Holiday Gifts

I logged in today to find some very nice group gifts awaiting me. Holidays are fun and presents are even better. From Hatpins there were two versions of a festive top hat. The red trim matched perfectly with the lipstick from one of Tuli's newest gifts -- a sample of Kalista, the new updated skin line. I really like these face tattoo skins that are becoming popular.

I zipped over to Sn@tch to pick up the newest group gift there. Find it by the lucky chairs. A long skirt version is in the pack. All these lovely gifts called for a really different photo spot. So, I looked in my long list of takeapictureheresomeday landmarks to find this oh so clever giant makeup set at Symphony Skins.

All in all a fun if brief outing. Shown with Juicy slingbacks.

If I don't post again soon -- have a GREAT holiday!

Top of the Morning

Two stops this early morning gave me a whole new outfit - sans boots which are my Lazy Places favs :D

First I went to InSight Eyes @ Amacci where I got some fun new hair, eyes and a great sit pillow which matches my other furniture. Long live orange! I decorated with Fall freebies. No surprise there. The hair comes in this brown as well as blond and black. The pillow is unisex and the eye pack is filled with a variety of styles as well as eye sparkles. There are other eyes and a wild hair there too.

Next on to Samara Studios where there is (sadly) a closing sale going on. This is the goodbye dollarbie from Samara which includes pants for boots and a nice top with embroidery trim. You can find the Peace On Earth hunt gift right next to this dollarbie vendor. It holds the skin I am wearing here.

So two stops and lots of great stuff. A good morning with some relaxing and maybe a good book :D Enjoy!

Out and About in Winter Mode

It snowed where I live today. Pretty but chilly. So bundling up is a smart thing.

Sn@tch has a free outfit called HO HO NO in RED minus snowflakes, Santas and the like. Find it on the wall directly across from the entrance. It comes with a mini skirt but I paired it with some plain black pants (no longer available) and some newish (how did I miss it) Gigi hair from HOH. Sort of retro chic. I like it.

Just out from House of Heart and perfect for that fancy new dress is Goddess. It comes with a choice of three bangs -- each with color change menu. This is statement making hair and not for the faint of heart. You will be remembered (wink). For the moment, Goddess is only available at the Le Look sim. Find the shop in the Femmes section.

There is also a $10 find the different items each day grab bag hunt going on at the HOH main store AND some just out release hair freebies. So check those out.

In a complete turn of direction, we have the new dollarbie hair from MAU's & MEJ's. You can wear it with or without the wispy bangs. There is a long version also. Find them directly in front of the entrance on the far wall.

Eyes by Treasured Vision. Poses by LAP.

HOH - Release Gifts

House of Heart put out some great new hairs for the holidays and beyond. The versions with hats come with a menu driven texture change options and there are TONS of choices. I enjoyed them all, but I made an outfit with the last number, complete with Tekel-li lantern earrings and Nuclear Boutique sweater. I may just live in this awhile. Poses by LAP.

Get these colors free from the release pack vendors throughout the store. Other colors available of course on the walls.

Doc 'n WoE 'n Tuli

It takes a lot to get me to the typewriter these days, but a free holiday sweater from Doc Eldritch will do it (wink). This lovely number is a gift until Christmas eve so get over to DE Designs and get yours. It comes in a variety of OTHER (not so holiday and for later wearing) colors. Find them all at the entrance to the store.

Shown with Tuli's new "unnamed" skin -- one of four group gifts given away recently. Hair is Jordan by House of Heart.

I really haven't done the 350 present Peace on Earth Hunt, but I know many of you have as you picked up MY gift (smile). My only stop so far was to WoE to pick up their gift as I love their jeans. These are no exception and come in a big pack of OTHER STUFF too. Boots are my favs from the Vain Halloween hunt -- a Lazy Places fantastic present. Yeah!

Pose by LAP.

That's my news. Hope you are all having a great time out there in virtual land.

Peace On Earth Hunt: Love Chic

Just a quick post in the "I'll show you mine" vein (wink). The Peace On Earth hunt starts some time Tuesday. With something like 350 stores involved it is a GOOD thing that you have the WHOLE month. The coordinators have asked MANY times for retailers to put their gifts out so they are easy to find. Let's hope that is the case. Since almost everyone is involved, getting stuck may not be too much of a problem. You can always just go to one of your favorite shops and you might be able to carry on from there. Who knows?

