Today's post  is brought to you by the letter "T". And "T" stands for table and that rhymes with able and ----   Well anyway. Two new items arrived in my inbox this morning. One a hat, one a dining set. How do these two diverse releases meet? Well #1 they both feature tables and chairs and #2 the wrought irons echo each other. Pretty neat if you feel like posting *wink*.

The hat hales from AD Creations and is the prize on the Fashioncentric 5 Hunt. With the new month starting, hunts will be underway again soon. This is the last day for many great gathering adventures, so if you were lazy -- get out there and find those prize vendors!

This very cute Likable Things dining set from Cheeky Pea adjusts to your prim budget.  Chairs are an amazing three prims, table is two. Shadows are included but can be unlinked (yeah). Part of the Stumblebum April Mood theme which starts tomorrow, the seat features nine different prints all in the color palette for the event. The items on the table can be rezzed one at a time or in a group as shown. They DO count against your prim allotment so can be used on estate land that ban temp rezzers.

The full set comes with lots and lots of different animations and prop givers (phone, tea cup etc.). The stand alone chair has different sits, so be sure and check out both models to see what works best for you.

You can purchase just the table, just the chair or as a set which includes a very cute nine prim lighting fixture. Lots of options. Plenty of decorating fun. 

Here is the list of the Stumblebum participants for April 1- 15:  April: 1-14

Aura, Illusory, Truth, Kyoot, Frooti, Insufferable Dastard, Miao, Cheeky Pea, Paper.Doll, Boom

Guest - Piddile

Do You Remember - Hand Prints

This is really a post about a newly released home from Barnesworth Anubis, the Tableau Hut. It is one of two 2007 designs that have been completely rebuilt and brought into the present. With more efficient construction they are a fraction of the original prim counts and contain stunning details. I wasn't around in 2007 (well OK, most a day but that hardly counts). So while I cannot remember the original version of this house, I can still appreciate the open air feeling and clean modern lines of the updated version.

Now about those painter hand prints on my behind --- THOSE are my "do you remember" item of the eve. I found them as I was finishing up my Body Parts > Tattoo folder, readying myself to tackle Chav's Stuff in my inventory clean up. I am down to 34,000 from 40,000 and feeling good about my reorganization.

The hand prints were a prize in the 2009 LAP Poop Hunt from a store named *smudge. I loved them then and I love them now.

And here is the long shot. This is my favorite room in the house. Well the circular hall doesn't really count as a room, so yes, my favorite. There is also a large tiled walk-in open shower. So relaxing.

The house is a bit large for a single gal like me. Then again I love small spaces, even in real life. It has two luxurious bedrooms each connected to the bath, so it would be great for housemates.  The home can be purchased with or without furniture.

The center of the house is extremely dramatic with beams and lights. Ceiling fans keep refreshing breezes flowing; window blinds roll up and down for your choice of view or privacy.

Pose by: BehaviorBody

Sante Fe Memories

This "Dream Catcher" new release from Addiction Jewelry brings back memories of the Southwestern USA. I have a similar real life necklace. Purchased it in a resale shop in Taos, New Mexico, its origins link back to  Tasco in "old Mexico". With intricate detailing, natural shimmer (even with shadows on) and links that don't disappear on you (yeah), this echo is a winner.  The matching earrings are delicate and a perfect accompaniment.

Pose by: BehaviorBody

Gifts Galore

Come Saturday there will be a whole new wall of group gifts up at EMO-tions. Hair and role play outfits for gals and guys, 18 to be exact, will adorn the new gift wall. This is my favorite back in time outfit, "earth wind fire" in stone.  So mark your calendars and head over as we make the move into April.

Blogger is changing the interface and this is my first post on the new one. While I often go kicking and screaming into the future, I think this is a big improvement. A bit of getting used to but lots more room and most buttons seem obvious. Yeah!

