Freebie Saturday 14 - Dozen Good Eggs

dozen eggs hunt

A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt is a fun and easy hunt with six colored eggs to find at each stop. There is a bit of everything here, but really a "girlie" hunt so except for some Home and Garden items (also girlie) guys can pretty much stay home :D.

Most eggs are big and easy to find. Di found most all of them. There are some nice wearables as well as many decor items. Above are just a few examples; you will want to  do the whole hunt (ends April 2).

From Sn@tch, a Bunny sweatshirt and plain mini skirt as well as some super cute rose colored glasses.  eBody and eBody FREE friendly.

From Cog & Fleur Easter Egg earrings in bright pastel colors.

From [Park Place] a White Laminate Bookshelf/\

From The Artist Shed - Spring Tulips (Gold)

This fun outfit can be found in three of the six eggs from POEM.  Top, skirt and some very nice earrings are just part of the gifts to be found.  eBody friendly.

dozen eggs eclectica

Not to be missed are some really lovely items from Eclectia! I am definitely heading over to find that watch.

Poses by: aDORKable

A Quiet Dawn

sunrise mist

Two new yummy releases and one hunt prize are the stars of this post. And then of course there is the misty sunrise.

From Trompe Loeil, the Oria Rowboat with mouthwatering textures and plenty of details. Find it at Uber.

From MOZ, some perfect fitting eBody denim shorts. Di has NO alphas turned on; hence these should work well for eBody FREE also. A curvy version is in the pack as well as many other mesh body fits. Various colors are available via a fatpack hud.

The :::Sn@tch Lakeside Crop Top (EBODY)::: comes with texture change hud and is one of the prizes to be found at Sn@tch on the Dozen Good Eggs Hunt (more on that tomorrow). The watch is also from that hunt :D.

Poses by: LAP [nla] and Serendipity

Le Cirque de Nuit

night circus

If you loved reading "The Night Circus" (my personal favorite book of all time) then it will be difficult to resist the siren's call of the  Le Cirque de Nuit.

Black and white set theme for this dance performance where reality and unreality meet.

Sadly a mixture of virtual and real life circumstances prevented my attendance at the press showing. Happily though I was already dressed in costume, my favorite of all time (so far), the Bridget outfit from MEVA. Some vintage MEVA jewelry along with the Mousse styling from eXxEsS and I couldn't resist hopping over to take a quick photo.

Magic is definitely in the air.

Get your tickets now. The performance is about to begin.

Here is the complete press release.

Magic sparkles across the skies above Idle Rogue as the beloved production, Le Cirque de Nuit awakens for 2018.

Basing their work on Erin Morgenstern’s novel, The Night Circus, dance entertainers, Idle Rogue Productions lead enchanted audiences back into a steampunk circus that is traditionally performed over the Easter break, this year on March 30 and 31 and April 1 at 7pm , with an additional matinee performance on March 31 at 3pm.

The 2018 Production is directed by Blaze DeVivre with the assistance of Sho Kyong.

Morgenstern’s story, set in the 19th century and traversing Europe and the US, is an intrigue that sees a natural-born magician pitted in ruthless competition against a highly trained illusionist. The arena for their battle is a traveling circus, and each bout adds more dazzling illusion to the wildly popular but always enigmatic Night Circus.

Using the novel’s setting as a background to their own stories, Idle Rogue’s production features dance acts with steampunk, illusion and circus themes, each built, as is the Idle Rogue tradition, by the dancer performing it. True to the novel, the Circus acts, props and costumes are created in black and white.

Dance acts are interspersed with viewings of art installations constructed in blazing colour and this year’s prestigious roll call sees installations by ToySoldier Thor, Noma Falta, Exhibitionista Nirvana, Candace Kuhn & Tozh Taurog, Gloriana Maertens, Crap Mariner, Voodoo Shilton, Gamma Infinity and Maar Volous.

This year’s production includes a special guest appearance by Seanchai Library, who will provide pre-show entertainment with readings from The Night Circus by Cale Skytower, whose story-telling skills are unmatched in Second Life, adding a literary lustre we think our audiences will thoroughly enjoy.

Bookings for the 2018 season of Le Cirque De Nuit open on March 22nd at 4:00pm. From that hour onward, you will be able to IM Saturday Melody inworld to add your name to the allocation list, time stamps will ensure bookings are processed fairly. Leave a message indicating your first and second performance preferences and the names of those in your booking. Be sure to check the Autoresponse message that will be generated when you open Saturday’s IM for updated details for any scheduling changes.

