Rockin' Guys

The guys won't be left out of The Rockabilly Fashion Fair; each merchant has a special item just for the Y chromosome set. Here is the offering from Sassy, simply named the Rockabilly men's shirt. It comes with a tee for underneath, but really? Show me that sixpack!

This comes with a color change hud!

Also in this post, a very nice wristband from MUKA.

My poses of the eve are NEW and from the ADAM set at Diesel Works. There is also a fun group gift (Halloween themed) so get over there before the season turns.

Sixties Fever

Here is another exclusive item from the Rockabilly Fashion FairLeri Miles Designs (main store) present the Dixie top and capris. I thought this looked much like a postcard -- so I made it so! 

The capris of COURSE have dot trim on the cuffs. Well you KNEW that didn't ya?

Hair by Tameless (old)
Poses by: LAP (nla)

Moving Through Time

I am heading out to a TV filming this afternoon. I normally try and look very posh and professional, less is more and all that jazz. But today I decided to make a statement, mostly because I really like looking at myself in the my new outfit from The Library (see previous post for the details).

As gorgeous as the complete outfit is, the film studio isn't in Winterfell *wink* so "modernizing" seemed the way to go. I took off the hat and the skirt and changed to some plain boots. ( In the spirit of full disclosure I used a jacket alpha from another set :D). Happily there are some very nice textured leggings that are part of the Regina set. So now I look a bit more classy vintage and less role play. Both work, you just need to pick your style to match your locale.

I was also thrilled to find a just out "do" from VANITY HAIR that works perfectly with this attire. Pixivor is definitely one of my recent favorites from VANITY.  I chose as streaked gray to proclaim my years and wisdom quotient *wink*.

Pose by: ibang

The Enchanted Queen

This is the Regina outfit from The Library for Enchantment, a new event themed on a different fairy tale each three months. This first installment follows the Snow White story. There are plenty of Snow White outfits in the mix; some naughty, some nice. I am not exactly sure where Regina fits into the theme but the vendor photo is in front of a fireplace and this may be "wicked stepmother attire". Nope, I am mixing my fairy tales -- the evil queen maybe?

No matter. Whatever the inspiration, this is a phenomenal outfit.

I journeyed over to the event (open to bloggers) late Friday eve. I had just posted on the hair from MINA, part of the event and wondered what else might be found. As I was wandering amidst the displays (no booths so shopping is very easy) I spied a gorgeous lady.

Now in truth, SHE was very lovely, but the outfit is what really caught my eye. I seldom IM people I don't know, but I couldn't help complimenting her on the outfit. It turned out it was her design and she kindly passed a copy to me.

The outfit (boots, hat, leggings are all part of the set) falls somewhere between classic and period; it is simply stunning.

You can also "dress down" (well not too far as this is a fancy item) a bit for more everyday adventures. I will show you that styling tomorrow along with some new hair from VANITY that I really love and that is perfect for this.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for the first of the month.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Dark Drama

This is a AD Creations new release, Halo.

Beautifully detailed and completely striking, I really don't think I need to say more.


OK. I lied. I am bumping this photo up to a Monday edition for Strawberry's Halloween Meme. Now I don't actually plan to go trick or treating in any world, but this gorgeous number would definitely make me stand out in the crowd.

 Here are my meme answers.

Did you go trick or treating as a child?  Yep, in a group with friends. Much fun.

What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?  Memories are blurry on this. The only one that I remember was a Cinderella outfit that my mother made, It was blue and pink with lots of netting.

What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? Again (laughing here) childhood memories are not a big thing with me, but I do remember going up to an old ladies house with a group of friends to trick or treat. Amazingly the witchy looking lady had no idea it was All Hallows Eve :D. None of us could believe it!

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?  I don't watch scary movies. If they start going in that direction, I switch the channel (or nowadays return to my Hulu queue).  The only one I remember as a small child was "Revenge of the Body Snatchers" which NOW doesn't seem all that scary but back then it certainly was.

Do you ever get nightmares after watching a scary movie?   Nope. See above. I learned my lessons VERY early as I had major nightmares with the film mentioned in question four.

Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours.  Not really. I don't walk under ladders, but that's just being cautious :D.

What will you be doing for Halloween this year, if anything, in SL and RL?  I don't celebrate many holidays in either world. New Years and birthdays are about it. I do mark the day as Samhain and typically tub with candles in the dark and reflect on the change of seasons.


Photo taken at LEA6.