So here is my gift for the holiday season with a true wish for Peace On Earth attached to it. It's the earrings of course. Hair is Bobby from HOH. I am heading over there to see if I might just find Allie in the hunt going on. LL LOST one of my FAVORITE hairs (Allie in canapl - this same RED RED color I am wearing). Not likely it will be a dollarbie, but sometimes the stars are just with ya. And who knows what else I might find.

Enjoy the POE hunt. I may post a few of my favorites. I will NOT be getting to all 300 so be sure and share the great find spots with your friends.


It's still Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods. I have a lot to be thankful for even if I don't actually celebrate the holiday. Eleven months at Phil's and many fun times.

Things have been odd of late and you may have noticed my absence. I've been wondering why my enthusiasm has wained these last few weeks. It may be in part that there actually aren't all that many fantastic things to blog, but it is more likely my point of view.

Many of my friends have left Phil's or they are packing there bags as the end of the year approaches. Some because they are angry at the price increases, some simply because they can't pay their rent here and the real life economy doesn't look promising either.

All in all I have no idea how much I'll be blogging in the future. I may get a boost of steam -- or not. Currently I have made 430 posts in ten months -- counting Second Life Colors where I knew very little but had LOTS of enthusiasm (smile). So a good run no matter what.

I might make it to 500. I might not. But I am certainly thankful for the ride.

Holiday Goodies and Maladies

Winter is closing in and the holidays are beginning. Not a bad thing :D Samara Studios has replaced the umbrella dollarbie with a cozy RED (well of course) sweater and pants set. You get pants for boots too. Find it at the usual spot on the wall in the middle of Casuals.

And if you missed the holiday hair from Gurl 6 last year -- as I did -- it's just out again. Tons of colors and three sizes. The hat comes in a nice gray but I recolored it for matching-ness (wink). Find it as you first walk in the door by the new releases.

Click for LARGE view.

Along with all that winter goodness come the colds season of course and if you want your avatar to commiserate with you as you are downing your antihistamines, you can. - RC - Cluster sent out this cute animation and hanky to all of Fashcon (like many many many thousands of folks) so if you don't check the archives often, you might want to (wink).

Shoes by Tesla, top pose by LAP.

Holiday Dollarbie Gifts

Holiday gifts are out at Love Chic. I KNOW we'll all be very tired of Christmas red before the season is over, so I went for something a little less traditional -- my leaf belt lowriders in CRANBERRY. You get both slacks and boot cut versions for a buck. Find them hanging conspicuously in the middle of the room. Top is NOT included :D

And if you are one of the MANY HUNDREDS (hard to believe) that picked up the Fall bangle bracelet, I retextured and recolored it in not too blatantly festive holiday season hues. So gold, antique gold and dark reds are the color scheme. Look under the rotating $1 sign above the table.

Rock Star a Go-Go

Je t'aime
has some fantastic leather pants. Doesn't my butt look fantastic? There are tons of tiny supple creases in these pants. Woot! A tasteful logo is on the pocket. They come with a leather bra type top but the pants are really the star of the show. And you can be too -- in these!

And here I added a warm and cosy FREE sweater from *IW* Centauri. It comes with sculpty bottom, collar and cuffs and is VERY warm and cuddly. Find it on the FREEBIE wall in the back of the store. The prim guitar with animation was there too along with a host of other items I didn't try.

Hair and goggles from Stringer Mausoleum, top pose from LAP, shoes from Juicy.

EXXESS Designs

EXXESS Designs has its holiday gift out already and it is SURE to be a favorite with many of you. It comes with boots, some very cool gloves and earmuffs. Santa's helpers never looked like this!

Pose by Vago from today's dollarbie (earlier post). Hair by HOH. Skin by Samara Studios.

And while I can't get a picture of it as the textures won't load :D -- there is a cute Bristol Cream sherry giver for free at the Hudson Clothing Company. Find it out in the courtyard on the bar. It isn't in a vendor, it is the actually sherry giver. Buy for $0. Great for the holidays. There are also free clothes in the store. Look for the red bows.

Mix 'n Match Saturday

First off as I logged in this morning was a post that Retro-ology was discontinuing its clothing line to turn to accessories. All items are $1-$5. So you might want to join the guys checking this out. I didn't buy anything but the vendor posters looked good (wink). There's still a crowd there I see.

Samara Studios announced new skins called Callie and there is a "limited time" dollarbie skin available. Find it right under the big poster with the picture of several of the skins. Demos are of course available to try out the other skin tones. This is sunkissed. There is also a dollarbie umbrella on the center wall if you haven't seen that yet.