Please note: Idle Rogue’s fan group – Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive – receive first and best preference to all shows on Idle Rogue. This affects bookings as follows:
March 30 – 7pm performance – Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive only
March 31 – 3pm performance – 20 seats for exclusive group, 20 seats for general admission
March 31 – 7pm performance – 20 seats for exclusive group, 20 seats for general admission
April 1 – 7pm performance – 20 seats for exclusive group, 20 seats for general admission

The sim will be locked to all but those whose names are on the access list at each show, unless the seat limit of 40 guests total is not filled, at which time the sim will be opened for general audience intake. Please allow for the Linden Lab limitation of 10% of the avatar limit (5-10 avatars)held for premium memberships. While we will do everything within our capacity to ensure you can access the sim on the night you have booked, please note this arrangement is a courtesy only and no obligation is implied.

All performances will include an after-party event featuring steampunk and electro-swing tunes and an opportunity to meet with the cast and crew. No admission is charged to Le Cirque de Nuit, but you are encouraged to consider tipping the production to affray individual and group expenses. When you are attending any animated show in Second Life, please reduce your impact on the sim’s resources by removing scripted huds and devices, and face and body lighting.

Pose by: aDORKable

The City at Midnight

the city at midnight

Sophistication is the theme.

New releases from Cosmopolitan include:

Giz Seorn's Serenity Lace Corset and Skirt. Many color  are available as well as fatpacks that offer many color choices and the ability to have two-toned attire.

TUKINOWAGUMA'S Noah with styling hud for a choice of falling messy hair or a casual updo with topknot. There are two huds -- one for the left side and one for the right so you can have harlequin hair should you so choose. I guess I am a boring gal; I like my hair in one tone :D.

Previously at Cosmopolitan and hopefully now in the main store, Amacci's Toni ring with various metal choices.  Make it easy and shop the Marketplace (demo available).

Nails? Alchemy (a gacha) from alaskametro.

The super sophisticated vanity and mirror can be yours at The Clique, a new venue. It's a short term one so be speedy and grab your shopping bag.

The lamp on the vanity corner is one of two in a fatpack in the 2 for 1 room at The Chapter Four. Only until the end of the month, then at the main store at regular price. Look for the ChiC buildings booth.

Kunglers Alana earrings in Obsidian

Pose by: aDORKable and Amacci neck pose hud

Filtered Light

Filtered Light

Out exploring. Calm and serene. The filtered light of almost sunset.

Sim = Soul2Soul

Outfit of the day:

Tres Beau Cashmere Sweater and Tweed Pants at the SENSE EVENT

Baiastice Klum Bag Nude Shoulder with pose

(Kunglers) Tamara earrings - Pearl


Pose by: SEMotion

Wastelands Sunset


Davide V2 from Exmachina is out. An new docking hud that sits easily to the side and can be enlarged or reduced to fit your screen is part of the package.  The good looking all in one body and head will take Omega appliers, but there are a few caveats.

You will need THIS INSTALLER for V2. I am not clear on the technical points but it seems to initialize the mesh before you use the Omega applier. Not all appliers will work; they need to be of a newer variety (again, I can't really find many details on this). So of course be sure and try a demo of both skin and body before making your decisions.

I am wearing this month's group gift male skin from 7 Deadly S[k]ins which comes in a large variety of skin tones. It is a very nice skin but likely not one I will be sticking with stylewise; the body detailing is exceptionally nice though. Older skins from the same brand did not work on this body.

I didn't have to think twice about what to wear. The new Banshee outfit from MEVA comes for guys too. Well honestly it was MADE for the guys and the gals screamed "we want more!" and got their own version.


Place: The Junkyard in The Wastelands

Pose by: Diesel Works and Amacci neck pose hud

Freebie Saturday 13

This week's Saturday post is brought to you by the Saint Patrick's Day Hunt.  There are plenty of items to hunt for and gather. Word is that this isn't an easy hunt and that camming skills and derendering are needed for some of the prizes. As it opened there were a fair amount of folks who had apparently dropped and were still on the list, but they were removed later so it should be smoother sailing now. 

Two hairs, two dresses and one collar can all be found amidst the bounty of this classy adventure.