Poses by: nigotine (nla)

No Vacancy - RFF

Another sneak peek at the upcoming Rockabilly Fashon Fair.

This outfit is from A r i s k e a (main store); the Dance On dress which comes in several colors. Nicely made and definitely vintage, I am loving the items from the event.

I was a brave gal and got a little naked (the sim was empty) so I could show you these great nylons (tattoos). My mother wore seamed nylons long after they were no longer in vogue, so this is very nostalgic for me. She proclaimed that they made your legs look thinner. Well most of us would like that!

Flower trimmed shoes are a new release for the event from Latreia Foot Fashion (main store)

Mark your calendars for November 3!

Hair: PELLE - Agnese mesh hair mogano red - from RFF previously featured.
Poses by: Juxtapose

Haunting and Hunting

This is the second time in a week that I have lost a post. Things are not good it seems in Bloggerville. So you get Mondays post on Saturday and I will redo Saturday's post for later in the week. I HOPE things get fixed.

On the BRIGHTER side, there is a new hunt at PARADISIS and friends. With lots of great goodies to find, it is bound to be a great adventure.

Happily some fitting midnight black hair came in from MINA HAIR for the Enchantment Event which opens soon. This hair comes in all white, black as shown and two versions of white-black mix.

I will have more to show you from Enchantment soon.

Poses by: Juxtapose


A week and a half until the Rockabilly Fashion Fair begins.

Get your retro on and be ready to shop!

In this post:

MoDANNA [RetroBilly Collection] Froufrou Dress Kiwi
MoDANNA [Dolly Collection] Fascinator Black
PELLE - Agnese mesh hair mogano red

Poses by: Diesel Works

October Spring

Snow in July, falling leaves in April. We have the ability to be anytime and any place in our virtual land. Today as crisp breezes nip at my heels in real life, I took a rest amidst apple and cherry blossoms.

New releases in this post include:

20.FIVE Mesh: Gypsy Skirt with super cute belt included. This is a color change item. Only brave girls need apply; it is really low cut in the hips region *wink*.

A recent release from BAIASTICE, the Mjrie top in rose.

Just out hair from eXxEsS - VES with a full range of gorgeous colors via huds.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


This gorgeous new release is a pairing of two separates from BAIASTICE.  The Emy high-waist trousers and the Roxie top are super sleek and show off every curve -- in a ladylike manner of course. Pick from bright colors or sedate and classy neutrals; mix and match to your hearts content.

My location is LEA6, Rebeca Bashly's 'Colour Key'. Dark and questioning, hidden areas hint at a theme not revealed.

Sandals by BAIASTICE
Hair by eXxEsS
Jewelry by Acid & Mala

Poses by: aDORKable

TOS Meme

There have been plenty of fun times in SL. This is a photo from a year ago for a contest that somehow never "paid out" with even a thank you for entering. I wasn't happy then, but after all the TOS issues it seems like very small potatoes. And actually I LOVE this shot and with no rezzing at the sim you can imagine how hard it was to get *wink*. So starts my Monday Meme -- on Tuesday.

Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept?

You can bet I do now!  LOL. Actually I often do, but Second Life's terms of service goes on for days (maybe weeks). I had full intention of doing research about the changes in the upcoming days -- and DID. Unfortunately no one (and I do mean no one) caught the important stuff in August. There were things about adult content mentioned and some other small issues. Obviously the folks reporting were NOT content creators. Thanks to CG Textures, many of us figured out how bad it was at the beginning of September and I wrote one of the fist blogs on the subject.

Lesson learned.

How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last month or so knows my position well and fully. No need to go over it all again. Do a search for TOS in the search panel if you missed my point of view and care *wink*.

Do the changes affect you directly?

Of course. As a content creator I have lost control of my content. I originally thought it MUST be just things uploaded after the TOS changes, but lawyer after lawyer has affirmed that it is ALL CONTENT UPLOADED to the servers in the lifetime of SL -- over ten years.

Since C G Textures banned uploads from their site to SL and let the cat out of the bag (if only we would have known it was actually a mountain lion) I have not uploaded any content. My shop is still open and was doing very well. This month it has slowed down quite a bit; Marketplace sales too. I am not sure exactly why, but many people's spirits are low. I certainly haven't purchased anything lately while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I no longer build for MOSP. I log in and caretake and put out newness sent to me in blogger packs. That's all I do here now. If I am in world more than half an hour a day it is a big deal. I used to be inworld for 10 hours or more each day.