MECHANISM gave out some cute legwarmers to its update and subsribeOmatic groups. They are mod so easy to resize for gals. Here's a tip I just figured out (duh). If you select BOTH legwarmers, then use the STRETCH tool to size them down (shrink) -- they will be the same size automatically. Much faster than how I had been doing it. Then simply change back to position and align them to your legs. These are hefty ones and so they fit easily over narrow -- but not boot -- pants. Handy. Lots of cute detail too.

Vago has a new store and to celebrate there are two very nice dollarbie poses out. Find them in large vendors by the couch.

It's All On Your Head

Hatpins has a super cute group only colored version of the Lady Endora Top Hat for the group members. And when I arrived to pick it up there was ONE minute left on the lucky chair with a "C". Yeah. And so I also scored this very ladylike number perfect for Spring days -- and they are not THAT far away (wink). Dress by Ivalde. Pose by LAP.

Also in the chapeau category we have this cute cap and scarf set from Drama! Fashion. The black and white speckled warmer is sure to go with something in your closet. Here I paired it with a sweater from Sn@tch and some Adam 'n Eve Catwalk jeans.

Pose by LAP.

Hair is Allie by HOH.

Alive and Well - LOL

I know it seems like I've disappeared somehow but I really haven't. I've been checking all my normal sources, but haven't been able to find anything I was enthused enough to show you. So sorry. The feed seems sort of lost of late. That could be my perception or simply that there was SO much going on around Halloween that most folks are taking a breath and getting ready for the Christmas rush which I am SURE will make Halloween look boring. Well not REALLY!!!

Anyway, I did manage to get over to LAP (Long Awkward Pose) to use a bit of my gift card from the photo contest. It was fun. I already had a lot of the poses, but I found some OLD ones that were really great -- and only $25. So if you are in the need of some new material -- even if it is "old", take a look around. This was one of my $25 finds. You'll be seeing some of my other new purchases as soon as I find the next great deal.

So I am still here, not in hiding. Honest! (wink)

See ya soon. And I promise to eventually change clothes :D

Noob Hunt at Blockheadsville

So I went over to the Noob Hunt yesterday -- SPECIFICALLY to look for the AO from Dove. 27 prizes. I found 24. Dove's was NOT among them. Boo - hiss - pout. Oh well.

BUT, the hunt was much fun and extremely clever. The quaint little retro town is simply FILLED with "noobs" -- those perfect man mannequins I expect you've seen around and about. Many are Free to Copy, but SOME of them have gifts inside. The hunt is easy as the prize packs your are looking for are life sized -- literally (wink). Still you can obviously MISS some of them :D

Of the ones I found, these are my personal favorites. A few of the items are repeats from the Ghost Hunt which may be handy if you couldn't find them before. The picture above features an outfit from Bingo and a retro desk set which is so very cute.

Here is a very cute pea coat from iBizarre - just one of many gifts in their noob prize pack.

Oops. I almost forgot to tell you about this super cute purse from E.M.A. You'll need a bag animation for it. You may already have one though. Do a search for "hold" and see if you do (wink).

That's my report. Have a great time at the hunt and enjoy the exploring.

PS. There ARE things for guys here including some shirts and tees. There is also a stunt bike for sale for $0 inside a building with pink and black walls. You might be able to walk into the building but I was camming and found it. It is across the street from the park. Have fun.

Late Nights - Early Morns

Did you miss me? There have been a lot of late nights and early morns in my life of late. When I finally logged in (yes, again early) I was greeted with a review pack of eyes from Treasured Visions. If you were at the red shoe hunt at the Oz sim, you have undoubtedly been to Treasured Visions even if you didn't realize it!

I now know -- from the notecard -- that most of these eye series take 6-8 hours to complete as they are all hand drawn with no photosourcing. There are a large variety of styles and colors available. The ones shown above in the dark night are called Clubbing: Bloody rust and while they live up to their name, they also have an incredible shine of watery depths. They are indeed my favorites!

Here are a couple more shots -- close ups and better for your viewing.

These are called Envy :D

And these not so basic brown beauties are called abduction. Lovely.

And the winner is?


Doing my little happy dance on the way to spend my LAP gift card and a bunch of dinero to boot. This is my first contest win -- if we don't count the last minute honorable mention for the green shoe picture long ago.

It was great fun doing this shot even if it did take many hours of searching to find a barber chair. Where are the good props when you need them anyway?

Shown here is of course a LAP pose -- this one from the Oz sets. Remember those red clickable shoes?

The rest of the outfit has been blogged before but as a recap we have the great clothes from Illuminati from the Cutting Class adventure in Pulse, hair from House of Heart -- Sweeney Todd of course, and razor from Silent Sparrow long ago -- I NEVER discard a possibly useful item (wink).