RAMA.SALON - Marisa Hair
[[ Masoom ]] Narci dress

Navy&Copper - Green Tea
*Vanilla Bae* Scarlet Dress
Vibes. - Bow Collar White/Pink
Also worn but not in the shot - Phedora / Paris heels

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow and the Amacci neck pose hud (it works great on others! woot)

Classic Styles

A late night freebie post for those that like easy hunting -- especially eBody gals. Find this cute dress (just above the knee in length) at this month's Free Dove Hunt. Look for gift number 1 from Loordes of London, The Streisand Effect. There are cute shoes and other items to find. You need to be a Free Dove group member (free).

Hair by Wasabi Pills.

Pose by: 12 years old NLA :D

Happy Spring!

bunny cookies

It really is Spring and that makes me happy even if it IS raining in my corner of the corporeal world.  Want to add some seasonal decor to your home?  A fun set of Spring cookies including baking pan and cutters is the new group gift at {what next}.

This is a fee group but past group gifts are available too! Find all the goodness right near the landing point.

Background furniture by Newchurch and ChiC buildings.



There is plenty of glamour afoot -- courtesy of the current round of events.

Top to bottom we have:

Vanity Hair's Goldfinger available at On9. Plenty of class with this styling that includes tiny braids on one side. Caribbean anyone?

From Kunglers, also at On9 we have the Sibilla necklace with hints of the past. This is the Pearl version.

From MEVA at Ultra, Heidi Bento Rings for Maitreya. I think these are my favorite rings so far --- and I DO love rings my rings!  This is the brass version, but silver, gold and rose gold are also available. There is a hide and show hud that lets you choose just how many rings you want to wear.

These dramatic nails in dark muted tones are back from the Cosmetic Fair and can be found at the alaskametro main shop in a big gacha set.

This saucy but not too revealing dress is from KENDRASY CREATIONS at the SENSE EVENT. It comes with matching shoes and a four color hud to let you pick your favorite hue.

Need to spruce up your living space? These wo new dare to be different items are part of a set from %Percent Furniture & Lighting at Illuminate, a new Home and Garden event.

The very classy wine set is from Apple Fall on a Saint Patricks Hunt.

Poses by: Everglow, LAP [nla]



Girlfriends. What would we do without them? There for laughs and tears and everything in between.

From MEVA as a group gift (smart folks joined in December and remained in the group), a cute overalls set with either silver or gold trim. Under tanks are a choice and there is a black and white version also.

My hair is a new release out at SENSE Event from ~LM~ . Look for LISA loves ryan.

My very pretty cuff is from Nanika, part of the Clara gacha and now available at the main store.

Pose by: ❖KS❖ poses (new at Cosmopolitan)

Freebie Saturday 12

freebie saturday 12

This week's freebie picks are:

Left:  Spring Floral Halter from the Mad As A March Hare Hunt JLZ Fashion (look for a bunny wall decal not too far from the entrance) dollarbie - standard sizing

Middle: Barbie - Boho-DRESS for Maitreya, Slink and Bellaza from Ari's Bazaar. This is a group gift ($10 join fee)

Right: MH Unique Design Gold gift with many fits including standard fitmesh. Maitreya fits eBody.

Closet set by ChiC buildings.
Photo taken at LEA6 - MOSP.

Poses by: aDORKable and Peppermill [nla]

Vintage Lingerie

amacci neck pose hud

A super pretty vintage lingerie set is out at this round of Cosmopolitan.  The -:zk:- Lolly Lingerie and Shoes sets come in many buying opportunities.  This is from the big fatpack which includes tons of texture change choices.

For this photo shoot I zipped over to Terradale at the Machinima Open Studio Project where I rezzed my pose ball (20 minute rez) in front of a stylish photo prop, the The Mysterious Laboratory Cabinet from Never Totally Dead (a gacha).  With some misty Windlight(R) I was set -- except for the close up.

vintage lingerie

My Virgila earrings from Kunglers weren't being shown off to their best advantage.  Previously, I would have had to switch poses for a better shot.

But now ----

the  Amacci Neck Pose Hud with 31 overriding neck poses let's you tweak your profile for the best shots.  When Carina Larsen told me about the new hud, I knew it sounded handy, but this is really a must have for bloggers and fashion photographers.  Click in the direction you want your head to turn. The arrows furthest away turn the most.  Easy peasy!

Look for it at the main store where you can try a demo - or on the Marketplace.

And yes, that is exactly the same pose used in both shots; poseball wasn't rotated either *wink*.