What do you think people should do about this new change?

I believe everyone needs to do what works for them. If that is going about the world as usual, that is fine. If it means still creating when you know that your items can be instantly used and resold by LL with no credit or money to you (they do SHARE ownership with you of course - how nice of them) then that's fine too.

A fair amount of content creators have closed up shop, inworld or Marketplace or both. A smaller number have "left for good" and many are like me, just hanging around waiting to see what happens and not expecting the unveiling of intent to be a happy revelation.   

The average "casual user" that Linden Labs has been aiming to attract over the last couple of years may not feel any difference at all. Artists were hurt the worst I think, writers especially as any work that was preformed or even written on a notecard is in jeopardy and they cannot sell their works as they cannot verify that there is no one else with rights to publish -- Linden Lab has that right according to the TOS.

Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did?

Honestly I have pretty much left in spirit if not in practice. I am still blogging, but not quite as often. I check in on MOSP and my kitty every day or so, but my enthusiasm and heart are no longer here. I doubt if the damage can ever be repaired at this point. I am not leaving, but I am mostly an observer now, not a participant and certainly not a content creator.

Some of you know I am over at Cloud Party, a browser based word with total artistic freedom and the most awful hair you can imagine! Well we make our choices. I may have to learn to rig just to have some stuff to put on my body. The unlimited free "sims" (building areas) are a default 1 kilometer square. The land goes on forever and there is no **** in the sky to spoil the view. There is no cost at all unless you want to upgrade to more usage (think prims in one spot)  and a bit of privacy. The world is in beta and it is a small group of people there, but very friendly and supportive. I am actually selling things there to the minuscule population.

It is not a place for those needing to make a living -- actually there doesn't seem to be any good bets out there for that -- no "other country" to move to and upload existing goods.  But I have my safe harbor and I am content. I have always believed in working towards the future and for me the Cloud Party tech is terrifically seductive. I can look like Plain Jane for awhile. I have never built so well and I am a happy gal there. Well there IS that hair issue *wink*.

Feelin' Rustic

It's definitely Fall and definitely country at The Liaison Collaborative this October. Now I have to admit to looking up the theme which is "The Lodge". I knew rustic and outdoors played a part, but I wanted to be able to give you the complete scoop.

One of my favorite pieces is the apple stand from Trompe Loeil. The release includes the complete set up as well as all the individual pieces should you want to decorate other areas.

My new warm vest with tee shirt is a new release from Ducknipple. Klazien come as shown as well as vest only and the hud lets you change both vest collar and tee shirt colors. Definitely my style -- and warm to boot.

My hair is a new release from Mina and perfect for outdoors. A casual loose piggie style that lets you feel both young and active; not a bad combo. It comes with a spiffy new all inclusive hud for easy choices. Find it at the Boho Culture Fair.

Camping can certainly be part of the "Lodge" experience and {what next} has a darling  roomy tent complete with trimmings out for the event. The animations are really fun. This sit with a flashlight is one of my favorites.

Can't you just feel that cold crisp Fall air? I can.

With lots of little details this is a great addition to your backyard area or beach -- even role play.

A sleeping bag completes the decor and there is even a rug. Now, I have to admit I don't remember many rugs on my campouts, but if you want to be really realistic you can use the rug somewhere else *wink*.

Cheeky Pea wants us to work for our supper with a very detailed kitchen (island included and both A and PG verisions). The props and animations let you do plenty of chores. I picked baking since that means you get to eat the pastries after you are finished!

And Barnesworth Anubis made the perfect remodeled barn for this kitchen. That probably wasn't a plan, but the two new releases pair well together. The barn is high ceiling and definitely roomy with a big fireplace to keep you warm.  The barn doors are quite clever and there are plenty of windows to let in lovely light patterns.

So be sure and stop by The Liaison Collaborative!

Poses by: Vista Animations and the furniture.

ModeLS Magazine

Who knew that I was on page six of ModeLS magazine last month? Not "I", until I went to look at October's edition and saw the Halloween contest winners. Then I thought, "what happened to the September contest?"

Now and then I enter contests, sometimes for "fame" and sometimes for lindens or early access *wink*. And now and then I forget that I have entered.

So while blurry ( a screenshot from ISSUU), here I am. This photo was taken at the classroom at MOSP of course, the one at Sound Stage 1 (or is it 2?).

My outfit is mostly from PARADISIS. I am going to put in some bigger screenshots of the text so you can read the blurb and the credits.