There is a LAP contest each month. At least I think that is still the plan. Just join the LAP Flickr group and wait until the theme is announced. Its hard work, but a lot of fun too.

PS. As I went to the LAP pool I noticed a new post of AOs for under 30 day old folks. These look GREAT. So if you know any new kids on the block, let them know.

Edit: I just went to check the feed and say a post from Dove about that great looking AO set. I think this is excellent news. From her post:

I know some people would like to have this, that are not new residents, so as a hint, they will be available for a limited time during a certain hunt (coming up very soon, keep an eye out!), that will be the ONLY time EVER that you can get these without being a total noob.

A Whole New Color Scheme

OK. I admit it. I am ready for Halloween to end. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Halloween. I'm just ready to move onward. Still, when I heard that Tekeli-li had a dollarbie out -- I am THERE. One of my favorite designers for sure with so much imagination and skill -- how could I not go.

So off to Hollow Earth and that is where these photos are taken. You can jump down into the abyss and ride a canal boat (or fly) and have a great time.

The gift is the great hat I am wearing and as you might have guessed it is immensely changeable with leather, metals and gems all having the ability to change into new colors. It's easy. Several sizes and attachment points are included. Don't miss this.

On the way to Hollow Earth, I stopped by Moontan who was having a hunt (well not REALLY as pumpkins are big and in the open. There is also a witches broom in case you are in need. Shown here are some pretty unHalloweeny thing (sigh of relief as my inventory is popping with LOVELY things I have no time to wear).

So, cute little bear to wear on a belt or wherever....

Little girlie necklace for the most feminine of us .....

And a more mannish leather number which would go with lots. Other items too -- these are only some. So stop by.

Shown with HOH and Bewitched hairs from the latest hunt and LAP poses.

Bewitched Hunt

Just a quick update after I zipped over to the Bewitched part of the great hair (and more) hunt going on. While I am not going to give you too many hints, I WILL say that -- for me -- the Bewitched part of the sisterhood held more favorites. And, for those of you who really like those "old" textures (and I am certainly one) you can get them here. I found at least five favorite styles including Doll shown in the Bewitched "mahg" version of mahogany. The dress is from the pumpkin in the Alpha Male shop. Pose by LAP.

It's getting laggy now but the hunt will be for for awhile, so enjoy.

Last of the Pumpkins

Deviant Kitties is having a hunt. You may have heard. I went over to take a look and while I really love the goggles I found (I so love goggles it seems), I do have to say that this is a DIFFICULT hunt. The pumpkins are tiny and after 45 minutes I had found three. So, I can't show you the whole outfit as I didn't find it, but I hear there are some great boots in the mix.

BUT there are some nice gifts just out in boxes including these HUGE but very cute (some of you like huge I know - wink) boots with lots of detail. They are mod but don't shrink down. They likely fit guys too? Good chance. Also in the freebies is this cute little Rufus with hold animation.

Also starting today there is a hunt at both Bewitched and House of Heart. Larger pumpkins (but not big) and easier to find -- for me anyway. Some are $0 and some are dollarbies. This was my favorite hair of the HOH group. I have this already in reds so nice to have a different color.

Poses by LAP, skirt by Samara Studios. Location? Samara Studios new courtyard where I just set up a shop. I ramble around a lot from place to place, but the main shop stays put -- for now anyway.

Ghost Busters: Reflections

While I was chatting with some of the other retailers last night in the Grid Wide Hunt group, I KNEW how I wanted to wrap up this world wind tour and gift hunt. Many of my readers won't recognize the humor here, but this Callie Cline rainbowa from the hunt is a sister to my famous -- or not so famous 15 minutes of glory. Later that same photo got me spot 11 if I recall correctly in Sexy Seconds magazine.

So when I had a chance to do a photo shoot with another bright feathery accessory, how could I pass it up? Boa by Callie Cline and hair by Truth (both from the hunt). Shoes by Juicy and pose by LAP.

I enjoyed the hunt immensely. I am most likely one of the very few people who experienced it from so many viewpoints -- retailer, hunter, photographer and blogger. As I retailer I sold a lot of dollarbies and a few of my most popular halter tops. And hopefully I made a few happy shoppers for the future. As a gatherer I enjoyed the challenges and sometimes the frustrations of the hunt. As a photographer I was thrilled to find a few more visually rich locales for photo shoots to come. And as a blogger, I am actually ready to move onward to new territory - LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed showing you some of the sights.