

Hair by Vanity Hair for F R O S T. (You will see it again in upcoming posts :D)  Look for Frozen.

Poses by: BehaviorBody

Advent Stars - Day 16

Courtesy of Sami's early morning advent run, here a two fun additions to your holiday wardrobe.

From Barerose Tokyo for KittyCats, the Xmass Tree Dress. One size it may be fitmesh or it may just fit medium folks.

This is the Day 15 hair from The Alice Project and should be around until late afternoon when the boxes change.

And if all those holiday reds, golds and greens are getting to you, Loordes of London has Day 16 out early. Find some very nice high waisted pants to add to your 2016 clothing folder. These have a very nice body shape to them but run a bit small. XL is in the pack but think L.

Sway's has a very nice ONE land impact white chair with holiday cushion in Day 16's box.

The full Advent List with SLURLS is here.

Poses by: Vain (very old)

Gothmas By Gaslight

Full Sized Photo HERE.

Northern lights, gas lamps, sparkling trees -- Gothmas by Gaslight is open!

An eclectic mix of dark desires are yours to discover.

From Eclectica, 'Nightblooms'. Earrings, ring and collar form the beautifully made set. Colors can be changed by hud.

Poses (some sets with props) can be found at {NanTra}. Poses are not easy to make well; I suggest you check these out.

This nicely made lona (my great grandmother's name) long coat hales from Fission. Color choices of this vintage attire are blue, purple and red. I am wearing the fitmesh version but traditional mesh is also available in the pack.

Last but ohsonotleast in my book are these superb boots from {Venomous Rage Designs} . These are high heels which are typically not my favorite. That being said, I just can't seem to take them off!

Beautifully textured, the legwarmers also come separately. Look for Frost Bite Boots.

My hair is a new release from eXxExS,  PRIJA  The color huds are extensive. Hairbases are included.

Poses by: {NanTra}  Dieselworks

Snow Days

Virtual snow time. All the beauty without the melting mess that follows. Works for me.  You'll want to keep warm if you venture into wintery climes in December and this cozy sweater dress with built in belt is perfect. Find it at Shoenique Designs on the POE7 hunt.  This comes with thigh high white boots if you are an adventurous gal.

And if you have an winter white area of your own, this bench with all the trimmings might fit right in. It comes complete with lots of singles and couples poses that give items like the coffee. Some animations have a little bird joining you and hopping around. Cute.

Find this low prim set at *DENCH DESIGNS*  on the POE7 hunt

Hair by MINA
Pose by: the bench

Advent Stars - Day 14

It is a great day for Advent with another ten days to go!

From 22769 in package number 3 this darling book tree. SO CUTE!
From [LeeZu!] @ KittyCats Day 14 Mia Miu Boots. Fun!

This is Day 13's hair from The Alice Project ---
and a very cute retro jacket with tiny waist from Loordes of London.

Today's gift from Chop Zuey Gift is this set of Sultaness Earrings; very fancy!

This really lovely hand-hammered silver bracelet is from Earthstones @ KittyCats also for Day 14.

There are some nice mesh shorts at {NaYu} Design ...
and a pretty blue rug at Sway's

All SLURLS are on the Advent List here.

Pose by: Olive Juice - LAP (nla)

Shadow Dancing

Music, laughter, a little sweating - all good.

A new release, an older release, a REALLY old item, a holiday gift and a hunt prize make up this outfit. Lots of fun to put together? Of course it was.

Here's the rundown.

20.FIVE Mesh - Bepp Jumpsuit  (five colors of top available via hud)
Sky - Waist Sweater 20 colors  (not rigged - demo available)

eXxEsS : X-MAS 2014 (yes, that's the hair name *wink* - with extensive huds (so many colors there are two)) a super fun gift - headphones are a part of the hair

MP4 player from NCparis (old)

These creatively textured winter hiking boots are from Wicca's Wardrobe on the POE7 hunt. Unisex, they come sized for guys also.

Poses by: aDORKable and Juxtapose