Lazy Fall

Out for Fifty Linden Friday in an assortment of styles, the Pine Ridge Chairs which coordinate with the Pine Ridge Camping set I haven't shown you yet. You don't need to be a camper to enjoy this comfy seating though. It's perfect for any outdoor space. Find it Friday only at {what next}. It is packed full of great animations and props.

Outfit notes and more new homewares goodness coming up soon.

And some asides:

Pearl is the best little kitty. She walks half way across a sim to find me -- through lakes and inlets (oh my). She is definitely the smartest of the Firestorm kitty crew among my friends and I am happy she is my pet.

For those of you that are designers or for those of you that have been impatiently waiting for the mesh deformer to hit SL, there is some sad news. Read about it here. I guess really, we could have foreseen this, but I for one did not.

I quit a blogging group today. I am tired of threats even though presumably not aimed at me. So if you see me wearing items with no credits given, you'll know why. Bloggers DO need to preform their jobs, I agree with that. Designers don't need to yell at the whole group continuously. Enough said.

Poses by: the chair

Goggling Chic

Now I am still "on vacation" but Berry's meme looked way too fun and I didn't even need to log in to do it. So here were go.

There were actually only about 10,000 results with my name in quotes, but this no quote result was a MUCH nicer screenshot complete with pictures.
My blog is the first link on the page.

The most surprising link (I didn't really look too far but it was pretty close to the top) was from Plurk about using a signpost in a Monsanto video film in SL. I am not sure if it was a positive or negative remark *wink*; I don't Plurk and didn't follow the link. There were lots of links to machinima, marketplace items, art, and some very references.  A few were from other blogs; some referencing me in a MOSP article.

You can see from the screenshot that the first three photos are actually portraits- the first from my blog, the second from Vimeo and the last from the Madpea blog. The third is from the University of Western Australia and is of a build that won second prize last year. The piggy is from last Sunday's post and doesn't say "chic aeon" anywhere on it. Google is a very good sleuth it seems.

In the MORE tab (with quotes) the only listing was from DailyTech about some hardware. My name wasn't mentioned; Google disregarded the quotes it seems. Same results without quotes.

Real Life

My real life name isn't terribly common but there about 17,000 mentions. MOST not me.

Of the first two pages there were two "white page" phone book entries, one of where I am living and one from my last home seven years ago.  On page two there was a mention of my work in an art book from long ago as well as some free graphics from almost 20 years ago (yes really and I would SO like that to disappear - LOL).

Among my RL name sisters I have always known about a famous porn star in Britain as well as a soccer star (high school and maybe now in college). There are some good looking ladies that share my name judging from the photos! There is also a sports broadcaster. I forgot about her. That wraps it up in the fame department.

To be honest, if you would have searched for my RL name 15 years ago it would have been ALL over the pages. I have gone to great lengths to get out of the Google Hall of Fame and I am very happy that I have been successful. Just one very old and very bad (in oh so many ways) photo is in the archives.

Much fun. 


I am over at LEA6 as I write this. Each month my view at LEA7 changes. It is an interesting exercise watching what artist produce on their month long invitation. October's artist is Rebeca Bashly, with 'Colour Key'.  

A huge monolith abuts my sim. It is imposing to say the least. I haven't been around all that much these days but I finally made it over to see what was beyond the wall. 

It is minimalist and dark speaking of things we cannot know. At least that is my interpretation. I have some other questions that I will leave off these pages; op ed day has come and gone. There are crevices to explore and hidden areas which I could only see with my camera. There may be a way in of course. I am not the best slueth in the neighborhood.

My simply gorgeous outfit includes two separates from a large new release at BAIASTICE. With so many lovely things to choose from, I went for simple and classic. I feel both ladylike and VERY "put together".

Both the Emy high-waist trousers and the Roxie top come in a huge choice of colors. Be bright and bold or sedate and posh -- the choice is yours.The detailing is superb and the fit? Like a glove.

Sandals by BAIASTICE
Hair by eXxEsS
Jewelry by Acid & Mala

Poses by: aDORKable and Behavior Body

Break Time

Off for some R 'n R. Be good while I'm gone!

Money Money Money

I wasn't planning on an Op Ed piece today. I'll be taking some time off and a "be good while I'm gone" post is scheduled for tomorrow.

But this morning I opened my email to my very first refund request. This was for one of my most expensive items, bought in world INSIDE the demo. The lady was not happy with the plain wall texture inside the fully MOD build. 