One week later edit: V2 now comes with minimize button as well as a "pose others" versions so great if you are a photographer. Sure I will use BOTH often! 


Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable and the Amacci neck pose hud

Midnight Party

Trompe Loeil at Collabor88

Trompe Loeil's Nevaline Garden Bar comes in several versions including one with plants as well as empty. Both PG and A animations; your choice.

Table and chair are separate releases but of course go very nicely with the luxurious outdoor party palace.

Find both at COLLABOR88.

Show Stoppers


Some pretty spectacular and "different" (so glad to see different) releases can be found at Cosmopolitan.

.: Tori Torricelli :. Kylie all in one attire with top, skirt and bands. A large variety of colors for your pleasure.

NO.MATCH NO.SURPRISE with head wrap and bundled dreads with metal clasps (tintable). The wrap has its own hud with various colors to choose from. Two sizes; these will work for guys also.

Happily I had some perfect heels in my arrival box from lassitude & ennui; Obsession sandals. My sleuthing leads me to believe that this older release has been update to include Maitreya rigging. You can find them here on the Marketplace.

I had planned a shoot at an exotic locale, but all my attempts via the destination guide went astray as that seems to be once again on the bottom of The Lab's todo list :D. But never fear, I had a perfect backdrop in inventory, my favorite photo box from Meva, Spheres with color change hud.  This is from a gacha awhile back but happily it is in the newly redesigned main store here.

Earrings a gift from RealEvil Industries for SL14B. Love them.

Poses by: SEmodeling (available at Cosmopolitan)

Midnight Madness

Midnight Monthly Madness at Meva's

You have a little bit of time left to pick up this perfect for Spring outfit from Meva on Midnight Madness. And if you miss this aqua version, never fear their is a lovely violet one also!  Join the free Monthly Midnight Madness group to claim your goodies. You must be under 50,000 complexity for the vendor to deliver.

This fits Maitreya, eBody, eBody FREE and altamura Valentina. Possibly other bodies too; those were just the reports I received.

PSST. There are some lovely shoes to go with this at Essenz.

Pose by: aDORKable

Freebie Saturday 11

Freebie Saturday 11

It's a good week for the gals with girlie attire in both pastel and brights.

Left: From Neve, the Iza Dress in Rainbows at the Liaison Collaborative.  Some lovely detailing  on the sides with tiny lace up ties.

Second: ::KENDRASY CREATIONS::: Lazzy Romper group gift (free to join). Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Tonic fits.

Third: Another KENDRASY CREATIONS gift from the past release wall, Back to School This is the Ebody fit which works well on altamura Valentina

Right: a bright and saucy number from Azul for SLO&F group (free to join), - GG2018Mar FitMesh Dress.  This is the eBODY version which works for eBody classic of eBody FREE.

Poses by: LAP, aDORKable

Magical Stroll

magical stroll

I was thinking this evening about the very first "shoe shot" that I took. It was to get to be a blogger at some shoe event and I wore some super cute heels from BAIASTICE.

With that memory strong in my mind, I headed over to The Looking Glass where I took that shot long ago. Much has changed of course, but picturesque  is still a fitting adjective.

Find the Baiastice Leaves Sandals at COLLABOR88 when the doors open and the gray disappears.  Belleza, Slink and Maitreya fits with a fatpack option with extra colors. So pretty!

Pose by: aDORKable

Games People Play

Games People Play

A new release by Roawenwood had me changing into Steampunk attire. Alas, the chess board was really the star so you get a pretty Home and Garden photo. Two styles of stools and a choice between chess and checkers that rez on demand add extra appeal.  Look for he Wunderlust Gaming Table at the Liaison Collaborative.


Meva's Banshee Outfit is available for both gals and guys (Maitreya and Signature) and comes with and without shoes as well as with and without harness. With a big big texture change hud for all the parts and pieces you can fit your mood and style easily.


Find the goodness at Remnant.


Taken at The Wastelands

Pose by: Everglow

Freebie Saturday Ten

freebie saturday ten

Bright hues abound in this week's free attire post.

Left (for him): ^TD^Arctic Ops Jacket With Top - a (free group) gift from Treized Designs. Standard Sizing.

Front: [WitchCraft] Flori dress - Belleza, EVE, Maitreya and Slink fits. Free group.

Right: [WellMade] Zelie Romper in many mesh fit including standard fitmesh. Maitreya fits eBody and eBody FREE.

Poses by: LAP [nla], ChiC buildings, Striking Poses [nla]