Poses by: Vista Animations

MWFW 2012 - Halcali

Menswear Fashion Week  has a few days to run. Still very popular, checking your laggy scripts at the door would be a good plan.  This outfit is from Halcali. The brocade jacket is also available in beige, black and navy. Prims are manual mod and the belt is built into the jacket bottom which makes resizing much easier. And we like easier!

The set comes with some very nice rolled leather pants. There is a casual vagabond air to this duo, at least to my way of thinking. A little rouge, a little wanderer; adventure is in his heart.

My photo op spot is the new Trompe Loeil - Sky Island Skysphere, a mesh fantasy creation. The hills and valleys offer intimate areas for your creative endeavors. Place a picnic area here, a cozy cottage there, some flora and fauna  -- and you have a lovely place in the sky. My favorite part is the sphere which seems to have its own atmosphere. Sunlight and shadows filter though and Windlight settings are tons of fun!  The sphere measure 64 x 64 with the island area being 40 x 40. You can use them together or separately. At only 91 prims, this is quite a bargain.

Poses by: LAP and Diesel Works

Light and Shadow

I have been working with projected light of late, the light you see if you have shadows enabled as well as the "sun, moon and projectors" choice. Lots of dramatic effects are available, but my first tries left plenty of room for improvement when it came to fashion photography. Great shadows and horrible face lighting produced many sighs. As you might guess, it is a combination of the projector (settings and placement) as well as facelight and Windlight settings. I am getting closer :D.

I also have a TASTEFUL new neighbor at my cottage by the bridge (my permanent home for now since I am no longer at LEA). She moved in the night before last and I now have cute houses and lovely trees and grasses as my vista. In order to enjoy my expanded view, I opened up an exterior wall. That gave way to a redesign of the house as well as some Spring cleaning and redecoration. I added a mini photo studio on one wall. It is almost unnoticeable and very low prim. Both work well for my 512 lot.

Striking fashion and poses lend themselves to the mix of light and dark. My outfit is a new release from eXxEsS, REDUX in black. It comes complete with platform boots. The recent hair release, .:EMO-tions:. *DOMENICA *, works very well.

Poses by: BehaviorBody from the newly released Fashion Series Poses set (includes mirrors).

Whose That Girl?

It is I, but certainly not as you normally see me. Three new releases have me in modern Gothic mode. What fun!

First up a new version of Lisa from Akeruka. With lots of vampy makeups to choose from, this was my personal favorite (MK1) which features dark eye shadows and pale lips. There is a matching never sees the light of day Damien skin for the guys. Should you be into role play or simply like to hang out in coffins, head over there.

Along with new vamp skin, I am wearing a great new hair from Alli&Ali called Wilma. This is one of my favorite recent releases from that shop and you can try it out for free in a pretty caramel color on the Marketplace.

Now let's talk poses.  I love poses; they set the stage and make the mood. And, even though I am deleting many hundreds thousands in my merciless inventory cleaning, new ones are arriving. Yeah! The poses shown here are from EPIPHANY, a new shop as far as I know.  I have several boxes to unpack, but last night I went for the set of umbrella poses. The poses in this set come in two ways, some are for an AO and move from one pose into another, very smoothly. Others are static poses. I dug out the umbrella that I gave away at "On Thin Ice" and enjoyed trying on the various versions. You could easily use these animations for other themes besides rainy day scenes.  There are also some very nice walks with umbrellas. They would work fine empty handed.

Some of you may remember that I made poses and animations for awhile. That experience taught me how very difficult it is to make smooth animations that appear lifelike. These are up towards the top of the mountain quality wise, so if you are looking for something special, zip on over to the shop and try some out. The packs are sold as limited editions, for now anyway. Personally, I don't care if forty or four hundred or four thousand people have what I have as long as I like it *wink*. But some of you do care, so if being elite works for you -- this is your store. I am planning on slipping the animations into an AO to keep that inventory down *wink*.

There are some group gift items at the shop too.

Outfit by Vextra Fashion (not new).