I explained to her that she could easily tint the walls OR if she wanted wallpaper she could very easily put up some fake prim walls (at very little land impact); that I would not refund her money as there was no way she could return the mod - copy - NT item.

A very huffy email reply came back about building her own house, deleting, bad building, bad customer service. 

Now I KNOW it is her and not me - LOL. But really, it wasn't what I needed this morning. And a bunch more of my inventory disappeared during the latest database disaster. I knew it happened as someone wrote for a Marketplace redelivery -- which of course I fulfilled lickety split (BAD customer service gal that I am).

So with all that's been going on this last month or so, I really do need a break. I'll be in and out and IMs go to email should you need info or whatever. And yes, I will be creating elsewhere while I wait and see what is happening with my long time home.

The super cute piggy bank is from Sway's. Serendipity was good to me. I decided to go back one year and see what I was posting about. Piggy came up. Still have him. At least I "hope" I still do. You never know what has disappeared from the database until you need it.

Have a good Sunday.

Classicially New

Classics with a retro theme are out in force this week.

From Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88, the Salem Cottage. Now this is a BIG cottage. I would have named it the Salem Mansion, but whatever the title, it is packed full of details. Check it out while it is on special.

A new dress out from Ducknipple comes with a hud filled with trim choices. Look for Zabba.

And out for Fifty Linden Friday, two nostalgic sets from Second Spaces. You know the drill. Today is the day!

Hair by eXxEsS

Poses by: Diesel Works

A Touch of Fantasy

The Trompe Loeil  Autumn Cottage is new for COLLABOR88.

Now I KNOW it isn't quite snow season but I thought this cutie would be perfect in that environment. A bit of fantasy, it is as cozy as a cottage could be, perfect for fairies or elves or hobbits -- even for us REGULAR folk.

The two story abode comes in two sizes. I chose the smaller version which easily fits on a 512 lot should that be your need.  At 57 land impact there are still plenty of "prims" to decorate providing you choose smart mesh -- and why would you want anything else?

The roof shape adds lots of character.

The smoke (on -off fireplace) escapes the confines of the chimney convincingly.

Whether snow or grass or the falling leaves of Autumn, this is a great little house for anyone who likes cozy.

That includes ME!

The house does have a bit of a Harry Potter feel and so that is an easy segue into ----

These lassitude & ennui Batty shoes for Wizarding Faire are the most stylish of styles for those that dabble in the arts.

And even if you don't whisper incantations in the dark of night, they are appropriate for all sorts of other stylings. Both Victorian and Steampunk come to mine.

Pose by: aDORKable


More releases for Transportation - The Challenge. These subway benches, table and decor pieces hale from [CIRCA].

The metro benches are a contribution from [hate this] and the metro sign (both antique and modern versions available) is from Collage.

This modern recharge station comes packed full of activities.  The modules can be used singly or in a serpentine "line". I have three connected in the subway here.

Find the pack of two (white as well as the black version shown) at %Percent Furniture and Lighting.

Pose by: Diesel Works, furniture

See yesterdays post for outfit credits.


Transportation. What would we do without it? If you live in a big city, then taxis are part of that package.  The super cute taxi light -- which actually comes MUCH smaller for use as a home decor item -- is another of the goodies from The Challenge. Find it at Kuro.

You can pick up the matching taxi on the Marketplace for free.

Photo taken here.

Sweater: Ducknipple
Pants: 1 Hundred
Hair: eXxEsS

Pose by: aDORKable

War Zone


I wrote this post after a long weekend which in memory is simply a blur of constant typing. Emails, comments, post and reporting all in the name of possible victory.

I am calmer now mid-week and have moved into a state of almost blissful acceptance. Well, everything is relative. While I hope we can make a difference with our many voices, I think the only real test will be in court. That seems like a certainty as I have seen comments by content creators about their intent. Until then we are in a limbo land.

I plan to stick with my No More Uploads pledge as I can't support a grid who takes control of our content as we push the upload button. I am very happy over at Cloud Party, not a Second Life of course but full of promise and wonderful tech for mesh creators. I am making a home away from home there and am very grateful to have a place where I can build with joy.

So that is where "I" am at the moment. Wherever you are in this controversy, I wish you well.

And here is my original post for Op Ed Sunday.


It feels like a war zone these days, fighting for our livelihood, our world. Not everyone is in the fight of course -- and that's OK. We each have our own needs, our own responsibilities.