Do You Remember - Fruit Fetish

Moving though animations in my long inventory list, I am now down 3,500 or so items. I am being ruthless with my poses, saving only my favorites and hard to find specialty poses. There are, of course, STILL a lot of favorites *wink*, but little by little.  While I am not quite into the props area, I ran into Chandra this morning -- something we haven't managed to do in awhile. She has some darling little (I do mean little) fairies with costumes she is working on. More on that in another post.

As the conversation continued, the Fruit Fetish calendar from (*chanimations was mentioned. It wasn't difficult to remember Gogo posting the whole calendar a couple of years back. There are twelve props with animations. Use them for a calendar or just for fun. Use the poses built into the props or add your own favorite poseballs after YOU clean out your animations folder *wink*.

Very pretty, I can't wait until it is melon season again. It SNOWED six inches yesterday in my corner of the globe. Yikes!  Shown here with one of the !dM deviousMind "Perola do Brasil" colors (kiwi) -- not vintage but it certainly is a great pairing colorwise.

Psst! A little fairy told me that the calendar set is currently on sale, so check that out.

Pose by: BehaviorBody

Do You Remember - The Money Bag

The Money Bag from Little Heaven was a fun find in my Accessories folder. It wasn't stored in backpacks where it should have been :D. Things will be much neater when I am finished about mid-summer *wink*. Onward to Animations which has got to be in the thousands. My plan is to cull a lot and save only my favorites. There will be MANY favorites of course, but still, who needs more than 500 poses?

And here's the story on the money bag. Gogo found this at Little Heaven and blogged about it. Lust was in my heart. I had to have one too. So I zipped over to the shop and found the camper. Back then (March 2008) product camping was a big thing. You sat and reaped the rewards of a product of your choice. In this case the camping prop was a noose. Yes, really. I don't remember the time frame, but let's call it half an hour of hanging in a noose on a gallows. I really must have wanted the backpack.

It dispenses money as you walk along. The money is timed of course and disappears. This was just at the beginning of sculpties and the pack is actually made from prims. It would fall short by today's standards, but four years ago? Wow.   My search no longer brings up a Little Heaven store, but if it is gone, it had a good long run.

My hair was my trademark style for about a year. Carolina Jasmine Dark Frost from Calla where I spent many many happy hours camping for hairs and playing trivia for real lindens. The top prize, if you had the correct answer was $50. Much fun.

Pose by: aDORKable

Into the Past

Releasing this Saturday from EMO-tions, the Martha dress. Going back in time is one of my favorite fashion exercises and these designs fits the bill. The new waist length hair with braids, Valentina, is the perfect coiffure. Mesh earrings from Pixeldolls (Bathory.Gold.Black).

Pose by: aDORKable

Linden Realms - Abandoment?

Can you crystal hunt in scanty attire? Of course you can!  Lots of folks do. You can be a dog or a dragon or a "tire" (don't ask) or simply a native human. Any way you like it, just run and gather and reap the rewards. At least that was the plan. Wasn't it?

Before I get to that, fashion news especially for the feeds. This cute, barely there outfit is from Paradisis. And congrats to designer ankhari tammas who JUST turned five!   Parts from the So Sexy set come separately and there are many colors to choose from.  The purse will come in handy of course for storing all those crystals.


I like to think that this blog goes beyond fashion, at least from time to time. Something is amiss in our world and simply put, I would like a chronicle for history's sake.

Here's the deal. Linden Realms opened the first of December. I journeyed over mid month when my desktop was down and I was oh so bored (Graphics on my notebook? No way!) I thought it might be a game my RL girlfriend and I could play together. Eventually that came to pass. Things looked very odd though on my 1.23.5 viewer. No mesh! Oh my.

Eventually I made it over on my rebuilt computer and Firestorm 3.22. MUCH better. My alt visits often. I am not embarrassed to be there hunting crystals but I have way too many IMs and mail; so disruptive when you are running from rock monsters. At first it was fun and things worked well, but the last month or so? No so much. There are six "regions" of Tyrah's made up of twelve sims each. If you zoom out on the map you can see that there are many MORE instances of Tyrah's -- not accessible. They may have been made for the future; I know not.

What I DO know is that things are breaking in the Realms. They are breaking and not getting fixed. Currently there are only two portals that lead to instances of Tyrah's that will load your HUD. The hud let's new folks know what they need to do for their quest. A couple of months ago people were questing up a storm. Colored bubbles with avatars inside covered the landscape as they raced against rock monsters to reach canons along the edge of the region. I haven't seen a colored bubble in many weeks.

Whole sims are not working. The sim is still there with trees and sometimes buildings, but there are no crystals to collect and most often no rock monsters to run from. Even while the sims fail to deliver their optimum enjoyment, attendance is increasing. Between fewer crystals and more people, the challenge is escalating. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I have a few friends that visit the Realms. Some have just joined after seeing what fun it is to hunt those crystals, some have returned to the fold after long absences. So in that way, the Realms have been a success. But why are things breaking and WHY are they not being fixed? I see reports on the Answer Forum from folks wanting to report Realm sims that are down. Obviously, I am not the only one that has noticed.

The general consensus among my friends is that The Labs have a popular game within a game; so popular it is costing them too much money. So when things break, they simply don't fix them. There are a few with more dire ideas that The Labs are purposefully turning off sims to keep the cost of payout down.

I of course don't know the answer. I DO know that folks are noticing. It doesn't send a good message. According to New World Notes, LL says that the new user base has increased.  The idea that most of the new users are younger seems likely to me. There is a lot of cheating going on in the Realms. I can't see forty year olds playing the game that way.

It seems like The Labs have abandoned their brainchild of 2011 in favor of the new Wilderness regions made for premium members. I can't visit as I am not premium, but I can look over my RL friend's shoulders and I plan to do that some day. I am having difficulty getting excited about the Wilderness. From the press it seems like some regions where you can meet and chat and such without worrying about the "no payment info on file" folks, indeed without even us with payment info on file but not used :D.

That's my tirade for the eve. I just wanted this down so that I could refer to it in the future. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Realms.

Later note: Since I was at the realms and had a bunch of crystals to turn in that I had forgotten about AND a quest to finish, I tried to do that. While I tried both doors where the hud still works, it appears that the quest is broken and you cannot actually continue or indeed ever get paid for your efforts. This has been a long time issue, but one I thought had been fixed. Silly me. Good to know though as my girlfriend can just hunt for crystals tomorrow when she comes to visit. No point in questing it seems. So much effort gone to waste. Sad. 

Pose by: Nigotine

Do You Remember - The Towel

Currently in Accessories > Misc accessories (a BIG folder), this wearable towel brought back a lot of memories. Momo discovered it in a Japanese sim as I remember. I went searching and found it in the freebie area and wore it in one of my fifteen minutes of fame in Sexy Second Magazine (one of the first SL online mags) with this photo. That was almost four years ago!  I do love The Blog for its historical value. The hair I was wearing  back then was from Magika; I sat for an hour or so in one of the VERY hard to score a spot camp chairs. The good old days!

Going along with that little girl look, we have one of my favorite old hairs, KOSH- FANNY FROM THE TREE. A few of you may remember when there were weekly dollarbies at Kosh and Concrete flowers. I still have quite a few things from then, that says a lot.

Photo taken at The Loft.

Pose by: adplayin Fayray, part of the towel set


Now if the typist was really a guy, she would have known that MWFW 2012 on the folder from PXDTOXIC meant "Menswear Fashion Week".  Guy clothes are typically not on my radar although I admit that I often wear them. Info is a bit sketchy Goggle-wise, but thanks to Bouncer, I now know that the event starts March 23rd and that the official website is here.
I am definitely not a military buff by any means, but I was very impressed with the quality and detail of these accessories. And I DO love belts with lots of "stuff". The new belts come in "basic" and "full" versions. Basic has a gun. Now there is a small caveat here, while the belts are mod, simple downsizing isn't an option. Normal and large sized guys (or hippy gals) are the audience. Other items, such as the impressive headset, size down well and easily. Actually Chav couldn't ask for a better fit.