It's funny really as I pretty much never get involved in causes in real life. I am a low key kinda gal. I don't take up banners or march in parades. Even in my youth I wasn't one to riot or protest -- and that was very "in" then.

Not too sure how I made it to the front lines, I find myself quoted on other blogs. I cringe a little as while it might not seem so, limelight and I are not the best of friends. I am more of a behinds the scenes gal, at least it has been that way in the past.

I have wondered why this fight is so important to me. A friend suggested it was because of business concerns, but that isn't it. Lindens do translate into dollars and in my mind (no matter what The Lab wants the world to believe) they are currency. I would miss my little shop and all I have made should it disappear one day, but it isn't the income that I would morn, it would be the effort that went into the creations that were no more.

Since I have made my position on the TOS debate crystalline clear from the beginning, some of you may be wondering why I am still blogging designers who seem not to care. I haven't talked with many on any deep level; I don't know them that well and it is not my place. I suspect though that some are just as concerned as I am, they just don't have the luxury of being able to follow their hearts.

Many designers, especially the very good ones, support themselves and their families by creating in Second Life. They need to work to pay both their tier and their mortgage; that doesn't mean they are insensitive to what is happening around them. I am grateful they are working while I am not. They give me beautiful things to show you and that makes MY life better while I am waiting and hoping and fighting.

So support us all, those that are fighting (even if you don't agree, they are fighting for you too) and those that are keeping the home fires burning by continuing to work while the bombs are falling. We each have our place. We each have our paths.

Outfit info here.
Pose by: LAP

Falling Leaves Hunt

The Falling Leaves Hunt just started and while I am not spending a lot of time hunting these days, I definitely made a few stops. 

In the foreground you have a couple of don't miss items. The Zinnias "Pedro" Harvest Wheelbarrow is gorgeous as is everything from Zinnias.

The pumpkin set in the background comes with pine cone and chipmunks! So cute. Find it at Potomac Signature Homes. Be SURE and follow the hunt tracks. Happily I spied them right off and went in the correct direction *wink*. Big place.

Pose by: the lounger

Midnight Train

Just out for the guys -- especially for the ones that don't like to shop; a new shirt, tie and long jacket combo with NINE color choices for each piece. That's 27 color swatches via hud. Oh my!  Find it at Ducknipple of course.You may never need to change clothes again!

The caboose in the background is one of the TRANSPORTATION themed items for this round of The Challenge. This is from .:UR:., a full perm store. Not only is there a caboose at a bit under 60 LI, there are many furnishings. So if you always dreamed of riding the rails, now is the time!

Pose by: Diesel Works

Baby Blue Newness

This post is brought to you by the color BLUE.

It isn't JUST blue of course, but a plethora of hues to be had.

The Ashton furniture set from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed includes many pieces. Buy the full set or just your individual accent needs. A big variety of both prints and plains (via hud in most cases) assure that there is a match for your style. PG and A versions are both available.

On the horizon there is a really cute hair out from MINA for We Love Roleplay which opens the 5th of October. There are plenty of color choices by hud. The pony wrap has its own section of the menu for color change. Nicely done!

Also shown are some very stylish Moonchild earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai  for the same event. A variety of colors are available including a lovely Red Gold (not a good pairing with cool blue however *wink* ).   There are some really stunning items in the B + M Roleplay release and I hope to show you more of them soon. Meanwhile, just hop on over when the event begins.

My cami is from 1 Hundred; look for the All Yours top in a big variety of colors. Tangos included.

Shoes by Ducknipple
Poses by: Diesel Works

Bad Bad Girl

How's that Inner Vixen these days? Wanting out of the closet?   If so there are a couple of new releases to help you out.

The Envy Bodysuit from 1 Hundred comes in a big rainbow of colors and neutrals, complete with appliers for top and bottom. Happily even us au naturale gals can enjoy. Find the new release at the Boobie Show Birthday.

"Redlight" is the contribution from deviousMind to Jersey Shore's "OMG - Oh My Gacha!"
A dozen to collect, they are beautifully made and super fun. Menus let you turn lighting on or off or have it flicker. All come with access menu choices and four rare include particle and color change options.

My hair is Kate, one of the new releases from BAIASTICE. You don't have to be a bad girl to wear this. I do detect a touch of retro though. If you haven't tried out the hud based color palettes from BAIASTICE, you really want to do so. Lusciously unique colors abound to let you set yourself out from the crowd. 

Pose by: Diesel Works