What's a combat outfit without great boots?  The textures on these are amazing. There are even small scuffs in the leather.

Click that photo for a close up look.

While these and other new releases aren't available quite yet, you can find similar merchandise at the PXDTOXIC shop.
 Poses by: Diesel Works

Mixin' Mesh

JANE has a lot of new mesh items out. Tanks and pants and flirty skirts come in JANE's palette colors for easy coordination. I have been feeling at loose ends lately; not sure what the future will bring, no concrete path to follow.  As I was beginning to unpack the boxes and try on things I came across this combo. It made such a pretty picture with the coffee bar and the morning light, I had to take this photo. And somehow the world seemed a bit brighter.

Shown is one of the dandy tanks with easy day trousers. Tanks come with two styles of hems and pants come in two lengths. Lots of sizes as always. I seemed to have gained a bit of weight in this release *wink* so you too may need to move up a size.

Pose by: Dutchies bar stool

Do You Remember - A Project

Inventory control. We all hate it. Mine is getting out of hand with filming and art stuff as well as old shop inventory, Marketplace stuff -- and of course CLOTHES and such. Biting the bullet I have started going through the folders. It will take awhile but life will be easier when it is done.

As I was wandering though my Accessories > backpacks folder I found this antique. That got me to thinking. So as a reward to myself for tackling that inventory I am going to take a walk down Memory Lane. You oldsters can remember before sculpts, when textures were most often 256 x 256 and sometimes 16 x 16 -- those good old, bad old days. I'll be posting my reminiscences and if anyone would like to join in the project (Nissa are you still reading?) feel free to link your post or Flickr photo to this post or any of the future ones. There will be a category on the side called "Do You Remember". And if any of you still have these goodies, that would be fun to know too.

First up: TheZoo Adventurer Backpack (March 15, 2008)

Remember The Zoo? Sculpties were very new then and the server took forever to load the streetlamps there. Animals were in evidence and boutique stores lined the center park-like zoo  area. Tuli had her store there for a long while. This backpack was a free item. It took me many trips to find and it wasn't a hunt. I can't remember the details, but I was SO thrilled when I finally found the giveaway vendor.

Honorable mention: Kissy Kissy hair from Tiny Bird (Sept 5, 2009). This was a give away on the second PooP Hunt, after LAP had moved to its own sim sharing with Tiny Bird and housing many smaller shops. We were looking for piles of poop and toilet paper roles. Lots of great gifts, I wore this hair for a very long time, mostly in silver.

Pose by: LAP, "Break It Down"  I don't remember the story behind this pose but I have had it since Sept 1, 2009.

Going Gothic

New from AD Creations, the Gothic architecture mesh dress mixes the sedate and bold. The headdress adds a somber tone which I matched with the desaturation of the background - ah the fun of graphics software. You can easily omit the veiled hat should you want to show off your Victorian coffure. Roses by Hanaya, a previous group gift.


There's a new skin in town from  AKERUKA. Adrian has a gorgeous face!  A variety of skin tones are available.

Facial hair comes as tattoo layers, much like makeups for the ladies these days. So shave or not, depending on your mood. Poet or bad boy, it's as easy as a double click.  I am pretty sure Chav just got a new everyday skin. Yeah!

Wild One

If you like dark skin, this Red Sand Afro gift skin is a beauty. Better yet, it is free on the Marketplace. There is a dark skin for ladies as well as two lighter tones.

This Neva hair from EMO-tions is from last Fall. I always liked it, just never had a partner skin. This works very nicely. Oh what wonders we find when cleaning out our inventory *wink*.

Poses by: Diesel Works


We are in green egg territory holiday wise. Green for St. Pat's day of course and eggs for Easter. Put them together and you have some cute mesh boots from G Field (subscribo gift) and a plethora of goodies from the Easter Egg Hunt at The Nest. Find the stores with the egg basket and reap some great Spring goodies.

This nicely textured 115 prim house is from *Kukuvaya* Home. Two story and mod, it would work for many folks. The bench is the gift from Second Spaces and the tulip planter from Tranquility Way Station. Wander the charming streets and find some great items for your home.

My personal favorite is this birdhouse from Thistle Homes. So pretty and the bird sings to you occasionally.

Last Day

It is the last day for the Linden Endowments for the Arts exhibits. Most will disappear this evening. Some have already been removed. So if you haven't visited, now is the time. LEA11 looks popular this morning, so that might be a good starting point.  Below is a brief look at what we made together.

My dress of the morning is the hunt prize at Fashion for Life from EMO-tions. My hair, simply named "hairpiece" comes in a variety of natural shades with this being dark gray. Find it at the Salon de GLOW store. Asymmetrical flower shapes add a touch of whimsy to this updo. The front frames the face with long  messy bangs.

Poses by: SyDS

Nightly Androgyny

Two great new releases plus my Wanderlust boot highlight tonight's post. First up is a new androgynous skin line from Egoisme, the Evian - Alex. Alex, an appropriate name as it spans the genders, comes in "male" and "female" versions. The face changes dramatically depending on your shape and it looks fantastic on some guys. Premade shapes are available.

While I am definitely a gal at heart, I have always been intrigued by the androgyny look. Long ago -- maybe three years -- there was a blogger who presented that look in each post. With great photography skills and a good sense of style, it was a pleasure to view those features. Sometimes the look would be more male, sometimes female. In truth, they definitely (notice the lack of gender mentioned) did a great job presenting the lifestyle choice.

The release is huge with tons of choices. One of the most fun bonuses in my estimation are the makeups.  Here I stacked two. Demos are of course available. This is a great skin  if you are "young" or "boyish" or if you are a male that loves that softer look.

My new duds are a cute outfit from Blue Blood called Nightly. Pink, purple, red and teal versions are also available.  Mesh boots previously featured are from lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: Juxtapose

In the Mines

A friend of mine who has happily returned to the SL fold thanks to Linden Realms (have to smile here) has a 2009 wardrobe at best. From time to time I send him emails to tell him he really needs to get this gift, prize, midnight board item etc., but for the most part his virtual closet is WAY past its prime.

He asked me to be on the lookout for some good quality (and free) jeans. Amazingly when you are looking for something it seems harder to find. Isn't that the way. Well happily I now have a set for him. Not only are the jeans very nice with great texturing and optional prim bottoms, they come with an equally nice shirt.

Since I didn't want to recommend something I hadn't tried on -- well, you know where the story is going -- blog post. The anniversary gift from Rispetto Designs, Operaio Outfit in blue, fills the bill and downsizes beautifully for gals that like the rugged look. Ladies that like the formal look should check in the women's department next door.

Anyone who has followed this blog for a long while knows how I love belts with lots of "stuff". This [BUKKA] Buttle belt ver2.3(woman) is happily in the archives of the subscribo. You also get a very nice over the shoulder satchel. Just check the archive history and reap the goodies.

Since I am not a fan of war or war games, I headed over to the mines which seemed like an appropriate place for dynamite et al.

Poses by: LAP

Audrey, Meg and Lizzy

Three new "gals" are in my closet this morning. Lizzy is the new mesh dress from Ibizarre. The dress comes in three sizes (XS, S and M) and three colors (woodsmoke, denim and rosewood). Demos are available.

Akeruka has four skins out with 100% donated to Fashion For Life 2012. This is Audrey Natural New Makeup :D.

And this is Meg in tan also with new makeup. There are two donations skins for the fellows too, Damien Shaved Light in two makeup choices.

Poses by: aDORKable

Book Learnin'

I am over at Drowsy this morning searching for books. I love books. I love learning. And I of course love presents. There is a hunt going on you see. Find the right books, reap the rewards.

My dress of the day is the new tangled dress in cedar from JANE for the Mesh March Madness event.  This is my personal favorite of the release group. Happily I blend in nicely with the forest. The newest studies show that 75% of residents are now using mesh viewers so I feel comfortable enough wearing this out and about. Yeah!

The books are craftily hidden, but the hunting is lots of fun. The sim is a dream to explore and many more areas (photo op - photo op) have been added since my last trip. There are books and animals and trees (LOVE the Drowsy trees) to be found. I haven't opened my finds and I have more hunting to do, but if you love to explore this is a great adventure for a Sunday afternoon. This book stack with pose is one of the wearable prizes.

These are what you are looking for. They are sometimes alone, often with "friends". Look high, look low, look in the water. Look in obvious places and places not so obvious.

Most of all, have fun.

And now I am going back to hunting.

Poses by: Vista Animations, the book pile

And here is an update with a view of a few of the prizes. Click photo for a larger version.  The open skybox (think photo backdrop) is gift 15. There are a variety of trees in pots and lots of book sets. The boxes with casters are empty and can double for shelving or tables. Everything is very nicely made of course. Some prizes are from Bettiepage Voyager and some from Kurotsubaki.

Milestones - 500,000

I have been feeling a little nostalgic today. Lots of small event supported that frame of mind. One was a post by a fellow fashion blogger about reaching 50,000 views. Congrats to them; we seem to measure our successes and our lives by milestones. That got me to wondering and I looked up my statistics, did a little math and found that I had well over half a million page views. Multiply that by three for the number of posts per page and that is one and a half million blog post views -- not counting the feeds or readers. I really didn't expect that.

And tonight I am here at what I still think of as the Relay For Life fashion venue - now Fashion for Life, an event I have covered four times in my fashionista career.   The designers have made some beautiful new items for the occasion. So be sure and stop by. Shown here is a really striking mini from EMO-tions, the Hera dress. It comes with a long skirt also. The hair I am wearing is one of EMO-tion's new Domenica styles which include hairbase and VERY  VERY long high ponytail. I like it!

It is another transition time for me. I will be leaving LEA12 in a few days as our endowments are up. The future is uncertain for the moment, but that's really OK. There are always adventures and new paths to choose from. I have been visiting the other LEA sims and doing some filming while I have the chance. Soon they will be gone and all we will have are our memories and photos.

I have been blogging for four years now. This is an anniversary of sorts. So here's to all the new kids on the block -- may they be sixteen or sixty or eighty-three :D. We have so much to celebrate in our virtual world. May it nourish us and spur us on to be the best that we can be.

Poses by: Juxtapose

It's Time - Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life opens tomorrow -- 10 sims of fashion and entertainment from March 10-20 to benefit the American Cancer Society. This ITS TIME  SL Relay for Life outfit is a donation item from EMO-tions at the DreamSeekers Its Time sim, the center entry of the fair.

A photographer's dream, this statement maker is sure to get attention anywhere it is seen. I feel some filming calling.

Poses by: Juxtapose


So I had these great new mesh boots from lassitude & ennui, appropriately named Wanderlust. While they would work with plenty of role play outfits, I wanted to style something more modern. I know not all of you love period and dress up as much as I. I had also been waiting for the Midnight Board at Poison to calm down and be slapable before 3 am SL time (my time). Today things came together; several of my friends now have impressive and colorful biker jackets.

I hadn't been on a photo shoot with anyone in ages!  Filming doesn't really count as I am so busy with all the details, there is really no time to chat or play. So today was especially fun.

The new Wanderlust boots come in many more sizes than previously, so fine-tuning should be pretty easy and a good fit possible for most avatars. I am wearing the XS size in the two-toned version. There are plenty of colors to choose from -- brown, black, grey, oxblood and purple. Single color versions are available.

Wonder's boot are the guy prize from Opium on the Moolto hunt (see this post).

Poses by: Vista Animations, LAP, Helamiyo, Juxtapose